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Students to lose mail service in halls
Most ASU students living on campus soon won't be able to use mail services at their residence halls. They'll have to walk to the nearest The UPS Store.

Residential Life currently is negotiating a contract that would transfer all residence hall mail services on the main campus to a franchise of United Parcel Service of America, Inc.

New center serves ASU Jewish students
Instead of hitting the bars on a Friday night, some Jewish students gather every Sabbath at Chabad - a new Orthodox Jewish student center opened in response to requests by ASU's Jewish community.

Though Hillel Jewish Student Center has been at ASU since the 1950s, directors of the organization said they don't believe competition for the estimated 3,000 Jewish student population will arise.

Researchers scan students' heads
A group of ASU researchers is collecting heads.

The Partnership for Research in Spatial Modeling took 3-D photographs of ASU students' faces and heads Thursday in the Memorial Union. They will be doing the same from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. today.

The researchers are putting the images in a database, allowing them to study and improve 3-D technology, which may aid in homeland security.

Student claims he was assaulted by parking officer
An ASU student claims a parking officer deliberately smashed into him with a Parking and Transit Services golf cart Thursday after a dispute on East Alpha Drive.

Six or seven members of the fraternity Tau Kappa Epsilon were trying to remove the tire of a "booted" vehicle when a PTS officer arrived to tow the car Tuesday afternoon.

Police Beat: Uncle!
Tempe police reported the following incidents Thursday: A 40-year-old Tempe man was arrested on a charge of disorderly conduct after a fight with his nephew near the 2000 block of South Granada Drive. Several neighbors called complaining that he was disturbing their peace.

Lewis: Keeping freedoms important
Maintaining freedoms in an age of decreased civil liberties is vital, said Anthony Lewis, a retired New York Times columnist and two-time Pulitzer Prize winner at a lecture at the Tempe Mission Palms hotel Thursday. Lewis was a columnist for the Times from 1969 until December 2001, and also is the author of Gideon's Trumpet, a novel depicting the true story of a man who was denied the right to a lawyer after being accused and imprisoned for committing burglary.

'21 Grams' spellbinding, gritty
The sophomore slump. In some ways, this happens to all of us. I don't know why. Sometimes, people are lucky enough to not have a sophomore slump, or any slump at all. The case is not so for Alejandro González Iñárritu, director of the Spanish-language drama Amores Perros.

Daze with Dez
It is 5 p.m. and Dez Fafara has just woken up. Today is Tuesday, Jan. 27 and his band DevilDriver is playing direct support to Opeth, a band that is changing the boundaries of the heavy metal genre.

Artistic moment in time
Downtown Phoenix's First Fridays is now a permanent installation of the city's cultural scene. And every day, another run-down house on "Roosevelt Row" paints its walls, hangs some art, plants a real-live indie-rock band or DJ on the lawn, and calls itself a gallery.

Nita's castaway
At the center of the music scene in any city across America, there is a club that is the heart and soul of it all. A venue that is known, not only for great music, but also for its character -- the oddball pictures on the wall, the names carved into bathroom stalls and the bartender who remains the same year after year.

Putting on the Ritz: Posh restaurants in Tempe, Scottsdale
I was comparing salaries with a friend the other night and discovered that in one week, he earned more than 10 times what this lowly journalist makes in one week. (Sigh!) Though I love dusting off my faux Gucci shoes and that little black top to drink martinis, eat pretty food, drink good wine and more martinis, my wallet does not.

Dying to dance
Depicting the tragedy of genocide on stage can be risky for any dance choreographer; however the real reason behind the production Fagaala is not to create controversy, but to reveal an interpretation of humanity. Inspired by a novel describing a fictionalized account of the Rwanda genocides, Germaine Acogny, director of Jant-Bi, an African dance troupe based in Senegal, decided to create a piece that fused the horrors of genocide with more universal themes.

Don't I Know You? Yasser Alamoodi: Sorry, he's taken
During their college careers, some people sit on the sidelines. They go to class, go to work and don't make many waves on campus. It's not to say that there's anything wrong with this routine, but some people choose to break out of the traditional mold and stir things up.

