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ASU students remember religion
Despite their party-hearty image, some ASU students are deeply religious.

This week, Catholics celebrate Holy Week and Jews celebrate Passover.

Cassie Wertzberger, director of administration at the All Saints Catholic Newman Center, said that during the Catholic Holy Week, a few thousand students would celebrate at the center.

Professor to appear in court
ASU West Faculty Associate Joseph Corrigan has been placed on administrative leave "until allegations against him have been clarified," said Linda Bentheim, an ASU West spokeswoman.

Sheriff's deputies took Corrigan into custody Wednesday, prior to the start of his class at the ASU West campus.

Police Beat: Man spits on cop's horse
Tempe police reported the following incidents Monday: A 19-year-old Phoenix man was arrested on charges of criminal damage and domestic violence near the 1100 block of West Greenway Road. He allegedly broke a glass picture frame at his girlfriend's residence by punching it with a closed fist.

Suarez talks immigration
The outsourcing of jobs to other countries creates interdependence between Mexico and America, Ray Suarez told a crowd at Gammage Auditorium on Monday night.

Suarez, a senior correspondent on PBS' "The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer" and former host of National Public Radio's "Talk of the Nation," asked the audience of the A. Wade Smith Memorial Lecture on Race Relations to consider the perspective of Mexican-American people.

Two profs vie for senate president spot
Two ASU professors are campaigning for the top spot in the Academic Senate. All ASU faculty members can vote in the election, in which professor of nursing Susan Mattson is running against professor of electrical engineering George G. Karady. Faculty members may submit their electronic ballots through April 15.

Law means College Republicans become chameleons
The gavel banged five minutes into the ASU College Republican meeting, magically changing it to a Students for Bush at ASU meeting. Chairwoman Christina Corieri doesn't usually possess the power to change the room full of College Republicans into a room of students for Bush, but that is what happened when she banged the gavel.

Bookstore debuts student's work
ASU business management junior Carl Chu likes to talk a lot.

During his freshman year, he began a career as a motivational speaker, conducting high school workshops and graduation ceremonies.

Two years later, he began teaching UNI 101, a one-credit fall class designed to orient incoming freshman to ASU's large campus.

Punk Voter Tour to skip ASU
The Programming and Activities Board has canceled the ASU campus stop of the Punk Voter Tour after the Student Recreation Complex revoked the board's permit to use its fields. An attempt to relocate the April 16 concert to ASU East failed. The concert will instead be held at the Marquee Theatre, said Michael Rodriguez, PAB president and journalism senior.

Editorial: My take on the Festival
Let me begin by saying that the 2004 Phoenix Film Festival, held at the Harkins Scottsdale 101--home of the Cine Capri--was the first festival I've ever been to. Thus, I don't know for sure if the event was better or worse than the previous three held in the Valley, or how they measure up to other large festivals across the country and the world.

Julia & the Prince
For the past five years, movies with a teenage bent have been revitalized, partly thanks to the presence of 23-year old actress Julia Stiles, who has gone from films such as 10 Things I Hate About You to independent films such as The Business of Strangers.

'Hellboy' unreal, but fun anyway
The trailer for "Hellboy" makes it look like a run-of-the-mill, special-effects-laden action movie. But great performances from its cast, along with a serviceable script and a genuinely interesting plot, make the finished product much more than that. True, it's necessary to abandon all pretense of realism before seeing this film.

A local kind of funk
With banana slurpees in hand, under the yellow light of 7/11, I was introduced to the members of the Funkyard, a local band from Phoenix. With Mike M. on the Keyboard, Stanko playing bass, Matt on guitar, Mike B. on the drums and Andrew as the D.J, they produce an eclectic creation of funk, free style hip hop, and blues.

Musical Notes: So many bands, so little time
The problem with music festivals is there are so many bands playing at the same time, it becomes hard to know where one should be. With the Tempe Music Festival this Friday and Saturday, I have decided to investigate and give you my guide to the highlights and tips on where to be to get the most out of the festival.

