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Police Beat: How to drill a hole with your girlfriend
A 24-year-old Tempe man was arrested on charges of misdemeanor assault and domestic violence near the 0 block of West Carter. He allegedly shoved his live-in girlfriend backwards into a wall, creating a three-by-four-foot hole.

Breakfast honors Suns' KJ, student
ASU honored a former NBA player, a west campus student and 28 schoolchildren at a breakfast celebrating the vision of Martin Luther King Jr. on Wednesday.

The event featured winners of the MLK 2004 Servant-Leadership Awards and local children who won a poster-essay contest.

Development Plan would turn campus into mini-city
Fewer parking structures and more on-campus housing may be the solution to traffic congestion surrounding ASU, designers of the University's Comprehensive Development Plan said during a community forum Wednesday.

The plan is a part of President Michael Crow's vision of the "New American University." According to the plan, ASU's main campus will be transformed into a research-based university with more graduate students, said Steve Nielsen, director of planning.

Atta Bui: Hit me
While most people treasure family traditions such as having dad carve the turkey on Thanksgiving Day or keeping the Christmas tree up until New Year's Eve, my family enjoys a less orthodox custom: gambling. Every Chinese New Year, we sit in a circle on the floor of my aunt's living room and play blackjack or bingo until the all the change from our purses or wallets disappears.

Eat It: Sabuddy offers pita paradise
When it comes to eateries in Tempe, I always operate according to the Inverse Law of Mall Dining Proportions: if the exterior of a restaurant is unassuming, bland or impersonal, the food inside will be authentic, inexpensive and genuinely good. If a restaurant has palm trees, waterfalls or Plexiglas animals out front, like Abuelo's or the Rainforest Café, the food will be bad and overpriced.

Dump it: Waist not, want not
They've all got it this season, Moschino, Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors and Ralph Lauren. Yes, I'm afraid it's official; tapered leg jeans are back. You know the cut. Trust me, you've all had one of these horrendous jeans in your closet and chances are you wore them ... willingly!

In the raw: Rawsome! Café
In a world of obesity, heart disease and other health problems, a score of trendy diets keep popping up to reverse the doings of bad eating habits. A "low-carb" buzz has sprung up with the Atkins diet, the Zone and the South Beach diet. With their "fad-diet" connotations it's almost unfair to throw the raw food diet into the mix, but the regimen is another way people have been trying to lose weight and get healthy.

Don't I Know You? Hey, remember the '80s?
On a campus where roughly 40,000 people trot around daily, it takes a lot to stand out. Blonde hair, a Von Dutch trucker hat and Seven jeans, won't set you apart from the thousands of others who have the same "cookie-cutter" image.

However, gold stiletto boots, dangly Chanel earrings, a polka-dotted skirt and an '80s-inspired, side ponytail will surely beckon a handful of glances.

Life sentence: 'Exonerated' won't make you think
Some plays are entertaining. Others are informative. But truly meaningful theatre, theatre that is worthy of calling itself "art" must do more than this: it must make you think. The Exonerated thinks the death penalty is wrong. The Exonerated does not, however, make you think. It talks at you, patronizes you, yells and preaches to you. It is a work that seems better suited to the pulpit than the stage.

Open wide and say, 'Ahhhh': Desert Stages Theatre
Some places, like some people, are destined for bigger things. This is the case with a dental office in the Park Scottsdale Shopping Center. Located on the corner of McDonald Drive and Granite Reef Road, the office closed its doors in 1995 to upgrade, but when it reopened in August of the same year, the dental office had indeed been transformed into something bigger. Arizona Desert Stages Theater opened as a little monument of culture and a practice ground for ASU theatre students, in an otherwise barren retail graveyard on the outskirts of central/east Scottsdale.

Dives come alive
You might not see them. You might not know they exist. But they are there, lurking on the neighborhood streets of Tempe, below the radar of the mainstream and loving every low-brow minute of it.

Artists, students paint to create culture
Eclectic T-shirts stood out on an otherwise gray day Wednesday as ASU students joined three San Francisco artists to create several brightly colored collaborative works.

Sean Nash, Daniel Sanchez and Joaquín Newman, three artists who work with the Oakland Museum of California, laid down the foundation of the paintings.

Punk funk: Punk rock karaoke
Remember those bands that first made you fall in love with music? You idolized their musical prowess, their ability to stay true to the scene and perhaps their luck with the opposite sex. Can you still picture yourself, sitting in your bedroom, playing along with one of their albums and imagining yourself on stage with that band? The members of local band Last Action Zeros can help you live out that fantasy Wednesday at the Mason Jar when Punk Rock Karaoke invades the valley.

Five to Nine: Motaba's twisted identities
"How does that look?" James Henning asks as the final touches of his face paint are put on. He is the lead singer and keyboardist of the band Motaba - and probably it's strangest member. Tonight he has painted dark circles around his eyes and mouth, his hair is in two braids, and he has hair extensions in an area that probably shouldn't be mentioned.

