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Profs lament decision to let Hubble die
To the chagrin of some ASU faculty, NASA has recommended that service missions to the Hubble Space Telescope be discontinued -- effectively condemning the instrument to death in space.

The decision by NASA came after an investigation into the space shuttle Columbia accident found that manned space missions should be kept to a minimum.

Students reach out to community
Psychology and justice studies sophomore Jessica Crowell cradled the underweight 6-month-old girl, stroking her tiny, bruised feet and legs.

"They're giving her a pacifier so she can start learning to suck on a bottle," Crowell said, her eyes fixed on the baby.

Campus firm helps businesses plan for light rail construction
A group of ASU students will be instrumental in helping small businesses thrive in the midst of light-rail construction.

Honors Consulting, a firm run by honors students in the W. P. Carey School of Business, is working on a contract with the city of Phoenix to aid small businesses along the light-rail corridor, said marketing sophomore Nyssa Packard, a director of marketing for the firm.

Local activists protest Coffee Plantation
The Free to Camp Coalition protested near Coffee Plantation on Mill Avenue to criticize the store for an alleged mistreatment of homeless people and others.

For about an hour Saturday evening, more than 30 ASU students, activists and local residents marched up and down both sides of the downtown street.

Programming and Activities Board under examination
Confusion over the wording of the student government constitution has led to a student court case examining the method ASU's Programming and Activities Board used to choose its next president and vice president. The student government Supreme Court will decide the case, Dan Moody v.

Police Beat: Women has mop and "The pants"
A 35-year-old Tempe woman was arrested on charges of assault and domestic violence near the 2200 block of North McAllister Avenue. She allegedly hit her husband across the back twice with a mop handle, leaving large, red welts.

'Osama' expiates for years of Afghan oppression
There are times in life when one reads a book, an article or something using words to sketch a portrait. Our imaginations often render their own images to fill gaps of misunderstanding. Then, Hollywood pumps out a film-version of what we read. Albeit a movie version usually doesn't match our preconceived notions, sometimes it does.

For Review: Kill Bill, Vol. 2
Who is it, I wonder, to blame for the ever-growing ego of writer-director Quentin Tarantino? There is no question that his first films, Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction, are classics (especially the latter film). I can't comment on Jackie Brown, having only seen parts of it, but his last two films, Kill Bill, Vol.

CD Review: Darkest Hour- Hidden Hands of a Sadist Nation
CD Review: Darkest Hour- Hidden Hands of a Sadist Nation Hidden Hands of a Sadist Nation 2.5/4 stars If you saw the members of Darkest Hour before hearing their music, you would think they were Thrice. However, Darkest Hour are nothing like Thrice -- unless Thrice has transformed into Swedish-infused metalcore much in the stylingof At The Gates, then sure, they sound like Thrice.

Reel life: Forgettable
On the front door of the Alamo church in downtown San Antonio, Texas, there hangs a plaque that says, "Be silent friend/here heroes died/to blaze a trail/for other men." No sentiment sums up the feeling of reverence Texans still hold for the men who died at the Alamo quite like this message that greets visitors of the monument.

For review: Patton pending
Fantomas is a band for music lovers-and major Mr. Bungle fans. Even if you have never heard of Fantomas, chances are you know of its members: vocalist/keyboardist Mike Patton (Mr. Bungle, Faith No More, Tomahawk), drummer Dave Lombardo (Slayer, Grip Inc.), guitarist Buzz Osbourne (The Melvins) and bassist Trevor Dunn (Mr.

Musical notes: Get your 'Motor' running
The big hair. The tight pants. The power ballads that beg you to sing along. There's just something about old rock 'n' roll that people can't resist. Throw on AC/DC's Back in Black at your next party, and you're pretty much guaranteed to have a room full of people singing along.

