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Eight named regents' professors
ASU promoted eight professors to regents' status at an award ceremony Thursday, the most the University has approved at one time.

ASU students and President Michael Crow were among the speakers who honored the professors' research projects in Mars exploration, biotechnology, creative writing and other fields.

Bandwidth grows with enrollment
If bandwidth is a freeway and the University's network users are the cars, ASU Information Technology is trying to avoid a traffic jam.

But doing so costs more and more each year. This year, ASU is spending more than $725,000 to increase network bandwidth.

ASU to consider amending policy on discrimination
Gender identity and expression could soon be included in ASU's non-discrimination policy. ASU's Office of the General Counsel recently agreed to meet with the Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgendered/Queer Coalition to consider adjusting the policy.

Police Beat: Socket to me
A 30-year-old transient man was arrested on charges of unlawful use of transportation and possession of burglary tools near the intersection of Fifth and Roosevelt streets. The man was driving a stolen vehicle and had a red gym bag containing a socket wrench and other tools.

Board looks at funding
Gov. Janet Napolitano's 2005 budget proposal might not provide the University with all the funding it needs, but the money would be enough to prevent an enrollment cap, said ASU President Michael Crow after the Arizona Board of Regents meeting Thursday.

Regents rethink growth formula
Hoping to get more state funding for universities, the Arizona Board of Regents began the first of many discussions Thursday to change the way it calculates enrollment growth.

The current formula has been in place since 1958. State appropriations based on the formula have funded only about half of ASU's expenses during the last 15 years.

Nintendo announces dual-screen Game Boy
Nintendo announced the development of a dual-screen portable video game system, dubbed the Nintendo DS, on Monday.

Review: 'Butterfly Effect' flighty
If you could go back into your past and change one thing, what would it be? Everyone has some moment from their past that changed their lives forever. Everyone wonders what could be different if they said something else or made another choice. The question is: if we could change the past would we be prepared to deal with the consequences? Would we be ready to handle the chain of events set off by the simplest actions? This thought has captured the imaginations of film makers for ages, and countless movies from Back to the Future to Time Machine have brought us depictions of how messy attempting to change the past can get.

Last man standing: Long Wong's on Mill
Every town has a bar to remember - a bar that is a bit smelly, a bit run down and a bit out of the ordinary. Every time you walk through the doors of this bar, whether you were there just last night or not since last year, it is a reunion of family, friends and lovers.

The name game: Cajun House or the Venue?
The Wailers are scheduled to play at the Venue of Scottsdale on Jan. 30, but where or what is that place exactly? The Venue of Scottsdale was formerly known by the established name, The Cajun House.

Political defiance: Music in a divided nation
In converting a 1903 protest ballad into a 2003 protest rock song, singer John Mellencamp sparked a massive public uproar due to his version of "To Washington."

Angry fans flooded John and his wife, model Elaine Irwin-Mellencamp, with bomb threats and obscene phone calls because of the unpatriotic lyrics. Irwin-Mellencamp responded to the press, "I don't understand why people think it's not OK to question the government. I really don't."

The men of women's basketball
The ASU women's basketball team is tied for third place in the Pac-10 standings. Their success can be attributed to the efforts of the players, coaches and the guys who practice with them - except these guys aren't on the men's basketball team.

Scout teams, which are volunteer teams formed to practice against the girls, are an integral part of the women's basketball program. The practice team usually consists of a group of guys (and sometimes former members of the women's team) who practice with the ladies to help improve their game. Currently in its eighth season, the program has proved to be a helpful tool.

Wear It: Buckle Up
Seatbelts are not just for saving lives anymore. Purses created from seatbelts are popping up on the arms of local fashionistas, and it appears, this spring, safety will take a backseat to fashion as the seatbelt's primary function. With a variety of styles that come in more than 10 colors and clever names, such as "Ferrari Red" and "DeLorean Silver," it is easy to see why the purse has revved the engines of many local hipsters.

Skip It: Big Bang is a Bomb
Taking the challenge of replacing Beeloe's Bar and Restaurant's underground location on Fifth Street and Mill Avenue is quite commendable for Tempe's new piano bar, The Big Bang. However, standing up to this challenge is something quite different. The Big Bang features dueling piano players who incorporate musical talent with various voice inflections and audience participation to recreate decades of radio music.

Don't I Know You? When the crossword is too hard...
So here we go again, another semester chocked full of strange folk, unbelievable characters and the occasional weirdo. But since school just started, I didn't have time to scour campus for my diamond in the rough.

Atta Bui: Take IT or leave IT
Welcome back to a new semester of classes, but more importantly, welcome back to a new semester of wholesome (or not so wholesome) SPM fun. Some new things have happened to our publication since you beautiful students fled far from campus to bask in the glory of winter break.

Ubisoft's groundbreaking 'XIII' is your lucky number
XIII isn't just a roman numeral to me after playing this exciting first-person shooter, but instead the name of a secret agent who wakes up on a beach with amnesia and slowly starts to realize he is a killer.

Boos & Bravos: Bravo to Coor building, boo to break-ins
BRAVO to the new Lattie F. Coor Mediated Classroom Building. Though some have called it "a disaster," we think it's pretty. Just stay away from it at high noon, unless you want to feel like an ant under a magnifying glass...

Confessions of a potential terrorist
I may be a terrorist. Come now, don't be fooled by my feminine guise, isn't it obvious? I could be sporting all manner of bombs in my kitten heels, blades in my pea coat and guns in my pink, sequined handbag. At least this is what airport security thinks.

