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Candidates debate parking, ASU changes
Runoff student government presidential candidates Zach Gingg and Sophie O'Keefe-Zelman tackled issues like parking and Memorial Union hours Thursday in a televised debate to be broadcast on SDTV-Channel 2 until next week's election.

Gingg said one of his main priorities would be increasing communication to students about events on campus.

Anger helped Holocaust survivor
As a 19-year-old Jewish man hiding in the heart of Nazi Germany in 1942, it was anger, not hope that kept Holocaust survivor Bert Lewyn alive.

"I lost hope many times, but I just wanted to cheat the hangmen there," Lewyn said in a phone interview. "I was mad as hell because they took away my parents."

Coor building evacuated
The Lattie F. Coor Building was evacuated Thursday after a steam-release valve triggered the building's fire alarm.

The alarm sounded at approximately 10:30 a.m. Students and faculty were allowed to re-enter the structure an hour later, when Tempe firefighters and ASU personnel determined there was no danger.

Graduation speaker to highlight Brown case
Fifty years have passed since the Brown v. Board of Education Supreme Court decision desegregated schools around the country. That historical case will be remembered at ASU's Spring Commencement.

Lawrence Douglas Wilder, the first African-American governor in the United States, will deliver the commencement address and receive an honorary degree.

Students get call from Ben Stein
A conference call with an infamous "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" teacher rewarded a group of ASU students Thursday for their support of President George W. Bush. Ben Stein, former Nixon speechwriter and host of "Win Ben Stein's Money," spoke on the phone to three chapters of Students for Bush that registered the highest numbers of Bush volunteers in various categories.

Police Beat: Brotherly love unable to hear doorbell
Two 22-year-old Tempe brothers were arrested on charges of domestic violence and unreasonable noise near the 2100 block North Scottsdale Road. Police responded to complaints of the brothers yelling at each other. When they responded, the brothers refused to open the door for an hour.

Gymnastics finish in 6th
The ASU gymnastics team finished in sixth place at session two of the NCAA Championships, good enough for ninth place in the country

Dos Gringos heads east
Dedicated Corona and fish taco fans helped owners of Dos Gringos Trailer Park move the popular hangout to its new location Thursday on Eighth Street near Rural Road. Loyal customers volunteered to march the restaurant's furniture and supplies to the new location in a symbolic parade that included a marching band and signs that read "Honk if you're trailer trash.

Buffalo Exchange celebrates 30 years
In 30 years, Kerstin Block has built Buffalo Exchange into a $29-million-a-year business with more than 25 company stores and franchises around the United States. The largest and highest grossing store is in Tempe on University Drive, with a $2.5 million revenue goal for this year, according to store officials.

Stage Presents Hair-raising rock 'n' roll
How can you not love a musical that has lines like, "Amber Von Tussle, you have acne of the soul!"? Hairspray, a musical adaptation of the John Waters movie, shimmied its way through two hours of '60s pop goodness at Gammage Auditorium on Tuesday night. The set design, the singing and the dancing all sparkled with an irresistible exuberance-which is a bit surprising, considering the play is about racial hatred in the 1960s.

Stage Presents: Mars attacks!
As John Gray explains in the no. 1, best-selling book of the last decade, Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus: "Once upon a time Martians and Venusians met, fell in love, and had happy relationships together because they respected and accepted their differences.

Reel Life: It's already dead
Who is to blame for the ever-growing ego of writer-director Quentin Tarantino? There is no question his first films, Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction, are classics (especially the latter film), but his last two films, Kill Bill, Vol.1 and his newest, Kill Bill, Vol.

First Person: Sharp shock
I couldn't breathe. I couldn't breathe through my nose that is. The infamous summer cold caught me, along with half the students on campus. During class, I sat open-mouthed feeling like a tired, panting dog on a hot day, completely miserable. Something had to be done.

Idolize IT: He bangs!
Even if you've never watched an episode of "American Idol," you know who he is: the underdog-turned-hero, William Hung. Once, your average Berkeley engineering student from China, now, he is a superstar creating a cult of fans. You would be lying if you said you haven't seen him on TV or even seen someone do an impression of him.

Down IT Cool ways to get toasted
Imagine taking a shot and then eating your shot glass as a chaser. A new element and marketing tool in the world of alcohol consumption has been introduced with Arctic IceShots and can let you do just that. Essentially, IceShots are molds that can be filled with juice, mixers, alcohol, gelatin or virtually anything liquid you could possibly want to consume.

Atta Bui: Queen 'be'
I wonder how many of you people read this thing. I don't waste away in this artificially lit dungeon and crank out this little column to wait for fame and fortune to roll in. After all, Atta Bui is for your benefit. So, I suggest if you haven't already, spread the word, and let the world know there's goodness to be had by pouring over every single word that appears in this corner of SPM each week.

'Osama' expiates for years of Afghan oppression
There are times in life when one reads a book, an article or something using words to sketch a portrait. Our imaginations often render their own images to fill gaps of misunderstanding. Then, Hollywood pumps out a film-version of what we read. Albeit a movie version usually doesn't match our preconceived notions, sometimes it does.

