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'Wallace and Ladmo' celebrates 50 years
Even though Phoenix resident Bill Thompson has been retired since 1989, he still answers the phone "This is Wallace." For 36 years, Thompson was the co-host on the local show "Wallace and Ladmo," the longest running children's television show in history, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary today.

Punk concert won't happen on campus
ASU's Programming and Activities Board is trying to relocate a major music concert to ASU East after the Student Recreation Complex revoked the board's permission to use its fields.

The Punk Voter Tour, featuring the popular punk act NOFX was scheduled for April 16 on the SRC field.

Bush campaigns for college vote
Move over Democrats. Republicans are going after the college vote in the 2004 presidential election.

As President George W. Bush's re-election campaign kicks into full gear, special attention will be given to young voters, said Sharon Castillo, a spokeswoman for the Bush campaign.

Students face dizzying array of diet decisions
Looking in the mirror reveals one thing to political science junior Karen Tara: She's fat. Relatively speaking.

"I want to look like Britney Spears," Tara said. "She's not too skinny, she's fit, muscular and healthy."

Official: ResLife responds to concerns
An ASU Residential Life administrator said the department is responding to concerns about how resident assistants are treated. "We are addressing the concerns," said Residential Life Associate Director Mistalene Calleroz, although she added, "it's difficult to change things mid-semester.

Utah police investigate student's death
Utah authorities are still investigating the death of an ASU student who died during spring break while camping near the Virgin River outside Zion National Park. John Goebel, an environmental resources management senior at ASU East, was found dead inside his tent March 17, said Rob Tersigni, chief deputy of the Washington County Sheriff's Department in Utah.

Atta Bui: Moove out
Sometimes, I feel like a cow. No, I'm not one of those whiney girls who are never satisfied with their weight, and I only have one stomach instead of four. Farmer John does not milk me on a daily basis, and I pass on cud as my meal of choice. Sometimes, I still feel like a cow.

Don't I Know You? Viva Las Vegas
Turning the big "21" only happens once. For me, that "once" was last Thursday, and in celebration, I headed to Vegas where I could fulfill all the pleasures that come with being of age in one spot. There were two things I didn't expect to happen however. The first being, I won! That's right.

See IT: Film festivus for the rest of us
If you're running short on indie street cred, repent tonight by attending the Arizona Premiere of the film Saved!. Saved! was an official selection of the Sundance Film Festival and is part of the Phoenix Film Festival taking place this weekend through April 4 at the Harkins Cine Capri.

Dump IT: Uggs look as bad as they sound
You have to wonder if the makers of this fashion atrocity ever considered the irony in naming their hideous boots Uggs. And for such an aptly named piece of dead cowhide, why is it we have to be subjected to seeing them everywhere? Because some sadistic soul decided to make them trendy, and when you see someone sporting them on "Sex in the City," expect fashion madness to ensue.

Local Beats: Fast and furious
When driving eastbound on Grand Avenue toward the downtown district of Phoenix, two distinct features catch your eye. One is the giant, waving American flag in the center of the business district-the other is artist Karen Fiorio's billboard, which carries the faces of President George W.

Local Beats: All dolled up
It's not just a series of performing spank lines and shimmies while wearing fishnets, bootie shorts, corset tops and heels for the Ragdolls. This burlesque-style dance group, which includes some ASU students, consists of well-trained dancers, some who have been dancing since they were 3 or 4.

Out of the Closet: Fashion flashback
Are '80s fashions back, or are the '80s back? About two decades ago, shag haircuts were slowly cropping down into the mullet, and what we today call "vintage" rock T-shirts draped the chest of every red-blooded rocker. A Republican was about to get reelected, Donald Trump was raking in big bucks and the world was about to learn from Gordon Gekko (Wall Street) that "Greed is good.

Musical Notes: So many bands, so little time
The problem with music festivals is there are so many bands playing at the same time, it becomes hard to know where one should be. With the Tempe Music Festival this Friday and Saturday, I have decided to investigate and give you my guide to the highlights and tips on where to be to get the most out of the festival.

Reel Life: Silent Bob talks back
For the past 10 years, Kevin Smith has been best known as Silent Bob, the "hetero life partner" of a stoner named Jay. Smith wrote, directed and appeared as Silent Bob in five movies, starting with the 1994 independent release Clerks and ending with 2001's Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.

Reel Life: Smell what's cookin'
Action stars have no glory when they are old and wrinkled; they get no "Old Timer's Day," so every two decades or so, we must crown a new batch of them (as the old ones become more fit to battle osteoporosis, rather than bad guys.) When Victor Mature and Charlton Heston became too old to pick up boulders or kill "damn dirty apes" in their films, along came an Italian stud and an Austrian Terminator.

