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Officials may fund MU/SRC without fees
ASU officials said they hoped to find alternative funding for improvements to the Memorial Union and Student Recreation Complex after students voted down the idea of increasing student fees.

ASU President Michael Crow's proposal of a $335 tuition increase will not change because of referendum results, said Milton Glick, ASU executive vice president and provost.

Students protest Bush at Capitol
About 300 people protested President George W. Bush's recent call for an amendment to the Constitution that would ban gay marriage at a mass rally Thursday in downtown Phoenix.

The protesters carried signs that read "Give us our chance at your 50 percent divorce-rate club," "Save our Constitution" and "I am an American, too," as they listened to speeches from government leaders in front of the House of Representatives building between Washington and Roosevelt streets near 17th Avenue.

Students could get to go global
ASU engineering programs are going global in an attempt to expand both cultural and technological interaction with universities and businesses around the world.

Engineering and business leaders presented globalization plans for ASU during the Global Education in Engineering Studies workshop Thursday morning at the Tempe Mission Palms Hotel in downtown Tempe.

Committee to make ASU alcohol use policy
Alcohol use remains a top concern for ASU health officials, but the University still doesn't have an alcohol use policy.

Structuring guidelines for appropriate consumption will become especially important next semester when six fraternities move into the Adelphi Commons residence hall.

ASU survey predicts tight presidential race for state
The presidential election is still up in the air in Arizona according to a survey released Thursday.

Of the 430 registered voters who participated in the poll, 46 percent said they would cast their ballot for democratic frontrunner John Kerry, 44 percent indicated they would vote for President George W. Bush, and 5 percent had no opinion.

Police Beat: Golf carts not safe on campus
Unknown suspect/s stole an electric system analyzer and two electric cart windshields from an ASU motor pool. Total estimated loss is $1,099.

Web Devil critic's top Oscar picks
Well, it's the end of March again, so you know what...whoops, sorry. I forgot.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences moved the Oscars award ceremony up a month, so instead of being at the end of March, the gala celebration is at the end of February (starting at 6 p.

A conversation with Starsky & Hutch
Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller have worked together many times in the past few years, from 2000's Meet The Parents to 2001's Zoolander.

Their sixth collaboration, the big-screen adaptation of the 70s crime drama Starsky and Hutch, opens on Friday, March 5th.

J-Lo in the Know: Ross and Rachel face tough decision
In tonight's episode of 'Friends,' it's a continuing roller coaster with Rachel and Ross. Phoebe is undecided on what to do with her last name now that she is married, and Chandler and Monica take Joey to their future house in the suburbs of New York. Slowly but surely the friends are moving on to bigger and better things.

Shizz biz: Shizz-Stock at Modified Arts
The demise of Nita's Hideaway has left many concerned about the state of the local music scene. As a result, bands and fans alike have become dedicated to keeping their favorite local venues alive. Shizz-Stock, on Feb. 29 at Modified Arts, is a prime example.

The Rebirth of 'chick:' The Rebirth Festival
Depending on how the notion was first introduced, each person may have a different idea of the existence of a higher being, be it God or any other garden-variety divinity. At the age of 5, when I couldn't shake the thought of a monster lurking under my bed, my sister told me about God, so I wouldn't be scared.

Sexy 'Retrogirl'
After a long anticipated wait, RetroGirl fans finally got what they wanted. Local producer Andy Rodriguez, of New Phoenix Filmworks, has completed RetroGirl episodes four and five, "Nightmare", and "Nightmare's End", in a combined DVD. This live-action comic strip stars Megan Redstone as RetroGirl, a butt-kicking superhero clad in tight spandex.

The Rebirth of 'Chick'
Depending on how the notion was first introduced, each person may have a different idea of the existence of a higher being, be it God or any other garden-variety divinity.

At the age of 5, when I couldn't shake the thought of a monster lurking under my bed, my sister told me about God, so I wouldn't be scared.

Friendly furniture
The afternoon sun starts to go down as three friends begin to talk. They laugh at each other, finish each other's sentences and have a hard time staying on track as the conversation veers off into different tangents.

Rusty Guthrie, Ryan Murray and Jeb Gast all have a lot in common: shaggy hair, the fact that they all grew up together, a love of Vespas and, of course their furniture company, Il Veleno.

In good 'Company'
In most movies about dance, sprained ankles happen for the sole purpose of having the big Hollywood star rise from the ranks and become the hero of the company.

In Robert Altman's new film, The Company, sprained ankles happen because in the dance world, like anywhere else, shit happens.

Found in translation: Internation art exhibit
Art has always been interpreted in the eye of the beholder. However, the ASU Art Museum's newest exhibit features three international artists, whose work transcends cultural and political boundaries, while maintaining aesthetic beauty.

The artists are from Cuba, Vietnam and Poland, and although their works reflect their differing cultural backgrounds, it is evident that their art can be applied to international and intercultural situations as well.

