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Former officer alleges harassment
Jenna Russell dreamt of becoming a police officer since she was 6. She proved to her father that a woman could attain that goal when she graduated near the top of her police class.

But now that she has come forward with the story of harassment she said she received as a female police officer with ASU police, she knows no police department is likely to hire her again, she said.

Professor dies of cancer
A pioneering ASU professor has unexpectedly died of cancer. Sandra L. Weber was the first female faculty member in the 47-year history of the Del E. Webb School of Construction.

She was an associate professor and student adviser. Weber, who died Feb. 16, was 59. Weber's death was an unexpected loss, said Sharon Ayres, business manager for the school.

Journalists discuss media coverage of hostage situation
Valley journalists may have helped save corrections officers held hostage at the Arizona State Prison Complex-Lewis in Buckeye, said local media at a panel discussion on campus Monday.

KFNX-AM news director Tom Avila hosted the panel. He said the purpose of the panel was to discuss the role of the media concerning the hostage crisis at the Lewis prison from Jan. 18 to Feb. 1. Two inmates held two corrections officers hostage for 15 days.

Police Beat: Sam's caught selling beer to kids
A 36-year-old Glendale man was arrested on charges of multiple counts of selling alcohol to a minor and failure to ask for identification near the 1000 block of West Broadway Road. He allegedly made sales to minors at the drive-thru window of Sam's Liquor Store. All subjects arrested in conjunction with the operation stated that Sam's was known for selling alcohol without asking for identification.

SSX3 seizure inducing
Remember the episode of the Simpsons where the whole family travels to Japan? They watch a seizure-inducing cartoon and fall to the floor, eye balls swirling and bodies convulsing. EA Sports' newest snowboarding game, SSX3, had the same effect on me, and I'm seriously considering a call to a neurologist-just to make sure I don't have epilepsy.

Last week, SPM featured local artists who are creating their own niches in the fashion scene. However, due to space issues, we could not feature three of the artists SPM writer Christina Chomut interviewed.

Sage Advice: Non-Prophets at Club Freedom
"It's not hard to see who has purposefully jiggafied themselves in a shallow attempt to find their true supporters-or should I say the fans they specifically want?" says Joe Beats, one of two men making up the hip-hop duo, the Non-Prophets.

"Well, let's punish them.

Sweet treat: Peachcake at Modified Arts
The music scene in Tempe has always been known as a place where local musicians can experiment, get their feet wet and discover their sound. Unfortunately, all too often that "sound" is the same one every other band in the Valley has already discovered.

Luckily, Tempe is also home to Peachcake, a local electro collaboration that is not quite like anything this town has seen before.

Playing it straight: 'Straight Plan for the Gay Man'
Jonathon, a gay fashion executive, is curious. He has an inner desire to experience a change in lifestyle --just once. He isn't curious about his sexuality; he is proud to be gay. But, a part of him yearns to experience the life of a straight, blue-collar meatpacker.

Pairing painting and poetry
I am radiating under the eerie, orange glow of Casey Moore's heat lamps when I am first introduced to "New Religions," a new collaboration between Eric Susser, an ASU Barrett Honors College instructor, and John Nelson, a writer and Phoenix artist.

Maybe my long week has me wanting to grasp at deep truths, or maybe it's just the cider, but as Susser reads his prose poem, "Scourge," I swear he's letting me into some secret artistic truth, or at least, a richer understanding of the nature of evil.

The 'pianoman' can
When I think of record collectors, I always have the same pigeonholed idea of their images: quiet, reclusive, disenfranchised, and intense, but subdued. Quiet record collecting characters further perpetuate this stigma. Harvey Pekar of American Splendor, a discontent LP hoarder, and Seymour of Ghost World, a socially invisible, rare-blues record collector, are just two examples.

Ride IT: Slither onto a snakeboard
Long boards are yesterday's news, rollerblades went out with the '90s and skateboards are just too boring.

The evolution of personal transportation is now in the age of the snakeboard. The snakeboard is a space-age board, which propels riders when they stand on two platforms.

Wear IT/Dump IT: Scarf Savvy
I love cozy sweaters, yummy hats, and soft, knit scarves. Sadly, the Arizona weather does not. It's just too warm to wear all of those things.

But fear not, resourceful fashionistas: the scarves are salvageable. Just slide them through the belt loops of you favorite jeans, tie and voila! That funky scarf Grandma gave you is now a funky belt.

Don't I Know You?: Game show contestant Zeshan Dhanani
Game shows are the best. We spend countless hours watching other people win lump sums of cash, promising ourselves if we could just make it on the show, we'd strike big.

But one game show star, and ASU political science freshman, says it's a lot easier to play at home than it is in front of 3,000 members of a studio audience.

Sex and the Singapore
Call it the Sex-aporean Revolution. Call it the first government-endorsed aphrodisiac. Call it what you will. The stuffy men of the amusingly strict and conservative Singaporean government have unexpectedly shed their suited image, unleashed their Dr. Ruth within and begun a policy designed to entice citizens of their tiny island nation to enter into committed sexual relationships.

Talk Back: Metal Man goes old-school Nintendo
"Listen, I don't know what particular brand of low-rent weed you smoke down there in that filthy rat's hole you call The State Press office, but 'Mega Man II' is far and away the greatest Mega Man entry in the series. The slide move? I'm aghast, nay, horrified that you would choose to highlight such an awful feature. You probably thought that Rush was the best sidekick since that dog in Duck Hunt, you charlatans. Go back to playing 'Rescue Rangers' or re-watching the sex scene in 'Golgo 13' for the umpteenth time. And as for my name, well, you can refer to me as Metal Man, baby. Metal Man."

