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Students prepare satellite launch
Launching schoolwork into space is nothing abnormal for chemical engineering senior Lauren Egan.

Sometime this summer, she and nearly 50 other students involved in the ASU Student Satellite Program will watch their satellite, the ASU Three Corner Sat, soar into orbit.

Students to travel to national women's march
Three student organizations raised awareness and dollars for an upcoming women's rights march in Washington, D.C., on Hayden Lawn on Monday.

The rally was a fund-raising event organized by three ASU clubs in order to support a national abortion rights march on April 24. About $120 was raised from the event. The groups have raised about $800 to $900 total for the trip.

A night patrolling with ASU police
When The State Press rode along with an ASU police officer, he said he had expected the night to yield drug calls from University residence halls.

"I'm surprised we haven't gotten any marijuana calls from Manzanita," said officer Michael Rushing, who allowed The State Press ride along during his shift to depict what a typical Saturday is like for the department.

UA students to appeal tuition suit
Four University of Arizona students are not giving up their fight against last year's $1,000 tuition hike, even after a Maricopa County judge declared that their case had no merit.

UA students Rachel Wilson, Sam Brown, Adrian Duran and John Kromko, who is also a former state representative, filed a lawsuit in August claiming the 39 percent tuition hike, approved by the Arizona Board of Regents, violated the state constitution. The constitution has a provision to provide residents with a higher education that is "as nearly free as possible."

Police Beat: Man forced out of closet by police
Tempe police reported the following incidents Monday: A 24-year-old Tempe man was arrested on a charge of hindering prosecution in the first degree near the 2000 block of East Balboa Drive. He allegedly hid a fleeing felon in a closet in his house and lied to police about his location.

Program highlights Arizona
A typical outsider's perception of Arizona is 100-degree heat every day and scorpions coming out of the woodwork. But with a record 18 national monuments, Arizona is more than desert and poisonous creatures. KAET Channel 8's newest program, "Monumental Arizona," explores Arizona's national monuments in a 40-minute special, which premieres at 7 p.

One strange 'Tripped into Divine'
Pop rock, some have said, involves a musical cookie cutter. Like Play-Dough stars, circles and squares, sounds and lyrics squeeze out to leap onto the charts before drowning in mediocrity. Dexter Freebish's "Tripped into Divine" is no different, although vocal tendencies and beats offer a gleam of hope for these young rockers.

Put yourself first with 'Me First'
The Elected's Me First greets you like a sunrise: calm major chords urge you to sink from a tense L-position to a slouch of exhaustion. Sub Pop records retains a colorful cast, The Elected among the notable Postal Service and The Shins. Don't worry, it's still indie enough.

Polysics Neu: Soundtrack of a buzz
Asian Man Records continues to astound me with its eclectic mix of sounds. Japanese punk, ska, and ska-punk and other permutations of the two walk into Asian Man records and manage to plug in, grab some microphones and saturate listeners with unrivaled sonic density.

Kutting the crap: 'Riding in Vans with Boys'
Chris Cote, vocalist and guitarist of the unsigned band Kut U Up, came home from work with a new tattoo, a ton of life experience, new friends and a third degree burn on his ass. The burn was compliments of Cote's new friend "Uncle Billie," also known as Billie Joe Armstrong, the vocalist for punk pioneer Green Day.

Dynamic Duo: 'Starsky & Hutch'
In the history of comedies, there's been Cheech and Chong, Wilder and Pryor, Farley and Spade, and Martin and Lewis. We can now officially add Wilson and Stiller to that illustrious list of comedic duos. In their third film playing directly opposite each other, Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller have the same natural chemistry as David Starsky and Ken Hutchinson.

For Review: 'Last Laugh'
Last Leg is a novel relevant to anyone and everyone participating in life. Besides being a captivating whodunit with humorous, sexual overtones, Last Leg shocks the reader into submission and proceeds on a ride exploring the raunchiest and most romantic aspects of human desire.

Fair Play: Arizona Renaissance Festival
Just east of the Valley, there is a place where fantasy comes to life. Where brightly colored flags wave high above castles, knights joust in heavy, clanking armor and peasants bow to their lords and ladies.

Each year, the Arizona Renaissance Festival transforms a dusty, dirt lot outside of Apache Junction into the vibrant, medieval village of Fairhaven.

Va Va Voom: Varga Valentine at reZurrection Gallery
It was standing room only as about 200 people crowded into reZurrection Gallery Feb. 14 for the opening of "Varga Valentine." Owners of the Tempe gallery, Darci and Damion Johnson, are showcasing artists whose works are devoted to the pinup girl style of art.

Bar Beat: Fat Cat
A fusion of senses will hit the Valley this weekend in the latest addition of Phoenix's First Fridays. Fat Cats', located on Grand and Seventh Avenues in Phoenix, will host "FF.001.002.003," a production of art and music using multimedia, lo-fi technology.

DUMP IT: Yikes! Stripes!
What's dark brown, blonde and striped all over?

Answer: Nasty hair. Thin, high contrast stripes were meant for zoo creatures, not human heads. Highlights that look more like racing stripes simply aren't flattering; they're cheesy.

And this is one overexposed fashion trend that should be DUMPED faster than you can chase down a truck driver and return his mesh hat--which, if you haven't done already, please do.

Chug IT: Don't pass on Pabst
Are we in the Twilight Zone?

I have recently visited several fine watering holes in Phoenix, Tempe and Scottsdale and was surprised to find Pabst Blue Ribbon beer featured on tap.

Yes, the same cheap beer that was so un-cool to drink when you were in high school-the same beer that you passed up so your older brother could buy you Natural Ice instead.

