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Grad students say group has bias
Some graduate student government officials are questioning the motives of Get Out the Vote, a campus organization that claims to be unbiased.

Get Out the Vote was created by staff members at the Memorial Union and Student Recreation Complex to increase the number of student voters in an upcoming referendum.

Hindus celebrate Rath Yatra in Tempe
A sleepy Mill Avenue awoke Saturday morning to the sound of balram drums and 150 harmonizing voices, as Hindu devotees held Arizona's first Rath Yatra.

In the event, Hindus celebrated the emergence of their god Krishna, known to them as the lord of the universe. Rath Yatra, Hindi for chariot journey, is a 3,000-year-old tradition celebrating Krishna's emergence in the world.

6 frats to live alcohol- free on campus
The six fraternities moving into Adelphi Commons in the fall of 2004 will have to adopt alcohol-free policies, said Michael Najor, Greek Life coordinator for ASU.

Delta Sigma Phi, Theta Chi, Phi Gamma Delta, Kappa Alpha Order, Kappa Sigma and Delta Chi won't be able to drink alcohol at home when they move into the Adelphi Commons, a new facility on south campus, Najor said.

Local cooperative celebrates 33 years
The Gentle Strength Cooperative turned 33 on Valentine's Day, and despite a growing exodus of mom-and-pop shops from Tempe, its general manager says the store will stick around.

For the cooperative's employees and customers, the store "is just home," said Don Downs, general manager.

Police Beat: The fast, the furious, the busted
Tempe police reported the following incidents Friday: An 18-year-old Tempe man was arrested on manslaughter charges after he was involved in a collision caused by a drag race. The accident resulted in one death and occurred near the 4500 block of South McClintock Drive.

San Francisco's 'Mates of State' enthrall the Modified
Pending the proliferation of scream-laden emo rockers, the independent music scene has again switched currents.

Tinkering with a marooned emotion called "happiness," indie bands are dusting off ideas untouched since the 1980's. Still others just listen to ska.

ASU hosts famous jazz musician today
Freddy Cole, a Grammy-nominated jazz musician and the younger brother of Nat King Cole, will be playing today at the Kerr Cultural Center, an ASU public events facility in Scottsdale.

While Freddy Cole is not a household name like his older brother, is still a respected name in jazz.

SOCOM II steals the show
What makes SOCOM II a great game isn't the stunning graphics, higher quality sound or interesting plot, although those are all great features.

The thing that blew me away was the size and detail of each level of the game.

CD Review: Viva '¡Americano!'
I had almost given up on this city when I slipped Americano! into my car's CD player the other night. I was tired of the traffic and the pollution-sick of the constant movement, the incessant feeling of having to get somewhere.

But then I played track nine on Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers' new album, and I remembered what it was about the southwest that I love.

Belly trance: The Bellydance Superstars
You might have seen belly dancers at Sinbad's or Oasis Cafe on a Friday night--beautiful ladies fluttering around in chiffon costumes, chiming finger cymbals to an exotic musical beat and shaking their hips to carry the rhythm. They may be perceived as light, "cultural" entertainment, but belly dancers have been shaking their way into pop culture, and the Bellydance Superstars are looking to change your perception of the art.

Far out: Gay, lesbian film festival
Every year, dozens of film festivals make their way in and out of the Valley, but none are "out" quite as literally as the annual Out Far! Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, which sashays into town on Feb. 13. The festival's movies will probably shock you, will perhaps move you and will most definitely make you laugh, but what the Out Far! Film Festival will not do is disappoint.

CD Review: Stereolab: 'Margerine Rock'
I don't know why, but I feel as though I am supposed to like this album. As soon as I put it in my CD player, I am transported to London, feeling like I'm driving in a tiny Euro-car. Listen to the song "Vonal Declosion" and see if you do not feel the same.

CD Review: As I Lay Dying: 'Frail Words Collapse'
Who knew the label Metal Blade had a good hardcore band? I sure didn't! As I Lay Dying is one of the best hardcore bands I have heard in quite some time. The band exemplifies the elements of what a good hardcore band should have: beautiful, intricate guitar work, heavy drums and great vocal screaming.

CD Review: Mest: 'Mest'
It is apparent that Mest (or perhaps its label) want to be generic pop-punk. Hell, they even have a song with Benji Madden from Good Charlotte. If they were aiming for punk rock credibility, they have effectively killed that dream with this CD. I had high hopes for the album.

Brown ambrosia: Valley chocolate festivals
Once again, February is here, and the world is upside down. Love has struck in the holiday form and Valentine's Day is just a couple days away. Undeniably, it is the first thing most of us think of when February is mentioned (People who say they think of Groundhog Day when they hear February are lying).

Wicked words: Poison Pen cards
If you have a hard time conjuring up the words to tell your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend how he/she made you feel, then you need to check out the cards created by the folks at Poison Pen. The California-based company prides itself on making cards that have the ability to end relationships.

Medicine man: Cleansing mind, soul
"You stand out like a sore thumb," my friend Manuelito tells me as we walk into a little restaurant. "I know," I say as I look around me

. I am a short, white, blonde-haired thumb in more than a handful of Native Americans in Gallup. The small town in New Mexico borders Arizona and a large reservation.

See It: Imagine all the people
Nearly 40 years after Beatlemania started in the United States, Paul Jillson, owner of Pacific Edge Gallery in California, will bring his "Art of John Lennon" exhibit to the Valley.

When John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and George Harrison appeared on the 'Ed Sullivan Show' on Feb.

Eat it: Make Ma'I Grill yours
As the spring semester drags on, the days get warmer, clothes get skimpier and there is one thought on almost everyone's mind: "Four weeks until spring break!"

