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Bill would keep bars open later
A bill introduced Thursday in the Arizona Legislature might allow ASU students to spend an extra hour at their favorite bars. If passed, the bill would extend Arizona's last call from 1 a.m. to 2 a.m. It could add an additional $55 million to the state economy, according to lawmakers.

Thousands celebrate Muslim holiday
Rhythmic Arabic chants and colorful ethnic clothing flooded Sun Angel Stadium Sunday when thousands of Muslims gathered in celebration of the second largest Islamic holiday of the year.

Between 8,000 and 10,000 Muslims turned out for the mass prayer, a celebration of Eid ul-Adha. The holiday marks the end of the pilgrimage to Mecca, said Ibrahim Emran, a master of business administration student and prayer event coordinator.

Citizens celebrate first diversity festival at park
Nearly 1,000 residents from seven Valley cities walked together Saturday morning to honor the work of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Citizens and community leaders from Chandler, Gilbert, Guadalupe, Mesa, Scottsdale, Tempe and Queen Creek met in four designated areas around Tempe and marched to Tempe Beach Park as part of the first Unity Walk and Diversity Festival.

Professor was intellectually courageous
Friends and colleagues of Larry Smeltzer, a professor in the W. P. Carey School of Business, said he was an intellectually courageous and curious man. Smeltzer died Jan. 26 of natural causes. He was 57.

Smeltzer joined ASU in 1986 and taught business communications. Two years later, he became the chairman of the department of General Business, later renamed Supply Chain Management.

Students to ASA: Give me my money
ASU students want their dollar back from the Arizona Students' Association, and this semester, getting a refund is easier than ever.

Until Feb. 10, all Arizona students can request a refund from ASA via a Web site, set up by Brian Collier, president of the Graduate and Professional Student Association.

Students raising money to fight cancer
An ASU sophomore is fighting cancer one student, and one dollar at a time. Mechanical engineering sophomore Steve Patterson is trying to raise thousands of dollars to fight cancer by joining a 5.5-mile walk up South Mountain in Phoenix. The biggest hitch in his plans is the lack of student support.

'The Big Bounce' to the rental shelf, late night TV
Elmore Leonard is usually a sure thing at the movies. His deliciously sneaky and sly style of writing novels makes for equally clever movies like Get Shorty and Out of Sight. Although he may have had some slower periods in his life, a bit of a writer's block, his books always entertain, as do most of the movies that are made from them.

Preview: 'Jet Li: Rise of Honor' falls
I am not one to harp on a fighting game, but the demo I played of Jet Li: Rise to Honor for the PS2 needs quite a bit of work before it hits store shelves. The levels, characters, and the life-like look of Jet Li were astonishing but it always turns out to be the controls.

Five to Nine: Motaba's twisted identities
"How does that look?" James Henning asks as the final touches of his face paint are put on. He is the lead singer and keyboardist of the band Motaba - and probably it's strangest member. Tonight he has painted dark circles around his eyes and mouth, his hair is in two braids, and he has hair extensions in an area that probably shouldn't be mentioned.

Dives come alive
You might not see them. You might not know they exist. But they are there, lurking on the neighborhood streets of Tempe, below the radar of the mainstream and loving every low-brow minute of it.

Punk funk: Punk rock karaoke
Remember those bands that first made you fall in love with music? You idolized their musical prowess, their ability to stay true to the scene and perhaps their luck with the opposite sex. Can you still picture yourself, sitting in your bedroom, playing along with one of their albums and imagining yourself on stage with that band? The members of local band Last Action Zeros can help you live out that fantasy Wednesday at the Mason Jar when Punk Rock Karaoke invades the valley.

Open wide and say, 'Ahhhh': Desert Stages Theatre
Some places, like some people, are destined for bigger things. This is the case with a dental office in the Park Scottsdale Shopping Center. Located on the corner of McDonald Drive and Granite Reef Road, the office closed its doors in 1995 to upgrade, but when it reopened in August of the same year, the dental office had indeed been transformed into something bigger. Arizona Desert Stages Theater opened as a little monument of culture and a practice ground for ASU theatre students, in an otherwise barren retail graveyard on the outskirts of central/east Scottsdale.