Review: 'Miracle' shows great hockey action, little fuss
Miracle, a fast-paced, hardly dramatic, no-need-for-Oscar-performances kind of movie, does what it is intended to do: entertain the audience with two hours of laughs and cheers, but not one single tear.

Review: 'Dennis Miller' sarcasm slides too far to right
In a mix of politics and comedy, Dennis Millers attempts to resurrect himself yet again as a satirical, smart allecky comedian with a political agenda. His platform: CNBC's "Dennis Miller." (M-F, 9-10 p.m. ET/PT).

Review: 'Monster' showcases oscar-worthy performance
The Academy Award nominations were announced on Tuesday. In the Best Actress category, one name stands out like a sore thumb: Charlize Theron. Previously known for her work in movies like The Italian Job and The Cider House Rules, Theron makes her mark in a little movie called Monster.

Films of 2003: 'Rings' is king, 'Gigli' still a disaster
For the most part, 2003 was exactly the same as every year at the movies. The better part of 12 months brought us nothing special, in particular. Every once in a while, there was a nugget of hope or a hidden surprise. These were found primarily in comedies such as Elf, School of Rock and Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl.

Review: 'Seinfeld' co-creator strikes gold with 'Enthusiasm'
For those of you who aren't lucky enough to get HBO, including all of those in the dorms and some of you at home, I can only hope to capture the brilliance of "Curb Your Enthusiasm" in this review. The show is one of the funniest comedies to ever grace a television screen.

Tempe moves along in Wong direction
A festive all-day concert held behind Long Wong's on Mill Avenue will mark the heartbreaking end of a magical era in Tempe that has been crumbling brick by brick for years. It ain't pretty or fancy - it's cramped, and the faint smell of an unfixable sewage problem brought on by the construction of the neighboring building hits your nose when you walk in the door.

Everybody get your vote on
It's really a rite of passage. It asserts your independence, makes you feel like a grown-up, in control, and if the outcome is successful, like a total bad ass. No, I'm not talking about having sex. I'm talking about voting.

Editorial: Don't give up the fight, underdogs
"C'mon. Everybody's doing it." If you think the plague of peer pressure disappeared from your life when you finished junior high, think again. Jumping on the bandwagon isn't reserved for deciding whether to smoke that cigarette or play hooky from gym.

The politics of body slamming
You know how the saying goes: "I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend, to the death, your right to - HOLY CRAP LOOK OUT HERE COMES AL FRANKEN!" Al Franken - comedian, writer, "that Stuart Smalley guy" - actually body slammed a heckler at a Dean rally on Monday.

Mallrants: Democratic Presidential Race
Students in front of the MU rant about who they think will win the Democratic Presidential nomination.

Haiku Circus
A comic strip by Ken Sakamoto.

Ante up: Illegal gambling by ASU Students
Michael, a clean-cut, 22-year-old business student, is watching the New Orleans Saints trounce the Atlanta Falcons on a big-screen TV in his home. "Lost that one," he says in a casual tone. According to, where he checks odds, the Saints weren't supposed to win by quite so much.

Review: City Lite Buffet gives more for price of 1
After walking through the doors of City Lite Buffet, your whole

aroma and feeling changes. Softly played music and colorful tables help

brighten up your lunch or dinner. City Lite Buffet is conveniently

located within a mile of Arizona State in the Walgreens shopping

center on the crosses of Mill and Broadway.

This week: Much ado about a yelp
Presidential hopeful Howard Dean's yelping noise was the big national story from last week. Give me a break. I refuse to completely give in to the feeding frenzy of criticism about that noise. Instead, I'll just make a joke about it.

M Hoops: Bennett brings methodical style to Wash. St.
Patience, it has been said, is a virtue. The ASU men's basketball team will have to embrace this thought tonight when they travel to Pullman, Wash., to take on the deliberate Dick Bennett and Washington State.

W Hoops: Return of the 'incredible leader'
Torn anterior cruciate ligament. The phrase is among the most devastating four words an athlete can hear. A torn ACL can end an athlete's career and cause permanent disability to the knee. On the ASU women's basketball team's second day of practice prior to the 2002-2003 season, junior forward Betsy Boardman went up for a lay-up and bumped knees with a teammate.

Softball looks to up Pac-10 record
In a preseason coaches' poll, the ASU softball team was projected to finish sixth in the Pac-10 this season. Ordinarily, sixth-place teams aren't very competitive, but in the Pac-10, a sixth-place finish almost guarantees a berth in the NCAA Tournament.

Devil Dish: Hoping Majerus continues leading fruitful life
It's a sad day in college basketball with the news that Rick Majerus has been hospitalized and will no longer be coaching at Utah after this season. While I have never had a chance to interview Majerus, all the people I have spoken to tell me great things of him - both as a coach and as a person.

Face in the Crowd: Making a difference in the student section
Being a basketball fan at a Pac-10 school not named Arizona, UCLA, or Stanford can be frustrating. Traditionally, this conference does not have a history of basketball rivalries or strong programs, with the exception of the schools listed above. And when I say history, I'm looking right at you, UCLA.

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