Letter to the Editor: Is PTS listening yet?
February 18 was an exasperating day for me. I drove to campus with my daughter who is a student at ASU. Recently she had her windshield replaced, and the parking permit was lost. I decided to be a good mom and purchase a replacement for her while she was in class. Yes, I walked over the bridge and through the construction to Parking and Transit Services.

Editorial: Social Sciences finally falls apart
Going to ASU just isn't safe anymore. We're not talking about bikes getting stolen or car stereos getting jacked. We're not all that worried right now about sex offenders or other shady characters lurking on campus. We're talking about a more basic kind of safety, the ability to go to class without getting smacked in the head with crumbling ceiling tiles, drenched with bathroom water or clocked with a falling PVC pipe.

Keep porn out of the Benz
There is a plethora of things we do while driving that should probably be illegal. Some of us shave, some of us eat, some of us attempt to read the newspaper on the way to work. All of us have done the granddaddy no-no of them all by talking on our cell phones while driving.

No more 'Sex' is a Big problem
Sunday night was the female equivalent of the Super Bowl. Times 50. A special program where no one gets worked up over a boob at halftime. We're in full-frontal territory. This is not TV, it's HBO, and God bless it. "Sex and the City" could have been the most mainstream, eye-opening look at sexuality our Puritan-driven culture has ever seen.

Mallrants: MU/SRC Referendum
Student rant about the MU/SRC referendum.

A comic strip by Tony Carrillo

A comic strip by Joe Bowen

Ship of Fools
A comic strip by Alexander Karlsson

Haiku Circus
A comic strip by Ken Sakamoto

Narciso Rodriguez's spring line classic, clean
In the modern world of haute couture, Designer Narciso Rodriguez is known for his sleek signature style in women's clothing. This season is no different. His Spring 2004 Ready-to-wear collection had a Brazilian flair and was full of the usual form-fitting dresses and bodices.

Mardi Gras Madness
Just like that wicked tequila shot you took last night, Mardi Gras creeps up on us every year. Even though this celebration falls on a weekday, Tempe locals definitely plan to participate anyway.

On Feb. 24, Mill Avenue will be lined with partiers and there will be more than enough booze to go around, as local bars hype up Mardi Gras events.

Devil Dating: Meet Annemarie Moody
I am a writer, but find it hard and somewhat awkward to write about myself. As I am being put on the spot, here is a little about me that I can think of in 200 words or less! I am graduating from ASU with a degree in journalism in December 2004, at which time I am moving to wherever I get a job. I love my family, but I can't live with them anymore, as my independence gets in the way! I also love hanging out with my friends, either just vegging out watching TV or going out and partying. I can't think of anything else that would make me interesting...sorry!

Devil Dating: Meet Jeff Hoodzow
A 20-year old sportswriter that enjoys hanging with the boys, playing poker and video games, but around women is really a soft guy inside of a hard, sweet candy shell. I guess I enjoy long walk on the beach (If it existed out here) or walks on the golf course with a girl, whichever is preferred. Hopefully, before I'm out of school I'll travel more, outside of horrible drives to Tucson or Los Angeles.

Lacrosse: Devils defeat 2 top 25 teams
The ASU men's lacrosse team defeated No. 11 Oakland University and No. 25 Texas Tech in two physical, well contested games over the weekend. The victories put ASU over .500 for the first time this season, giving them a record of 3-2. They also gave ASU momentum heading into two important games this weekend.

Baseball to host 'Cats tonight
Tonight's intrastate rivalry game at Packard Stadium will pit two teams that are heading in opposite directions.

The No. 12 ASU baseball team (8-2) is coming off of a huge win against then No. 1 Rice on Sunday. The No. 16 UA Wildcats (5-3-1), on the other hand, just finished a disappointing three-game series against UC Irvine at home losing the first two games and tying the finale.

Hoops: Evans uses 12th starting lineup of season
It looks like 12 just might end up being ASU men's basketball coach Rob Evans' lucky number. In Saturday's 86-75 road win over Oregon, Evans used his 12th different starting lineup of the season, this time moving junior guard Steve Moore to the bench and electing to insert senior swingman Jamal Hill and red-hot freshman guard Kevin Kruger into the lineup.

Women's tennis to face NAU today
The No. 18 ASU women's tennis team (2-2) is back in action today as it hosts NAU. The team is coming off a substandard showing at UCLA on Friday. The Sun Devils could muster just one point in falling to the Bruins, 5-1. ASU hopes to rebound against the Lumberjacks, who are winless on the season with an 0-4 record.

Devil Dish: USC's Williams perfect fit for Cardinals
Until a recent court ruling, college football players who were not three years removed from high school could not enter the NFL draft. The ideal person to challenge this rule was not former Ohio State running back Maurice Clarett -- a player with legal, attitude, experience and conditioning issues.

Aussie Football: Rounding up the Outlaws
The Australian Football Club at ASU defeated the defending league champions, the Chandler Outlaws, 9-15-69 to 6-3-39 in a physical, rough game Saturday afternoon. With the victory, ASU avenged an earlier loss to Chandler. The Sun Devils improved their record to 5-2.

Upper Deck Blues: Cheap throwback jerseys
Trade deadline day is always fun no matter what sport you follow. If it weren't for last-minute deals, we wouldn't have had the chance to experience the joy that was Raul Mondesi. If it weren't for these deals, we wouldn't have seen the complete dismantling of the Phoenix Coyotes.

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