Caring loses out to cellular
On Tuesday night, I took a well-deserved break from the arduous task of writing a column about sex and attended the screening of "Senorita Extravida," a documentary about the disappearances and murders of women in Juarez, Mexico. Sitting in an auditorium filled with about 200 of my fellow students, I couldn't help but notice that as the film showed graphic images and narratives of women's bodies burned, nipples bitten off and remains dumped in the middle of the desert, the girls next to me were busy checking their text messages.

Antidepressants are depressing
I first got the feeling that the whole subject of depression in the medical field had gone awry when I sought the help of a psychologist to help me cope with the sudden deaths of some close family members. The psychologist listened to me for roughly five minutes before nodding her head, scribbling on a piece of paper and handing it to me before smiling and showing me the door.

Editorial: Fad diets gaining too much weight
Just what does one have to do to lose weight? You want to drop a few a pounds, but what course of action is best? There are more choices than at a buffet -- bad example. The best way to lose weight is cut down on your carbohydrates, right? Or was that cut down on fat instead? No, no, you're supposed to up your protein intake.

Stop saying 'but' about murdering a terrorist
To my great disgust, I have never heard the word "but" used more times than in the past week and a half since the targeted killing of Sheik Ahmed Yassin, leader and founder of the renowned anti-Jewish terrorist organization, Hamas. As in, "Yes, Hamas is a terrorist organization, and Yassin was a criminal, BUT .

Murdering Yassin a step away from peace
Israel's killing of Hamas leader Sheik Yassin is only Ariel Sharon's latest evasion of moral responsibility involving the Israeli-Palestinian crisis. Two hundred thousand Palestinians angrily protested in the streets, and Yassin instantly became a martyr for militants to idolize.

Mallrants: Student elections
Students rant about the upcoming student government elections.

A comic strip by Tony Carrillo

A comic strip by Joe Bowen

Ship of Fools
A comic strip by Alexander Karlsson

Haiku Circus
A comic strip by Ken Sakamoto

I went to Haiti during spring break to see the country for myself and found it to be incredibly complex, both political and culturally.

Postcards from London: Flight anxiety
I was a little apprehensive about flying in airplanes after 9/11 and somewhat paranoid during the occasional 'Orange Alerts' popping up frequently in America. I was also worried during New Year's Eve as I downed champagnes amongst the sky rises of Las Vegas.

Beer, bands, babes at Tempe Music Fest
This weekend more than 40 bands will participate in the second annual Tempe Music Festival at the Tempe Beach Park Amphitheater. "Arizona doesn't have its own music festival, so we're starting this off thinking it will be bigger and better each year," said Ashley Saba, event marketing director.

'Ladykillers' goofball, grand
After a sabbatical that took more than a year, Hollywood Everyman Tom Hanks returns in an uncharacteristically vile yet hilarious role in the Coen Brothers' latest film, a dark heist comedy, The Ladykillers, a remake of the 1955 film of the same name. And what a rollicking success it is.

Baseball: Ethier cracks Athletics' lineup
Former ASU baseball player Andre Ethier made another step in his quick progression through Oakland Athletics' farm system when he stepped out onto the field at Tucson Electric Park Friday. "That was a great feeling especially playing against the Diamondbacks, my favorite team," Ethier said.

Injuries hit women's hoops hard in '03-'04
The ASU women's basketball team's season can best be described as a rollercoaster ride that was cut short. A young team that showed promise under pressure eventually had its dream of an NCAA Tournament berth derailed due to injuries. Coming into the season, the Sun Devils had high expectations as junior forward Betsy Boardman was returning from a torn anterior cruciate ligament and star sophomore guard Jill Noe was coming off of one of the best freshman seasons in ASU history.

Devil Dish: Reinick, back up off Yanks
In Wednesday's Dish, sportswriter Matt Reinick contends that the New York Yankees spent all of their loot on positional players and forgot about the arms. He uses New York's opening 8-3 loss in Japan as his proof. Last time I checked, baseball plays 162 games in a year, so one game is proof of nothing.

Club Bowling: Knocking down the competition
Jeremy Cluff Web Devil The ASU men's bowling team looks to improve on their performance at sectionals as they prepare for next month's Intercollegiate Bowling Championships. "These guys came together in the last tournament," said Carl Ong, ASU head coach. "If these guys bowl the way they bowled at sectionals, we will win nationals.

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