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Another e-virus strikes
A computer virus dubbed Bagle has been making its way into ASU student and staff inboxes in the form of e-mail from University system administrators.

The e-mail states that the recipient's account has been flagged for heavy virus activity and will be deactivated unless an attachment is downloaded. Once the attached file is transferred to the user's computer, the virus infects it.

Grad student runs for state House
Edward Ableser's students encouraged him to take his message out of the classroom.

So Ableser, a counseling graduate student, is running for state representative in Legislative District 17, which includes most areas of Tempe, in the general election this fall.

Piano students perform tonight
Two ASU piano students have added prestige to their repertoire.

ASU students Margarita Denenburg and Mark Fuksman are this year's winners of the Joan Frazer Memorial Award in the Arts.

Maimon would head new writing program
One ASU administrator might have to choose between cactus-studded desert hills and the snowy woods of central Wisconsin.

Elaine Maimon, ASU West provost and a University vice president, accepted on Tuesday a position as the head of a newly formed program, Writing Across the Curriculum.

Residents weigh in on police candidate
Cmdr. Tom Ryff tackled tough questions from community members Wednesday, defending his candidacy for a position as assistant chief of police -- Support Services Division.

Ryff plans to fill the position made available last month by Kevin Kotsur, who left the Tempe Police Department to take a position as chief of police in Avondale, said Dan Masters, a spokesman for the Tempe department.

Police Beat: Double trouble for Mesa man
A 34-year-old transient man was arrested on charges of disorderly conduct and disruptive behavior near the 600 block of South Mill Avenue. He was allegedly bothering numerous patrons on the patio areas at Rio Salado Brewing Company, Mill Avenue Cue Club and Fat Tuesday.

For Better or Wurst: Break time
Hurray for finally getting off your butts and sending in some outrageous spring break tales. Who cares if they all came rushing in at deadline? We journalists know how it is. It was tough deciding, but Bianca Van Rensburg is going to Durango, Colo. this spring break, courtesy of Durango Mountain Resorts.

Don't I Know You?: Wynne or lose
So you're pissed off about something some no-brained columnist wrote about in today's paper. What do you do? Write a lengthy letter to the editor explaining your utter disgust and contempt for the author. Or, you can do what communications junior Bryan Wynne has already figured out and Talk Back.

Chug IT: Don't pass on Pabst
Are we in the Twilight Zone?

I have recently visited several fine watering holes in Phoenix, Tempe and Scottsdale and was surprised to find Pabst Blue Ribbon beer featured on tap.

Yes, the same cheap beer that was so un-cool to drink when you were in high school-the same beer that you passed up so your older brother could buy you Natural Ice instead.

DUMP IT: Yikes! Stripes!
What's dark brown, blonde and striped all over?

Answer: Nasty hair. Thin, high contrast stripes were meant for zoo creatures, not human heads. Highlights that look more like racing stripes simply aren't flattering; they're cheesy.

And this is one overexposed fashion trend that should be DUMPED faster than you can chase down a truck driver and return his mesh hat--which, if you haven't done already, please do.

Bar Beat: Fat Cat
A fusion of senses will hit the Valley this weekend in the latest addition of Phoenix's First Fridays. Fat Cats', located on Grand and Seventh Avenues in Phoenix, will host "FF.001.002.003," a production of art and music using multimedia, lo-fi technology.

Va Va Voom: Varga Valentine at reZurrection Gallery
It was standing room only as about 200 people crowded into reZurrection Gallery Feb. 14 for the opening of "Varga Valentine." Owners of the Tempe gallery, Darci and Damion Johnson, are showcasing artists whose works are devoted to the pinup girl style of art.

Fair Play: Arizona Renaissance Festival
Just east of the Valley, there is a place where fantasy comes to life. Where brightly colored flags wave high above castles, knights joust in heavy, clanking armor and peasants bow to their lords and ladies.

Each year, the Arizona Renaissance Festival transforms a dusty, dirt lot outside of Apache Junction into the vibrant, medieval village of Fairhaven.

For Review: 'Last Laugh'
Last Leg is a novel relevant to anyone and everyone participating in life. Besides being a captivating whodunit with humorous, sexual overtones, Last Leg shocks the reader into submission and proceeds on a ride exploring the raunchiest and most romantic aspects of human desire.

Dynamic Duo: 'Starsky & Hutch'
In the history of comedies, there's been Cheech and Chong, Wilder and Pryor, Farley and Spade, and Martin and Lewis. We can now officially add Wilson and Stiller to that illustrious list of comedic duos. In their third film playing directly opposite each other, Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller have the same natural chemistry as David Starsky and Ken Hutchinson.

Kutting the crap: 'Riding in Vans with Boys'
Chris Cote, vocalist and guitarist of the unsigned band Kut U Up, came home from work with a new tattoo, a ton of life experience, new friends and a third degree burn on his ass. The burn was compliments of Cote's new friend "Uncle Billie," also known as Billie Joe Armstrong, the vocalist for punk pioneer Green Day.

Put yourself first with 'Me First'
The Elected's Me First greets you like a sunrise: calm major chords urge you to sink from a tense L-position to a slouch of exhaustion. Sub Pop records retains a colorful cast, The Elected among the notable Postal Service and The Shins. Don't worry, it's still indie enough.

One strange 'Tripped into Divine'
Pop rock, some have said, involves a musical cookie cutter. Like Play-Dough stars, circles and squares, sounds and lyrics squeeze out to leap onto the charts before drowning in mediocrity. Dexter Freebish's "Tripped into Divine" is no different, although vocal tendencies and beats offer a gleam of hope for these young rockers.

