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GPSA asks regents to split hike
In a letter to ASU administrators and the Arizona Board of Regents, the Graduate and Professional Student Association detailed its position on the proposed $1,200 tuition hike for graduate students.

The group proposed several alternative ideas, including phasing in the increase over the next two years.

Car burglaries double on campus
Vehicle burglaries at ASU have more than doubled this year, compared to last year's numbers.

As of Friday, ASU police have reported 65 burglaries since Jan. 1. Police only reported 29 at the same time last year. Cmdr. John Sutton, a spokesman for ASU police, said that finding those responsible for these crimes is difficult.

Team holds forums on free speech
In response to anti-homosexual graffiti on campus last October and a general lack of anti-harassment education, the Campus Environment Team is holding public forums this week.

One forum was held Monday and a second one will take place today, from 3:30 p.m.

Two ASU colleges get $300K U.S. AID grants
Two ASU colleges have been awarded $300,000 grants, the University's Office of the Pan-American Initiatives said Monday.

The grants, from the U. S. Agency for International Development, were awarded to the College of Architecture and Environmental Design and the Ira A.

Senate considers referendum
Professors heard what changes they might see in the Memorial Union and Student Recreation Complex - if students approve new fees for the two buildings later this month - at an Academic Senate meeting Monday.

Two University officials and a student representative outlined the student referendum, which calls for an expansion of the MU and SRC.

Police Beat: Cupping a kidnapper
Tempe police reported the following incidents Monday: A 33-year-old male transient was arrested on a charge of kidnapping near the intersection of Sixth Street and Mill Avenue. He allegedly grabbed a two-year-old and tried to take her from her mother and grandfather.

'Girl With a Pearl Earring' artful, aloof
I confess that, aside from his name popping up in a few art museums and a sketch from Monty Python, I really donít know much about Johannes Vermeer, like most of us don't.

However, I do remember having seen his famous painting called Girl With A Pearl Earring, which was also the name of a novel by Tracy Chevalier, which is now the subject of a movie of the same name.

'21 Grams' spellbinding, gritty
The sophomore slump. In some ways, this happens to all of us. I don't know why. Sometimes, people are lucky enough to not have a sophomore slump, or any slump at all. The case is not so for Alejandro González Iñárritu, director of the Spanish-language drama Amores Perros.

Daze with Dez
It is 5 p.m. and Dez Fafara has just woken up. Today is Tuesday, Jan. 27 and his band DevilDriver is playing direct support to Opeth, a band that is changing the boundaries of the heavy metal genre.

Artistic moment in time
Downtown Phoenix's First Fridays is now a permanent installation of the city's cultural scene. And every day, another run-down house on "Roosevelt Row" paints its walls, hangs some art, plants a real-live indie-rock band or DJ on the lawn, and calls itself a gallery.

Nita's castaway
At the center of the music scene in any city across America, there is a club that is the heart and soul of it all. A venue that is known, not only for great music, but also for its character -- the oddball pictures on the wall, the names carved into bathroom stalls and the bartender who remains the same year after year.

Putting on the Ritz: Posh restaurants in Tempe, Scottsdale
I was comparing salaries with a friend the other night and discovered that in one week, he earned more than 10 times what this lowly journalist makes in one week. (Sigh!) Though I love dusting off my faux Gucci shoes and that little black top to drink martinis, eat pretty food, drink good wine and more martinis, my wallet does not.

Dying to dance
Depicting the tragedy of genocide on stage can be risky for any dance choreographer; however the real reason behind the production Fagaala is not to create controversy, but to reveal an interpretation of humanity. Inspired by a novel describing a fictionalized account of the Rwanda genocides, Germaine Acogny, director of Jant-Bi, an African dance troupe based in Senegal, decided to create a piece that fused the horrors of genocide with more universal themes.

Don't I Know You? Yasser Alamoodi: Sorry, he's taken
During their college careers, some people sit on the sidelines. They go to class, go to work and don't make many waves on campus. It's not to say that there's anything wrong with this routine, but some people choose to break out of the traditional mold and stir things up.

Drop it: Listerine for eyes
You've just finished your latest 1,050-word masterpiece for (fill in desired course prefix and number). Your eyes look like you just partied with Cheech and Chong, but they feel exhausted too. Clearly not a job for Clear Eyes, so what do you drop? Say hello to Rohto, the latest eye care product to hit our shores.

Dump it: Faux purses are faux pas
A fashion emergency is sweeping ASU, and we simply must put an end to one of the most offensive fashion crimes to hit campus: faux designer purses. It is almost impossible to walk down Palm Walk these days without being visually bombarded by garish rip-offs of high-end designer bags.