Local beats: Taking a stand
A hazy gray cloud of smoke hovers around the room and then settles just enough to see the details of his face. He watches as people give away more and more of their hard-earned money. He is the center of attention. The only problems? The cloud of smoke is not a stage effect, and the people aren't giving him their hard earned money.

Sites to see:Sites for sore eyes
It can be hard to find news on your favorite local bands in magazines and newspapers, not to mention word about upcoming shows. This is one more reason why the Internet is great for music junkies-online music news sites. A couple of years ago, the Phoenix music scene got an online boost with the creation of AZPunk.

Out of the closet: It's not a purse!
Can fashion be both stylish and utilitarian? Trend followers may sacrifice function for aesthetics, but the fashionable might not do the same. Legendary talent scout, William Morris, once said, "Nothing useless can ever truly be beautiful," and when it comes to men's fashion, it's the cardinal rule.

Spin IT: Lost and found
If it's time for another British band to steal the Billboard charts, then LostProphets is that band. The members, who hale from Wales, England, have thick accents, but those who had trouble watching Guy Ritchie's Snatch need not worry; the accent is minimal when vocalist Ian Watkins is crooning.

Don't I Know You?: Ask for his number
If you don't know who he is by now, you don't get out enough. It's OK to put the books down, once in a while, take the night off to grab a drink, boogie down and sing your head off to the musical talent that is Chris Mathison. Mathison, a senior working on a BIS degree in communication and sociology, is Tempe's very own one-man band.

Atta Bui: Gotta have faith
Things are looking apocalyptic on my end, folks. My days are filled with papers, projects, deadlines, interviews and commitment after time-sucking commitment. It's about the time when we get a little scared and wonder, "Am I going to even pass my classes?" And frankly, I've hit the point in the semester when the only way I can manage to chug through all my work is to surrender my credit card to Starbucks and pray to all that is good and wholesome for guidance to the summer.

Editorial: Plantation serves discrimination
Businesses have the right to refuse service to their customers; people who are drunk, yelling, belligerent, unclothed and so forth. But some businesses, like Coffee Plantation on Mill Avenue in downtown Tempe, take that right to the extreme, refusing to serve customers who they just don't like the looks of, a local activist group alleges.

Students a 'risky investment'
Osama bin Laden wants you to take out student loans. At least that's what state Rep. Ray Barnes, R-Phoenix, wants you to think. On Thursday, Barnes, a private investigator, told a roomful of students that to expect education funding from the state was ludicrous.

Support the NHL playoff beard
The Stanley Cup playoffs are the best postseason in sports. Take the coolest trophy in sports and hold it up for grabs in a tournament where half the league competes in emotionally charged, seven-game series after series, throw in Barry Melrose's totally wicked mullet, and tweak the intensity up to 11.

Talk Back: The return of Bryan Wynne
Talk Back presents intelligent political discussion "Hi, I just want to leave a message saying that I hate everything George Bush is doing. He's a (expletive) moron. Condoleezza Rice is a dumb (expletive) working for the man, and I hope all of them die a painful death.

Light rail makes Phoenix a world-class metropolis
I'm sick of people hating on Arizona. It's like everywhere I go there are these faux-hipsters always reminiscing about the city life of their precious East Coast, the soothing days at their Pacific beaches or the exquisite dining at their chic European getaways.

A comic strip by Tony Carrillo

A comic strip by Joe Bowen

Ship of fools
A comic strip by Alexander Karlsson

Haiku Circus
Week of April 11, 2004 Week of March 29, 2004 Week of March 22, 2004 Week of March 08, 2004 Week of March 01, 2004 Reach the artist at Click here to visit the web site. --> --> --> --> -->

Movie review: Osama
There are times in life when one reads a book, an article or something using words to sketch a portrait. Our imaginations often render their own images to fill gaps of misunderstanding. Then, Hollywood pumps out a film-version of what we read. However, a movie version usually doesn't match our preconceived notions, or sometimes it does.

