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Devil Dish: Thanks for nothing ESPN

 by Kyle Odegard
 published on Tuesday, April 13, 2004

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Kyle Odegard


On Monday afternoon, San Francisco Giants slugger Barry Bonds hit his 660th home run, tying Willie Mays for third place on the all-time list. I know this because I was rudely interrupted from watching "Pardon The Interruption" to see it happen.

For some reason, ESPN felt the need to go live to every one of Bonds' at-bats until he hit number 660. The only problem is that hitting 660 home runs isn't that big of an accomplishment. Since when does shooting for third place on a list merit live feed-ins to every single at-bat?

I can understand a live look-in when Bonds gets to Babe Ruth's record and obviously to Hank Aaron's, but he is still 55 homers away from passing Ruth.

I hope the next time somebody is on the verge of tying a third-place record ESPN will just leave on "PTI."

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