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MBA students' swimsuit calendar features ASU girls
A swimsuit calendar featuring ASU female students will be sold on campus next week, the two MBA students behind the publication said. Malcolm McLeod and Chris Clark formed M & C Publishing and Production in October for the purpose of putting together the calendar. The two held tryouts at Scottsdale nightclub Axis/Radius to recruit calendar girls.

Legislature unlikely to fund ASU's request
Although most lawmakers have not even seen ASU's 2005 Budget Request, one senator already is betting that the state Legislature will not grant the full proposal.

Senator Harry Mitchell, D-Tempe, said the past actions of the Legislature indicate the University has little chance of being fully funded this year.

Reslife to enforce longer 'quiet hours'
ASU Residential Life plans to hush up residents next semester with a new policy that bumps up the start of quiet hours to 9 p.m.

The policy will take effect in the spring semester and will start quiet hours earlier on Sunday through Thursday nights. Current quiet hours start at 10 p.m. or 11 p.m. on those nights, depending on the hall.

Arts festival to block off Mill Avenue
This year's Tempe Fall Festival of the Arts will offer something for all majors. For English majors, the arts festival will offer a new "Literary Area" featuring local authors like Clay Thompson of The Arizona Republic.

The festival opens today at 10 a.m. and will run until Sunday. Traffic will be diverted from Mill Avenue for the duration of the event.

Police Beat: Odd bulges can ruin shoplifting attempt
The incidents reported by ASU and Tempe police, including a 22-year-old Tempe man arrested near 5000 S. Arizona Mills Circle on charges of shoplifting after he reportedly removed several items from a store display, concealed them in his sweatshirt and left the store without paying.

Affleck gives fans holiday 'Paycheck'
If you listen to Ben Affleck, seeing a sci-fi thriller jam-packed with action sequences may be the perfect way to spend the holidays this year. Based on Phillip K. Dick's short story, Paycheck, director John Woo will bring his rendition, starring Affleck, to the big screen Dec. 25.

Pitchforks take a stab at pop music, a capella
When thinking about a choir performance, thoughts of classical music likely come to mind. But ASU's Pitchforks, an all-female singing group, aim to take the stuffiness out of their performances.The group, which will be performing at a concert on Friday, has 11 members.

'FIFA 2004:' The other football game
Soccer is the world's most popular sport. It make's America's love for football seem like the following for the WNBA by comparison. People from all over the world travel thousands of miles to cheer their favorite team when they play. Maybe one of these fans could stop by my desk and tell me who the three guys on the cover of FIFA 2004 are.

'Return of the King' disappointing, difficult
Ahh, movie-based video games. What a way for fat cat movie companies to make even more money. Has there ever been a good video game based on a movie? I can think of one, Goldeneye 007. It used the first person feel of the Doom games and expanded the story to make a game more memorable than the movie.

Don't I Know You?: Passing the torch: Joy Hepp
Every week this past semester, the lovely, talented and witty Joy Hepp has investigated the most interesting people and trends on campus. She has scoured the palm-tree-lined sidewalks of ASU with her photographer in tow; in search of those terribly interesting characters we get the pleasure of learning about each week.

CD Roundup: 2003 under the radar
Compared to 2002, this year has been a great year for music fans. Plenty of great mainstream bands like Radiohead and The Strokes put out fantastic new albums. Although the year had its sad moments - like the passing away of Johnny Cash and Elliott Smith, as well as the breakup of long-time indie rockers The Dismemberment Plan - 2003 was still packed with great releases.

A comprehensive list of all the best releases of 2003 would be near impossible, but here are a group of albums that may have flown just under the radar but should definitely be checked out, as they are some of the best that the year had to offer.

Murphy's Law: A new begınnıng
So here's the thing: This is my last column. It's sad, I know, but it's the truth. I've decided to be cheesy for this last column and say my last goodbyes, since I'm graduating in a few days and won't be back in January. It's sort of weird to write that I'm not coming back.

Foggy Recollection: 'The House of Sand and Fog' review
The plot seems simple enough - almost too simple: two people fighting over the ownership of one house, each trying to find a place to call home.

