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Havasupai tribal members sue ASU
Havasupai Indian tribal members filed a $25 million lawsuit against the University, the Arizona Board of Regents and three professors.

Fifty-two tribal members helped file the suit, based on an independent investigation alleging that more than 400 blood samples studied by three ASU researchers were used for studies beyond the stated purpose of learning about tribal diabetes.

Wall collapses at Adelphi II
A construction worker at an ASU building site had to be rescued after a wooden wall collapsed on top of him.

Antelmo Gallardo, an employee of Construction and Consulting Specialists, sustained injuries to his spine in the accident at the Adelphi Commons II building site on campus Friday.

Students launch Icarus I
No one shed a tear for Icarus I. Shortly after 12:30 p.m. Saturday, 11 ASU aerospace engineering students watched as their cone-shaped, 14-foot rocket disintegrated thousands of feet above its launch site -- a barren, packed-dirt field in Goodyear, Ariz.

After a countdown, the students ignited the rocket. Orange, red and yellow flames shot from the bottom of the rocket, propelling Icarus I upward with a high-pitched roar, like a train accelerating in a tunnel.

Construction students want to stay at Main
ASU construction students are concerned about changing campuses despite reminders from school officials that the relocation of the Del. E. Webb School of Construction to the east campus is not certain. "It's a pretty big deal for us," said construction junior Adam Gregoire.

Coor building latest, largest public art
Etchings of words and designs cover the facade of the Lattie F. Coor Hall. It is not just a classroom building, but also the newest and largest piece of public art on campus.

Dianne Cripe, director of ASU's Office of Public Art, said the hall is "the first time architecture and art were merged into one project."

First conference draws university math scholars
First conference draws university math scholars Conference to rotate between Arizona universities By annemarie moody the State Press Calculation connoisseurs in the Southwest have a new haven: the Arizona Mathematics Undergraduate Conference. More than 100 students and faculty from Arizona to Texas assembled this past weekend at ASU for the conference, the first in the region.

Police Beat: Don't mess with Southern Ave.
A 41-year-old transient woman was arrested on a charge of criminal littering near the 200 block of West Southern Avenue. After she was observed not using the crosswalk while crossing Southern Avenue, police issued her a citation and she threw it onto the street. After a warning, she picked it back up and threw it again. She then told officers, "take me to jail."

'Ceramic funk' comes to ASU
Ceramic funk, a 1960s art movement that pokes fun at everyday endeavors, is the theme of a new exhibit at the ASU Ceramics Research Center. "Humor, Irony and Wit: Ceramic Funk from the Sixties and Beyond" opened to the public Sunday and will be on display until June 5.

Oscar Fashion: The good, the bad & the ugly
From Australia to Zaire, the world watched the somewhat "live" 76th annual Academy Awards at the Kodak Theater in Hollywood on Sunday night.

There were definitely the good, the bad, and the ugly on the red carpet this year, but they all melted together in grand Oscar tradition.

A conversation with Starsky & Hutch
Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller have worked together many times in the past few years, from 2000's Meet The Parents to 2001's Zoolander.

Their sixth collaboration, the big-screen adaptation of the 70s crime drama Starsky and Hutch, opens on Friday, March 5th.

Shizz biz: Shizz-Stock at Modified Arts
The demise of Nita's Hideaway has left many concerned about the state of the local music scene. As a result, bands and fans alike have become dedicated to keeping their favorite local venues alive. Shizz-Stock, on Feb. 29 at Modified Arts, is a prime example.

The Rebirth of 'chick:' The Rebirth Festival
Depending on how the notion was first introduced, each person may have a different idea of the existence of a higher being, be it God or any other garden-variety divinity. At the age of 5, when I couldn't shake the thought of a monster lurking under my bed, my sister told me about God, so I wouldn't be scared.

Sexy 'Retrogirl'
After a long anticipated wait, RetroGirl fans finally got what they wanted. Local producer Andy Rodriguez, of New Phoenix Filmworks, has completed RetroGirl episodes four and five, "Nightmare", and "Nightmare's End", in a combined DVD. This live-action comic strip stars Megan Redstone as RetroGirl, a butt-kicking superhero clad in tight spandex.

The Rebirth of 'Chick'
Depending on how the notion was first introduced, each person may have a different idea of the existence of a higher being, be it God or any other garden-variety divinity.

At the age of 5, when I couldn't shake the thought of a monster lurking under my bed, my sister told me about God, so I wouldn't be scared.

Friendly furniture
The afternoon sun starts to go down as three friends begin to talk. They laugh at each other, finish each other's sentences and have a hard time staying on track as the conversation veers off into different tangents.

Rusty Guthrie, Ryan Murray and Jeb Gast all have a lot in common: shaggy hair, the fact that they all grew up together, a love of Vespas and, of course their furniture company, Il Veleno.

