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Diogu says he'll stick around
Sophomore forward Ike Diogu announced Thursday night that he will not enter the NBA draft and will return to ASU for his junior season.

The All-Pac-10 Diogu averaged a league-leading 22.8 points and 36.9 minutes per game and made the conference team for the second year in a row.

Students to pay $469 to $1,334 more
TUCSON -- The Arizona Board of Regents set next year's tuition amounts Thursday, each more than $100 higher than ASU President Michael Crow's recommendations.

The tuition set for ASU students included a $469 increase for resident undergraduates, an $804 increase for nonresident undergraduates and a $1,334 increase for ASU graduate students.

Professor's work stirs controversy
A London exhibit of an ASU assistant professor's photography -- consisting of nude photos of her young daughter -- closed Sunday after it caused waves of controversy.

A collection of Photography Assistant Professor Betsy Schneider's work, featuring 63 photos of her daughter, opened as part of the "Inventory" exhibition at the Spitz Gallery in London, but complaints were made and the exhibition closed after a few hours, reported the Guardian, a London newspaper.

Students do service during spring break
Margaritas and white, sandy beaches won't be the goal of some ASU students heading south of the border this spring break.

Fifty ASU students will help communities in Nogales, Mexico as a part of the Alternative Spring Break program, from March 17 to 19.

ASU East elects first student government
Two juniors and two freshmen will serve as the executive officers of the first ASU East Student Government, an elections committee announced Thursday. Jon Russell, a junior in exercise and wellness, will be the first student president, and Don Ausink, a business administration junior, was elected vice president.

ASU West sees surge in minority student enrollment
Minority students now constitute 27 percent of the ASU West student body, with 1,155 Hispanics representing the largest single group. This spring, 7,068 full and part-time students attend the west campus, including 1,920 minority students. Direct and indirect recruitment efforts continue to target minorities in part in response to concerns about recent tuition increases affecting access.

Students watch police on Mill Avenue
March 15 is the International Day Against Police Brutality and Phoenix Copwatch wants ASU students to know their rights.

Copwatch enlistees have been manning information tables at local punk and hip-hop shows in order to spread their "you're your rights" message to a young and lively ASU crowd, said Leila Sleiman, a Copwatch member and communication senior.

Police Beat: Oral sex on an unidentified subject
Tempe police reported the following incidents on Thursday: A 32-year-old transient man was arrested on charges of second-degree trespassing and public sexual indecency near the 1800 block of East Apache Boulevard. He allegedly was warned for trespassing at Modern World Adult Book Store.

From frat boy to fiction writer
Last week, ASU pre-law senior Eric Matheny sat confidently at Dos Gringos. The undergraduate's upbeat demeanor was shielded from view behind a pair of shades. Dressed in a leather jacket and non-designer jeans, the California native slowly lowered his shades, took a sip of his beer and ordered another round.

Italy to experience 'Caterina's Son'
While most ASU students will be soaking up the brutal sunshine of Las Vegas and Rocky Point over spring break, performers of the ASU original production "Caterina's Son" will be soaking up milder rays in Italy. The cast of and crew of "Caterina's Son," will be leaving today for Milan, Florence and Vinci to perform the musical, which is based on the life of artist Leonardo da Vinci's mother.

Spring Break: Not so 'casual' encounter
The Casualties at The Mason Jar, 2303 E. Indian School Road, Scottsdale. 8 p.m. March 19. All Ages. 602.954.0455. People always describe punk music as powerful, and they may be right; some of it actually is. However, lately, the word powerful has become a word popularly used to describe pop-punk bands like Good Charlotte and Simple Plan.

Punk Interrogation
Punk Interrogation Authority Zero's Jason DeVore takes on the random questions posed by this reporter by Chelsea Ide People in rock bands are just the same as everyone else. We hear that all the time. If that's true, then we should be able to talk about the same dorky things with them as we would with a couple of friends over pizza.

'Secret' formula: 'Secret Window'
These days, we're seeing a trend in horror films, 'slashers' and ghost stories: the movies have tired formulas that startle the audience with cheap thrills and obvious special effects. Refreshingly, Secret Window isn't keeping up with the trend. Director and screenwriter David Koepp has assembled crafty actors, Johnny Depp and John Turturro, in a game of nerves that plays out like a twisted chess match.

Holding on: 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind'
If you could erase anyone from your memory, who would it be? A childhood bully? An unforgiving relative? Maybe an old boyfriend or girlfriend who meant the world to you?

In Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind starring Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet, the concept of erasing, or being erased from someone's memory, is the basis for the bittersweet romance of a man trying to hold on to a relationship that once was.

