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Football player accused of sex assault
An 18-year-old female student has accused Darnel Henderson, a 19-year-old redshirt freshman for the ASU football team, of sexual assault.

A March 12 report from the ASU Department of Public Safety showed that an ASU football player was accused of sexual assault, first-degree burglary and kidnapping. The victim, a resident of San Pablo Hall, allegedly awoke at approximately 2:30 a.m. to find a man having sexual intercourse with her.

USG considers spending cap
Winning student votes can cost close to $2,000, and there are no limits in place to cap the spending in ASU student government elections.

Over the past three years, students have shown they are willing to pay thousands for campaigns, despite low voter turnout on campus.

Lawmaker to explain state budget
As ASU's funding hangs in the balance at the state capitol, one lawmaker will visit the University tonight to discuss Arizona's financial problems with students.

Rep. Ray Barnes, R-Phoenix, said he would like to give students an idea of funding needs around the state.

Students to design capitol building
A group of ASU architecture students will design two new state capitol buildings in downtown Phoenix.

The students will begin this summer redesigning the Arizona State Senate and House of Representatives buildings, which make up part of the capitol.

New Sun Devil to be 'Idolized'
William Hung wannabes take note: There's a new Idol in town. Even though the winner of Sun Devil Idol II won't get a recording contract (no matter how convincing his or her portrayal of "She Bangs" is), he or she will get the prestige of being the best of the best singers at ASU.

Professor's future uncertain
An ASU West professor, who was arrested on the campus last week for failing to pay child support, has paid a portion of what police said he owed. Professor Joseph M. Corrigan was released from custody Tuesday after appearing in Maricopa County Superior Court.

Police Beat: Beer and baseball? Not at Packard
A 19-year-old male student was arrested on charges of underage possession of alcohol and possession of a fictitious driver's license. Another 19-year-old male student was arrested on a charge of underage possession of alcohol in his body. Both subjects were cited and released inside Packard Stadium during an ASU baseball game.

Atta Bui: Gotta have faith
Things are looking apocalyptic on my end, folks. My days are filled with papers, projects, deadlines, interviews and commitment after time-sucking commitment. It's about the time when we get a little scared and wonder, "Am I going to even pass my classes?" And frankly, I've hit the point in the semester when the only way I can manage to chug through all my work is to surrender my credit card to Starbucks and pray to all that is good and wholesome for guidance to the summer.

Don't I Know You?: Ask for his number
If you don't know who he is by now, you don't get out enough. It's OK to put the books down, once in a while, take the night off to grab a drink, boogie down and sing your head off to the musical talent that is Chris Mathison. Mathison, a senior working on a BIS degree in communication and sociology, is Tempe's very own one-man band.

Spin IT: Lost and found
If it's time for another British band to steal the Billboard charts, then LostProphets is that band. The members, who hale from Wales, England, have thick accents, but those who had trouble watching Guy Ritchie's Snatch need not worry; the accent is minimal when vocalist Ian Watkins is crooning.

Out of the closet: It's not a purse!
Can fashion be both stylish and utilitarian? Trend followers may sacrifice function for aesthetics, but the fashionable might not do the same. Legendary talent scout, William Morris, once said, "Nothing useless can ever truly be beautiful," and when it comes to men's fashion, it's the cardinal rule.

Sites to see:Sites for sore eyes
It can be hard to find news on your favorite local bands in magazines and newspapers, not to mention word about upcoming shows. This is one more reason why the Internet is great for music junkies-online music news sites. A couple of years ago, the Phoenix music scene got an online boost with the creation of AZPunk.

Local beats: Taking a stand
A hazy gray cloud of smoke hovers around the room and then settles just enough to see the details of his face. He watches as people give away more and more of their hard-earned money. He is the center of attention. The only problems? The cloud of smoke is not a stage effect, and the people aren't giving him their hard earned money.

