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O'Keefe-Zelman, Johnson elected
ASU students elected Sophie O'Keefe-Zelman and Julie Johnson Undergraduate Student Government president and vice president Wednesday night with about 63 percent of the votes.

Opponents Zach Gingg and Ryan Owens received the other 37 percent in the runoff election.

Two professors receive $10K awards
Student government awarded two ASU professors $10,000 each Wednesday for bringing interior design and black history to life for students.

Design professor Janetta McCoy and history professor Matthew Whitaker were named Centennial Professors last week.

Hallman asks students to serve on city boards
Tempe mayor-elect Hugh Hallman shared his vision for the city Wednesday with several ASU students.

Hallman spoke to 13 members of the United Republicans of ASU, many of whom worked on his campaign.

Students want found cash back
Two ASU students who found $504 near the Memorial Union earlier this semester are upset that they won't get to keep the money after turning it in.

Pre-med freshman Adrienne Dorman and biochemistry freshman Tyler Jorgenson said they found the cash on the ground between the MU and the W.P. Carey School of Business buildings on Feb. 16. Dorman said she alone took the money to the information desk in the MU, which also functions as a lost-and-found.

Atta Bui: Get your activism together
Sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll. The '60s allegedly had it all, but it seems as if that decade isn't too different from the times we are living in now. Sex? Hello, Christina, Britney and Janet. Drugs? Walk down the hall of Manzy, take a wiff and you know that hasn't disappeared.

Stage presents: Solo standoff
On Aug. 25, 2003, Mario Albert Madrigal, Jr. was shot multiple times at his Mesa home after police said he came toward them in a threatening manner while bearing a knife. After a four-minute standoff, the 15-year-old boy lay dying from 10 gunshot wounds. Current events often influence the arts, and ASU theatre professor Jeff McMahon has allowed the non-fiction story to influence his latest work.

Missed the boat?
Tigger and a giant alligator, a pirate's ship and a giant pencil wait patiently on the lawn at Tempe Town Lake. Crowds of people stare, take pictures and laugh as they walk by. Hundreds have come out to see the boats. But this isn't your typical boat race.

Nature for novices
Arizona has more natural beauty than you can shake a stick at-from the Grand Canyon to Sedona, the outdoor opportunities available here are endless. But as college students, it's hard to find the time or energy to explore it all, especially if you're only a casual nature-lover with little expertise of the area.

Active duty
Marching in the streets. Waving signs and shouting slogans. People chained to trees, about to be demolished. These extreme images are what usually come to mind when we hear the word "activist." We might think of wild anti-war demonstrations, laboratory animals being set free from their cages and PETA activists showing up to awards shows in blood-drenched faux-fur to prove their points.

Reel life: The reel deal
John Spiak doesn't want to be the Robert Redford of Arizona film festivals; he wants to be the John Spiak of Arizona film festivals. He is a supporter of new artists who cares more about the quality of the works than about the quantity of the star power and buzz.

Making the man
One ASU student is trying to make a name for himself as an R&B singer even though he lives in area better known for its heat waves than its hot new talent. But broadcast journalism junior David Hernandez says he hopes he will beat the odds and mark his name in the success column.

Driving 'Miss Crazy'
Arizona drivers have a reputation for being, well, crazy. I, for one, have been caught in a grueling two-mile stretch of bumper-to-bumper traffic only to realize that the root of the cause is a five-car pileup sprawling across the freeway in all its crushed-fiberglass glory more times than I can count.

Admit it, you're addicted to stress
Twenty pages of Chechen domestic security, two language orals, "The History of the Peloponne-sian War" and four hours of answering hate mail. Hell? Nope -- my Friday night. Stress is a fundamental component of college life, and with finals just around the corner, stress is hitting a high for the year.

Editorial: Help us support zombie rights
Zombie rights now. We first heard it a couple weeks back on our Talk Back line, and, to be honest, we thought it was a joke. We even had a second caller commend the original 'zombie rights' activist using an obviously fake British accent. Still, we blatantly ignored the issue of zombie rights, brushing it off as a bunch of hippies calling us up with silly causes.

Iraq carnage roundup
Right now, as I type this and as you read this, American soldiers are being shot at and dying. The men who fire bullets and rocks and grenades at them are men who see the void in power left by Saddam Hussein's absence as an opportunity to set up a new state in which the fundamentalist Islamic Sharia law (long story, but let's just say that Sharia is no fun, especially for women) can be established permanently and thug-o-cratic dictatorship can rule the day once again in Iraq.

Ship of fools
A comic strip by Alexander Karlsson

New Comic: Q.E.D.
A comic strip by Brian Lewis

A comic strip by Tony Carrillo

A comic strip by Joe Bowen

Haiku Circus
A comic strip by Ken Sakamoto

Dive into summer
This summer, sun bathe in style with a new bathing suit from one of this season's hottest designers. No matter what your body type, the masters of the runway have got you covered. If haute couture is your thing, here are a few suggestions to check out while you hunt for the perfect swimsuit.

Men's golf: Reavie hopes to end career with win
Trying to get a ticket to the Masters or U.S. Open is a near impossible feat. ASU senior Chez Reavie not only has attended them, but also played in both events. And at age 22, he is showing no signs of slowing down. Reavie, a graduate from Mesa Dobson High School, is the most decorated men's Sun Devil golfer since Phil Mickelson and has been the driving force behind ASU's success over the past four seasons.

Beach Volleyball: AVP players come to campus
Preparing for this weekend's beach volleyball tournament at Tempe Town Lake, four AVP professionals will be on campus today, signing autographs and mingling with fans.

Included in the group are Kerri Walsh, a member of the no. 1 women's team in the world and the current favorite to win the gold medal in the coming Olympics and LeAnne McSorley, an ASU alumni and 1996 Olympian.

Men's club gymnastics wins seventh straight NCAA title
The ASU men's gymnastics team has never let little things like lack of money or recognition get in the way of their success. Last weekend was no exception. The Sun Devils captured a remarkable seventh straight national title as they took first in the 2004 Collegiate National Championships in Denton, Texas.

Lady golfers tie for fourth at Pac-10s
After a sub-par second round at the Pac-10 Championships, the ASU women's golf team wanted to make sure it finished with a bang. The Sun Devils did just that, as they fired the sixth-lowest team score of the entire tournament and finished in a tie for fourth.

Devil Dish: Tim Thomas good, Kenyon Martin bad
Although I can't say I have ever been a big fan of the New York Knicks' Tim Thomas, right now I'm about ready to give him a huge hug -- and anything else he asks. Yes, Thomas is the man, not for what he has done on the court, but what he said off of it. In an interview after game two of the Knicks' seven-game series with the Nets, Thomas called Kenyon Martin a "fugazi," or in other words, a fake tough guy.

Lacrosse: Cats scratch Devils
The ASU men's lacrosse team lost to their biggest rival Saturday night, the University of Arizona Wildcats, 11-3. It was the Sun Devils final game of the season. "They're a good team," said Ethan Furtek, Senior Goaltender for the Devils. "But, we played these guys in the fall and they beat us a lot worse.

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