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Newman Center to build new home
With Tempe's All Saints Catholic Newman Center bursting at the seams, church leaders are preparing to build a new facility to serve campus Catholics.

The church is raising funds to replace the main chapel with a larger building to accommodate the 1,500 people who usually attend weekend masses, said the Rev. Nathan Castle.

Bikers converge on Tempe bar
Hundreds of bikers, tired and thirsty from a day of riding, feasted and drank Monday at a party hosted by ASU alumnus John Eby, owner of Acme Roadhouse in Tempe.

The "Monday Madness" party at Acme is one of the events during this year's Arizona Bike Week.

Speaker to students: Explore space jobs
Jet Propulsion Laboratory director Charles Elachi told a crowd of students to investigate space exploration as a career, when he spoke on campus Monday.

The Jet Propulsion Laboratory has played a leading role in the construction and research of the Mars rovers -- Spirit and Opportunity -- which remain on the red planet.

Dance costume coordinator came to U.S. to 'be a little different'
Entering the costume shop at ASU's dance department is like walking into a giant collage.

A mishmash of colors, fabrics, tools and magazine clippings fill the large workshop, where its coordinator, Galina Mihaleva, has made and designed clothing and costumes used by ASU's dance and theater departments for the last five years.

Police Beat: Tempe Man goes Barry Bonds on man's back
Tempe police reported the following incidents Monday:

A 23-year-old Tempe man was arrested on a charge of aggravated assault near the 0 block of West Carter Drive. He allegedly held a man down in a headlock and hit him in the upper back with a baseball bat, causing injury. He claimed that the victim was trying to kill his brother.

ASU alums and professor showcase work at film fest
Even though ASU doesn't have a film major or minor, at least two former students and one current professor are making their mark on low-budget film this weekend at the fourth annual Phoenix Film Festival. One of twelve films competing in the feature-length contest is "Clipping Adam," the first film from writer, director and producer Michael Picchiottino, a former ASU student now based in Los Angeles.

'Never Die Alone' should just die
Film noir was a movement that reflected a specific time and place in American film history. It was born in an uncertain post-war America during the mid to late '40s, and reflected changing social, economic and sexual ideology. Over time, the term "film noir" has gained a new definition-one that is more of a genre, rather than a movement.

Sites to see: Turn the tables
Imagine being able to sign up for the easiest classes at ASU. Imagine being able to schedule your classes based on peer evaluations and remarks of current professors. Imagine raising your GPA without even cheating. Stop imagining. Start learning about online services that can make finding the right professor as easy as clicking a few buttons.

Global warming
There were no blinds to stop the sun from coming in and warming the office, but the temperature fits the topic as ASU Professor Tad Day starts to speak about warming on a global scale. Day is very busy and glad today is Friday. He hasn't been back in Arizona for very long.

Biggies for Ziggies
Mill Avenue is jump started into high gear. On this last weekend of spring break, people crowd the streets and are enjoying the last bit of freedom break has to offer. Generic jukebox tunes are rolling out of Mill Avenue Cue Club and Fat Tuesday's, making people turn and watch the sporadic booty shaking and meat market talk.

Tips on hip
Lately, as I shuffle from class-to-class, I have begun to spot a growing number of fashionistas who sport carefully created unruly locks and who toss about words such as "kitschy" and "deck." Who are these trend-setting people? Meet the hipsters. So often, I sit in class and see those around me dumbfounded while overhearing conversations among me and my friends.

The Strokes on par
Since the 2001 release of their debut album Is This It?, The Strokes have garnered uncanny amounts of attention from both music industry insiders and the general public. The garage-rockers from New York City have been praised as being the saviors of rock 'n' roll by their fans, while their critics have written them off as mere rip-offs of great bands that came before.

Click IT: Geeks unite
Alright all you SCA/RenFair weirdoes, this Web site is for you. In-between polishing your plus-one maces and filling your canteens with KeyStone, point your browser to It will give you a much-needed battle cry. The Web site is pretty simple and straightforward.

Click IT: Online porn for English majors
If the procrastination fairy leaves you staring at a blank Word document the night before the big paper, just click for inspiration. Visual Thesaurus (www. is an online thesaurus that connects words visually, allowing you to see how certain words connect to others.

Don't I Know You?: On the 'Edge'
Internships. Oh, the dreaded word. Long days of unpaid, coffee-filling, paper filing, Xerox running escapades await those looking to further their careers. But this doesn't always have to be the case, as one ASU student discovered. Jaime Kaitz, broadcast junior, realized internship stereotypes don't always have to apply.

