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Matching book buyers, sellers
Sam Toloui said that when he sees problems, he wants to do everything he can to solve them. The ASU business sophomore saw a problem with the prices students must pay for textbooks each semester and worked with his father to find a solution.

Regents question plan for MU, SRC fees
Some members of the Arizona Board of Regents are questioning a student government plan that would expand the Memorial Union and Student Recreation Complex and increase student fees.

If the board approves the plan and students vote "yes" on the referendum, the proposal goes back to ABOR. The regents then would officially vote whether to charge students the increased fees.

Biz school lab to be sponsored by IBM
Students in the W. P. Carey School of Business at ASU soon will be conducting research through an IBM-sponsored laboratory.

They will study how market fluctuation can affect a supply chain and help a company cut costs. IBM began implementing its supply-chain research goals by teaming with ASU and three other universities to establish research laboratories.

Cornell professor to mentor ASU minority students
ASU has recruited a Cornell University professor who says he brings with him a commitment to research and mentoring minority students. Carlos Castillo-Chavez, a renowned epidemiologist, will join ASU's mathematics and statistics department in the spring.

Police Beat: Boyfriend, girlfriend have a barfight
The incidents reported by ASU and Tempe police, including a 28-year-old Chandler woman arrested near the 200 block of East Baseline Road on charges of disorderly conduct after she reportedly engaged in a physical altercation with her boyfriend outside a bar.

'Average Joe' pads latest episode with fat suit gimmick
Between the accusations of pretension, reenactments, the clash of the self-appointed 'drinkers and thinkers' and a lovely replication of Shallow Hal-ness, we have "Average Joe." Still, the obvious bachelor of choice is Adam, the affluent Wall Street Trader.

Metalhead rocks the 80s with long hair, leopard print
Sure, they're men with really long hair and tight pants. And yes, they wear leather and leopard prints. But they make their music look good, and sound good too. The band can fill up a bar with an excited crowd on any Sunday night.

Concert Review: Arizona's own ska band hits Modified Arts
Here in Arizona, ska and reggae bands thrive as a small cornerstone of underground music. Enter Warsaw Poland Bros. Together since the early 1990's, these hopelessly talented bar musicians have consumed audiences with amorous lyrics, memorizing horn licks and insatiable drum beats.

The trials and tribulations of repelling girls
If their band name is any indication, the members of Girl Repellent should be the type of guys a girl would not want to be within 20 miles of. Nothing could be further from the truth. Girl Repellent has been using its own brand of charm for more than six years on the Phoenix local band scene.

Jak and Daxter return in 'Jak II'
Jak is back and this time he's pissed off, as both Jak and Daxter make their return in Naughty Dog's Jak II. Like Aeon Flux and the main character in Grand Theft Auto III, Jak didn't really have much to say in the first game. In Jak II though, he has diarrhea of the mouth.

'Quidditch World Cup:' Beautiful but boring game
Harry Potter and his Hogwart's pals come to life PlayStation-style in EA Games' Quidditch World Cup, but the game lacks the magic and adventure of the Potter books and movies. Rich with vibrant graphics and easy-to-follow tutorials, the game is visually brilliant and easy to master.

Kick some Commie butt with 'Freedom Fighters'
What would you do if Russia had invented the hydrogen bomb, dropped it on Berlin to end World War II, spread Communism throughout the world and ultimately invaded New York City? If your answer is "pick up a gun and kill some Commies," you need to play Freedom Fighters, the latest multiplatform action monster from EA Games.

Leave 'Kirby Air Ride' for the kids
In search of quick fix before the release of Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, I decided to give the cutesy Kirby Air Ride a shot. Then I used the disc as a clay pigeon and went at it with my 12-gauge.

Homelessness is not a seasonal problem
A family day of turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes instead of boring lectures is enough to make any student happy at Thanksgiving. We can look forward to it again around Christmas. For homeless people, holidays are a time when everybody else suddenly feels more giving.

Letters to the Editor: Bush wasn't just talking turkey
The letters in response to recent columns, including a note from a reader who wanted to thank Catherine Portillo for "raising awareness as to the issue of the utter destitution strangling the indigenous people of Mexico ." The reader said he was in nearby Oaxaca and saw the trouble firsthand.

Prisoners should have the right to vote
While forces fight overseas, millions in the homeland remain disenfranchised by an outdated and ineffective justice system. Many felons are denied the right to vote in public elections, to hold public office of trust or profit or to serve as a juror, even after sentences are finished.

U.S. needs to invite more to the immigration table
Four high-achieving students in Arizona have had a lot on their minds recently. Aside from finals, projects and maintaining a social life, the four students have had to worry about being deported back to a country they don't even call home.

Editorial: Playing the name game at 'Cockroach Courier'
According to a story in The Arizona Republic Monday, this state has some of the most lenient laws on name changes. We at The State Press all asked each other the same question: "Is the Republic hurting for story ideas even more than we are?"

A comic strip by Tony Carrillo.

A coimc strip by Joseph Bowen.

Talking Heads
A comic strip by Alexander Karlsson.

On the Web: Leftovers
Thanksgiving is a great holiday ... for me to ... umm ...

Rather than review Triumph's somewhat tasteless production, I decided to rant about the whole Thanksgiving brew-ha-ha that everyone has to go through.

Players honored by Pac-10, team
After just two Pac-10 wins this season, voters were not kind to the ASU football team when it came time to decide postseason prestige.

Three Sun Devils - sophomore offensive lineman Grayling Love, senior offensive lineman Regis Crawford and junior strong safety Riccardo Stewart - were selected to the All-Pac-10 second team.

ASU volleyball performed below expectations in '03
After three trips to the NCAA tournament in four years, expectations were high for the ASU volleyball team as the Sun Devils entered the 2003 season. But the result of the season wasn't what Saindon and the players planned. The Sun Devils finished a disappointing ninth in the Pac-10.

Opinion: NFL beckons ASU stars
Last year, a pair of ASU All-Americans elected not to return for their senior seasons. The Sun Devil football team never did find suitable replacements for defensive end Terrell Suggs and wide receiver Shaun McDonald.

Devil Dish: All-Pac-10 voters take out angst on 2 Devils
When the All-Pac-10 team was announced on Monday, a pair of Sun Devils were screwed out of recognition. Maybe voters felt they needed to make up for picking ASU to finish second in the Pac-10. Or maybe they were watching a different conference.

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