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ASU officials: Tuition must rise next fall
Tuition must rise, but federal student aid to the neediest students remains a high priority, ASU officials told the Arizona Board of Regents during a tuition hearing Wednesday night.

Participants included the UA President Peter Likins and NAU President John Haeger. ASU President Michael Crow was unable to attend because he was stuck on the tarmac of an airport in Kansas City, Mo. ASU Executive Vice President and Provost Milton Glick spoke on Crow's behalf.

Police arrest 28 during Mardi Gras
Police arrested 28 people Tuesday night during Mardi Gras festivities on Mill Avenue. Citations were given for violations, including public urination, alcohol possession by minors and public drinking. Three arrests were made for indecent exposure; those arrested were all women.

Early on in the night, Tempe police Sgt. Russ Good, supervisor for the horse-mounted unit, made it clear that indecent exposure would not be tolerated.

City, ASU officials talk diversity
Tempe has paved the way in accepting cultural diversity and will have several more opportunities to do so, panelists said in discussion Wednesday.

City Councilman Dennis Cahill, Vice Mayor Barbara Carter and ASU Assistant Vice President Louis Olivas were each given 10 minutes to speak about cultural diversity, as it relates to Tempe, in front of approximately 70 students and community members in the Memorial Union.

Pro-peace tour stops on campus
The Wheels of Justice Bus Tour is making a stop at ASU this week, promoting its view of peace as an alternative to the war in Iraq. The tour is hosting anti-war speeches and discussion forums at various Tempe locations through Friday.

Dave Lippman, a speaker on the tour, said the group offers a rotating crew of speakers from all over the country and of various backgrounds and experiences, including war veterans.

Police Beat: Letting it flow at traffic court
A 35-year-old Guadalupe man was arrested on a charge of urinating in public near the 100 block of East Fifth Street. Police allegedly saw him urinating behind a mailbox outside the traffic court.

Atta Bui: Giddy up
"What do you want to be when you grow up?" Most people have probably heard that question at least once in their lives.

And any yahoo can tell you that the response you had when you were 5 probably doesn't match the reply you would give today. You might have had dreams of roping cattle and riding into the sunset, but now you are opting for a job as an accountant.

Don't I Know You?: The MadCaPs: Come one, come all
"Wanted: Freaks, musicians, clowns, dancers, truck owners, jugglers, crazy people. Come join the MadCaPs traveling circus."

It's no wonder I had to steal the flier; I was intrigued. I must find out who's behind this madness, I thought to myself. And that's precisely what I did.

Be IT: Searching for Starsky
There is at least one on every campus: The guy who drives, dresses and grooms like he is from another decade.

He may be a rockabilly type, with big lamb chops and a skeleton-head gear shifter. Or, he may be the '70s retro dude, sporting a full head of thick, black, curly locks.

Dump IT: Cure VD
There is a VD epidemic spreading like wildfire across the ASU campus. No, not VD as in venereal disease.

This is much more severe than that. Von Dutch has infected our campus, turning even the most attractive students into mindless, style-less copies of one another, and it must be stopped before it spreads any farther.

All Fashioned Out: Ready to wear
Tempe is a city where, far too often, fashion feels completely pre-fabricated and uniform.

Women all seem to be wearing the same pair of Seven jeans and men are often under the impression that throwing on a sideways trucker hat makes them instantly hip and fashionable.

Found in translation: Internation art exhibit
Art has always been interpreted in the eye of the beholder. However, the ASU Art Museum's newest exhibit features three international artists, whose work transcends cultural and political boundaries, while maintaining aesthetic beauty.

The artists are from Cuba, Vietnam and Poland, and although their works reflect their differing cultural backgrounds, it is evident that their art can be applied to international and intercultural situations as well.

Friendly furniture
The afternoon sun starts to go down as three friends begin to talk. They laugh at each other, finish each other's sentences and have a hard time staying on track as the conversation veers off into different tangents.

Rusty Guthrie, Ryan Murray and Jeb Gast all have a lot in common: shaggy hair, the fact that they all grew up together, a love of Vespas and, of course their furniture company, Il Veleno.

The Rebirth of 'Chick'
Depending on how the notion was first introduced, each person may have a different idea of the existence of a higher being, be it God or any other garden-variety divinity.

At the age of 5, when I couldn't shake the thought of a monster lurking under my bed, my sister told me about God, so I wouldn't be scared.

In good 'Company'
In most movies about dance, sprained ankles happen for the sole purpose of having the big Hollywood star rise from the ranks and become the hero of the company.

In Robert Altman's new film, The Company, sprained ankles happen because in the dance world, like anywhere else, shit happens.

Sexy 'Retrogirl'
After a long anticipated wait, RetroGirl fans finally got what they wanted. Local producer Andy Rodriguez, of New Phoenix Filmworks, has completed RetroGirl episodes four and five, "Nightmare", and "Nightmare's End", in a combined DVD. This live-action comic strip stars Megan Redstone as RetroGirl, a butt-kicking superhero clad in tight spandex.

The Rebirth of 'chick:' The Rebirth Festival
Depending on how the notion was first introduced, each person may have a different idea of the existence of a higher being, be it God or any other garden-variety divinity. At the age of 5, when I couldn't shake the thought of a monster lurking under my bed, my sister told me about God, so I wouldn't be scared.

Shizz biz: Shizz-Stock at Modified Arts
The demise of Nita's Hideaway has left many concerned about the state of the local music scene. As a result, bands and fans alike have become dedicated to keeping their favorite local venues alive. Shizz-Stock, on Feb. 29 at Modified Arts, is a prime example.