Drop it: Listerine for eyes
You've just finished your latest 1,050-word masterpiece for (fill in desired course prefix and number). Your eyes look like you just partied with Cheech and Chong, but they feel exhausted too. Clearly not a job for Clear Eyes, so what do you drop? Say hello to Rohto, the latest eye care product to hit our shores.

Dump it: Faux purses are faux pas
A fashion emergency is sweeping ASU, and we simply must put an end to one of the most offensive fashion crimes to hit campus: faux designer purses. It is almost impossible to walk down Palm Walk these days without being visually bombarded by garish rip-offs of high-end designer bags.

Atta Bui: Expand
Do you remember your first cardboard box? You might have transformed yours into a cave where you dug for dinosaur bones. That paper box could have turned into a rocket ship where you became the first 7-year-old on Mars. The box your parents were ready to throw out was your submarine and your chance to dive beneath the depths of the ocean.

'Mario Kart' continues to impress
Road rage just became a team sport. So put away your car keys, pick up a joystick, and leave the Arizona streets to the snowbirds, it's time to engage in some therapeutic road rage. Mario Kart: Double Dash!! is the long awaited sequel to the 1992 release of Super Mario Kart and the 1998 release of Mario Kart 64.

Preview: 'Jet Li: Rise of Honor' falls
I am not one to harp on a fighting game, but the demo I played of Jet Li: Rise to Honor for the PS2 needs quite a bit of work before it hits store shelves. The levels, characters, and the life-like look of Jet Li were astonishing but it always turns out to be the controls.

The Vaughn File: Valentine's Day is just like any other
My first Valentine was a Woody. Woody Gunter, that is. When we were in the sixth grade at a little Episcopal elementary school in Dallas, he took me to the Valentine's Day dance and gave me a gold ring. I gave him a red paper heart and a box of Sweetheart candies.

Pranksters-turned-profs invade Coor building
I've worn many hats in my life -- Egyptologist, shark tamer, 3-time regional fiddlin' champion -- but the hat that I think fits best is that of an explorer. I'm always looking to explore new worlds and seek out new civilizations, so it was only natural that I set my sights on the monolithic glass sarcophagus known as the Lattie F.

Letters to the Editor: Love and Lucia
I enjoyed (Lucia Bill's) latest opinion piece in the Thursday edition of The State Press. I DIG the emo glasses on a chick. Don't lose 'em. I'm 6'3, semi-long hair, enjoy snowboarding ... haha.

Boos & Bravos: Boo to Res Life, Bravo to voters
BOO to Residential Life for teaming up with UPS to put an end to on-campus mail as we know it. We've lived in residence halls, and we remember the daily thrill of unlocking a tiny mailbox and hoping to see a check from mom and dad or a package from eBay. Now that thrill could be replaced by dorm kids walking a mile in 100-degree heat to get their mail at the nearest UPS Store.

Religious ban rocks France, frats
Living in Britain means that France is the nearest port of call for the booze-cruise holidaymakers, the backpacking students, and the more classy retirees. They hate us for sending over fine examples of our society, and we hate them for speaking a different language and eating things that live at the bottom of the garden.

Sex Trumps on 'Apprentice'
Just one month ago, I (still) believed the newly endowed W. P. Carey School of Business would give me an education to prepare me to succeed in the corporate world. Instead, my views have been profoundly altered since the January premiere of NBC's hit reality series, "The Apprentice," as I now realize how to truly succeed in the business world.

Mallrants: Health center fees
Students rant about having to pay more in health center fees.

Reshaping America's Melting Pot
Amidst a swarm of controversy, President Bush released a massive reform proposal for the current immigration system earlier this month. President Bush touted the plan, saying it would "serve the American economy and reflect the American dream." That dream, however, seems to be lost in a cloud of political milieu.

Ms. Jackson if you're nasty
It is with great pain I write about Janet Jackson's Super Bowl fiasco. But writing about it may be like healing the wound she's inflicted. If you're reading this, you know what happened on Super Bowl Sunday. At the very end of the halftime show, produced by MTV, Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake were in the midst of performing Timberlake's song "Rock My Body" or "Rock Your Body" or "Rock A Body" or something like that.

A comic strip by Tony Carrillo

A comic strip by Joe Bowen

Talking Heads
A comic strip by Alexander Karlsson

Haiku Circus
A comic strip by Ken Sakamoto.