Professors drone on while most of us stare at the chalkboard, picturing a beach, picturing some place warmer, and at the very least, some place other than calculus.

Atta Bui: Cool down
It doesn't take a Bill Nye the Science Guy to figure out what to expect when thousands of college students descend on the beaches for spring break: lots of relaxing, drunken madness, naked madness and more drunken madness.

And while all of this madness helps you escape from scary professors and homework, it might also lead to sunburns.

Don't I Know You?: Josh Frank, romance specialist
Yup, it's that time of year again. Cupid will rear his ugly head, scope out a target or two and make people all over the world fall desperately in love. This is where Josh Frank comes in.

The 22-year-old Mesa Community College student ditched his job at UPS a little more than two months ago to become a "romance specialist," making Valentine's Day that much more enjoyable.

Editorial: 'Old School' frats forfeit tradition
So get this. Six ASU fraternities are moving to the University's Adelphi Commons.

The best part of the transition is that the frats can no longer do keg stands or play "quarters" at home because the Commons are alcohol free.

We know there are fraternities on campus who have enforced alcohol-free policies before, but now ASU will enforce it for many of them.

Bookstore not 'New American'
This is the golden era of Arizona State University. Ever since Michael Crow waltzed into town, we have seen one great change after another: $50 million here, $50 million there, changes to the Memorial Union, new parking structures and new facilities everywhere.

Can you hear me now, America?
The newest casualties of the war on terrorism are, oddly enough, courtesy of the U.S. Department of Education.

In a recent decision, an education panel cut public funding for over 200 television programs to be closed-captioned by the Department's Technology and Media Services for Individuals with Disabilities program.

The Vaughn File: Hillary is no 'tough guy'
Hillary Rodham Clinton was named one of Men's Journal magazine's "25 Toughest Guys in America" last week, making her the first woman to claim a spot on the list.

She was ranked 25th, just behind crash test dummy Rusty Haight-a fitting placement, considering the reason the magazine's editor gave her the honor.

A comic strip by Tony Carrillo

A comic strip by Joe Bowen

Ship of Fools
A comic strip by Alexander Karlsson

Haiku Circus
A comic strip by Ken Sakamoto

State of the arts
There exists an undiscovered world of underground artists who target their passions toward helping us revive our wardrobes and ourselves. These artists bring the funk back into funky and the twist into our tango. They shake things up a bit by deviating from the dime-a-dozen Tiffany's bracelets and Von Dutch wristbands.

Wanted: Snow lovers stuck in Arizona
One would never put the words Tempe and snow together, but here at Arizona State the Snowdevils did just that.

The Arizona State Snowdevils is an organization on campus that provides students with inexpensive ski and snowboarding trips. The group makes three trips per year during break; their most recent to Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Food: Ma'I Island Grill is a taste of paradise
When most people think of Hawaii and other tropical paradise islands, the thought of hula skirts and many different native traditions come to mind. One of the most important traditions of the South Pacific is cuisine.

The picture of the succulent, juicy pig being brought up from deep inside its beach-dug hole creates that heavenly taste of hog in your mouth.

Hoops: Devils go to OT again, fall to USC
Before the Saturday's game, the lights at Wells Fargo Arena went off as usual for pregame player introductions.

Afterwards, the lights went off again, this time possibly on the ASU men's basketball team's season, as the Sun Devils lost 93-84 in overtime to USC.

W-Hoops: Women lose ground during road defeat
For many people, Southern California is a place to party and relax in the sun. But for the ASU women's basketball team, the area proved to be a gloomy and upsetting place to visit.

The Sun Devils concluded a disappointing road trip on Saturday by losing to the UCLA Bruins 73-64.

Swim and dive teams edged out by formidable Wildcats
For the third meet in a row, the ASU men's and women's swimming and diving teams came up short, losing 169.5-128.5 and 170-130 to Arizona (No. 7 women, No. 8 men) at the Mona Plummer Aquatic Center.

Saturday's loss in the balmy 60-degree weather was the sixth straight for the No. 21 women against UA, and the second in a row for the No. 15 men.

Baseball: Record streak comes to halt
For more than eight seasons and 506 games -- nearly all of head coach Pat Murphy's nine-year tenure -- ASU had not looked up at the scoreboard at the end of the game and saw a zero by its name. On Sunday, behind a masterful performance from Oklahoma junior David Purcey, the No.

Devil Dish: Hoops pulls a 'Mike Martz'
One month six days ago, I watched my St. Louis Rams come within three points of Carolina and then drive to the Panthers' 15-yard line.

With enough time left for at least two shots at the end zone, Rams coach Mike Martz elected to let the clock run down, kick a field goal and go into overtime.

Gymnasts receive season-low team score, fall to Huskies
To say things didn't go as planned for the ASU gymnastics team during a trip to face Washington would be an understatement.

The Sun Devils (5-3) left Tempe with a goal to set a season-high team score for an away meet. What they got was a season-low score for any venue, 193.

Softball's bats explode for 36 runs in six weekend games
After the first three weeks of the season, the ASU softball team's offense seems to be coinciding with the weather. In their first nine games, the Sun Devils bats were cold as they scored three runs or less in six of the contests. Now the team's offense is warming up along with the weather.

Wrestlers lost final regular season match at home, 17-16
A weekend that started out promising turned into one of disappointment as the No. 18 ASU wrestling team split its final two dual meets of the regular season at Wells Fargo Arena.

In spite of momentum gained from a dominating 32-12 victory over Fresno State Friday night, the Sun Devils could not close out a feisty No.

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