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Police Beat: Indecent Show & Tell
Tempe police reported the following incidents Tuesday: A 50-year-old Tempe woman was arrested on charges of criminal damage and domestic violence near the 2500 block of South Cottonwood Drive. She was upset with her husband and allegedly started throwing objects around the house.

ASU East: Provost opposes having F-16s next door
ASU East Provost Chuck Backus said he is against the idea of having F-16 fighter planes next door to campus.

The planes are the focus of a possible future proposal to Williams Gateway Airport by privately owned Advanced Training Systems Internation-al.

The deal would bring 12 to 16 F-16 fighter planes from the Netherlands to the airport for training purposes.

ASU East: Students needed to run government
As of Monday only one person qualified to run for a position in the first student government being formed at ASU East.

Student candidates are needed for the offices of president, vice president, secretary, treasurer and nine senators, three from each of the campus' colleges.

Artist committed suicide at hotel
Pedro Alvarez, a visiting artist at the ASU Art Museum, jumped to his death from a Tempe hotel, according to Sgt. Dan Masters, a Tempe Police Department spokesman.

An exhibition of his work, "Landscape in the Fireplace: Paintings by Pedro Alvarez," opened Feb. 7 at the museum.

Post office to stay in Union
United Parcel Service may move into ASU residence halls, but the United States Postal Service office in the Memorial Union won't be going anywhere.

Joan Leard, ASU business services manager for the MU, said the union will continue to provide a USPS post office inside Rita's Hallmark on the bottom floor, despite losing money and gaining competition from UPS starting next semester.

Declaration of Independence on display for students on campus
An original copy of the Declaration of Independence will be available for students to view on campus today.

The document is visiting ASU as part of a "Declare Yourself" campaign, designed to motivate students to vote in the 2004 general election. The document, printed July 4, 1776, will be on the Union Stage, on the lower level of the Memorial Union.

ASU to study migration with Mexican school
ASU soon will become the site of the first international center to study migration as the University solidifies a new partnership with a Mexican university.

ASU President Michael Crow signed a collaboration agreement with El Colegio de la Frontera Norte on Tuesday.

Famed astronomer speaks today about American policy in space
David Levy has discovered 21 comets, written 31 books and is Parade Magazine's science editor, but he has never taken an astronomy course. Levy will speak at the Katzen Music Hall at 7 p.m. today about U.S. space policy.

As this year's John J. Rhodes Chair in Public Policy and American Institutions, Levy brings a unique field of study to ASU: the relation of astronomy to literature.

SOCOM II steals the show
What makes SOCOM II a great game isn't the stunning graphics, higher quality sound or interesting plot, although those are all great features.

The thing that blew me away was the size and detail of each level of the game.

'C-Note' deserves paycheck
One after another, fees are slapping students in the face like the five fingers of Rick James. But where can we place the blame, and how can we exact revenge? Many students see hijacking ASU President Michael Crow's wallet as the answer.

Act would leave Arizona behind
Arizona has joined a growing number of states considering opting out of the No Child Left Behind Act. Mesa Rep. Karen Johnson's bill, introduced in the House last week, would prohibit any school from participating in the program and effectively tell the feds where they can stick their accountability standards and testing.

Editorial: Free football tickets a good tactic for ASU
Who says the best things in life aren't free? If you're an ASU football fan - and chances are you must be if you're a season ticket holder - then a pair of extra free season tickets to the Sun Devils will be coming your way.

That's right. The athletic department recently announced that all 2003 football season ticket holders (no, not students) who renew their accounts in full by April 7 will receive two complimentary tickets to every home game in 2004.

Beat the parking system (almost all the time)
There's nothing that gives me such instant gratification as a quiet evening at home with my Parking and Transit Services voodoo doll.

In light of my most expensive parking ticket to date (from what must apparently be the most illegal spot on campus), I believe an explanation to the parental units is in order.

