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Mayoral candidates face off at forums
City council and mayoral candidates for the City of Tempe addressed community concerns and their plans for the city's future in two forums Monday. Among the more heavily discussed topics were the Arizona Biodesign Institute and the proposed construction of approximately 10,000 units of student housing.

ASASU touts fees to improve MU, SRC
Students should support fees for improvements to the Memorial Union and Student Recreation Complex, two ASASU representatives said at a student tuition forum Monday night.

The forum was held to gauge student opinion about tuition and fee increases. Undergraduate Student Government President Brandon Goad said even if students do not approve the MU and SRC fees, they would pay the $40 in the fall of 2004 anyway. Instead of going toward the MU and SRC, the money would be tacked on to tuition, he said.

Police Beat:Caught in the act
Tempe police reported the following incidents Monday: A 24-year-old Phoenix man was arrested on charges of assault and domestic violence near the 100 block of West University Drive after he punched his brother-in-law in the face, causing injury to his right eye.

Crow recommends $335 increase
ASU President Michael Crow recommended a $335 tuition increase for in-state undergraduates, and a $670 tuition increase for nonresident undergraduates, to the Arizona Board of Regents on Monday.

Crow's proposal is about a third of the $1,000 increase approved last year by the board, and less than the increases recommended by the presidents of NAU and UA.

Kucinich to students: War has been 'sad chapter' for U.S.
Ohio Rep. Dennis Kucinich denounced President George W. Bush's policies concerning Iraq on Monday, in the second visit from a Democratic presidential candidate to ASU in four months.

Kucinich climbed out of a silver mini-van at University Drive and College Avenue at noon and, with a band of about 35 supporters, walked down Cady Mall, through the Memorial Union and on toward the Student Services Building.

'Triplets of Belleville': French animation dazzles, puzzles audiences
At some point, people realize words are a small facet of communication. They are sprinkles of detail dashed onto an entree of facial expressions and gestures. Humans, to some extent, have a common body language and know the seasons of the eyes. Transcending the confines of the tongue, Sylvain Chomet's The Triplets of Belleville speaks in smiles, stomps, whistle blows and muted teacher-from-Snoopy-ish honks.

'Mario Kart' continues to impress
Road rage just became a team sport. So put away your car keys, pick up a joystick, and leave the Arizona streets to the snowbirds, it's time to engage in some therapeutic road rage. Mario Kart: Double Dash!! is the long awaited sequel to the 1992 release of Super Mario Kart and the 1998 release of Mario Kart 64.

Preview: 'Jet Li: Rise of Honor' falls
I am not one to harp on a fighting game, but the demo I played of Jet Li: Rise to Honor for the PS2 needs quite a bit of work before it hits store shelves. The levels, characters, and the life-like look of Jet Li were astonishing but it always turns out to be the controls.

'The Big Bounce' to the rental shelf, late night TV
Elmore Leonard is usually a sure thing at the movies. His deliciously sneaky and sly style of writing novels makes for equally clever movies like Get Shorty and Out of Sight. Although he may have had some slower periods in his life, a bit of a writer's block, his books always entertain, as do most of the movies that are made from them.

Five to Nine: Motaba's twisted identities
"How does that look?" James Henning asks as the final touches of his face paint are put on. He is the lead singer and keyboardist of the band Motaba - and probably it's strangest member. Tonight he has painted dark circles around his eyes and mouth, his hair is in two braids, and he has hair extensions in an area that probably shouldn't be mentioned.

Dives come alive
You might not see them. You might not know they exist. But they are there, lurking on the neighborhood streets of Tempe, below the radar of the mainstream and loving every low-brow minute of it.

Punk funk: Punk rock karaoke
Remember those bands that first made you fall in love with music? You idolized their musical prowess, their ability to stay true to the scene and perhaps their luck with the opposite sex. Can you still picture yourself, sitting in your bedroom, playing along with one of their albums and imagining yourself on stage with that band? The members of local band Last Action Zeros can help you live out that fantasy Wednesday at the Mason Jar when Punk Rock Karaoke invades the valley.

Open wide and say, 'Ahhhh': Desert Stages Theatre
Some places, like some people, are destined for bigger things. This is the case with a dental office in the Park Scottsdale Shopping Center. Located on the corner of McDonald Drive and Granite Reef Road, the office closed its doors in 1995 to upgrade, but when it reopened in August of the same year, the dental office had indeed been transformed into something bigger. Arizona Desert Stages Theater opened as a little monument of culture and a practice ground for ASU theatre students, in an otherwise barren retail graveyard on the outskirts of central/east Scottsdale.

Life sentence: 'Exonerated' won't make you think
Some plays are entertaining. Others are informative. But truly meaningful theatre, theatre that is worthy of calling itself "art" must do more than this: it must make you think. The Exonerated thinks the death penalty is wrong. The Exonerated does not, however, make you think. It talks at you, patronizes you, yells and preaches to you. It is a work that seems better suited to the pulpit than the stage.

Don't I Know You? Hey, remember the '80s?
On a campus where roughly 40,000 people trot around daily, it takes a lot to stand out. Blonde hair, a Von Dutch trucker hat and Seven jeans, won't set you apart from the thousands of others who have the same "cookie-cutter" image.

However, gold stiletto boots, dangly Chanel earrings, a polka-dotted skirt and an '80s-inspired, side ponytail will surely beckon a handful of glances.