Atta Bui: Expand
Do you remember your first cardboard box? You might have transformed yours into a cave where you dug for dinosaur bones. That paper box could have turned into a rocket ship where you became the first 7-year-old on Mars. The box your parents were ready to throw out was your submarine and your chance to dive beneath the depths of the ocean.

Editorial: PBA, USG, GPSA not 'associated'
It will probably be tough, but we'll do it.

From this day forward, The State Press will no longer use the term 'Associated Students of ASU' to refer to student government. And the lovely acronym ASASU? That's gone, too.

In a number of ways during the past few weeks, it has come to our attention that members of the three branches of student government no longer wish to be associated with each other.

You can stop child abduction
The news was altogether too horrendous. "Please give me my baby," a mother cried as she stroked her kitten.

The cameras rolled and flashes dotted her face as she made a grave plea to find her abducted 11-year-old daughter. Then, suddenly, it became worse than expected.

Reconciling environmentalism
I have always identified myself as an environmentalist. I have written papers and given speeches vehemently decrying attempts to drill for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR). I have been a member of a plethora of environmental groups.

Until recently, I had never doubted that doing everything in our power to preserve every bit of land possible was the right course of action.

Meeting the challenge: U.N. could help Iraq
Mr. Palmer, I challenge, no, I beg of you: please write a column explaining why the United Nations would do a better job than the U.S.- led coalition in the handling of Iraqi elections. ... I have yet to find a rational, cogent argument for the effectiveness of the U.N.

French schools should celebrate differences, not hide them
In the wake of France's racist National Front leader Jean-Marie Le Pen's surprising surge in France's 2002 elections, we see France's push for secularization blooming.

As the news has barked, French Education Minister Luc Ferry has pushed a law preventing students from wearing any religious items in schools.

Talk Back: God says Georgia is stupid
"Hey, what's up State Press? I got two things to say. One: if you have an opinion section, you should have the cajones to leave your name with your opinion. And two: I read your article on how Georgia doesn't believe in evolution. Well they're stupid. God is sitting up in heaven saying, 'You know what? I invented evolution. Georgia, you're stupid.'"

The Vaughn File: Valentine's Day is just like any other
My first Valentine was a Woody. Woody Gunter, that is. When we were in the sixth grade at a little Episcopal elementary school in Dallas, he took me to the Valentine's Day dance and gave me a gold ring. I gave him a red paper heart and a box of Sweetheart candies.

Mallrants: Health center fees
Students rant about having to pay more in health center fees.

A comic strip by Tony Carrillo

A comic strip by Joe Bowen

Talking Heads
A comic strip by Alexander Karlsson

Haiku Circus
A weekly comic strip by Ken Sakamoto.

Sign on the dotted line
Remember in the movie Wayne's World when Wayne and his cohorts manage to get his girlfriend's band, Crucial Taunt, to play for a record executive in hopes of getting them signed and becoming rich and famous? Millions of people dream of scoring that phenomenal record deal that will change their lives, but only a handful get signed to major labels and even less make any money.

Moore works through slump
After starting the year out on fire, junior swingman Steve Moore has hit a cold streak, a common problem for many junior college transfers.

Moore, who played at Santa Ana College and was the sixth-leading scorer in the Community College League of California, was averaging close to 20 points per game for ASU at the beginning of the season.

Wrestling wins two duals during hectic trip
A controversial call, a wrong turn and a brutal road trip all led to mixed results as the ASU wrestling team won two dual meets before being handed its first Pac-10 loss over the weekend.

The road trip, the team's longest and last of the year, started out promising as ASU easily handled Portland State Friday night, 38-9.

Devil Dish:Lovin' Larish
Junior Jeff Larish may seem larger than life to ASU baseball fans these days.

With record-setting grand slams and a mature playing style, Larish seems like he's destined for greatness.

I knew Larish when he could barely spell his name. He and I went to kindergarten together at Fuller Elementary in Tempe.

A weekend of firsts for ASU baseball
This weekend's three-game series against the Florida State Seminoles drew a handful of firsts for the ASU baseball team under head coach Pat Murphy - highlighted by the first back-to-back walk-off victories in Murphy's ten-year tenure.

"It's nice to come out and have two exciting finishes right off the bat," Murphy said.

Opinion: Lewis' retirement leaves fans longing
Perhaps the best thing that can be said about Lennox Lewis is that he beat all the challengers that come his way.

Unfortunately for Lewis, none of those comers were all that special. Even though Lewis dominated the heavyweight division for several years, boxing fans cannot help but think of Lewis as a lesser champion.

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