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Students use their head to make some easy money
Katie Yankura gets some weird stares from her classmates these days. Everything about this freshman at Johnson & Wales University seems normal - except, well, her forehead.

In one of the more unique advertising tricks to date, Yankura works for Headvertise, a new marketing company that pays college students to wear temporary, tattooed advertising messages on their foreheads.

Flu not a national priority despite being a major killer
The flu kills 36,000 Americans a year, but the federal government spends only about half as much money on research to fight it as it spends to attack the boll weevil, a pest that eats cotton. Other diseases that grab headlines or have advocacy groups or celebrity spokespeople - such as AIDS, Alzheimer's or Parkinson's disease - kill far fewer people than the inseparable duo of influenza and pneumonia.

Playboy bunny mystique endures
As Playboy magazine celebrates its 50th anniversary this month, the media spotlight is homing in on magazine founder Hugh Hefner and the bare-chested, big-breasted women who turned Playboy into the nation's No. 1 men's magazine. Yet there is a group missing from this yearlong celebration.

Story of hard-luck casino 'cooler' an art film treasure
In Las Vegas, for years, casino bosses have had employees known as "coolers." These coolers have an easy job: stop the good luck of the regular gamblers. Bernie Lootz (William H. Macy) is one such cooler, and he's probably the best in the business. When I see independent movies like The Cooler, one question always comes to mind: Why can't Hollywood make more movies like this?

Dazzling 'Return of the King' best film of year
Pick any of these words: amazing, breathtaking, brilliant, fantastic, terrific, awesome, unforgettable, memorable, thrilling, dazzling. They can all be used to describe the third and final chapter of what is perhaps the best all-around movie trilogy of all time, The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King.

Cash's 'Unearthed': Swan songs of breadth and beauty
Johnny Cash made four albums with producer Rick Rubin in the last decade of his life, but they hardly reflect Cash's output during the period. For the duo's first collaboration, 1994's "American Recordings," Cash committed more than 100 songs to tape, and subsequent albums were drawn from equally prodigious amounts of raw material.

Review: Fear and loathing with 'Need for Speed: Underground'
What do you say when your wake up call is basically the most hated man in the past 25 years has finally been captured? When I heard Saddam Hussein was picked up from a hole by American troops, it put a smile on my face. It was a beautiful starting note to a day of playing Need For Speed Underground.

Bargain Basement: Old school shines in 'Pac-Man vs.'
Imagine if you will, the creator of one of the most beloved video game characters of all time working with the company who created the character who, over 20 years ago, held that position. The question is: How could Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto bring new life to Pac-Man? The answer: Create the fun and addictive Pac-Man vs.

Bargain Basement: 'SOCOM:' a tried and true military classic
SOCOM, U.S. Navy Seals is meant to inspire the user to become a Navy Seal and the military doesn't make any effort to disguise this goal. There is a 25-minute "documentary" that is basically a recruiting video complete with patriotic Seal recruits and informative Web sites.

'Mario & Luigi' a challenge, fun and humorous
Mario may be the pasta-loving stud we have all grown to love, but it is his supporting cast that makes the Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga a delightful romp in the world of all things whimsical.

Help keep airline security on their toes
With the holidays upon us, it is once again time for everyone's favorite December tradition: flying. Once upon a time, flying home at the end of the fall semester was not the production it has become in the last two years. Sure, there might have been problems finding a parking space or lines at the baggage counter.

Differences observed in UAE and American universities
All my life I have studied in the United Arab Emirates. Although my dad and uncles have gotten their higher education in the United States and I have visited many parts of the states myself, I had never visited any school or university in the USA before the 13th of November 2003.

Illegal gambling popular among students
Michael, a clean-cut, 22-year-old business student at Arizona State University, is watching the New Orleans Saints trounce the Atlanta Falcons on a big-screen TV in his home.

"Lost that one," he says in a casual tone. According to, where he checks odds, the Saints weren't supposed to win by quite so much.

The eye of Ra and the Mexican Flag
It's November and too warm to feel like winter. Christmas lights blink and flash along the middle-class Tempe neighborhood. Plastic reindeer prance on brownish-gray rock lawns. At the end of the almost deserted street, intense green lights outline a one-story home.

Student fees contribute to rising tuition costs
The cost of attending Arizona State University is likely to jump 25 percent over the next three years. Less than a year after the largest tuition increase in more than seven decades, university officials are considering raising tuition again. At the same time, students may face a plethora of new fees for everything from the student union and recreation center to the student health center and college programs.

University relies more on temporary, non-tenured faculty
The work and pay just don't match up. When Karen Connor went from a teaching assistant to a faculty associate at Arizona State University this fall, she was pleased: She was no longer at the bottom rung of the academic ladder. But then she looked at the pay difference and realized she would be earning exactly $11.50 more a week.

Student athletes gravitate toward similar degrees
When the football season begins each fall, Arizona State University's media guide proudly touts that year's athletes. On glossy paper, with color photos, the athletes are heralded for their accomplishments on and off the field. It's easy to find players' sizes, weights, heights, how many touchdowns they scored last season -- even their favorite movies.

Holiday Guide: Sneak in last-minute cheer, cheese logs
When The Associated Press reported that several elves had been laid off from Santa's Workshop near the Arctic Circle, it became clear that you, shoppers and holiday enthusiasts, have some careful searching to do with less elves available to help Santa load his sleigh.

Pro teams more proactive in ousting problem players
Some revolutions may very well start with a whisper. But can you still start one with a whistle? During the past few weeks, some NFL and NBA coaches and executives have shown a willingness to blow their whistles on veteran players they deem potentially detrimental to their programs, by poisoning the atmosphere, corrupting impressionable teammates and undermining authority.

Hoops: Devils happy to be home after road loses
The winter break has already had it share of ups and down for the ASU men's basketball team and we're only two games in. On Dec. 9, the Sun Devils took on the Temple Owls in what technically could be considered a home game. The game took place at America West Arena, the home of the Phoenix, because it will be a site for the NCAA Tournament in March.

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