Be smart about losing your stereo
I love those radio ads that boast "the home home home home of the $1 install." I don't get to hear them anymore. That's because I live in Tempe, the home home home home of the busted window. Like anyone who has ever been foolish enough to install an aftermarket stereo in their motor vehicle, I am now out one window and one head unit.

O'Brien poorly represents Catholics
With enough shocking twists and turns over the past couple of years to rival a storyline in "Days of Our Lives," the Catholic Church is starting this year off with a bang. Literally. More specifically, the Phoenix Diocese is resounding with the echo of what witnesses described as a "thump" one night seven months ago. The sound plagues not just a single man, but an entire community that yearns for healing.

Letters to the Editor: Save it for the morning after
Kim Taylor's column regarding the accessibility of the "morning after" pill ("'Morning after' could get too easy," Jan. 21) offered a nice warning, but the idea behind it seems pretty thin. For those that may not know, the "morning after" pill comes with some nasty side effects and generally costs upwards of $30.

Mallrants: Lattie Coor building
Students rant about their thoughts of the new Lattie F. Coor Building.

A comic strip by Tony Carrillo.

A comic strip by Joe Bowen.

Talking Heads
A comic strip by Alexander Karlsson.

Haiku Circus
A comic strip by Ken Sakamoto.

Party hearty: alternative political parties
"Why should young people vote when none of the candidates support issues that are important to them?" Alex Terzis asks. 2004 marks the first presidential election the 20-year-old pre-business sophomore can take part in; but will he? The presidential election fast approaches as jaded young Americans like Terzis scurry to find an umbrella of causes to stand under.

Student athletes gravitate toward similar degrees
When the football season begins each fall, Arizona State University's media guide proudly touts that year's athletes. On glossy paper, with color photos, the athletes are heralded for their accomplishments on and off the field. It's easy to find players' sizes, weights, heights, how many touchdowns they scored last season -- even their favorite movies.

University relies more on temporary, non-tenured faculty
The work and pay just don't match up. When Karen Connor went from a teaching assistant to a faculty associate at Arizona State University this fall, she was pleased: She was no longer at the bottom rung of the academic ladder. But then she looked at the pay difference and realized she would be earning exactly $11.50 more a week.

Student fees contribute to rising tuition costs
The cost of attending Arizona State University is likely to jump 25 percent over the next three years. Less than a year after the largest tuition increase in more than seven decades, university officials are considering raising tuition again. At the same time, students may face a plethora of new fees for everything from the student union and recreation center to the student health center and college programs.

The eye of Ra and the Mexican Flag
It's November and too warm to feel like winter. Christmas lights blink and flash along the middle-class Tempe neighborhood. Plastic reindeer prance on brownish-gray rock lawns. At the end of the almost deserted street, intense green lights outline a one-story home.

This week: Dr. Phil, eat your heart out
After I tasted one bite of the Low-Carb Six Dollar Burger at Carl's Jr., I realized that I couldn't fill up a whole column based on it. So instead I will just write about some bad kinds of columns I could have written.

Wrestling: Sun Devils face Oklahoma
Last season, Oklahoma came to Tempe to wrestle an ASU team that was prepared to turn their season around. That day, the Sun Devils beat OU 21-21 on criteria at Wells Fargo Arena, sparking a streak in which ASU won eight of its final 12 duals. The run ended with a fifth-place finish at the National Championships.

Gymnasts shoot for 'Super Six'
A year ago, the ASU gymnastics team enjoyed one of its finest seasons in the program's history. The only problem was the Sun Devils picked an inopportune time to have their second-worst performance of the year - the NCAA championships. As a result, ASU missed out on a chance to compete in the final round of NCAA's the Super Six, after a season in which the Sun Devils recorded seven of their top 10 team scores of all time.

Water polo kicks off 2004 in new conference
It was more than two years ago when Vicki Gorman set foot on ASU's campus as head coach of the first women's water polo team. At the time, the athletic department's move to add the sport seemed to be more of an act for ASU to become more Title IX compliant, and not to introduce a sport that would seem ideal for the Arizona lifestyle.

Devil Dish: This year's Cinderella Super Bowl team
The Carolina Panthers scare me. Not their colors or their logo - just the team itself. The Panthers have been winning close games all season long. It wasn't until playoff contests against the Cowboys and the Eagles that Carolina started winning by double digits.

M Hoops:
Despite a new face in the lineup, the results were the same for the ASU men's basketball team as they lost to the Oregon Ducks, 83-76 on Thursday night, despite an amazing second-half comeback . Fresh off new career high in points (20) and minutes played (29) in the win against USC on Saturday, senior swingman Jamal Hill was rewarded with his first start of the season and just the fifth of his short career.

Women pull out 61-54 win over OSU
After the ASU women's basketball team lost to USC on Saturday, head coach Charli Turner Thorne stressed that her team wasn't going to win many games if it continued to play poorly defensively. Apparently, her team listened. The Sun Devils used a 19-0 run over an eight-minute period in the first half to pull out a victory over Oregon State on Thursday night, 61-54.

Face in the Crowd: Mai Tais and Heartbreak in Green Bay
Welcome back, ASU. Well, the spring semester is upon us, ready or not. I'm at home on Tuesday night, watching the State of the Union Address on television. We're 20 minutes into this speech and every time the president says something, the room breaks out into applause.

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