All Fashioned Out: Ready to wear
Tempe is a city where, far too often, fashion feels completely pre-fabricated and uniform.

Women all seem to be wearing the same pair of Seven jeans and men are often under the impression that throwing on a sideways trucker hat makes them instantly hip and fashionable.

Dump IT: Cure VD
There is a VD epidemic spreading like wildfire across the ASU campus. No, not VD as in venereal disease.

This is much more severe than that. Von Dutch has infected our campus, turning even the most attractive students into mindless, style-less copies of one another, and it must be stopped before it spreads any farther.

Be IT: Searching for Starsky
There is at least one on every campus: The guy who drives, dresses and grooms like he is from another decade.

He may be a rockabilly type, with big lamb chops and a skeleton-head gear shifter. Or, he may be the '70s retro dude, sporting a full head of thick, black, curly locks.

Don't I Know You?: The MadCaPs: Come one, come all
"Wanted: Freaks, musicians, clowns, dancers, truck owners, jugglers, crazy people. Come join the MadCaPs traveling circus."

It's no wonder I had to steal the flier; I was intrigued. I must find out who's behind this madness, I thought to myself. And that's precisely what I did.

Atta Bui: Giddy up
"What do you want to be when you grow up?" Most people have probably heard that question at least once in their lives.

And any yahoo can tell you that the response you had when you were 5 probably doesn't match the reply you would give today. You might have had dreams of roping cattle and riding into the sunset, but now you are opting for a job as an accountant.

SSX3 seizure inducing
Remember the episode of the Simpsons where the whole family travels to Japan? They watch a seizure-inducing cartoon and fall to the floor, eye balls swirling and bodies convulsing. EA Sports' newest snowboarding game, SSX3, had the same effect on me, and I'm seriously considering a call to a neurologist-just to make sure I don't have epilepsy.

Sex-ed plan not responsible
If you're in class, riding the Flash, or even just sitting with some friends for lunch, take a look at the person to your right and to your left. Chances are one of them will develop a venereal disease by age 25. Kind of scary, isn't it? And while this may sound like one Captain Condom song and dance number, it's information vital to our generation as well as those in the future.

Have a nice day, raccoons
There is a quality I absolutely love in Americans, one I feel is lacking in my Motherland. I experienced this phenomenon the moment I stepped off my plane in Phoenix, and it hasn't eased up since. Every movement I make which involves interaction with another human provokes what I can only describe as the "Have-A-Nice-Day Reaction," otherwise recognized as an ability to make a perfect stranger feel like they've made a new friend.

BOOS & BRAVOS: Boo "Nice Pie," Bravo ASU East frat
BRAVO to the first fraternity at ASU East. We applaud the Farm House Fraternity and ask its members to take to heart the lessons that main campus fraternity members have imparted, especially: Porn on campus = bad; porn with farm animals = even worse.

BOO to the sign on University Drive that advertises for Oregano's Pizza Bistro with "NICE PIE" in big, black letters. We get the whole pizza = pie thing. But we also get that pie can be a synonym for a part of the female anatomy. We find Oregano's tasty, but we find the sign offensive and tasteless.

ASU 101: Evil Ohio State flag invades ASU armory
Welcome to ASU 101, the only class where you can leave your cell phone on without bothering anybody. At this point, I usually ramble on about how this question-and-answer thing works, but since you've probably figured it out by now, I'll get right down to business.

Letters to Editor: Undead Constitution
I wonder if Eric Spratling's love of a "dead" Constitution ("Bush makes whiny Dems eat their vegetables," Feb. 25) will change if and when the proposed constitutional amendment banning gay marriage hits the Senate floor. When that happens, he'll probably be all about amending (read: changing, or something that a "dead" document can't do). Bashing a "living" Constitu-tion is evidence that Mr. Spratling doesn't understand the importance of a living document. My guess is he's more for an "undead" Constitution that only comes to life in the middle of the night to terrorize homosexuals, immigrants, the lower class, minorities, foreigners and any political party that doesn't start in "R" and end in "epublican".

Mallrants: Shout-Outs!
Students give shout-outs to everybody!

Ship of Fools
A comic strip by Alexander Karlsson

A comic strip by Joe Bowen

A comic strip by Tony Carrillo

Haiku Circus
A comic strip by Ken Sakamoto

Self sell: Underground AZ magazine
He walks from business to business in light-brown suede, Lugz boots that are almost hidden by the excess length of his baggy black Dickies pants.

His bandana matches the pair of Lugz on his feet, and he has on his best Perry Ellis shirt. He is not your typical entrepreneur.

Diary of a press screener
I am not unfamiliar with the press media screening. For those of you not acquainted with this exquisitely odd experience, let me enlighten you. I'll set the stage properly. It's Wednesday, February 25, 2004. I'm at the Harkins Centerpoint Theatre on Mill Avenue, for a special press screening of the comedy Broken Lizard's Club Dread (by the way, it's good; go see it).