Twista's 'Kamikaze' nothing special
Good beats. Unique flows. Great for getting your groove on. But that's about it. Twista's lyrics aren't challenging. They're simplistic and full of ego. Somewhere between his last CD and now he became full of himself and let's listeners know this in almost every track.

Overthrow 'New Found Power'
I really disliked this CD. I hated listening to it and I had to listen to the whole thing for this review. The only track that I dug was the very ending of Track 14, "Soul Bleed." In order to like this CD, you have to have lots of anger in you. They scream into the mic in growling voices that eat at your spine and preach nothing but hatred and fury.

Polysics Neu: Soundtrack of a buzz
Asian Man Records continues to astound me with its eclectic mix of sounds. Japanese punk, ska, and ska-punk and other permutations of the two walk into Asian Man records and manage to plug in, grab some microphones and saturate listeners with unrivaled sonic density.

Lose the bunny, get the funny
Earlier this week I was standing in line at a Fiesta Mall boutique when I casually glanced at the purchases of the shopper ahead of me. The girl, probably my age, was paying $64 for a baby-doll T-shirt and belt buckle graced with the Playboy bunny logo. I bet if she had really posed for Playboy, she could have gotten all that stuff for free.

Editorial: Say it ain't so, McDonald's
Pocket your 39 cents and mourn a classic fast food institution; by the end of the year, McDonald's will no longer sell Super Size meals. Evidently, it's unhealthy to consume five pounds of grease, sugar water and reconstituted potato product in one sitting.

Gay marriage hides White House secret
I don't know when our highly flawed institution of marriage, one which allows for a drunken, publicity-starved Britney Spears to go gamboling down the aisle with her weirdo for the day, became the bedrock of society. The fact that those opposed to gay marriage claim marriage to be such an integral, core element of our world is a glaring sign that those individuals suffer from, perhaps to a greater degree, the very decadence they woefully decry.

Gay marriage issue needs rational debate
It may come as a surprise to many that here at The State Press opinion section, we actually do have rules to follow -- well, more like guidelines, really. One of them is not to talk about big hot-button issues like abortion, gun control and the like because the issues are so long-standing and controversial.

Millrants: 2 a.m. last call
People on Mill Avenue rant about the proposed later last call.

Ship of Fools
A comic strip by Alexander Karlsson

A comic strip by Joe Bowen

A comic strip by Tony Carrillo

Haiku Circus
A comic strip by Ken Sakamoto

Dance dance revolutions
Tucked away in ASU's PE East building lies a nationally-ranked graduate dance program. This program is drawing in a new generation of artists who are reinventing contemporary dance through their interactions with technology, performance art and acrobatics.

Slideshow: Triathlete Blythe Liebermann
Blythe Liebermann, star triathlete, takes our stage to show her metal and her medals.

Slideshow: Wrangler Roger Young
Wrangler Roger Young saddles up for his morning ride at South Mountain.

Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers: Not your ordinary rockers
Even rock stars get the tuition increase blues. When Roger Clyne and P.H. Naffah graduated from ASU in the early 1990s, tuition costs had doubled since they enrolled.

But these musicians, who together with Danny White and Steve Larson make up Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers, aren't your typical rockers.

Postcards From London: I love the nightlife
My travel books call London, "the greatest spot for nightlife in Europe" and although I haven't seen all that Europe has to offer after the sun goes down, I have experienced a little bit of London's scene.

Coming from the Los Angeles area and going to school at ASU, I've mingled in some of the West Coast's coolest places.

Diary of a press screener
I am not unfamiliar with the press media screening. For those of you not acquainted with this exquisitely odd experience, let me enlighten you. I'll set the stage properly. It's Wednesday, February 25, 2004. I'm at the Harkins Centerpoint Theatre on Mill Avenue, for a special press screening of the comedy Broken Lizard's Club Dread (by the way, it's good; go see it).

Hoops: Devils bid farewell to 'family members'
Devils bid farewell to 'family members' Four seniors will play final game Sunday in Tucson On the rollercoaster ride that has been the ASU men's basketball team this year, there has always been one certainty: Sunday's trip to Tucson will be the final game this season and the final game for four seniors.

Freshman trio has energized women's hoops
Typical problems for an ASU freshman include waking up for class on time and figuring out where the next big house party will be on Friday night. However, for Alisha Godette, Aubree Johnson and Emily Westerberg, being a freshman on the ASU women's basketball team has allowed the players to mature ahead of the class.

Devil Dish: Rosenhaus: The Ambassador of Quan
Who says that being a slime ball doesn't pay off? Just take a look at sports agent Drew Rosenhaus, who has just made himself so rich he can towel off his greasy head with $100 bills. In less than a one-week period, Rosenhaus has made two of his clients the highest-paid players at their respective positions.

Men's swimming to compete at Pac-10s
The No. 15 ASU men's swimming team began competition Thursday at the Pac-10 Championships in Long Beach, Calif. Last year, the Sun Devil men's fourth-place finish at the tournament was the team's best since 1998. This year, the favorites will most likely be Stanford and California, who are ranked second and fourth in the nation respectively.

Face in the Crowd: Where have all the cowboys gone
As the college basketball regular season comes to an end, one question comes to mind-who is the player of the year? There is no clear favorite as this year's most dominant player, just as there is no clear favorite to win the championship. So why isn't anyone dominating college basketball? Consider the NBA players who could be in college this year.

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