J-Lo in the Know: Dieting in America
In the past year or so, diets have become an American custom. It seems as though everybody is on some sort of diet and if they are not it is uncommon or-dare I say-abnormal. Diets are like a second language and I wouldn't be surprised if two years down the road "Jenny Craig" is found in all of the dictionaries.

Counting the homeless
Leia Cumberland/JMC-301 3/25/04 A recent count of Tempe's homeless shows there are more people living on the streets than in 2003. Tempe's homeless coordinator, Theresa James, is not sure whether the numbers are accurate because last years count was during bad weather.

Channeling Chanel for fall
There are many reasons for Designer Karl Lagerfeld's success, some of them being his talent and vast experience in the industry. Born in Hamburg, he emigrated to Paris and began his career in fashion at the young age of 17. His designing résumé is impressive and includes the houses of Charles Jourdan, Valentino, and Krizia.

Rattlers: Former ASU receiver makes home debut
Former ASU wide receiver Justin Taplin made the most of his home debut with the Arizona Rattlers Saturday night, assisting in an 80-63 win over the Las Vegas Gladiators in Arena Football League action. Rattler quarterback Sherdrick Bonner hooked up with Taplin on a 32-yard touchdown pass midway through the third quarter, marking Taplin's first ever AFL score.

Baseball drops fourth straight series at home after 6-5 loss
Head coach Pat Murphy did all he could to try to turn things around for the ASU baseball team during a 6-5 loss to Oral Roberts on Saturday.

Murphy made changes to the lineup, providing the 29th different batting order this season. He also substituted new players in positions that had been claimed by the same person all season. But in the end, it just equaled another home loss for ASU.

Men's golf hosts, wins Invitational
After last season's low scores in the Thunderbird Invitational, the maintenance crew at Karsten Golf Course tried to make the grass longer to stop a repeat performance. It didn't work. The No. 5 ASU men's golf team shot a 43-under to win its only home tournament of the year, defeating second place UA by 11 strokes.

Softball falls victim to Hollowell, 'Cats
Alicia Hollowell showed ASU up close and personal why she is considered one of the best softball pitchers in the country. The sophomore UA hurler stymied the Sun Devil bats for two consecutive games as the No. 1 Wildcats swept ASU, 6-0 and 8-0, on Friday and Saturday at Farrington Stadium.

Track and field: Devil relay teams dominate
While the pockets of rain that fell during Saturday's Sun Angel Classic were a surprise, the ASU track and field team's success in the relays was anything but, as the Sun Devils brought home victories in three of the four relays in men's and women's competitions.

Tennis squads go 1-3 over weekend
The ASU men's tennis team wasn't going to let a little rain stop its quest for an NCAA Tournament berth. The Sun Devils (8-11, 1-4) braved a rain delay of more than an hour to defeat California, 6-1 on Saturday at the Whiteman Tennis Center. The win will more than likely wrap up a spot for ASU in the tournament.

Football: Defense dominates scrimmage
Unlike the majority of spring practice thus far, it was the ASU football team's defense that dominated during the second scrimmage of the season on Saturday at Sun Devil Stadium. Head coach Dirk Koetter planned to go about 40 plays with both the first and second teams, but because of a stifling effort by the defense, Koetter estimated the starting offense only got off about 32 plays, while the second team got about 38.

Devil Dish: Golfing makes me weepy
I may not be the most emotional guy in the world, but when I saw ASU alumnus Phil Mickelson win The Masters on Sunday in Augusta, Ga., I got a tad bit weepy. I don't really know how to explain it, but when I saw a man like that finally reach the level of success that he deserves, I couldn't help it.

ASU alum Mickelson finally wins a major
AUGUSTA, Ga. -- Finally! Former Sun Devil Phil Mickelson's agonizing pursuit of a major ended Sunday at the Masters when he made an 18-foot birdie putt on the final hole, a spectacular conclusion to a back-nine duel with Ernie Els. Gone is that ugly streak of being 0-for-42 in golf's biggest events.

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