Reel life: Forgettable
On the front door of the Alamo church in downtown San Antonio, Texas, there hangs a plaque that says, "Be silent friend/here heroes died/to blaze a trail/for other men." No sentiment sums up the feeling of reverence Texans still hold for the men who died at the Alamo quite like this message that greets visitors of the monument.

Musical notes: Get your 'Motor' running
The big hair. The tight pants. The power ballads that beg you to sing along. There's just something about old rock 'n' roll that people can't resist. Throw on AC/DC's Back in Black at your next party, and you're pretty much guaranteed to have a room full of people singing along.

For review: Patton pending
Fantomas is a band for music lovers-and major Mr. Bungle fans. Even if you have never heard of Fantomas, chances are you know of its members: vocalist/keyboardist Mike Patton (Mr. Bungle, Faith No More, Tomahawk), drummer Dave Lombardo (Slayer, Grip Inc.), guitarist Buzz Osbourne (The Melvins) and bassist Trevor Dunn (Mr.

Aussie invasion
Doors opened at six thirty and fans spilled into the Marquee Theater on Saturday night to experience the much talked of, "Aussie Invasion". With The Living End, The Vines and supporting bands Neon and Jet, an atmosphere of crazy punk rock and slurred lyrics was created, as if the audience would expect anything less.

Young artists push boundaries
An intense melody perks up the audience's energy. No one can sit still; fans cry for more. The music creeps its way into the heads of the listeners as they rise from their seats and begin to groove, keeping in beat with the tune. Shea Marshall, the saxophonist of Soaking Fused, hops off the stage, strolls through the dance floor and carelessly leans against a wall as he unravels his soul.

Julia & the Prince
For the past five years, movies with a teenage bent have been revitalized, partly thanks to the presence of 23-year old actress Julia Stiles, who has gone from films such as 10 Things I Hate About You to independent films such as The Business of Strangers.

'Hellboy' unreal, but fun anyway
The trailer for "Hellboy" makes it look like a run-of-the-mill, special-effects-laden action movie. But great performances from its cast, along with a serviceable script and a genuinely interesting plot, make the finished product much more than that. True, it's necessary to abandon all pretense of realism before seeing this film.

Oops, I didn't do it again
In plight of all the religious holidays this week, my conscience became suddenly aware of all the impiety of the semester past, and I decided to go to confession. While waiting in line, I couldn't help but overhear the spicy revelations of my fellow students.

E.U. sticks its head in the sand
Last week, the European Union's Monitoring Center on Racism and Xenophobia released the results of a study, the headline findings of which will cause anyone with even the slightest understanding of world events to wonder why the E.U. even bothers having a "Monitoring Center on Racism and Xenophobia.

Editorial: Too much bling in USG campaigns
Think about how you spent your last $2,000. Was it on a laptop? How about a car? You could have dropped it on the best spring break ever, a semester's worth of rent or the latest tuition hike. If you spent the cash on a 40-keg blowout, we love you. Can you even remember the last time you even had that much money? If the thought of possessing two Gs is laughable to you, then it looks like you won't be able to run for Undergraduate Student Government president at ASU.

Local music hurting as local dives shut down
New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston ... Phoenix. It still doesn't sound right. According to the people that keep track of these things, our very own Phoenix is the fifth biggest city in the United States. However, despite our enormous size in population, we continue to eek out a meager existence that is lacking of any real culture.

Letters to the editor: HIV = AIDS is a myth
I would like to thank Rochus Boerner (Letters to the editor, April 6) for bringing attention to the inconsistencies of the HIV/AIDS connection. How many of you would believe this statement: AIDS IS A MYTH. It will surprise many to know that some of the world's best scientific and medical minds are making this statement.

Haiku Circus
A comic strip by Ken Sakamoto

A comic strip by Tony Carrillo

A comic strip by Joe Bowen

Ship of Fools
A comic strip by Alexander Karlsson

Bump in the road
It is a warm Wednesday afternoon at the end of March. Jeff Anderson is sweaty and tired from playing racquetball at the courts at Tempe High School. He stands about 5 feet 8 inches tall and is wearing loose workout shorts over his solid frame. His smile is contagious and freely given to his two opponents. There is a thin, shaved line in his sandy blond hair. It is the only sign anything has happened to him; no one would guess he had brain surgery last month.