Postcards From London: I love the nightlife
My travel books call London, "the greatest spot for nightlife in Europe" and although I haven't seen all that Europe has to offer after the sun goes down, I have experienced a little bit of London's scene.

Coming from the Los Angeles area and going to school at ASU, I've mingled in some of the West Coast's coolest places.

Spring Break Contest
So, what is the problem? Playboy rated ASU the No. 1 party school last year, but when SPM, Web Devil and Channel 2 ask for students' CRAZIEST spring break adventures, we get two whole entries?! What's wrong with you people? Do you not like FREE things? Obviously, some people don't like the thought of hanging out in Durango, Colo.

Devil Dating: Meet Tim Taylor
I am a Journalism major currently reporting for the State Press. I have one roommate and many friends. When not working on stories or class stuff, I am either socializing, partying, or relaxing. I like to cook for myself and others and enjoy outdoor activities.

Devil Dating: Meet Julie Messner
I am currently a Communication major and a freelancer for the Web Devil. I'm really in to music and movies and enjoy spending time with people who are in to those as well. Basically I'd say I'm just an all around nice person.

ABWA brings businesswomen together
Although few Sun Devils may know it, ASU has been host to a club geared towards women interested in business for over a year. The American Business Women's Association (ABWA) at ASU currently boasts about 35 dues-paying members who are united in their goal to "bring together businesswomen of diverse occupations and to provide opportunities for them to help themselves and others grow personally and professionally through leadership, education, networking support, and national recognition," according to club President, Samantha DiPerna.

Narciso Rodriguez's spring line classic, clean
In the modern world of haute couture, Designer Narciso Rodriguez is known for his sleek signature style in women's clothing. This season is no different. His Spring 2004 Ready-to-wear collection had a Brazilian flair and was full of the usual form-fitting dresses and bodices.

Baseball can take it easy against UConn
The ASU baseball team's level of competition drops down a couple of notches this weekend after one of the more difficult four-game stretches of the team's non-conference season. No. 12 ASU played three of its last four games against teams that reached the NCAA tournament: Rice, Lamar and Arizona.

Gymnasts to take on UA, but focus is on Huskers
You know there must be an unusual set of circumstances when a competition on your home floor against intrastate rival UA is not the most important event of the weekend. But that is the situation the ASU gymnastics team finds itself in as the Sun Devils host the Wildcats tonight at Wells Fargo Arena before heading to Nebraska for what head coach John Spini calls a "critical" road meet on Sunday.

Softball heads to tourney in Georgia
After 21 games of playing in the comfort of its own surroundings, the No. 18 ASU softball team is set to take the show on the road. The Sun Devils (15-6) will be traveling to Columbus, Ga. for the National Fastpitch Coaches Association Leadoff Classic Tournament held today through Sunday.

Tennis gears up for UA, Los Angeles schools
The No. 25 ASU women's tennis team looks to make it 2-for-2 against Arizona schools this week as it takes on UA (3-2) at 1 p.m. Saturday at the Whiteman Tennis Center. The Sun Devils (3-2) last played on Tuesday, cruising past NAU, 7-0. With six freshmen on the team, ASU has just three players -- juniors Joslynn Burkett and Lauren Colalillo and senior Cindy Sureephong -- who have experienced the rivalry with the Wildcats.

Hoops: Cougars kill ASU's tournament hopes
What else is new? It was a tale of two halves Thursday for the ASU men's basketball team as once again, the Sun Devils were unable to put two 20-minute periods together in an 83-70 loss to Washington State. The loss assures that the Sun Devils (10-15, 4-12) will be enjoying the Pac-10 Tournament from the comfort of their own homes and will be one of two schools that won't participate.

Women hoops winless in Seattle for 7 years
Being from the "Valley of the Sun", it's understandable that the ASU women's basketball team doesn't enjoy its annual road trip to rainy Seattle to play the Washington Huskies. For the seventh year in a row, the Sun Devils (17-9, 11-6 Pac-10) had a gloomy trip as they fell to the Huskies 63-55 on Thursday night.

Wrestling: Hosting Pac-10 Championships puts on the pressure
Waxing his usual poetic after finishing another round atop the leader board, legendary golfer Lee Trevino was once asked by a reporter if there is more pressure to being on top. "This isn't pressure," Trevino said. "Pressure is when you bet $50 with someone on the course, but you only have $10 in your pocket.

Devil Dish: Strong first half never carried to second
For 20 minutes Thursday night, ASU finally played the brand of basketball that head coach Rob Evans has been looking for all season. Their offense was clicking, their defense was smart and enthusiastic, and Ike Diogu was touching the ball on every possession.

Cheer team to compete nationally
Arizona State University's cheerleading team will be competing Sunday for a United Spirit Association national championship. They have been working on their routine, choreographed by coach Vanessa Napoleon, since the end of January but have had many drastic changes over the past few days.

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