Sign on the dotted line
Remember in the movie Wayne's World when Wayne and his cohorts manage to get his girlfriend's band, Crucial Taunt, to play for a record executive in hopes of getting them signed and becoming rich and famous? Millions of people dream of scoring that phenomenal record deal that will change their lives, but only a handful get signed to major labels and even less make any money.

Lacrosse:Team readies for opener against top-ranked Colorado State
The ASU men's lacrosse team opens their season Saturday at 7:00 p.m., dealing with both the high expectations of a new season and a highly ranked opponent, Colorado State University.

The Colorado State Rams are the defending Intercollegiate Associates Men's Division National Champions.

Men hoops get destroyed by Stanford, 81-51
STANFORD, Calif. - In a game just as one-sided as the academic standards between ASU and Stanford, Sun Devils sophomore forward Ike Diogu couldn't do much more than fling his arms in the air and sigh.

Diogu's reaction to an offensive foul late in the first half Thursday night epitomized the frustration felt by the ASU men's basketball team, which was routed by No.

Women hoops hunt Bears
It wasn't important how the ASU women's basketball team started its game on Thursday night; it was how it finished.

After a slow start, the Sun Devils used a combination of good shooting and stellar defense to blow out California, 62-43. The Golden Bears' 43 points were the fewest ASU has allowed an opponent to score this season.

Devil Dish: 'Miracle' sets movie standard
There have been plenty of sports movies over the years. Unfortunately, many of them have fallen far below my expectations. Most sports movies either take a comedic route and make a complete mockery of the game they portray, or they are based on totally fictional teams or players.

Men's tennis looks to ace difficult season ahead
With four new faces, many may think the ASU men's tennis team intends to rebuild this season.

However, when one of the new players - junior Andy Colombo - is a former NCAA doubles champion, and another, freshman Chris Biro, was ranked among the top-five players in Australia as an 18-year-old, the team's expectations remain high.

Baseball to take on No. 22 FSU
This weekend promises to be a trial-by-fire for head coach Pat Murphy's young ASU baseball club.

Starting tonight, the 18th-ranked Sun Devils face off against No. 22 Florida State in a three-game series at Packard Stadium in the team's first competition of the 2004 season.

Softball set for busy weekend
The ASU softball team returns to action today as they host Kansas and Northwestern in the Arizona State Triangular at Farrington Stadium.

The No. 19 Sun Devils (3-0) head into the Triangular with three games under their belt, while the tournament will mark the season-opener for both the Jayhawks and the Wildcats.

ASU wrestling faces brutal travel schedule
The Grateful Dead was the most successful and durable touring band in rock-and-roll history, often traveling from city to city on very little rest. But one group will rival the band's tenacity this weekend - the ASU wrestling team. The Sun Devils face their toughest road trip of the year.

Gymnasts return home to face Oregon State
The ASU gymnastics team has not tallied the scores that head coach John Spini had hoped for so far this season.

But the Sun Devils believe their ills will be gone by the time they step on the floor tonight in a dual meet against Oregon State. ASU (4-2, 1-2 Pac-10) had been hit with a barrage of injuries through their initial three meets this season.

Lemieux visits Ice Devils
After an impressive win against UA on Saturday, the ASU ice hockey team got a visit from an equally impressive guest during practice Wednesday at Oceanside Ice Arena.

Former NHL forward Claude Lemieux skated with the team and gave the type of insight that 20 years of NHL experience with five different teams can bring to the table.

Face in the Crowd: Things to do in Tempe when the sports world is dead
Well kids, the Super Bowl defied tradition this year and actually gave us a super game. But now that the big game is history, what do we do with our lives? That's where your old pal Nick comes in, folks. From now until March Madness, as Andy Dufresne would say, "the pickins are pretty slim in the yard.

Upper Deck Blues: Wildcats, All-Stars, Tigers
"Liars!" "Cheats!" "Plagiarizers!" That's all I could think while reading the Daily Wildcat and assistant sports editor Shane Dale's article "Anatomy of a Cats-Devils matchup." The article is laid out on a minute-by-minute basis sort of like Web Devil sports columnist Nick Kramer's "Running diary from ASU vs. UA men's basketball" column that ran over a week before Shane's.

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