Life sentence: 'Exonerated' won't make you think
Some plays are entertaining. Others are informative. But truly meaningful theatre, theatre that is worthy of calling itself "art" must do more than this: it must make you think. The Exonerated thinks the death penalty is wrong. The Exonerated does not, however, make you think. It talks at you, patronizes you, yells and preaches to you. It is a work that seems better suited to the pulpit than the stage.

Don't I Know You? Hey, remember the '80s?
On a campus where roughly 40,000 people trot around daily, it takes a lot to stand out. Blonde hair, a Von Dutch trucker hat and Seven jeans, won't set you apart from the thousands of others who have the same "cookie-cutter" image.

However, gold stiletto boots, dangly Chanel earrings, a polka-dotted skirt and an '80s-inspired, side ponytail will surely beckon a handful of glances.

In the raw: Rawsome! Café
In a world of obesity, heart disease and other health problems, a score of trendy diets keep popping up to reverse the doings of bad eating habits. A "low-carb" buzz has sprung up with the Atkins diet, the Zone and the South Beach diet. With their "fad-diet" connotations it's almost unfair to throw the raw food diet into the mix, but the regimen is another way people have been trying to lose weight and get healthy.

Dump it: Waist not, want not
They've all got it this season, Moschino, Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors and Ralph Lauren. Yes, I'm afraid it's official; tapered leg jeans are back. You know the cut. Trust me, you've all had one of these horrendous jeans in your closet and chances are you wore them ... willingly!

Eat It: Sabuddy offers pita paradise
When it comes to eateries in Tempe, I always operate according to the Inverse Law of Mall Dining Proportions: if the exterior of a restaurant is unassuming, bland or impersonal, the food inside will be authentic, inexpensive and genuinely good. If a restaurant has palm trees, waterfalls or Plexiglas animals out front, like Abuelo's or the Rainforest Café, the food will be bad and overpriced.

Atta Bui: Hit me
While most people treasure family traditions such as having dad carve the turkey on Thanksgiving Day or keeping the Christmas tree up until New Year's Eve, my family enjoys a less orthodox custom: gambling. Every Chinese New Year, we sit in a circle on the floor of my aunt's living room and play blackjack or bingo until the all the change from our purses or wallets disappears.

Editorial: Later last calls make states safer
In a college town like Tempe, the words "longer bar hours" are music to most everyone's ears. On Thursday, some Arizona legislators took the first steps to make sure that those same words rang throughout the state. Those legislators wanted longer bar hours for Flagstaff and Mesa and Phoenix and Prescott and Scottsdale and Tempe and Tucson.

Rethinking reconstruction
How does a country reconstruct itself? Initially the government sends in federal troops to liberate the people from slavery and punish the oppressors. When the troops and contractors try to rebuild the weak infrastructure, insurgents unleash their arsenal of weapons -- the pit bulls of their anger -- on the occupiers and on ethnically dissimilar neighbors.

Evolution too slow for galactic America
Maybe Darwin's time in the spotlight is about to come to an end. Last week, Georgia Public Schools Superintendent Kathy Cox proposed amending state education policy so that the word "evolution" will be replaced in its curriculum with the phrase "biological change over time.

Letters to the Editor: Evidence of progress, Hometowns erased
Jan. 30, The State Press had an article, "Segregation, sexism, still thrive" by Rosie Cisneros, that is a chart topper in irrationality. Her claim that our society is not progressive is an obvious misnomer. The study by Gary Orfield of Harvard used to back up that opinion is something that must be questioned because I know I haven't seen any white-only drinking fountains, and affirmative action has been in place for years, which is obvious progression.

Mallrants: Democratic Presidential Race
Students in front of the MU rant about who they think will win the Democratic Presidential nomination.

A comic strip by Joe Bowen.

Talking Heads
A comic strip by Alexander Karlsson.

Haiku Circus
A comic strip by Ken Sakamoto.