Turns out that nothing about The House of Sand and Fog is simple. In fact, the way the author of the book and the director of the film met and the way the plot and the film were conceived could be the subject of their own story. However, due to lack of time and space, a well-written synopsis of the fairy tale story will have to do.

Frodoitis takes its toll on America
There is a very serious problem affecting a large percentage of this population. Many of us don't recognize it for what it really is. It is a condition that forces its victims to spend a large amount of time in a darkened room, sitting in soft seats with others like themselves, escaping reality. They discuss make-believe events for hours and even get in arguments over them. I call it "extreme Frodoidis." Those afflicted need help.

Dope Dude: Howard Stern's "Jokeman"
Jackie Martling is a 55-year-old man with a teenager's sense of humor. But that's why Martling is known as "The Joke Man" on Howard Stern's famed radio talk show.

Martling is featured in High Times Magazine's first film, Potluck, which is opening tomorrow in select theaters around the Valley. He plays a bar owner who is trying to score with one of his waitresses who also moonlights as the lead singer of an all-girl rock band.

Breaking and entering: Darnell Calhoun on Fox Sports
Darnell Calhoun knew that breaking into the field of sports broadcasting would be rough. But he didn't imagine it would mean squaring up against a Sun Devil heavyweight.

That's only a sampling of the job responsibilities for Calhoun, the campus correspondent for the Fox Sports program Sun Devil Insider. Calhoun won the position over more than 40 other applicants, and for the last two months has covered a wide variety of ASU athletics for the brand-new show.

Dubya & Me: Michael Moore takes a shot at the prez
"In a world where fears of terrorism paralyze America and Republicans swarm like vultures, only one man can save America from swirling down the toilet. Michael Moore is armed only with his own body odor and has a plan to change the world - one Republican-in-Name-Only at a time."

'Average Joe' pads latest episode with fat suit gimmick
Between the accusations of pretension, reenactments, the clash of the self-appointed 'drinkers and thinkers' and a lovely replication of Shallow Hal-ness, we have "Average Joe." Still, the obvious bachelor of choice is Adam, the affluent Wall Street Trader.

Metalhead rocks the 80s with long hair, leopard print
Sure, they're men with really long hair and tight pants. And yes, they wear leather and leopard prints. But they make their music look good, and sound good too. The band can fill up a bar with an excited crowd on any Sunday night.

Concert Review: Arizona's own ska band hits Modified Arts
Here in Arizona, ska and reggae bands thrive as a small cornerstone of underground music. Enter Warsaw Poland Bros. Together since the early 1990's, these hopelessly talented bar musicians have consumed audiences with amorous lyrics, memorizing horn licks and insatiable drum beats.

The trials and tribulations of repelling girls
If their band name is any indication, the members of Girl Repellent should be the type of guys a girl would not want to be within 20 miles of. Nothing could be further from the truth. Girl Repellent has been using its own brand of charm for more than six years on the Phoenix local band scene.

Jak and Daxter return in 'Jak II'
Jak is back and this time he's pissed off, as both Jak and Daxter make their return in Naughty Dog's Jak II. Like Aeon Flux and the main character in Grand Theft Auto III, Jak didn't really have much to say in the first game. In Jak II though, he has diarrhea of the mouth.

'Quidditch World Cup:' Beautiful but boring game
Harry Potter and his Hogwart's pals come to life PlayStation-style in EA Games' Quidditch World Cup, but the game lacks the magic and adventure of the Potter books and movies. Rich with vibrant graphics and easy-to-follow tutorials, the game is visually brilliant and easy to master.

Kick some Commie butt with 'Freedom Fighters'
What would you do if Russia had invented the hydrogen bomb, dropped it on Berlin to end World War II, spread Communism throughout the world and ultimately invaded New York City? If your answer is "pick up a gun and kill some Commies," you need to play Freedom Fighters, the latest multiplatform action monster from EA Games.

Students should help design ASU's future
ASU is about to enter the mega-university version of a midlife crisis. Our fun-loving days of ol' are quickly being replaced with biodesign institutes and a "research-oriented" environment. Our party school days have become a faint memory, as visions of National Merit scholars now dance in our heads.