In good 'Company'
In most movies about dance, sprained ankles happen for the sole purpose of having the big Hollywood star rise from the ranks and become the hero of the company.

In Robert Altman's new film, The Company, sprained ankles happen because in the dance world, like anywhere else, shit happens.

Found in translation: Internation art exhibit
Art has always been interpreted in the eye of the beholder. However, the ASU Art Museum's newest exhibit features three international artists, whose work transcends cultural and political boundaries, while maintaining aesthetic beauty.

The artists are from Cuba, Vietnam and Poland, and although their works reflect their differing cultural backgrounds, it is evident that their art can be applied to international and intercultural situations as well.

All Fashioned Out: Ready to wear
Tempe is a city where, far too often, fashion feels completely pre-fabricated and uniform.

Women all seem to be wearing the same pair of Seven jeans and men are often under the impression that throwing on a sideways trucker hat makes them instantly hip and fashionable.

Dump IT: Cure VD
There is a VD epidemic spreading like wildfire across the ASU campus. No, not VD as in venereal disease.

This is much more severe than that. Von Dutch has infected our campus, turning even the most attractive students into mindless, style-less copies of one another, and it must be stopped before it spreads any farther.

Be IT: Searching for Starsky
There is at least one on every campus: The guy who drives, dresses and grooms like he is from another decade.

He may be a rockabilly type, with big lamb chops and a skeleton-head gear shifter. Or, he may be the '70s retro dude, sporting a full head of thick, black, curly locks.

Don't I Know You?: The MadCaPs: Come one, come all
"Wanted: Freaks, musicians, clowns, dancers, truck owners, jugglers, crazy people. Come join the MadCaPs traveling circus."

It's no wonder I had to steal the flier; I was intrigued. I must find out who's behind this madness, I thought to myself. And that's precisely what I did.

Atta Bui: Giddy up
"What do you want to be when you grow up?" Most people have probably heard that question at least once in their lives.

And any yahoo can tell you that the response you had when you were 5 probably doesn't match the reply you would give today. You might have had dreams of roping cattle and riding into the sunset, but now you are opting for a job as an accountant.

Same-sex marriage issue a mere hiccup in American history
Whether it's protests at the Arizona capitol, the Massachusetts' approval of "civil unions" for same-sex couples or the flare of news reports, you've probably been doused with some kind of gay marriage sentiment.

Drop the 'H Bomb' on ASU
Dear President Crow: Recently, you have expressed your vision for ASU as a 'New American University' where education is drawn from across the entire cerebral landscape, preparing students for any and all challenges they may face in the working world. Some in the community have gone as far as to declare ASU the 'Harvard of the Southwest.

Editorial: Education blasts off
You know something has gone wrong in the educational system when a student's ultimate goal is to get any grade above a D and find the tightest Friday night party, or Tuesday night party, for that matter. Students like them make successful students seem all the more amazing, and after a quick walk around campus, the gifted ones dazzle us.

Gay marriage is not the national issue
Gay marriage is not the national issue It was a sad week for Ace and Gary in America. With President Bush's endorsement of a same-sex marriage amendment, firm institutional resistance against homosexual love has been exposed starting from the very top. It appears the Ambiguously Gay Duo will have to keep their love for each other oblivious to the law.

ASU 101: OSU flag update
Some students in this class are doing their homework. Those of you who came to Friday's class ("Evil Ohio State flag invades ASU armory") responded with some intense discussion and some impassioned action. That's more than most lecture classes at this school can say, especially the 100-level ones.

Mallrants: Shout-Outs!
Students give shout-outs to everybody!

A comic strip by Tony Carrillo

A comic strip by Joe Bowen

Ship of Fools
A comic strip by Alexander Karlsson

Haiku Circus
A comic strip by Ken Sakamoto

Self sell: Underground AZ magazine
He walks from business to business in light-brown suede, Lugz boots that are almost hidden by the excess length of his baggy black Dickies pants.

His bandana matches the pair of Lugz on his feet, and he has on his best Perry Ellis shirt. He is not your typical entrepreneur.

Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers: Not your ordinary rockers
Even rock stars get the tuition increase blues. When Roger Clyne and P.H. Naffah graduated from ASU in the early 1990s, tuition costs had doubled since they enrolled.

But these musicians, who together with Danny White and Steve Larson make up Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers, aren't your typical rockers.

Slideshow: Wrangler Roger Young
Wrangler Roger Young saddles up for his morning ride at South Mountain.

Slideshow: Triathlete Blythe Liebermann
Blythe Liebermann, star triathlete, takes our stage to show her metal and her medals.

Postcards From London: I love the nightlife
My travel books call London, "the greatest spot for nightlife in Europe" and although I haven't seen all that Europe has to offer after the sun goes down, I have experienced a little bit of London's scene.

