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Drag racing on rise in local urban areas
Dave Thomas, a Mesa street racer, said he has no intention of giving up his hobby after witnessing a drag racing accident.

He said that three recent Valley accidents, which either resulted in fatalities or serious injuries, were caused by stupid and careless racing practices.

Tempe candidates debate
Candidates for Tempe Council and mayoral seats discussed housing options and student involvement in city government at a student-organized debate Wednesday.

The Student Bar Association, Residence Hall Association, SDTV Channel 2 and the student government sponsored the debate, which was held in the ASU College of Law's Great Hall.

USG needs members
It's election time at ASU, and interested candidates who haven't already begun to collect signatures have until Friday at 5 p.m. to get their petitions in.

Packets for Undergraduate Student Government positions are available in the business office on the third floor of the Memorial Union.

Bill to toughen leases
The Commerce Committee of the Arizona State Senate approved Wednesday a controversial bill that would lessen penalties against landlords who do not register their property with the county assessor.

If passed on the Senate floor, then the House floor and then by Gov. Janet Napolitano, the bill would help stop tenants from getting out of their leases, something they have been able to do for the past few years under the Residential Landlord and Tenant Act, passed in 1999.

Police Beat: Now that was an expensive video game
An 18-year-old Phoenix man was arrested on a charge of shoplifting near the 1800 block of East Baseline Road. He allegedly was seen by security concealing a Playstation game, worth $104.98, in his sweatshirt pocket and left the store without paying. A struggle ensued outside.

BREAKING NEWS: Referendum fails!
The student referendum to expand the Memorial Union and the Student Recreation Complex failed Thursday: 56.66 percent of undergraduates and 81.05 percent of graduate students voted "no."

The total number of ballots cast was 5,493 with 93 blank ballots, representing a voter turnout of nearly 13 percent of eligible voters -- a number nearly unprecedented.

Atta Bui: Good to be 'bad'
I'm going to let you all in on a little secret: This wasn't supposed to be my job. I mean, sure, I wanted to be editor of SPM, but I didn't think I would land this gig so soon in my ASU career.

I was ready to be the assistant editor for this semester-pay my dues, learn the ropes and rise up in the ranks.

Don't I Know You?: Game show contestant Zeshan Dhanani
Game shows are the best. We spend countless hours watching other people win lump sums of cash, promising ourselves if we could just make it on the show, we'd strike big.

But one game show star, and ASU political science freshman, says it's a lot easier to play at home than it is in front of 3,000 members of a studio audience.

Wear IT/Dump IT: Scarf Savvy
I love cozy sweaters, yummy hats, and soft, knit scarves. Sadly, the Arizona weather does not. It's just too warm to wear all of those things.

But fear not, resourceful fashionistas: the scarves are salvageable. Just slide them through the belt loops of you favorite jeans, tie and voila! That funky scarf Grandma gave you is now a funky belt.

Ride IT: Slither onto a snakeboard
Long boards are yesterday's news, rollerblades went out with the '90s and skateboards are just too boring.

The evolution of personal transportation is now in the age of the snakeboard. The snakeboard is a space-age board, which propels riders when they stand on two platforms.

Pairing painting and poetry
I am radiating under the eerie, orange glow of Casey Moore's heat lamps when I am first introduced to "New Religions," a new collaboration between Eric Susser, an ASU Barrett Honors College instructor, and John Nelson, a writer and Phoenix artist.

Maybe my long week has me wanting to grasp at deep truths, or maybe it's just the cider, but as Susser reads his prose poem, "Scourge," I swear he's letting me into some secret artistic truth, or at least, a richer understanding of the nature of evil.

Last week, SPM featured local artists who are creating their own niches in the fashion scene. However, due to space issues, we could not feature three of the artists SPM writer Christina Chomut interviewed.

The 'pianoman' can
When I think of record collectors, I always have the same pigeonholed idea of their images: quiet, reclusive, disenfranchised, and intense, but subdued. Quiet record collecting characters further perpetuate this stigma. Harvey Pekar of American Splendor, a discontent LP hoarder, and Seymour of Ghost World, a socially invisible, rare-blues record collector, are just two examples.

Sweet treat: Peachcake at Modified Arts
The music scene in Tempe has always been known as a place where local musicians can experiment, get their feet wet and discover their sound. Unfortunately, all too often that "sound" is the same one every other band in the Valley has already discovered.

Luckily, Tempe is also home to Peachcake, a local electro collaboration that is not quite like anything this town has seen before.

Sage Advice: Non-Prophets at Club Freedom
"It's not hard to see who has purposefully jiggafied themselves in a shallow attempt to find their true supporters-or should I say the fans they specifically want?" says Joe Beats, one of two men making up the hip-hop duo, the Non-Prophets.

"Well, let's punish them.

Playing it straight: 'Straight Plan for the Gay Man'
Jonathon, a gay fashion executive, is curious. He has an inner desire to experience a change in lifestyle --just once. He isn't curious about his sexuality; he is proud to be gay. But, a part of him yearns to experience the life of a straight, blue-collar meatpacker.

SOCOM II steals the show
What makes SOCOM II a great game isn't the stunning graphics, higher quality sound or interesting plot, although those are all great features.

The thing that blew me away was the size and detail of each level of the game.

