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South campus plan touted
Property on the south side of ASU's main campus could soon be revamped to the tune of $600 million.

ASU President Michael Crow opened discussion Friday on the South Campus District Plan, a project that would redevelop 85 acres near Apache Boulevard and Rural Road.

ABOR: Regents give approval for biotech project
A new biotechnology endeavor between all three Arizona universities and the city of Phoenix was approved by the Arizona Board of Regents on Friday. The move will develop the Arizona Biomedical Collaborative, a partnership between ASU, NAU and UA to expand their healthcare education and biomedical research programs.

Board questions fees
The Arizona Board of Regents voiced concern Friday about increasing student fees to pay for improvements to the Memorial Union and Student Recreation Complex.

Student government leaders Brian Collier and Brandon Goad argued for MU and SRC improvements to create a better campus environment.

ASU's purchase of apartments delayed
ASU's plans to purchase a Tempe apartment complex and convert it into housing for upperclassmen were derailed when the property's owner filed for bankruptcy.

Gary Gilbar, the complex's owner, filed for bankruptcy Tuesday, interrupting the University's plan to purchase the apartments for $5 million.

'Opportunity' on Mars
The signal that confirmed the newest Mars rover had landed safely took 11 minutes to reach Earth.

During that time, ASU scientists involved in the University's Mars exploration program waited for the confirmation outside the Moeur Building. At 10:05 p.m., Saturday, cheers erupted from the crowd.

Student group wants Arizonans out of draft
An ASU club is fighting to keep Arizonans out of future drafts into the armed services. Advocates of Liberty, a Libertarian club, recently filed a proposal with the Arizona Secretary of State. It demands the right to refuse the draft and calls for an end to involuntary military registration for all Arizona residents.

Accurate Pap test not needed as often
ASU health officials announced that women should only need to have one Pap test every two years instead of annually. The policy change resulted from recently published guidelines on screening for cervical cancer by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, which prompted Student Health and Wellness to review its policy.

Police Beat: A walking crackhouse
A 48-year-old Phoenix man was arrested on a charge of possession of drug paraphernalia after a search revealed that he and his passenger had a crack pipe, a spoon, three used syringes and one new syringe.

Review: 'Elephant' paints stark portrait of school shootings
I've never seen violence in 33 mm before. Usually, viewers witness the pulsation of the guns as if they were more important than the action itself. But Elephant, the crisp picture gazes into the listless eyes of Columbine-eque killers.

Films of 2003: 'Rings' is king, 'Gigli' still a disaster
For the most part, 2003 was exactly the same as every year at the movies. The better part of 12 months brought us nothing special, in particular. Every once in a while, there was a nugget of hope or a hidden surprise. These were found primarily in comedies such as Elf, School of Rock and Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl.

Review: 'Seinfeld' co-creator strikes gold with 'Enthusiasm'
For those of you who aren't lucky enough to get HBO, including all of those in the dorms and some of you at home, I can only hope to capture the brilliance of "Curb Your Enthusiasm" in this review. The show is one of the funniest comedies to ever grace a television screen.

Review: 'Butterfly Effect' flighty
If you could go back into your past and change one thing, what would it be? Everyone has some moment from their past that changed their lives forever. Everyone wonders what could be different if they said something else or made another choice. The question is: if we could change the past would we be prepared to deal with the consequences? Would we be ready to handle the chain of events set off by the simplest actions? This thought has captured the imaginations of film makers for ages, and countless movies from Back to the Future to Time Machine have brought us depictions of how messy attempting to change the past can get.

Last man standing: Long Wong's on Mill
Every town has a bar to remember - a bar that is a bit smelly, a bit run down and a bit out of the ordinary. Every time you walk through the doors of this bar, whether you were there just last night or not since last year, it is a reunion of family, friends and lovers.

The name game: Cajun House or the Venue?
The Wailers are scheduled to play at the Venue of Scottsdale on Jan. 30, but where or what is that place exactly? The Venue of Scottsdale was formerly known by the established name, The Cajun House.

Political defiance: Music in a divided nation
In converting a 1903 protest ballad into a 2003 protest rock song, singer John Mellencamp sparked a massive public uproar due to his version of "To Washington."

Angry fans flooded John and his wife, model Elaine Irwin-Mellencamp, with bomb threats and obscene phone calls because of the unpatriotic lyrics. Irwin-Mellencamp responded to the press, "I don't understand why people think it's not OK to question the government. I really don't."

The men of women's basketball
The ASU women's basketball team is tied for third place in the Pac-10 standings. Their success can be attributed to the efforts of the players, coaches and the guys who practice with them - except these guys aren't on the men's basketball team.

Scout teams, which are volunteer teams formed to practice against the girls, are an integral part of the women's basketball program. The practice team usually consists of a group of guys (and sometimes former members of the women's team) who practice with the ladies to help improve their game. Currently in its eighth season, the program has proved to be a helpful tool.

Wear It: Buckle Up
Seatbelts are not just for saving lives anymore. Purses created from seatbelts are popping up on the arms of local fashionistas, and it appears, this spring, safety will take a backseat to fashion as the seatbelt's primary function. With a variety of styles that come in more than 10 colors and clever names, such as "Ferrari Red" and "DeLorean Silver," it is easy to see why the purse has revved the engines of many local hipsters.