Atta Bui: A different kind of dating
Google should be considered the Eighth Wonder of the World. Type in one simple subject, and it will bring the world to your feet-or your fingertips. This search engine has always held a special place in my heart, but my appreciation for all it could do peaked on Tuesday.

Into the swamp: Mojo Gurus rock
I'm a GRIT-a Girl Raised In The South, that is-so I find music with a soulful rock flavor unceasingly appetizing. The Florida-based Mojo Gurus appeal to southern sensibilities and definitely rock, roll and ramble in their new album "Hot Damn!" Laced with rock-a-billy, funk, blues, and southern rock rhythms, each song is a combination of original beats and outstanding lyrics.

Editorial: For next year, 'think big'
Monday afternoon, those of us on The State Press editorial board met with this year's candidates for Undergraduate Student Government president and vice president in a round-table discussion. With a number of well-spoken candidates, our choice came down to outreach to numerous student groups, experience and the potential to close the gaps between the USG and the other branches of student government.

Moves to East, West for the best
It is time for a renaissance in Arizona. No, I'm not talking about the annual festival that happens way out past Apache Junction and Gold Canyon, I'm talking about a literal rebirth that has already started taking place within our very own realm of ASU, led by Michael Crow.

Globe shrinking, but not Sudan bloodshed
No doubt you've heard it countless times before. The world has gotten smaller. We speak in terms of the globe. News of the world reaches the world as it happens. All of this is true, of course, unless no one cares. In the western Darfur region of Sudan, a wasteland of sand and shrubs marking the southeastern corner of the Sahara, some of the most vicious ethnic cleansing of modern times is being carried out by Sudan's Arab rulers against its African people.

Mallrants: Student elections
Students rant about the upcoming student government elections.

My story: serotonin syndrome no joke
As reported in The State Press (March 11), a student turned up at the Student Health and Wellness Center with a variety of strange symptoms, from muscle spasms and rigidity, to jaw clenching and teeth grinding. Thanks to a very quick-thinking and thorough physician, this person was correctly diagnosed as suffering from "serotonin syndrome," a potentially fatal reaction, triggered by the use of an over-the-counter dietary supplement called 5 HTP (hydroxytryptophan).

A comic strip by Tony Carrillo

A comic strip by Joe Bowen

Ship of fools
A comic strip by Alexander Karlsson

Haiku Circus
A comic strip by Ken Sakamoto

'Ladykillers' goofball, grand
After a sabbatical that took more than a year, Hollywood Everyman Tom Hanks returns in an uncharacteristically vile yet hilarious role in the Coen Brothers' latest film, a dark heist comedy, The Ladykillers, a remake of the 1955 film of the same name. And what a rollicking success it is.

Players adjust to new positions
Typically, spring football is a time for veterans to relearn some tricks of the trade.

But for the ASU football team -- which plans on schematic changes on both sides of the ball for the 2004 season -- many Sun Devils are in the process of mastering totally new techniques.

Two players orally commit to ASU men's basketball
After picking up two players in the initial signing session, the ASU men's basketball team recently added two oral commitments from junior college players.

The Sun Devils received commitments from Tyrone Jackson, a point guard from Fresno City College following Jackson's campus visit, and Bryson Krueger, a swingman from Yavapai Community College, last week.

Pair of losses eerily similar for baseball
It would be easy to say that the No. 14 ASU baseball team stumbled out of the gates to begin Pac-10 play. Yet looking at two games in particular -- the first game of the California series and Sunday's game against Washington -- the fine line between 2-4 and 4-2 is quite evident.

Devil Dish: Is Plummer really gossip worthy?
Denver Broncos quarterback Jake Plummer, former ASU football golden boy and Cardinals escapee, issued a statement late last week confirming the cancellation of his wedding in Hawaii. While for most of us wondering what to do with all the roast pig and the heartbreak would be enough of a problem, Plummer and other celebrities have to deal with the pain of a press release and other unnecessary attention in their times of crisis.

Men's golf enters final day of play at Tucson tourney
Even though the ASU men's golf team's home tournament is still two weeks away, the Sun Devils are still taking advantage of playing in their home state. After the second round of play at the Omni Tucson National Golf Course, the Sun Devils have a three-shot lead as they head into today's final round.

Coach, diver earn Pac-10 honors
If all of ASU's sports programs had as much success as the diving team has encountered recently, ASU would have to build a trophy case that rivals the new weight room. With the collegiate diving season now officially over, postseason awards have begun to get passed out, and ASU diving coach Mark Bradshaw and junior diver Trisha Tumlinson both took home awards.

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