Don't I Know You?: Wynne or lose
So you're pissed off about something some no-brained columnist wrote about in today's paper. What do you do? Write a lengthy letter to the editor explaining your utter disgust and contempt for the author. Or, you can do what communications junior Bryan Wynne has already figured out and Talk Back.

For Better or Wurst: Break time
Hurray for finally getting off your butts and sending in some outrageous spring break tales. Who cares if they all came rushing in at deadline? We journalists know how it is. It was tough deciding, but Bianca Van Rensburg is going to Durango, Colo. this spring break, courtesy of Durango Mountain Resorts.

Overthrow 'New Found Power'
I really disliked this CD. I hated listening to it and I had to listen to the whole thing for this review. The only track that I dug was the very ending of Track 14, "Soul Bleed." In order to like this CD, you have to have lots of anger in you. They scream into the mic in growling voices that eat at your spine and preach nothing but hatred and fury.

Twista's 'Kamikaze' nothing special
Good beats. Unique flows. Great for getting your groove on. But that's about it. Twista's lyrics aren't challenging. They're simplistic and full of ego. Somewhere between his last CD and now he became full of himself and let's listeners know this in almost every track.

Editorial: Here's to cheering for lost causes
In August we applauded UA students for protesting the $1,000 tuition hike. And not just the ones who chained themselves inside the administration building -- we cheered on the four students who filed suit against the Arizona Board of Regents. They made their case on the fact that the Arizona Constitution says public higher education should be "as nearly free as possible.

10 things to ruin John Kerry
With Super Tuesday crowning John Kerry frontrunner, Democratic political strategists feel overly confident that their party can reign supreme come the 2004 presidential election. What they failed to account for is that their success relies on 10 things. If any one of these factors becomes reality, Kerry and the Democratic Party are finished.

Stern, f-word going out of style
For a country that values its freedom of speech so much, America sure does embroil herself in controversy surrounding censorship on a regular basis. By now, censorship has become a staple of news media and dinner table conversations, and, as most of us have hopefully experienced, it also has taken its place in heated classroom discussion.

Talkback: What's a 'jack and apes' B-Dub?
Where is the 'rational debate'? "Hi, this is Greta Hansen, I'm a material science freshman here. I just wanted to say: Hey, Eric Spratling, where is the 'rational debate' on this? I mean, look at this. I totally disagree with the way the mayor of San Francisco went about to bring meaningful change to this.

Cultural tourism forces
Ping is a shrewd businesswoman. With flare that would make proud the hearts of greasy salesmen the world over, she pushes her wares onto the unsuspecting consumers, convincing them with her personal touch to buy everything from metal bangles to woven blankets to miniature water buffalo carved out of driftwood.

Millrants: 2 a.m. last call
People on Mill Avenue rant about the proposed later last call.

Ship of Fools
A comic strip by Alexander Karlsson

A comic strip by Joe Bowen

A comic strip by Tony Carrillo

Haiku Circus
A comic strip by Ken Sakamoto

Dance dance revolutions
Tucked away in ASU's PE East building lies a nationally-ranked graduate dance program. This program is drawing in a new generation of artists who are reinventing contemporary dance through their interactions with technology, performance art and acrobatics.

Video games: SRC's newest sport?
Wednesday night Classroom 224, on the second level of the Student Recreation Complex, was host to one of ASU's newest intramural sports programs; The ESPN Xbox challenge. That's right, now playing video games is an official intramurals sport. While there were no uniforms to wear or hoards of adoring fans to meet and greet, those that participated in the tournament took their games very seriously.

Postcards from London: Mind your P's and Q's
Since I didn't do much this week, other than a little schoolwork, even less sleeping, and lots of partying, I didn't really get to do anything of much interest. However, I did do a lot of thinking [in between hangovers] and compiled some of my most amusing observations of the charming city in which I reside.

Coloring Contest: Win spring training tickets!
In our endless quest of trying to have more fun, your friends at the Web Devil have decided to hold a coloring contest. Don't say that stuff's for kids! When you were a kid, did you win four tickets to a Cactus League Spring Training game? We will give away four tickets to see the Anaheim Angels take on the Chicago Cubs at Tempe Diablo Stadium to whoever colors the picture below the best.

Diogu contemplates leaving school early
Following the ASU basketball team's 25-point loss to UA on Sunday, the throng of media in front of sophomore forward Ike Diogu's locker didn't want to know about how he played against UA's Channing Frye or how he handled having four fouls for most of the second half.

WHoops Host Devils could sneak into NCAAs
SAN JOSE, Calif. -- The question will be looming over the ASU women's basketball team like a dark cloud all week long. Are 17 wins enough to earn an NCAA Tournament invitation? Most observers would say no, but head coach Charli Turner Thorne still thinks there is a chance.

Baseball: Bresnehan has been a big relief
For the last month, whenever ASU freshman pitcher Pat Bresnehan rambles in from the left field bullpen, the ASU baseball team can count on one thing: home plate is on lockdown. With the exception of a three-run, three walk performance against Florida State during the first weekend of the season, Bresnehan has been close to untouchable.

Men's tennis drops fifth-straight match
The woes continue for the No. 20 ASU men's tennis team. The Sun Devils (4-5) dropped their second match in two days and fifth in a row, dropping the team's record under the .500 mark for the first time all season. ASU kept it close but ultimately could not get past Washington, falling 4-2.

Devil Dish: All p.o.ed at T.O.
Former San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Terrell Owens' latest complaints and protest regarding his pending trade to the Baltimore Ravens is just about the worst PR move in the history of sports. By protesting his trade, Owens has separated himself not only from the San Francisco fans and management, who were fed up with him a long time ago, but also all the people in Baltimore.

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