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ASU East parking prices rise
Next fall, parking decals at ASU East will cost $15 more. Terry Isaacson, the vice provost of administrative services and the appeals officer for Parking and Transit Services at ASU East, said the $60 fee has always been a temporary one. "The parking rates were already established [by ASU] last year," Isaacson said.

Tofu wrestling draws crowd
Dozens of ASU students turned out Tuesday to catch what promoters say was a healthy glance at tofu.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals held a demonstration at University Drive and College Avenue in front of the All Saints Catholic Newman Center.

ASU grad students won't unionize
Despite a growing national trend, ASU graduate students said they won't be unionizing anytime soon.

Brian Collier, the Graduate and Professional Student Association president, said graduate students enjoy a positive relationship with the administration, as evidenced by this month's decision by ASU to offer 100 percent tuition remission to teaching and research assistants.

Event highlights 370 deaths of women
Hundreds of pink paper crosses littered Hayden lawn Tuesday to represent the more than 370 female bodies that have been found raped and mutilated in Juarez, Mexico.

Amnesty International ASU held a fair Tuesday to bring attention to the deaths that have been occurring south of the border for more than a decade.

Students urged to lobby Legislature
The clock is ticking. The future of ASU's funding from the state Legislature could be finalized within the next three weeks, said Undergraduate Student Government President Brandon Goad. The Joint Legislative Budget Committee already has drafted a budget plan that would not allow an increase in funding for the state universities, said Arizona Students Association Executive Director Maceo Brown.

Police Beat: Tempe woman wears pants in relationship
A 30-year-old Tempe woman was arrested on charges of criminal damage and domestic violence near the 1600 block of West Village Way. She allegedly smashed the windows of her live-in boyfriend's van with a baseball bat as he tried to leave after an argument.

'Never Die Alone' should just die
Film noir was a movement that reflected a specific time and place in American film history. It was born in an uncertain post-war America during the mid to late '40s, and reflected changing social, economic and sexual ideology. Over time, the term "film noir" has gained a new definition-one that is more of a genre, rather than a movement.

Sites to see: Turn the tables
Imagine being able to sign up for the easiest classes at ASU. Imagine being able to schedule your classes based on peer evaluations and remarks of current professors. Imagine raising your GPA without even cheating. Stop imagining. Start learning about online services that can make finding the right professor as easy as clicking a few buttons.

Global warming
There were no blinds to stop the sun from coming in and warming the office, but the temperature fits the topic as ASU Professor Tad Day starts to speak about warming on a global scale. Day is very busy and glad today is Friday. He hasn't been back in Arizona for very long.

Biggies for Ziggies
Mill Avenue is jump started into high gear. On this last weekend of spring break, people crowd the streets and are enjoying the last bit of freedom break has to offer. Generic jukebox tunes are rolling out of Mill Avenue Cue Club and Fat Tuesday's, making people turn and watch the sporadic booty shaking and meat market talk.

Tips on hip
Lately, as I shuffle from class-to-class, I have begun to spot a growing number of fashionistas who sport carefully created unruly locks and who toss about words such as "kitschy" and "deck." Who are these trend-setting people? Meet the hipsters. So often, I sit in class and see those around me dumbfounded while overhearing conversations among me and my friends.

The Strokes on par
Since the 2001 release of their debut album Is This It?, The Strokes have garnered uncanny amounts of attention from both music industry insiders and the general public. The garage-rockers from New York City have been praised as being the saviors of rock 'n' roll by their fans, while their critics have written them off as mere rip-offs of great bands that came before.

Click IT: Geeks unite
Alright all you SCA/RenFair weirdoes, this Web site is for you. In-between polishing your plus-one maces and filling your canteens with KeyStone, point your browser to It will give you a much-needed battle cry. The Web site is pretty simple and straightforward.

Click IT: Online porn for English majors
If the procrastination fairy leaves you staring at a blank Word document the night before the big paper, just click for inspiration. Visual Thesaurus (www. is an online thesaurus that connects words visually, allowing you to see how certain words connect to others.

Don't I Know You?: On the 'Edge'
Internships. Oh, the dreaded word. Long days of unpaid, coffee-filling, paper filing, Xerox running escapades await those looking to further their careers. But this doesn't always have to be the case, as one ASU student discovered. Jaime Kaitz, broadcast junior, realized internship stereotypes don't always have to apply.

Atta Bui: A different kind of dating
Google should be considered the Eighth Wonder of the World. Type in one simple subject, and it will bring the world to your feet-or your fingertips. This search engine has always held a special place in my heart, but my appreciation for all it could do peaked on Tuesday.

