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Clever fundraising pitches boost Dean
In Howard Dean's presidential campaign, the power of his money is measured in not just dollars, but cents.

When Al Gore endorsed Dean's candidacy, supporters contributed $695,658.75. After a group of fellow Democrats aired attack ads, donors defended him by pledging $552,214.62. Even on Halloween, Dean admirers gave $354,891.48.

New 'Peter Pan' adaptation takes the sensual route
I suppose it's Walt Disney's fault. Thinking of the timeless tale of Peter Pan, my mind just wanders over to the Snidely Whiplash-esque villain, a feminine titular character and, of course, Tinkerbell. It's hard to shake that image; Steven Spielberg tried to do something different in 1991 with Hook, and now P.J. Hogan tries also with Peter Pan, a much different version of the J.M. Barrie story than you could imagine.

Can cheating on popular diets cause medical emergencies?
What's the one thing easier than making a New Year's resolution? Breaking it the following week, of course. Most of the time, that's no big deal. Maybe you resolve to be nicer to other people, but you end up snapping at a co-worker. The result: You feel guilty, apologize, and move on.

Christmas, who knew? Watching movies gave us clues that could be misleading
Jewish kids like me who grew up watching - and adoring - Christmas movies formed an impression of the holiday that was probably not completely accurate. In the absence of actually celebrating the great event, or even witnessing it, we had to piece it together through annual viewings of "Miracle on 34th Street," "A Charlie Brown Christmas" and star vehicles for Rudolph, Frosty and Norelco.

Student athletes gravitate toward similar degrees
When the football season begins each fall, Arizona State University's media guide proudly touts that year's athletes. On glossy paper, with color photos, the athletes are heralded for their accomplishments on and off the field. It's easy to find players' sizes, weights, heights, how many touchdowns they scored last season -- even their favorite movies.

University relies more on temporary, non-tenured faculty
The work and pay just don't match up. When Karen Connor went from a teaching assistant to a faculty associate at Arizona State University this fall, she was pleased: She was no longer at the bottom rung of the academic ladder. But then she looked at the pay difference and realized she would be earning exactly $11.50 more a week.

Student fees contribute to rising tuition costs
The cost of attending Arizona State University is likely to jump 25 percent over the next three years. Less than a year after the largest tuition increase in more than seven decades, university officials are considering raising tuition again. At the same time, students may face a plethora of new fees for everything from the student union and recreation center to the student health center and college programs.

The eye of Ra and the Mexican Flag
It's November and too warm to feel like winter. Christmas lights blink and flash along the middle-class Tempe neighborhood. Plastic reindeer prance on brownish-gray rock lawns. At the end of the almost deserted street, intense green lights outline a one-story home.

Devils destroy McNeese, prepares for Hoops Classic
Not very often in a December, non-conference game, do coaches and players throw around the phrase "Must Win" but this was the case last week when the ASU men's basketball team defeated McNeese State 81-61. The Sun Devils (4-2) were coming off a disastrous trip to the Chicago area, dropping a game on a buzzer beater to Northwestern.

Kansas State, Ohio State - just happy to be here
Eternally stoic Bill Snyder actually cracked a joke Friday after he and his Kansas State football team landed at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. Despite that, and the fact the Fiesta Bowl does not figure into the national-title picture this time around, the Wildcats and the Ohio State Buckeyes are taking the game seriously.

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