Spring Break: Road trippin'
So, you're stuck here for spring break. Sure all your friends are going to Rocky Point, Florida or San Diego, but that doesn't mean you can't have just as exciting a break as them. There are a lot of crazy things here in the Grand Canyon State. Grab your video camera and make it a statewide scavenger hunt.

Spring Break:Not quite Rocky Point
Mexico has always been a popular spring break destination. It is the perfect place to lie on the beach all day and indulge in underage drinking all night. But for some ASU students, going to Mexico for spring break means something more than nights filled with drunken tomfoolery.

Spring Break: Capture the 'Flag'
If you're not headed out of state next week but still want a short vacation, consider my favorite Arizona town, Flagstaff. If you're into hiking or other outdoors-y things, Flag offers more cold air and crunchy good times than you can shake a snowboard at.

Spring Break: Outdoor adventures
If you're tired of the same old club scene and want to get in touch with nature over spring break, there's no better place to camp in Arizona than near the small town of Strawberry.

Strawberry is the starting point of Forest Road, which winds its way down treacherous switchbacks, through a deep canyon and down to the trailhead of Fossil Springs.

Don't I Know You?: Hammer Time: 'Playboy' model Jaime Hammer
As soon as Playboy puts out its "College Girls Special Edition," male students across the nation rush to newsstands everywhere in search of finding out what bombshell will represent their school. Not that ASU participants have ever let their student body down, but this year, we have a special treat; our bombshell is on the cover.

Homecoming: Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers
In the era of the "VH1 Behind The Music" tell-alls of hitting bottom in music, it seems Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers has found a solid formula for being sustained, career musicians. Both married, with children, Clyne and Naffah approach their passion as a profession.

Gay chic
Fifty years ago, being gay was unthinkable. Twenty years ago, being gay was to risk isolation from friends and family. Ten years ago, being gay still carried the weight of a heavy social stigma.

Today, some may say, gay is the hot thing to be. Over the past year, gay culture has become increasingly mainstream, compliments of the media and other pop culture outlets.

Where have you bean?
Wherever you go, a Starbucks is a Starbucks, but Tempe has several independent coffee shops, each with unique vibe. To help you sort through the coffee scene, SPM dusted off its five senses to compile this nifty list for you. Three Roots (1020 S. Mill Ave.

Atta Bui: The golden rule
I've noticed that the past few columns I've written involve some sort of event or memory from my childhood. I've talked about gambling with my family since I was a wee kindergartener to revealing what I wanted to be "when I grow up."

My columns' reflections on how I lived as a child not only reveal my screaming desire to go back to days where my biggest worry was whether I would get picked last for kickball, but they also reveal how important your experiences as a youngun' affect who you grow up to be.

It's not 'Must See' without 'Friends'
A decade ago our "Friends" -- Rachel, Ross, Phoebe and the rest of the gang -- entered our homes with their quirky attitudes and sexually uninhibited banter, and we've been addicted ever since. Whether it's laughing at Chandler in "the box" or watching as Monica finds out she can't ever have children, they've become like, well, friends.

Show some poolside respect
You can smell it in the air. The nauseous whiff of bronzed, lithe bodies in expensive bikinis lying out by the Student Recreation Complex pool. Funny, I always thought that swimming pools were used for more physically challenging activities, but my belief was crushed when I endeavored to partake in a little group exercise in the shallow end yesterday and 300 eyes were on my pale and wobbly butt.

Becoming aware of whiteness
White consciousness is on the rise. Why? Whiteness studies. White privilege studies. It is a durable myth that the worst of American racism lies comfortably in the past. Whiteness and white privilege are essentially the same discipline and examine the space of whiteness to interrogate its history.

Editorial: Boos and Bravos
BOO to 13th Street being closed. The lovely little street that branches off so quirkily from Apache Boulevard as it turns into Mill Avenue has been torn up for what seems like years. Now it's closed altogether. This really puts a damper on effective caravanning to parties in that neighborhood.

A comic strip by Tony Carrillo

A comic strip by Joe Bowen

Ship of Fools
A comic strip by Alexander Karlsson

Haiku Circus
A comic strip by Ken Sakamoto

Review: 'Sunshine' bright
Having just seen the newest concoction from probably the most original screenwriter in Hollywood, I can only wonder this: what does Charlie Kaufman go through every day? What thoughts drift through his fertile, imaginative mind? They may seem odd, but these questions will probably drift through your own brain after you see Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Postcards from London: Walk on the wildside
Postcards From London By Katie McDevitt After a long week of breathing car exhaust on the street and second hand smoke in the clubs, I purified my lungs along with my spirit in Northern England's majestic Lake District. Known for having inspired the Romantic Movement's great poets, Coleridge, Southey, and Wordsworth, the Lake District is an arrangement of sprawling lakes that cradle rolling, emerald hills.