Into the swamp: Mojo Gurus rock
I'm a GRIT-a Girl Raised In The South, that is-so I find music with a soulful rock flavor unceasingly appetizing. The Florida-based Mojo Gurus appeal to southern sensibilities and definitely rock, roll and ramble in their new album "Hot Damn!" Laced with rock-a-billy, funk, blues, and southern rock rhythms, each song is a combination of original beats and outstanding lyrics.

TV gets it up without breasts
The Federal Communica-tions Commis-sion has defined broadcast indecency as "language or material that, in context, depicts or describes, in terms patently offensive as measured by contemporary community broadcast standards for the broadcast medium, sexual or excretory organs or activities.

The abridged student government
The time of student government elections is upon us here at ASU, and it's time to ask ourselves an important question: what exactly do those officers do, anyway? That question is not meant to be an apathetic, "these guys don't represent ME" type of sentiment.

Editorial Still wrestling with PETA's new stunt
Party at the Newman Center ... not really. Sorry to disappoint those of you who huddled in front of the church yesterday, hoping for some free hot dogs or soda. Instead, pedestrians got a nauseating glimpse of some sloppy tofu wrestling. That's right, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is at it again.

ASU not the worst in overall Pac-10 parking
If we were to play a word association game, the term ASU Parking and Transit Services wo-uld undoubtedly elicit a barrage of expletives. There are too few spaces for 50,000 students. Decals anywhere other than Lot 59 are impossible to get unless you camp outside PTS the night before they go on sale.

Letters to the editor: Israel stands up to terror
Upon finishing Mr. Masud's extremely biased op-ed on Israel's killing of Sheik Ahmed Yassin ("Death of Hamas leader could ignite 'powder keg,' " March 29), I feel obligated as a supporter of Israel and her war on terrorism to respond.

Mallrants: Student elections
Students rant about the upcoming student government elections.

A comic strip by Tony Carrillo

A comic strip by Joe Bowen

Ship of fools
March 31, 2004 March 30, 2004 March 29, 2004 Reach the artist at --> --> --> --> -->

Haiku Circus
A comic strip by Ken Sakamoto

Beer, bands, babes at Tempe Music Fest
This weekend more than 40 bands will participate in the second annual Tempe Music Festival at the Tempe Beach Park Amphitheater. "Arizona doesn't have its own music festival, so we're starting this off thinking it will be bigger and better each year," said Ashley Saba, event marketing director.

'Ladykillers' goofball, grand
After a sabbatical that took more than a year, Hollywood Everyman Tom Hanks returns in an uncharacteristically vile yet hilarious role in the Coen Brothers' latest film, a dark heist comedy, The Ladykillers, a remake of the 1955 film of the same name. And what a rollicking success it is.

One more pass for Germaine
After four years of leading the ASU gymnastics team, success has become a tradition for senior Maggie Germaine. That tradition, however, has been ingrained in her family long before she executed her first tumbling pass.

Even though the giant Germaine clan has resided in the Valley for generations, Maggie was the very first one to attend ASU. And head coach John Spini is glad she did.

Women's tennis crushes Harvard at home meet
Although Harvard may be a more prestigious school in the classroom, ASU women's tennis showed which team was superior on the courts, defeating the No. 22 Crimson, 6-1, on Tuesday at the Whiteman Tennis Center. The win was a much needed confidence booster for the Sun Devils (5-10), who had won just one of their last nine matches.

O'Brien competes with ASU track and field
Usually at a collegiate track and field meet, the athletes don the colors and insignias of their respected schools. For Dan O'Brien, it was a little different. Instead of ASU or maroon and gold, he was wearing red, white and blue and a "USA" on the front of his shirt.

Hump Day Hoopla: Another blunder?
I am in a minority. I have felt the hate of others and have had to work extra hard in order to keep up with the masses. I am an Arizona Cardinals fan. When I moved to Mesa from New Jersey almost a decade ago, the memories of a Super Bowl win by the New York Giants were still fresh in my mind, and I was not made aware of the "style" of football played here in Arizona.

Devil Dish: Yanks' pitching staff not championship caliber
A team like the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, whose entire team's payroll ($29.2 million) is almost equivalent to what New York Yankee third baseman Alex Rodriguez makes in one year ($25 million), shouldn't be able to compete with the Bronx Bombers right? Wrong. Much to my delight, the over-hyped and overpaid Yankees were embarrassed by the Devil Rays, 8-3, to kickoff the Major League Baseball season.

Club Bowling: Knocking down the competition
Jeremy Cluff Web Devil The ASU men's bowling team looks to improve on their performance at sectionals as they prepare for next month's Intercollegiate Bowling Championships. "These guys came together in the last tournament," said Carl Ong, ASU head coach. "If these guys bowl the way they bowled at sectionals, we will win nationals.

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