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Gallery: Tempe Tostitos Fiesta Bowl Block Party
Photos and video of the Tempe Tostitos Fiesta Bowl Block Party on December 31, 2003.

Roberts' inspiring role paints 'Mona Lisa Smile'
In Mona Lisa Smile, Roberts fills a serious and draining role that she may be a little miscast for, but her million-dollar smile and charm get her through the film. Roberts plays Katherine Watson, a freethinking Berkeley California graduate hired to teach art history at the snooty and conservative all-female Wellesley College in 1953.

Flaws in 'Cold Mountain' chill film's excessive hype
At the end of the day, Cold Mountain is a fine film, encumbered only by the facts that Nicole Kidman is incredibly beautiful, no one told Renee Zellweger to quiet down and no one told Anthony Minghella to clear up his battle scenes. Other than, it's a great movie.

'Idol' worship: World champion looks like a Hobbit
Jan. 1 was a day of two back-to-back "American Idol" specials: the "American Idol: Life on the Road" tour special and the thrilling conclusion of "World Idol." During these fine shows, audiences got to witness women ogling Clay Aiken and European guys trying to be sexy despite having bad teeth.

'March Madness 2004' is #1, baby!
I love college basketball. It doesn't matter who is playing, I'll watch it. I go to every Sun Devil hoops game. During the tournament in March, I skip class on Thursday and Friday and immerse myself in the glory of lopsided blowouts and shocking upsets. So when my editor told me I was going to review EA's new college basketball game, NCAA March Madness 2004, I felt like this was a match made in heaven.

Got hummus? Get a new almanac
Dressed to kill in your "Got Hummus?" logo tee, carrying a Farmer's Almanac in your lap, you might as well be driving around town with a giant neon sign on your car that reads "HEY! FBI! CHECK THIS ONE OUT!"

Student athletes gravitate toward similar degrees
When the football season begins each fall, Arizona State University's media guide proudly touts that year's athletes. On glossy paper, with color photos, the athletes are heralded for their accomplishments on and off the field. It's easy to find players' sizes, weights, heights, how many touchdowns they scored last season -- even their favorite movies.

University relies more on temporary, non-tenured faculty
The work and pay just don't match up. When Karen Connor went from a teaching assistant to a faculty associate at Arizona State University this fall, she was pleased: She was no longer at the bottom rung of the academic ladder. But then she looked at the pay difference and realized she would be earning exactly $11.50 more a week.

Student fees contribute to rising tuition costs
The cost of attending Arizona State University is likely to jump 25 percent over the next three years. Less than a year after the largest tuition increase in more than seven decades, university officials are considering raising tuition again. At the same time, students may face a plethora of new fees for everything from the student union and recreation center to the student health center and college programs.

The eye of Ra and the Mexican Flag
It's November and too warm to feel like winter. Christmas lights blink and flash along the middle-class Tempe neighborhood. Plastic reindeer prance on brownish-gray rock lawns. At the end of the almost deserted street, intense green lights outline a one-story home.

On the Web: Funnypox
Some people make New Year's resolutions. I laugh at these people. Still, I can't help but think about a few things that everyone could stand to improve about their lives in the next year.

Running diary from ASU vs. UA men's basketball
I love college basketball. There's nothing more exciting than being a part of the student section at a college basketball game, and it doesn't get any bigger than our beloved Sun Devils against the University of Arizona. So I kept a running diary during my Saturday at the big game.

Wildcats too much for the Devils
As the clocks hit midnight across the Valley, it was the start of more then just a new year for the ASU men's basketball season.

After a disappointing loss to Western Michigan in the championship game of the Hoops Classic, the start of the Pac-10 season loomed ahead for the Sun Devils. This time, the opponent was an all too familiar rival for ASU in the Arizona Wildcats.

Ohio State wins second straight Fiesta Bowl
Kansas State quarterback Ell Roberson started Friday night's Fiesta Bowl game against Ohio State, but he looked a bit spent, his lackluster first-half play contributing to the Wildcats' incomplete effort in their 35-28 loss to the Buckeyes. The Buckeyes, who won the national championship on this same Sun Devil Stadium field 364 days ago, won their second Bowl Championship Series game in a row in front of a sellout crowd of 73,425.

Brief: Karney, Crawford to play in East-West Shrine Game
Two ASU football players have been selected to play in the 79th Annual East-West Shrine Game on Saturday, Jan., 10 at Pacific Bell Park in San Francisco.

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