In the raw: Rawsome! Café
In a world of obesity, heart disease and other health problems, a score of trendy diets keep popping up to reverse the doings of bad eating habits. A "low-carb" buzz has sprung up with the Atkins diet, the Zone and the South Beach diet. With their "fad-diet" connotations it's almost unfair to throw the raw food diet into the mix, but the regimen is another way people have been trying to lose weight and get healthy.

Dump it: Waist not, want not
They've all got it this season, Moschino, Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors and Ralph Lauren. Yes, I'm afraid it's official; tapered leg jeans are back. You know the cut. Trust me, you've all had one of these horrendous jeans in your closet and chances are you wore them ... willingly!

Eat It: Sabuddy offers pita paradise
When it comes to eateries in Tempe, I always operate according to the Inverse Law of Mall Dining Proportions: if the exterior of a restaurant is unassuming, bland or impersonal, the food inside will be authentic, inexpensive and genuinely good. If a restaurant has palm trees, waterfalls or Plexiglas animals out front, like Abuelo's or the Rainforest Café, the food will be bad and overpriced.

Atta Bui: Hit me
While most people treasure family traditions such as having dad carve the turkey on Thanksgiving Day or keeping the Christmas tree up until New Year's Eve, my family enjoys a less orthodox custom: gambling. Every Chinese New Year, we sit in a circle on the floor of my aunt's living room and play blackjack or bingo until the all the change from our purses or wallets disappears.

'Chocolate Factory' no good for NAACP image
R & B legend R. Kelly, accused of 21 counts of child pornography, has been nominated for an award. It's not from Pete Townsend, the Catholic Church or Michael Jackson. It's from the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. It's the Image Award, an honor bestowed on "those who strive for the portrayal of positive images and meaningful opportunities for African-Americans in motion pictures, television, literature and recording.

Talk Back: Love/hate for 'Talking Heads'
"Hey, man, don't get rid of 'Talking Heads.' Love that cartoon. It's like the coolest cartoon in the world. Well, maybe not as good as 'W.M.U.' or 'F-Minus,' but pretty close. Keep it."

Editorial:Don't hate the t-hike
When we heard the news that Michael Crow was proposing a $335 tuition increase for next year, we were like, "Oh, no he didn't!" See, we at The State Press have no love for tuition increases. In fact, we downright despise them. If we saw a tuition increase walking down the street, we would jack it in the face and take its wallet.

Georgia schools de-evolve
Forget your liberal notions of public education. Throw aside your lofty ideals of school as a place to discuss theories and debate controversial issues. Learning to think is so last year. Welcome to the state of Georgia, 2004. Following in the footsteps of such revolutionary states as Kansas, Arkansas, Alabama, and Mississippi, Georgia's state Board of Education has decided to obliterate the words 'evolution' and 'long' (as in 'long history of the earth') from the revised state science curriculum guidelines.

In this primary, it's all Sharpton
The anxiety that has held me in a tight ball of nerves for months is finally coming to a close today, as any political prowess I assumed to have will surely manifest itself sometime before my country-western dance class tonight. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, the Arizona Democratic primary.

Mallrants: Democratic Presidential Race
Students in front of the MU rant about who they think will win the Democratic Presidential nomination.

A comic strip by Tony Carrillo

A comic strip by Joe Bowen

Talking Heads
A comic strip by Alexander Karlsson

Haiku Circus
A comic strip by Ken Sakamoto.

Getting out the college vote
Democrats across the state are flocking to the polls today to voice their opinions on who they would like to see run against the president in November. This will be the first presidential primary most undergraduate ASU students will be eligible to take part in.

Ante up: Illegal gambling by ASU Students
Michael, a clean-cut, 22-year-old business student, is watching the New Orleans Saints trounce the Atlanta Falcons on a big-screen TV in his home. "Lost that one," he says in a casual tone. According to, where he checks odds, the Saints weren't supposed to win by quite so much.

Diogu reaches 1,000 points
While the ASU men's basketball team's weekend trip to Washington was as dark and dreary as the weather in the Pacific Northwest, one bright spot glowed through the gloom, at least from an individual standpoint.

Sophomore sensation Ike Diogu scored his 1,000th-career point on Saturday during a 90-81 loss to Washington. The milestone put the 6-foot-8 forward in exclusive company -- Diogu is just the 29th player to join the club.

Loney wins Pac-10 player of the week
While the ASU men's basketball team's weekend trip to Washington was as dark and dreary as the weather in the Pacific Northwest, one bright spot glowed through the gloom, at least from an individual standpoint. Sophomore sensation Ike Diogu scored his 1,000th-career point on Saturday during a 90-81 loss to Washington.

Rugby gets crushed by California
From the very beginning of the match, the difference between the ASU rugby team and the squad that California fielded was as obvious as a Chevy Nova parked next to a Hummer. The Golden Bears - considered the New York Yankees of collegiate rugby and winners of 19 of the last 22 National Championships - were standing in the center of the field.

Devil Dish:Pudge hauls off to motor city
"Hey Ivan Rodriguez, you just won the World Series. What are you going to do now?" "I'm going to sign with the Detroit Tigers!" That's right, Pudge said heck with Disney World -- and the Florida Marlins -- and decided to head towards the Motor City. And who can blame Pudge? The Marlins were only going to give him a two-year, $18 million contract.

Baseball Preview: Golden Bears mix veterans. newcomers
Editor's note: The following is the seventh in a series of eight articles previewing the baseball teams in the Pac-10. After two years stuck in the middle of the Pac-10 and out of postseason competition, the California baseball team heads into the 2004 season as the most experienced squad in the Pac-10.

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