Letters to the Editor: Hyberbolic headline
Awesome ASU Re: Brandon Goad's editorial ("Imagining a better campus," Feb. 17): Awesome! Our University president never goes to the library! But he understands its "intrinsic value!" I love ASU! -Chris Lundry political science graduate student Expansion overdue Anybody that ever uses the Memorial Union or Student Resource Center knows that they are way overcrowded, and ASU is going to continue growing.

Talk Back: Our favorite caller
Our favorite caller marries Mega Man on a motorcycle "Hey, State Press, it's Bryan Wynne. This business you guys had about gay people not being allowed to get married in, uh, what was it? Friday's paper? Well, that's stupid. Gay people should be allowed to get married.

Cartoon: ASU in 2010
A political cartoon by Tony Carrillo

Cartoon: Student apathy
A political cartoon by Joe Bowen

Fee Hikes: Take 'em or leave'em? We'll leave 'em
As countless students and ASASU representatives continue to voice their opinions on the proposed MU and SRC improvement fee increase, we at the Web Devil are strangely silent. We have an opinion on everything else-from the finest teriyaki bowls in town to whom UA should consider for their commencement speaker-but the fee increases simply don't interest us.

Editorial: Read this before you vote
It's the biggest decision students have had the opportunity to make in the history of ASU. It's the first time in a long time that students have had the chance to make any noticeable difference on this campus.

And, if recent student government elections are any indication, a vast majority of student slackers won't take the time to care.

The Vaughn File: Hillary is no 'tough guy'
Hillary Rodham Clinton was named one of Men's Journal magazine's "25 Toughest Guys in America" last week, making her the first woman to claim a spot on the list.

She was ranked 25th, just behind crash test dummy Rusty Haight-a fitting placement, considering the reason the magazine's editor gave her the honor.

A comic strip by Tony Carrillo

A comic strip by Joe Bowen

Ship of Fools
A comic strip by Alexander Karlsson

Haiku Circus
A comic strip by Ken Sakamoto

Wanted: Snow lovers stuck in Arizona
One would never put the words Tempe and snow together, but here at Arizona State the Snowdevils did just that.

The Arizona State Snowdevils is an organization on campus that provides students with inexpensive ski and snowboarding trips. The group makes three trips per year during break; their most recent to Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Kovesdy matures, powers Devils
At 6-foot-3, ASU sophomore forward Kristen Kovesdy may not be the same size as the Incredible Hulk, but she does have something in common with the comic book character.

They both became forces to be reckoned with after realizing how to utilize their strength.

Hump Day Hoopla: Clarett too young for NFL
Shira Scheindlin will live in NFL infamy for years to come. No, she's not another unintelligent, but good-looking sideline reporter. Nor is she trying to become the league's first female player.

Scheindlin is the U.S. District Court Judge who ruled that an NFL policy stating that players entering the league's draft must be three years removed from high school violates anti-trust laws.

Devil Dish: Don't be hatin' the Evil Empire
The fashionable stance to take on the Yankees' trade for Alex Rodriguez is that the world is about to end, and the Bronx Bombers simply bought themselves another championship.

The tools who have this opinion think the Evil Empire has just gotten stronger. To fault Yankees owner George Steinbrenner for reinvesting his profits into putting a winning team on the field is a joke.

Hoops: Arizona's talent pool shallow, important
For coaches in California, a trip to visit a high school recruit might involve some time sitting in traffic.

For ASU men's basketball coach Rob Evans, it's time sitting on the tarmac, waiting for takeoff. Currently, the Sun Devils only have one player from the state of Arizona on their roster - senior guard Kenny Crandall of Mesa Mountain View.

Baseball: Doubles charge Sun Devils' offense
Last season, the ASU baseball team's offense was known for its ability to knock the ball all over the fence.

This year, the team has scored its runs by different means. ASU's offense accounted for 80 home runs a year ago, the second most in head coach Pat Murphy's nine-year tenure in Tempe.

Aussie rules football rules
The Australian Football Club at ASU may be a new club on campus and the team may be small in number, but that hasn't stopped them from making some lofty goals this season.

"We want to win the local league," said Jason Parks, club president. "We want to go to the college championships and win as well.

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