Boos & Bravos: Boo to Parking and Transit
If we published a top-10 ranking of great semesters, this one wouldn't make the list. Still, there were small doses of goodness that came out of the fall session. In this semester's final edition of "Boos & Bravos," we'll do our best to recap our little world's best and worst of the past four months.

Turn off that phone!
On Nov. 7, I had the wonderful opportunity to listen to Walter Cronkite speak on campus. He's earned his titles of "the most trusted man in America" and "Uncle Walter" because he has lived through and covered many historic events, including the invasion of Normandy during World War II, and shared many of them with Americans through broadcasting.

Scholarship blurs church-state line
Just when you thought it was safe for church and state to be mentioned in the same sentence, another conflict pops up. The new question of the hour, thankfully, is not about the display of the Ten Commandments or any other such nonsense. In fact, it hits pretty close to home for us student-types.

Letters to the Editor: Thanks to Xanthos, troops
I just wanted to say thank you to Samantha Xanthos ("Reflections from a Soldier," Dec. 3). Many of us - students and Americans alike - don't appreciate our freedom enough.

A comic strip by Tony Carrillo.

A coimc strip by Joseph Bowen.

Talking Heads
A comic strip by Alexander Karlsson.

Politicians need not apply
Though universities are traditionally hotbeds of activism, usually of the liberal sort, the collective personality of ASU seems averse to politics. Based on a random sample of 256 faculty members, approximately 80 percent are registered to vote (of those, approximately 51 percent are Democrats, 23 percent are Republican, 23 percent are independent or didn't choose a party, 1 percent are Greens and another 1 percent are Libertarians), and about 80 percent of those who registered actually did vote in at least two of the last three general elections.

Devil Bites: Win vs. UA couldn't have been sweeter
Memorable quotations from the news gathered by The State Press throughout the week, including an emphatic quote from ASU football head coach Dirk Koetter. Koetter simply said the game "couldn't have turned out any better."

On the Web: Leftovers
Thanksgiving is a great holiday ... for me to ... umm ...

Rather than review Triumph's somewhat tasteless production, I decided to rant about the whole Thanksgiving brew-ha-ha that everyone has to go through.

Football: The business of reckless abandon
If anyone has ever made more than 300 tackles and still flown under the radar, ASU's Jason Shivers has done it. Soon, however, the junior free safety may be making waves on a national level.

ASU to host HS football finals
Take a drive by Sun Devil Stadium this Saturday and if you listen close enough, there will an unexpected sound coming from inside. While ASU's season is done and the Cardinals don't see a lot of Saturday action, the state finals of both the 4A and 5A high school conferences will take place.

Sun Devil wrestlers head to Sin City
One week after nearly upsetting No. 3 Iowa at Wells Fargo Arena, the No. 17 Sun Devil wrestling team travels to Sin City to compete in the 18th Annual Cliff Cline Las Vegas Invitational. In the past, ASU wrestlers have had great success in Las Vegas.

Women's hoops hosts Holiday Classic
ASU junior point guard Kylan Loney said, "A team is truly measured on how fast they bounce back." In that case, the Sun Devil women's basketball team has a huge weekend ahead of itself when it hosts its annual Holiday Classic tournament at Wells Fargo Arena this weekend.

Baseball: Larish's patience at the plate
This season, the ASU baseball team will count on junior Jeff Larish major, quite a change from his role as an overlooked shortstop coming out of Tempe McClintock High School three years ago. When Larish came out of high school, he was not as decorated as many of the Sun Devil recruits.

Freestylin' at the pool
For a sport like swimming, which has never gotten much publicity outside of the Olympics, leap years are a lot like cumulative finals over a long semester. It is in these years that all the hard work and preparation are finally tested.

Devil Dish: Arizona playoffs all about the Skydome
A little while back, I made the statement that NAU was playing a better brand of football than ASU and UA. Well, I am proud to announce that Flagstaff is now the ONLY place in Arizona to watch college football.

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