Coming from the Los Angeles area and going to school at ASU, I've mingled in some of the West Coast's coolest places.

Diary of a press screener
I am not unfamiliar with the press media screening. For those of you not acquainted with this exquisitely odd experience, let me enlighten you. I'll set the stage properly. It's Wednesday, February 25, 2004. I'm at the Harkins Centerpoint Theatre on Mill Avenue, for a special press screening of the comedy Broken Lizard's Club Dread (by the way, it's good; go see it).

Devil Dating: Meet Tim Taylor
I am a Journalism major currently reporting for the State Press. I have one roommate and many friends. When not working on stories or class stuff, I am either socializing, partying, or relaxing. I like to cook for myself and others and enjoy outdoor activities.

Devil Dating: Meet Julie Messner
I am currently a Communication major and a freelancer for the Web Devil. I'm really in to music and movies and enjoy spending time with people who are in to those as well. Basically I'd say I'm just an all around nice person.

ABWA brings businesswomen together
Although few Sun Devils may know it, ASU has been host to a club geared towards women interested in business for over a year. The American Business Women's Association (ABWA) at ASU currently boasts about 35 dues-paying members who are united in their goal to "bring together businesswomen of diverse occupations and to provide opportunities for them to help themselves and others grow personally and professionally through leadership, education, networking support, and national recognition," according to club President, Samantha DiPerna.

Face in the Crowd: Where have all the cowboys gone
As the college basketball regular season comes to an end, one question comes to mind-who is the player of the year? There is no clear favorite as this year's most dominant player, just as there is no clear favorite to win the championship. So why isn't anyone dominating college basketball? Consider the NBA players who could be in college this year.

Baseball: Devils destroy UConn in three straight games
Devils destroy UConn in three straight games Baseball scores 52 runs in weekend sweep of Huskies By Matt Schubert The State Press The ASU baseball team put on an offensive display against the UConn Huskies this weekend that would have made Diana Taurassi blush.

Hoops: Huskies maul Devils in final home game of 2004
Huskies maul Devils in final home game of 2004 Men's hoops commit 20 turnovers in 96-72 defeat By Brian Gomez Special to The State Press Even fan favorite Brandon Goldman couldn't reverse the ASU men's basketball team's misfortunes on Saturday night. Starting alongside three other senior teammates in the home finale, Goldman and the Sun Devils dug themselves a hole early, and were buried by Washington 96-72 before 7,605 spectators at Wells Fargo Arena.

Women's hoops get shocked by lowly Cougars
Women's hoops get shocked by lowly Cougars Devils' 75-72 loss to WSU may jeopardize NCAA tourney bid By Matt Reinick The State Press To say that the ASU women's basketball team (17-10, 11-7 Pac-10) suffered a disappointing loss to the Washington State Cougars on Saturday afternoon would be an understatement.

Women's swim and dive finishes 5th at Pac-10s
Women's swim and dive finishes 5th at Pac-10s Puhakka wins two diving championships for the ASU men By Matt Schubert The State Press The ASU women's swimming and diving teams were able to post a fifth-place finish at the Pac-10 Championship thanks to a strong effort from junior diver Trisha Tumlinson and junior swimmers agnes Kovacs and Florencia Szigeti.

Women's tennis falls to Wildcats
With six freshmen on its roster this year, the ASU women's tennis team knew there would be some bumps in the road during the season. A loss to UA on Saturday, however, was one bump the team would have especially liked to avoid. The No. 25 Sun Devils were not able to defend their home court as the Wildcats cruised to a 5-2 victory.

Softball begins tourney slow, wins bronze bracket
Softball begins tourney slow, wins bronze bracket Devils go 3-3 at NFCA Leadoff Classic in Columbus, Ga. By Kyle Odegard The State Press The No. 18 ASU softball team came away with a championship at the NFCA Leadoff Classic this weekend, it just wasn't the title the team wanted.

Gymnasts enjoy impressive, critical weekend
The ASU gymnastics team performed well on Sunday in what head coach John Spini called the "biggest meet of the season." And why shouldn't they have? The Sun Devils had just gotten done building momentum with their finest performance of the season against intrastate rival UA two days earlier.

Wrestlers tied for third after first day of Pac-10s
Wrestlers tied for third after first day of Pac-10s Williams, Frost, Bader have chance at individual titles tonight By Kyle Odegard The State Press After one day of competition at the Pac-10 Championships, the ASU wrestling team's goal of a repeat conference title is in serious jeopardy.

Devil Dish:Dead ball walking
The first live execution of a baseball took place on Thursday night, as the infamous "Bartman Ball" was blown up on national television at Harry Caray's restaurant in downtown Chicago. The ball, which was bought by the restaurant for $113,824 at an auction, did receive proper treatment before its destruction.

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