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Devil Dish: We love the draft and each other!

 by Kim Taylor and Matt Reinick
The State Press

 published on Friday, April 16, 2004

Kim Taylor<br>The State Press/issues/sports/662846
Kim Taylor
The State Press
Matt Reinick<br>The State Press/issues/sports/662846
Matt Reinick
The State Press


The NFL season may still be five months away, but fans will get a chance to hone their tailgating skills for next season as Draft Day approaches.

Our anticipation for this glorious Saturday morning can only be compared to that of a 5-year-old on Christmas Eve.

The NFL draft is unlike any other event in the world, in that the next potential pick for any NFL team could be the one that turns the franchise into a Super Bowl contender.

The talent pool in the NFL draft is not limited to the first rounds, as many NFL stars have emerged from the later rounds. Do Tom Brady or Terrell Davis -- both 6th round picks -- ring a bell?

Cardinals' fans even have a reason to get excited for the draft. Maybe this year they'll get that pick that gets them over the hump and earns them a ticket to the Super Bowl, or in Nathan Poole's case, the key to Green Bay.

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