For Review: Kill Bill, Vol. 2
Who is it, I wonder, to blame for the ever-growing ego of writer-director Quentin Tarantino? There is no question that his first films, Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction, are classics (especially the latter film). I can't comment on Jackie Brown, having only seen parts of it, but his last two films, Kill Bill, Vol.

Editorial: Boos & Bravos
Editorial: Boos & Bravos BOO to Dos Gringos' moving party. Think about this: a good friend asked you to help move at 2 p.m., and you showed up on time only to find the old house packed with people, and then your buddy tells you that you won't be doing anything until at least 4 p.

Wal-Mart is shopping paradox
With its yellow complexion, wide eyes and missing nose, the Wal-Mart "rollback" character sometimes looks like a creepy omen of what's to come. The broad grin of power, hiding thoughts of world domination within the fold of its smile. Perhaps one day we'll look at this evil symbol in the same manner we do a Bible, fearing it, ignoring it and revering it all at the same time.

Letters to the editor
State Press unfair to PIKE After reading Tuesday's headline story regarding the gentlemen of Pi Kappa Alpha, I was compelled to write in and provide a much more cohesive viewpoint. In my experiences with PIKE, not only have the men always impressed me as individuals, but also as a collective unit.

Talkback: Extended Edition
Teachers going to hell: "Hi, I just wanted to call and say that some of the teachers at ASU are some of the most inconsiderate, hellbound people that I've ever met. They would not let me get out of class for holy week services last week, and they are giving me bad grades in their classes for it.

Get an education with feather-sticks, not fake IDs
Students who graduate this May will have sat through an average 3,120 hours of lectures, handed in enough papers and exams to satisfy the annual turnover of Staples, drunk their way to the bottom of a keg without any hands, and then sat in the offices of more teachers explaining that their lap-top was stolen and the cat peed on their dissertation and that it wasn't a hangover but the very dangerous, very rampant campus-itis they had heard about.

A comic strip by Joe Bowen

Ship of fools
A comic strip by Alexander Karlsson

A comic strip by Tony Carrillo

Haiku Circus
Week of April 11, 2004 Week of March 29, 2004 Week of March 22, 2004 Week of March 08, 2004 Week of March 01, 2004 Reach the artist at Click here to visit the web site. --> --> --> --> -->

J-Lo in the Know: Dieting in America
In the past year or so, diets have become an American custom. It seems as though everybody is on some sort of diet and if they are not it is uncommon or-dare I say-abnormal. Diets are like a second language and I wouldn't be surprised if two years down the road "Jenny Craig" is found in all of the dictionaries.

Movie review: Osama
There are times in life when one reads a book, an article or something using words to sketch a portrait. Our imaginations often render their own images to fill gaps of misunderstanding. Then, Hollywood pumps out a film-version of what we read. However, a movie version usually doesn't match our preconceived notions, or sometimes it does.

Channeling Chanel for fall
There are many reasons for Designer Karl Lagerfeld's success, some of them being his talent and vast experience in the industry. Born in Hamburg, he emigrated to Paris and began his career in fashion at the young age of 17. His designing résumé is impressive and includes the houses of Charles Jourdan, Valentino, and Krizia.

Baseball: Road trip crucial to Pac-10 success
In the words of the great Al Davis, its time for the ASU baseball team to "Just win baby!" "We've got to be ready to play now," head coach Pat Murphy said. "It doesn't matter who it's against, doesn't matter if it's home or away, we have to want to be ready to play.

Softball makes way to Bay Area
After starting the Pac-10 season winless in its first four games, it might appear that the ASU softball team is already wading in troubled waters. However, with 17 games still left in conference play, the Sun Devils still have plenty of time to turn their season around--they just need to be patient enough to do it.

Basketball signs two more players
As expected, the ASU men's basketball team signed two junior college transfer players Thursday who are projected to find their way onto the court early and often next season. Soon-to-be junior Tyrone Jackson and sophomore Bryson Krueger will join current high school seniors Craig Austin and Tim Pierce as new scholarship players for the upcoming 2004-05 season.

Tennis hopes to end seasons strong
After experiencing more than their fair shares of ups and downs, the ASU men's and women's tennis teams' regular seasons are coming to a close. The Sun Devils will conclude their schedules with matches against UA on Saturday. The men will host the Wildcats at the Whiteman Tennis Center, while the women will travel down to Tucson.

Water polo heads to Long Beach
As if four nationally ranked teams, in as many weeks, weren't enough to test ASU's water polo squad, the team is about to hit the road for four more games in just two days. The No. 15 Sun Devils (9-14, 2-8 MPSF) head to California for the Long Beach Invitational for their last tournament of the regular season.

Devil Dish: We love the draft and each other!
The NFL season may still be five months away, but fans will get a chance to hone their tailgating skills for next season as Draft Day approaches. Our anticipation for this glorious Saturday morning can only be compared to that of a 5-year-old on Christmas Eve.

Lacrosse: Team prepares for final match
The ASU men's lacrosse team looks to knock off the No. 6 ranked University of Arizona Saturday in the final game of the season. The Sun Devils have won four consecutive games. The team's last defeat came on March 12 against BYU in Provo, Utah. Since then the Devils have defeated Utah, USC, UC San Diego and St.

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