SSX3 seizure inducing
Remember the episode of the Simpsons where the whole family travels to Japan? They watch a seizure-inducing cartoon and fall to the floor, eye balls swirling and bodies convulsing. EA Sports' newest snowboarding game, SSX3, had the same effect on me, and I'm seriously considering a call to a neurologist-just to make sure I don't have epilepsy.

Editorial: Mardi Gras Mill kills ASU culture
Boobies. There. We said it. If Janet Jackson can flash half a set during the Super Bowl, then surely we can briefly mention ... those things ... in our rant for the day. But as childish as you think we are being, there is a good reason for us to mention ... those things.

Say 'later' to Ralph Nader
No, no, I'm sorry but I simply must decline. I cannot run for president of the United States. At this point I would most likely serve as a distraction for more-qualified candidates, thereby impeding the whole process. I will not acquire even a fraction of the votes needed to win.

Getting over Clark, imperfection
All across the country, the political events of the past two weeks have created a magical unifying feeling among liberals -- that of utter disappointment. After months of tabling, canvassing and explaining over and over again that Wesley Clark really is a Democrat (despite what his registration card says), it's all over.

Mallrants: Shout-Outs!
Students give shout-outs to everybody!

Celebrate Feb. 26 as Johnny Cash Day
While glancing at my weekly calendar not long ago, I noticed the bizarre array of insignificant holidays. It got me thinking: if Hallmark can declare a holiday, why can't I? Johnny Cash's life began today, Feb. 26, 72 years ago in Kingsland, Ark. Born into the Great Depression, Cash's family was ruined by the pulverized economy.

Ship of Fools
A comic strip by Alexander Karlsson

A comic strip by Joe Bowen

A comic strip by Tony Carrillo

Haiku Circus
A comic strip by Ken Sakamoto

Self sell: Underground AZ magazine
He walks from business to business in light-brown suede, Lugz boots that are almost hidden by the excess length of his baggy black Dickies pants.

His bandana matches the pair of Lugz on his feet, and he has on his best Perry Ellis shirt. He is not your typical entrepreneur.

ABWA brings businesswomen together
Although few Sun Devils may know it, ASU has been host to a club geared towards women interested in business for over a year. The American Business Women's Association (ABWA) at ASU currently boasts about 35 dues-paying members who are united in their goal to "bring together businesswomen of diverse occupations and to provide opportunities for them to help themselves and others grow personally and professionally through leadership, education, networking support, and national recognition," according to club President, Samantha DiPerna.

Devil Dating: Meet Julie Messner
I am currently a Communication major and a freelancer for the Web Devil. I'm really in to music and movies and enjoy spending time with people who are in to those as well. Basically I'd say I'm just an all around nice person.

Devil Dating: Meet Tim Taylor
I am a Journalism major currently reporting for the State Press. I have one roommate and many friends. When not working on stories or class stuff, I am either socializing, partying, or relaxing. I like to cook for myself and others and enjoy outdoor activities.

Spring Break Contest
So, what is the problem? Playboy rated ASU the No. 1 party school last year, but when SPM, Web Devil and Channel 2 ask for students' CRAZIEST spring break adventures, we get two whole entries?! What's wrong with you people? Do you not like FREE things? Obviously, some people don't like the thought of hanging out in Durango, Colo.

Narciso Rodriguez's spring line classic, clean
In the modern world of haute couture, Designer Narciso Rodriguez is known for his sleek signature style in women's clothing. This season is no different. His Spring 2004 Ready-to-wear collection had a Brazilian flair and was full of the usual form-fitting dresses and bodices.

Hoops: Devils to fight for berth in Pac-10 tourney tonight
To describe this weekend's series against the Washington schools as "must win" would be an incredible understatement to the ASU men's basketball team. With only three games left, the Sun Devils are fighting for their postseason lives, and for the right to go to Los Angeles to play in the Pac-10 Tournament.

Youthful grappler Staylor has made impact
Christian Staylor doesn't come across as an intimidating figure. The soft-spoken redshirt freshman wrestler, who speaks with a tint of a Virginia drawl, stands only 5-foot-7, and weighs in at no more than 130 pounds, soaking wet. He may remind someone of his or her younger brother before being labeled a force to be reckoned with.

Women hope to build momentum against Huskies
The ASU women's basketball team is looking to finish the season on a high note and carry momentum into the Pac-10 Tournament as they square off against the Washington schools this week beginning with Washington tonight in Seattle. The Sun Devils (17-8, 11-5 Pac-10) are coming off two impressive victories over the Oregon schools last week, which moved them into third place in the conference.

Swim and Dive competes at Pac-10s
The ASU women's swimming team began competition in the Pac-10 Championships at the Belmont Plaza Olympic Pool on Wednesday. The competition will go on for the next three days and will include all of the women's teams (Oregon does not have a swimming program).

Devil Dish: Jamal Lewis blowin' it
The NFL's leading rusher, Jamal Lewis, was indicted Wednesday on federal drug charges for an incident going all the way back to 2000. Lewis is charged with trying to help a friend buy five kilograms of cocaine, enough to overdose all the inhabitants of Manzanita Hall.

Lacrosse: Devils defeat 2 top 25 teams
The ASU men's lacrosse team defeated No. 11 Oakland University and No. 25 Texas Tech in two physical, well contested games over the weekend. The victories put ASU over .500 for the first time this season, giving them a record of 3-2. They also gave ASU momentum heading into two important games this weekend.

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