Reel Life: Smell what's cookin'
Action stars have no glory when they are old and wrinkled; they get no "Old Timer's Day," so every two decades or so, we must crown a new batch of them (as the old ones become more fit to battle osteoporosis, rather than bad guys.) When Victor Mature and Charlton Heston became too old to pick up boulders or kill "damn dirty apes" in their films, along came an Italian stud and an Austrian Terminator.

Reel Life: Silent Bob talks back
For the past 10 years, Kevin Smith has been best known as Silent Bob, the "hetero life partner" of a stoner named Jay. Smith wrote, directed and appeared as Silent Bob in five movies, starting with the 1994 independent release Clerks and ending with 2001's Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.

Out of the Closet: Fashion flashback
Are '80s fashions back, or are the '80s back? About two decades ago, shag haircuts were slowly cropping down into the mullet, and what we today call "vintage" rock T-shirts draped the chest of every red-blooded rocker. A Republican was about to get reelected, Donald Trump was raking in big bucks and the world was about to learn from Gordon Gekko (Wall Street) that "Greed is good.

Local Beats: All dolled up
It's not just a series of performing spank lines and shimmies while wearing fishnets, bootie shorts, corset tops and heels for the Ragdolls. This burlesque-style dance group, which includes some ASU students, consists of well-trained dancers, some who have been dancing since they were 3 or 4.

Local Beats: Fast and furious
When driving eastbound on Grand Avenue toward the downtown district of Phoenix, two distinct features catch your eye. One is the giant, waving American flag in the center of the business district-the other is artist Karen Fiorio's billboard, which carries the faces of President George W.

Dump IT: Uggs look as bad as they sound
You have to wonder if the makers of this fashion atrocity ever considered the irony in naming their hideous boots Uggs. And for such an aptly named piece of dead cowhide, why is it we have to be subjected to seeing them everywhere? Because some sadistic soul decided to make them trendy, and when you see someone sporting them on "Sex in the City," expect fashion madness to ensue.

See IT: Film festivus for the rest of us
If you're running short on indie street cred, repent tonight by attending the Arizona Premiere of the film Saved!. Saved! was an official selection of the Sundance Film Festival and is part of the Phoenix Film Festival taking place this weekend through April 4 at the Harkins Cine Capri.

Don't I Know You? Viva Las Vegas
Turning the big "21" only happens once. For me, that "once" was last Thursday, and in celebration, I headed to Vegas where I could fulfill all the pleasures that come with being of age in one spot. There were two things I didn't expect to happen however. The first being, I won! That's right.

Atta Bui: Moove out
Sometimes, I feel like a cow. No, I'm not one of those whiney girls who are never satisfied with their weight, and I only have one stomach instead of four. Farmer John does not milk me on a daily basis, and I pass on cud as my meal of choice. Sometimes, I still feel like a cow.

Hot girls! Sex! Read on ...
Howdy folks! Do you like blood, violence and sex on your TV and all over your newspapers? Here at The State Press we think you do. Wait, scratch that. We know you do. Last week this paper came under criticism from some readers disappointed with the decision cast to allow pictures of PETA's less than tasteful tofu bikini wrestling event.

Too many hoops for student events
Brushing shoe polish off my teeth really sucks, and I'm not talking about some strange need I have for ingesting potentially toxic substances. It's just that it stays there in the form of a residue of shame whenever I stick my foot in my mouth. I am hoping not to do that here.

Editorial: Get stoked for the Academic Senate
Ladies and gentlemen, it's time to get pumped. It's more exciting than March Madness, better than free pizza in exchange for filling out a credit card application, hotter than tofu wrestling and sweeter than watching Hellboy drink a Red Bull -- or watching The Rock wallop dudes with a two-by-four, depending on which movie you saw last weekend.