Ante up: Illegal gambling by ASU Students
Michael, a clean-cut, 22-year-old business student, is watching the New Orleans Saints trounce the Atlanta Falcons on a big-screen TV in his home. "Lost that one," he says in a casual tone. According to, where he checks odds, the Saints weren't supposed to win by quite so much.

Postcards from London: Politics, culture in Piccadilly Circus
We may speak the same language, but stop right there. The United States and England are two very different places. As I stroll through bustling Piccadilly Circus, a London hotspot, my ears buzz with a plethora of exotic languages from the four corners of the world.

Devil Dish: All day hockey in Glendale
On Saturday, there was a great package deal at Glendale Arena. For $25, you could get a ticket to the Coyotes' game against the Dallas Stars and admission to the ASU-UA matchup in the afternoon.

W Hoops: Devils burn Wildcats early on
After suffering a disappointing loss to UA a month ago, the ASU women's basketball team vowed that it would not play another subpar game against its rivals when the two teams met again. Junior guard Kylan Loney made sure the Sun Devils kept their word. Loney scored a career-high 32 points to lead the Sun Devils (13-6, 7-3 Pac-10) to a 68-60 victory over the Wildcats on Saturday night at Wells Fargo Arena.

Loney gets career-high 32
Kylan Loney may pride herself on being a defensive gem, but if it weren't for a sharp-shooting performance by the junior point guard, the ASU women's basketball team likely would not have come away with an inspiring victory over its intrastate rival. During a 68-60 win over UA on Saturday night, Loney set a career-high in scoring as she dropped 32 points on the Wildcats.

Men's hoops fall to Washington on road
SEATTLE -- That gigantic thud heard across the Pacific Northwest on Saturday wasn't an elevator returning to the ground floor from the top of the Space Needle. It was the ASU men's basketball team hitting rock bottom. The Sun Devils brought ample effort, but couldn't recover from a horrid start, and dropped a 90-81 decision to Washington before 7,091 at Edmundson Pavilion.

Ice Devils edge UA at new Glendale Arena
In a game that lasted 60 minutes, it took just a few seconds for the ASU ice hockey team to secure a win against intrastate rival UA at the new Glendale Arena, 3-1. After an opening two periods that saw the No. 12 Ice Devils (12-12-3) look sluggish and out-of-place inside the spacious NHL arena, a quick barrage of shots at Ice Cats' goalie Brian Aronchick left ASU with two goals in a 15-second span.

Softball sweeps opening series
The ASU softball team used durable starting pitching and solid defense to sweep Stephen F. Austin, 3-0, in its opening series of the 2004 season. The Sun Devils were propelled by pitchers Ashley Werschky, Desiree Serrano and Bre DeSanta -- all of whom went the distance in their starts.

Wrestling hangs tough in Nebraska loss
The No. 16 Arizona State wrestling team split a pair of dual meets at Wells Fargo Arena over the weekend, as they hosted No. 4 Nebraska and Pac-10 rival Oregon. On Friday, the Sun Devils (8-6, 4-0 Pac-10) sought revenge for a 37-(-1) thumping that Nebraska handed them at the Virginia Duals on Jan.

Gymnasts take second in L.A.
Unlike the Super Bowl, the ASU gymnastics team's triangle meet on Sunday was not very close. The Sun Devils found themselves in competition with a juggernaut in the form of defending National Champion UCLA as well as pushover Cal State Fullerton. And predictably, they came in second place.

Women's tennis takes two matches
The ASU women's tennis team started the season strong, defeating Pacific and Indiana over the weekend to begin their season with a record of 2-0. In the team's opener against Pacific on Friday, the Sun Devils dropped just one set overall, and cruised to a 7-0 victory.

Track beats UA, NAU
It was business as usual for the ASU track and field teams this weekend, with the Sun Devils sweeping NAU and UA in the Double Dual in Flagstaff. ASU has now won the intrastate event two years in a row. Three Sun Devils won in multiple events. Junior Jason Barton won the 400m dash for the second week in a row, and notched a new school record (45.

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