Skip It: Big Bang is a Bomb
Taking the challenge of replacing Beeloe's Bar and Restaurant's underground location on Fifth Street and Mill Avenue is quite commendable for Tempe's new piano bar, The Big Bang. However, standing up to this challenge is something quite different. The Big Bang features dueling piano players who incorporate musical talent with various voice inflections and audience participation to recreate decades of radio music.

Don't I Know You? When the crossword is too hard...
So here we go again, another semester chocked full of strange folk, unbelievable characters and the occasional weirdo. But since school just started, I didn't have time to scour campus for my diamond in the rough.

Atta Bui: Take IT or leave IT
Welcome back to a new semester of classes, but more importantly, welcome back to a new semester of wholesome (or not so wholesome) SPM fun. Some new things have happened to our publication since you beautiful students fled far from campus to bask in the glory of winter break.

Editorial: ABOR power trip trumps student vote
The Arizona Board of Regents Web site brags about what the board does for the state's higher education, but being the diplomatic regents they are, the board doesn't try to hog all the credit. "The Board of Regents convenes regular meetings to discuss and take action on the important issues facing higher education in our state," according to www.

CBS makes Super Bowl ads impotent
Move over, Ronald Reagan. CBS, which will pump next weekend's Super Bowl into 130 million American homes, has decided yet again to shield American eyes from political controversy. This week's victims are liberal advocacy group, and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

Rap won't bring marketing bling
This is incredible. Last week, toy maker Mattel and rapper 50 Cent jointly announced in a press release that they will form a partnership to market a new 50 Cent doll. The figurine will be an exact 1/10 size replica of 50 Cent and is the first in a new line of dolls trying to capture the "new hip youth generation," said a spokesperson.

Letters to the Editor: Wells Fargo fans and sidewalk chalk
I am writing this letter to ask ASU students where their school sprit is. I just came from the men's basketball game and sat right behind the basket, next to the student section. I was embarrassed for our team. There were only five people who were standing and rooting the team on. Every time my group stood up when Oregon was shooting their free throws, the other students got mad because of it.

Talking Heads
A comic strip by Alexander Karlsson.

A comic strip by Tony Carrillo.

A comic strip by Joe Bowen.

Haiku Circus
A comic strip by Ken Sakamoto.

Party hearty: alternative political parties
"Why should young people vote when none of the candidates support issues that are important to them?" Alex Terzis asks. 2004 marks the first presidential election the 20-year-old pre-business sophomore can take part in; but will he? The presidential election fast approaches as jaded young Americans like Terzis scurry to find an umbrella of causes to stand under.

This week: Much ado about a yelp
Presidential hopeful Howard Dean's yelping noise was the big national story from last week. Give me a break. I refuse to completely give in to the feeding frenzy of criticism about that noise. Instead, I'll just make a joke about it.

Devils finally win at home
For the Sun Devils it wasn't how they started, but how they finished. The ASU men's basketball team rode an uncharacteristically sharp first-half performance to pull out an 83-79 victory over Oregon State Saturday night at Wells Fargo Arena. Prior to the win against the Beavers, the Sun Devils (8-8, Pac-10 2-5) have trailed at halftime in all six of their conference games this season, and in 10 games overall.

Hoops: Men feel pressure to make return to NCAA Tournament
Losing had become the norm for the Oregon State Beavers (8-9, 2-5 Pac-10), who are currently dusting the bottom of the Pac-10 cellar. So when OSU came to Wells Fargo Arena, the ASU men's basketball team felt it had a great opportunity to detour its season 180 degrees and make a statement against an OSU team that is clearly rebuilding.

Hoops: Women pull off come-from-behind win
When the ASU women's basketball team found itself trailing by eight points with just under four minutes remaining in a game against Oregon, head coach Charli Turner Thorne knew she needed to find some "instant offense" for her team. Luckily, Turner Thorne found the energy she needed in the form of guard Alisha Godette, as the Sun Devils pulled out a 69-67 victory over the Ducks on Saturday.

Wrestlers fall to Oklahoma 22-18
If wrestling were a simple sport, then the No. 13 Sun Devils would have had a nice flight back to the Valley on Sunday. But instead, ASU, who won 5-of-10 matches against No. 12 Oklahoma on Saturday, flew home with its fifth dual loss of the season, 22-18 to the Sooners.

Gymnasts falter in week two
After an upset victory over Stanford in its season opener last week, the ASU gymnastics team's performance fell, literally, during a visit to Northern California on Friday night. The Sun Devils could only garner a 194.25 team score as numerous gymnasts had falls on their landings in different events.

Swim and dive loses to Stanford, Cal
Despite a strong performance by its divers, the ASU swimming and diving teams were unable to come away with a victory against either California or Stanford this weekend. The divers won all but one event during separate dual meets against Stanford (No. 2 men, No.

Water polo splits four games in Michigan
The ASU women's water polo team opened the season this weekend in Ann Arbor, Mich. with mixed results. The No. 17 Sun Devils finished the Michigan Tournament with a 2-2 record, losing games to, No. 9 Indiana and No. 10 Michigan. Senior Katie Davis paced the Sun Devils with seven goals in the tournament.

Baseball: Oregon State must fill big holes
The Oregon State's baseball team's cupboard had better be well stocked with offensive talent this season, because the Beavers lost the meat and potatoes of their lineup from a season ago.

Devil Dish: Where's the Bud Bowl?
The only thing less appealing than this weekend's Super Bowl match-up between the Carolina Panthers and the New England Patriots is the halftime show of P. Diddy, Janet Jackson, Kid Rock and Nelly. Already, I have visions of punts and field position dancing through my head.

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