Beauty, the Third World exposed by National Geographic photographers at ASU
One's art is often seen as self-defining--even with elites. Whether it's a sociopolitical expose or art, photography often serves as the lynchpin of a story. That is, the impact of a photograph commits readers to its surrounding text. For tenured National Geographic Photographers Karen Kasmauski and Sam Abell, their different approaches to photography elicit similar reactions.

Film Fest: Paying tribute
Aside from showing feature-length movies, documentaries and short films, the 2004 Phoenix Film Festival was host to four separate tributes to men (no women this year, sadly) who have excelled in their craft. On Friday afternoon, character actor Dylan Baker, of Road to Perdition, Head of State and the upcoming blockbuster Spider-Man 2, was feted for his long years of service.

Film Fest: Movie magic
Of the many films that were entered into competition or were under the category of Showcase Features, I could only see a smattering (thanks to school and other previous engagements), but those I did watch were all interesting, in their own way. The opening night premiere, inside the famed Cine Capri theater, was the United Artists release Saved!, a black comedy about a religious high school in Maryland.

Film Fest: Boos & Bravos
Let me begin by saying that the 2004 Phoenix Film Festival, held at the Harkins Scottsdale 101, home of the Cine Capri, was the first festival I've ever been to. Thus, I don't know for sure if the event was better or worse than the previous three held in the Valley, or how they measure up to other large festivals across the country and the world.

Tempe festival turned Tempe circus
'April 3rd and 4th Rain or Shine,' said the white ticket for the annual Tempe Music Festival. Well rain or shine, literally meant a down pour or brilliant sunshine. Nothing in between like gray skies, or a nice breezy day with not a lot of 'shine'. Friday's escapades proved just this when the festival was cancelled due to weather conditions, even though it hardly rained another drop that evening.

Happy Birthday, Louis Vuitton
As far as Louis Vuitton handbags are concerned, they've been seen on the arms of celebs everywhere and are now known as a must-have accessory. Although she left for only an overnight camping trip, Newlywed Jessica Simpson refused to leave the side of her now notorious, white multicore Vuitton, otherwise known as "Pet Louis.

Men's tennis' secret weapon
It's not often a player prematurely leaves a school where his list of accolades include an NCAA Championship and All-American status. However, this is the plight of ASU men's tennis player Andy Colombo, who decided to transfer away from Auburn just two years after accomplishing both feats.

Baseball looks to regain aggressive mentality
In the beginning of the season an aggressive mentality was something the ASU baseball team had bundles of. Over the past three weekends, that mindset has been noticeably absent. This week, the No. 23 Sun Devils have been looking for a way to recapture the state of mind that got them off to a 19-3 start and the No.

Yavapai's Brooks Thompson a prime candidate for men's hoops assistant
If all the rumors pan out, the ASU men's basketball program will have a Yavapai Community College-feel when the Sun Devils take the court next year. After already receiving an oral commitment from swingman Bryson Krueger at the end of March, Yavapai head coach Brooks Thompson has been widely rumored to take over the assistant coach spot left by Russ Pennell.

Devil Dish: Taurasi, I love you!
I'll be the first to admit that I hate watching women's basketball and most women's sports, but I am a fan of Diana Taurasi. Her game is silky smooth and she has good looks to boot, but more importantly, she is a winner. In her illustrious career, Taurasi led UConn to a 22-1 record in the NCAA Tournament and twice won the most outstanding player award during the tourney.

Club Sports: ASU Aussie football team ready for finale
The ASU Australian Football Team--in their first season in the league--advanced to the Arizona Australian Football League grand finale with a victory over the Scottsdale Scorpions 11-11-77 to 5-6-36 Tuesday night. It is the Sun Devils first season in the league.

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