Letters to the editor: African AIDS misdiagnosed
Mr. Masud's column on African AIDS is based on wildly inaccurate information. African AIDS is diagnosed based on the "Bangui definition", which says that you have AIDS if you have two major symptoms and one minor symptom. Major symptoms are weight loss, chronic diarrhea and chronic fever; minor symptoms include coughing and generalized itching. But these are precisely the symptoms of TB, malnutrition and parasitic infections, all widespread in Africa.

Education can be more than a marketing tool
It happens to the best of us. Ten hours and $20 worth of venti skim extra shot lattes into a paper or project on a topic so incredibly inane that it could possibly bore even the small contingent of people who are actually supposed to care, and we all wonder, justifiably, just what we are doing here.

A comic strip by Tony Carrillo

A comic strip by Joe Bowen

Ship of Fools
A comic strip by Alexander Karlsson

I went to Haiti during spring break to see the country for myself and found it to be incredibly complex, both political and culturally.

Film Fest: Paying tribute
Aside from showing feature-length movies, documentaries and short films, the 2004 Phoenix Film Festival was host to four separate tributes to men (no women this year, sadly) who have excelled in their craft. On Friday afternoon, character actor Dylan Baker, of Road to Perdition, Head of State and the upcoming blockbuster Spider-Man 2, was feted for his long years of service.

Film Fest: Movie magic
Of the many films that were entered into competition or were under the category of Showcase Features, I could only see a smattering (thanks to school and other previous engagements), but those I did watch were all interesting, in their own way. The opening night premiere, inside the famed Cine Capri theater, was the United Artists release Saved!, a black comedy about a religious high school in Maryland.

Film Fest: Boos & Bravos
Let me begin by saying that the 2004 Phoenix Film Festival, held at the Harkins Scottsdale 101, home of the Cine Capri, was the first festival I've ever been to. Thus, I don't know for sure if the event was better or worse than the previous three held in the Valley, or how they measure up to other large festivals across the country and the world.

Tempe festival turned Tempe circus
'April 3rd and 4th Rain or Shine,' said the white ticket for the annual Tempe Music Festival. Well rain or shine, literally meant a down pour or brilliant sunshine. Nothing in between like gray skies, or a nice breezy day with not a lot of 'shine'. Friday's escapades proved just this when the festival was cancelled due to weather conditions, even though it hardly rained another drop that evening.

Happy Birthday, Louis Vuitton
As far as Louis Vuitton handbags are concerned, they've been seen on the arms of celebs everywhere and are now known as a must-have accessory. Although she left for only an overnight camping trip, Newlywed Jessica Simpson refused to leave the side of her now notorious, white multicore Vuitton, otherwise known as "Pet Louis.

Postcards from London: Flight anxiety
I was a little apprehensive about flying in airplanes after 9/11 and somewhat paranoid during the occasional 'Orange Alerts' popping up frequently in America. I was also worried during New Year's Eve as I downed champagnes amongst the sky rises of Las Vegas.

'Hogs' look to 'get back to roots'
This spring, the ASU offensive line has already brought a new position coach as well as a new attitude to the Bill Kajikawa practice field -- two key ingredients that should help the unit accomplish its No. 1 goal. That is to forget an abysmal 2003 season.

Baseball: Pitching has been costly in Pac-10 struggles
Get to an opposing team's bullpen and the offense will score its share of runs. It is an old adage that has been proven time and again to be the key to winning games. But for the No. 23 ASU baseball team, the theory could not be further from the truth. Over the last three weekends, the Sun Devils (22-9, 3-6 Pac-10) have been successful at getting to the opposing team's bullpen early, with the opposing team's starter averaging only 3.

Devil Dish: Cubs cursed again
As the baseball season opened today, the Chicago Cubs began the season as the favorites to win the National League pennant. Just as I was beginning to get worried, I saw the most beautiful thing these eyes have ever seen: the beloved Cubbies on the cover of this week's Sports Illustrated baseball preview.

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