Editorial: Whine better in USG Senate
Whine. Whine. Whine. It seems as though that's all most students are resigned to do. Let's take a look at the Student Recreation Complex/Memorial Union expansion referendum as an example. While there was student outcry about the biased nature of the cheesy MasterCard rip-offs around campus encouraging students to vote for the referendum, they came in the form of childish graffiti and wimpy complaints.

'Passion' should speak for itself
In just under a week, Mel Gibson's third film behind the camera, "The Passion of the Christ," will be released, and it will finally be able to speak for itself. It's about time, because for the past year just about everyone and their mother has been perfectly willing to speak for it.

Faith not just for the old-fashioned
Over the course of the past 30 years, the postmodern movement, fostered by the progressive setting of academia, has crept into all aspects of our society. No longer on the rational quest for the one, objective truth, we have begun to accept a more "open-minded" mentality, placing focus on the respect for diversity of culture and tradition.

Bull's Eye must be held accountable for guns
The right to keep and bear arms is a right guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States of America. While I am under the impression that this right is a somewhat outdated one that had a more suitable time and purpose at the time the Constitution was originally drafted; it is, nonetheless a right that has to be honored until it is changed.

Mallrants: MU/SRC Referendum
Student rant about the MU/SRC referendum.

Cartoon: ASU in 2010
A political cartoon by Tony Carrillo

Cartoon: Student apathy
A political cartoon by Joe Bowen

Fee Hikes: Take 'em or leave'em? We'll leave 'em
As countless students and ASASU representatives continue to voice their opinions on the proposed MU and SRC improvement fee increase, we at the Web Devil are strangely silent. We have an opinion on everything else-from the finest teriyaki bowls in town to whom UA should consider for their commencement speaker-but the fee increases simply don't interest us.

Editorial: Read this before you vote
It's the biggest decision students have had the opportunity to make in the history of ASU. It's the first time in a long time that students have had the chance to make any noticeable difference on this campus.

And, if recent student government elections are any indication, a vast majority of student slackers won't take the time to care.

The Vaughn File: Hillary is no 'tough guy'
Hillary Rodham Clinton was named one of Men's Journal magazine's "25 Toughest Guys in America" last week, making her the first woman to claim a spot on the list.

She was ranked 25th, just behind crash test dummy Rusty Haight-a fitting placement, considering the reason the magazine's editor gave her the honor.

Ship of Fools
A comic strip by Alexander Karlsson

A comic strip by Joe Bowen

A comic strip by Tony Carrillo

Haiku Circus
A comic strip by Ken Sakamoto

SPM: 'Down and Out:' A slideshow pictoral of homeless life
While Robin has a gentle manner, he tends to speak in short, repetitive phases. "I'm from Chicago. I like to eat a lot. I'm from Chicago." * His personality reminded me of the mentally handicapped character Dustin Hoffman mastered in Rain Man. * "Down and out" is how the 42-year-old Chicago native described living on the streets.

Devil Dating: Meet Jeff Hoodzow
A 20-year old sportswriter that enjoys hanging with the boys, playing poker and video games, but around women is really a soft guy inside of a hard, sweet candy shell. I guess I enjoy long walk on the beach (If it existed out here) or walks on the golf course with a girl, whichever is preferred. Hopefully, before I'm out of school I'll travel more, outside of horrible drives to Tucson or Los Angeles.

Devil Dating: Meet Annemarie Moody
I am a writer, but find it hard and somewhat awkward to write about myself. As I am being put on the spot, here is a little about me that I can think of in 200 words or less! I am graduating from ASU with a degree in journalism in December 2004, at which time I am moving to wherever I get a job. I love my family, but I can't live with them anymore, as my independence gets in the way! I also love hanging out with my friends, either just vegging out watching TV or going out and partying. I can't think of anything else that would make me interesting...sorry!

Wanted: Snow lovers stuck in Arizona
One would never put the words Tempe and snow together, but here at Arizona State the Snowdevils did just that.

The Arizona State Snowdevils is an organization on campus that provides students with inexpensive ski and snowboarding trips. The group makes three trips per year during break; their most recent to Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Women to hunt Ducks at home
In what has become one of the tightest Pac-10 races in recent years, the ASU women's basketball team is looking to stay in the upper tier of the conference standings as they take on the Oregon schools this week at Wells Fargo Arena, beginning with the Oregon Ducks tonight.

Tournament spot on line for men during trip to Oregon
If the ASU men's basketball team wants to claw its way back for a spot in the Pac-10 Tournament, a win at Oregon State tonight is a must. The Sun Devils (9-13, 3-10 Pac-10) and the Beavers are the only two teams that would not qualify for the tournament if it started today.

Devil Dish: Iverson another Barkley for Suns
Word coming out of Philadelphia is that Allen Iverson is on the trading block because of his habits concerning, "practice, man! We're talking about practice!" habits. Clearly it is time for the Sixers and A.I. to part ways. A suggestion for the Phoenix Suns -- throw everything you have at him.

Aussie rules football rules
The Australian Football Club at ASU may be a new club on campus and the team may be small in number, but that hasn't stopped them from making some lofty goals this season.

"We want to win the local league," said Jason Parks, club president. "We want to go to the college championships and win as well.

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