'A' Mountain gets a facelift
For the second year in a row, "A" mountain will be getting some improvements done to it.

The 7th annual "Community Service Day Project" 2004 for the College of Public Programs will be taking place this Saturday from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. on Hayden Butte, also known as "A" mountain.

Video games: SRC's newest sport?
Wednesday night Classroom 224, on the second level of the Student Recreation Complex, was host to one of ASU's newest intramural sports programs; The ESPN Xbox challenge. That's right, now playing video games is an official intramurals sport. While there were no uniforms to wear or hoards of adoring fans to meet and greet, those that participated in the tournament took their games very seriously.

Postcards from London: Mind your P's and Q's
Since I didn't do much this week, other than a little schoolwork, even less sleeping, and lots of partying, I didn't really get to do anything of much interest. However, I did do a lot of thinking [in between hangovers] and compiled some of my most amusing observations of the charming city in which I reside.

Coloring Contest: Win spring training tickets!
In our endless quest of trying to have more fun, your friends at the Web Devil have decided to hold a coloring contest. Don't say that stuff's for kids! When you were a kid, did you win four tickets to a Cactus League Spring Training game? We will give away four tickets to see the Anaheim Angels take on the Chicago Cubs at Tempe Diablo Stadium to whoever colors the picture below the best.

Baseball hopes to extend nine-game winning streak
If sophomore right fielder Travis Buck keeps mashing the ball like he has been the last two weekends for the ASU baseball team, all the reporters who are following Barry Bonds around just might show up at Packard Stadium. The only thing they'll find that's juiced, however, is Buck's bat.

Women's basketball living on 'the bubble'
It's a place that causes anxiety attacks and stress. A place where teams don't want to be, but at the same time are glad they are there. It's a place where hearts are broken and dreams come true. This place is called the "bubble." The ASU women's basketball team (17-11) is currently living life on the NCAA Tournament bubble, and come Sunday afternoon, the Sun Devils hope their bubble doesn't burst.

Devils send six wrestlers to NCAA Championships
There's a reason why St. Louis is known as the city of blues. The Eastern-most city of Missouri has historically been the home to certain downtrodden members of society singing their heart-felt songs of despair. Sophomore Ryan Bader hopes he and the rest of the ASU wrestlers heading to St.

Softball hits the road for two California tourneys
Spring break won't be much of a break for the ASU softball team. The Sun Devils will be participating in 10 games over seven days during two separate tournaments, while most other students will be sitting on the comfort of their living-room couches. ASU begins the break in Sunnyvale, Calif.

Gymnasts hope to continue 'peaking' at the right time
Since the beginning of the 2004 campaign, ASU gymnastics coach John Spini has preached the importance of "peaking" at the right time. After earning a school record score of 198.45 last week, the Sun Devils appear to being doing just that as they head into their final regular season meet of the year tonight against Minnesota at Wells Fargo Arena.

Point: A one-year suspension, police action should be taken against Bertuzzi
Let's forget we are talking about hockey for just one second. Imagine one of your buddies gets roughed up in a fight and for a few weeks, you stew over it, getting angrier over time. Finally, you get a chance to meet this guy and you cold-cock him from behind and slam his unconscious body to the ground, fracturing vertebrae and potentially ending his career.

Counterpoint: Bertuzzi got unfairly punished for being big
After referees missed Colorado center Steve Moore throwing Vancouver's Markus Naslund an elbow on Feb. 16 that caused Naslund to miss three games with a concussion, the league did nothing to penalize Moore. Literally adding insult to injury, the NHL warned Vancouver not to retaliate.

ASU Briefs: Diving, track and tennis
Diving Two ASU All-American divers claimed victories Thursday in both events of the NCAA Zone E Diving Regional in Oklahoma City. Sophomore Joona Puhakka won the men's 3m dive with a score 70 points higher then his nearest competitor. The win was the second straight at the Zone E Regional for Puhakka.

Devil Dish: Confessions of a dangerous Brewers fan
A lot of ASU students are probably planning on spending their spring break partying in Rocky Point or relaxing on the beach in San Diego. For me, though, the ideal break can be found no farther away than Maryvale, the spring training home of baseball's Milwaukee Brewers.

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