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Freedman charged in third sexual assault
Former ASU football player Mitchell Freedman has been charged with a number of criminal violations stemming from an incident that occurred in Tempe in May.

The recent kidnapping, burglary, armed robbery, sexual assault, sexual abuse and theft charges are the third set authorities have made against Freedman, who was nicknamed "Fright Night" when he played for ASU. All of the charges involve sexual assaults and robberies in which Freedman is suspected.

Students protest commercialization
Lisa Fujii was among the horde of shoppers who jammed into Scottsdale Fashion Square mall on Friday morning.

The ASU West communication senior was not there to hunt for bargains, but rather to protest and educate. Fujii was one of several ASU students who took part in "Buy Nothing Day," a nationwide campaign against consumerism and the buying frenzy that occurs during the holiday season.

ASU vies for $43.8M U.S. Army contract
Some ASU administrators are working virtually around the clock to finish work on a proposal designed to bring in $43.8 million from the U.S. Army.

The University of Texas at Dallas is the only other school still up for the contract to develop and build lightweight, flexible computer displays that will enable soldiers of the future to have "full situational awareness" of the battlefield, proposal co-author Greg Raupp said.

Police Beat: Is that a bunch of DVDs in your pants...
The incidents reported by ASU and Tempe police, including a 22-year-old Guadalupe man arrested near the 700 block of West Guadalupe Road on charges of shoplifting after he reportedly stuffed several DVDs down his pants and left the store without paying.

Tempe 'Fantasy of Lights' plugs into holiday season
Nearly 30,000 people gathered in Tempe to kick off the holiday season at the Tempe Fantasy of Lights Festival Saturday night. Hundreds of thousands of lights will be on display in downtown Tempe and in Tempe Beach Park through Jan. 4, said Tempe events supervisor Travis Dray.

Plot 'Missing' from thriller
With a cast that includes Tommy Lee Jones and Cate Blanchett, director Ron Howard's latest film should be comparable to his Oscar winning movie "A Beautiful Mind." Instead, "The Missing" is definitely missing a lot.

The trials and tribulations of repelling girls
If their band name is any indication, the members of Girl Repellent should be the type of guys a girl would not want to be within 20 miles of. Nothing could be further from the truth. Girl Repellent has been using its own brand of charm for more than six years on the Phoenix local band scene.

Concert Review: Arizona's own ska band hits Modified Arts
Here in Arizona, ska and reggae bands thrive as a small cornerstone of underground music. Enter Warsaw Poland Bros. Together since the early 1990's, these hopelessly talented bar musicians have consumed audiences with amorous lyrics, memorizing horn licks and insatiable drum beats.

Metalhead rocks the 80s with long hair, leopard print
Sure, they're men with really long hair and tight pants. And yes, they wear leather and leopard prints. But they make their music look good, and sound good too. The band can fill up a bar with an excited crowd on any Sunday night.

Jak and Daxter return in 'Jak II'
Jak is back and this time he's pissed off, as both Jak and Daxter make their return in Naughty Dog's Jak II. Like Aeon Flux and the main character in Grand Theft Auto III, Jak didn't really have much to say in the first game. In Jak II though, he has diarrhea of the mouth.

Joes' pathetic rejections put show below 'Average'
In the most predictable 'Average Joe' episode ever, NBC's semiprecious gem sank below what this week could have been. Predictably, the untamable John and Alex are sardonically rejected. The choices from behind the camera provided the real entertainment.

'Quidditch World Cup:' Beautiful but boring game
Harry Potter and his Hogwart's pals come to life PlayStation-style in EA Games' Quidditch World Cup, but the game lacks the magic and adventure of the Potter books and movies. Rich with vibrant graphics and easy-to-follow tutorials, the game is visually brilliant and easy to master.

Kick some Commie butt with 'Freedom Fighters'
What would you do if Russia had invented the hydrogen bomb, dropped it on Berlin to end World War II, spread Communism throughout the world and ultimately invaded New York City? If your answer is "pick up a gun and kill some Commies," you need to play Freedom Fighters, the latest multiplatform action monster from EA Games.

Leave 'Kirby Air Ride' for the kids
In search of quick fix before the release of Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, I decided to give the cutesy Kirby Air Ride a shot. Then I used the disc as a clay pigeon and went at it with my 12-gauge.

Letters to the Editor: Craig's comments engender bigotry
The letters in response to recent articles, including a letter from a reader who said that Tyler Craig's letter to the editor about a State Press editorial was disrespectful toward people who die from violence against trangendered people.

UT blacklist close-minded
Last week, the Young Conservatives of Texas published a blacklist of 10 University of Texas faculty members who they felt were "indoctrinating" students. Professor Robert Jensen is No. 1 on the blacklist. His main misdeed? Comparing the gay rights movement to the fight for civil rights.

Editorial: A party puzzler
Thirty days away from the biggest block party this state has ever thrown, and we've just got to wonder - what is Tempe thinking? Didn't the city of Tempe, host of the Tempe Tostitos Fiesta Bowl Block Party, hear that the city and its curmudgeonly city council are the ultimate party poopers?

Bush's Turkey Day trot showed conviction, stubbornness
On Friday, splashy pictures of the president holding a trayful of glistening turkey and fixings and surrounded by smiling soldiers were on the front page of every newspaper this side of the Atlantic. Let the PR games begin.

Defending the Chiapanecos
Next month marks the 10th anniversary of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation's uprising in Mexico City. In Jan. 1, 1994, members of the Zapatista army overtook one of Mexico City's most famous centers of town, el Zócalo. The purpose was to rebel against globalization.

A comic strip by Tony Carrillo.

A coimc strip by Joseph Bowen.

Talking Heads
A comic strip by Alexander Karlsson.

On the Web: Leftovers
Thanksgiving is a great holiday ... for me to ... umm ...

Rather than review Triumph's somewhat tasteless production, I decided to rant about the whole Thanksgiving brew-ha-ha that everyone has to go through.

Sun Devils beat Wildcats 28-7
The tears were flowing for the ASU football team on Friday afternoon at Sun Devil Stadium, but not because a largely disappointing season had finally come to an end. The tears came on the faces of the Sun Devils' 14 seniors, their coaches and all players who said they had something to build on for next year.

Football: UA ready to move past disastrous season
The Wildcat football team's 28-7 loss on Saturday was the last leg of what possibly has been the most turbulent season in school history - a season that ultimately left interim coach Mike Hankwitz in its wake.

Second half surge lifts men's basketball to win
It was a new look for the ASU men's basketball team Saturday afternoon against UC Riverside, but the results were the same as the Sun Devils won 77-68. The team's makeover started when head coach Rob Evans went with two new starters against the Highlanders.

ASU wrestling falls short against Iowa
The No. 20-ranked ASU wrestling team hung tough with powerhouse Iowa, but the No. 3-ranked Hawkeyes left Tempe with a win in the Sun Devils' first dual meet of the season. Each squad won five matches, but two of Iowa's wins came by fall, resulting in a 24-17 Hawkeye advantage.

Breakdown: Blatant fan apathy mars thrilling ASU win
The Sun Devils clicked on all facets of the game in a fashion that resembled a top-25 team. Just when it looked like there could be an "ugly-free" game, the Sun Devil Stadium crowd came to mind. The listed attendance of 55,498 for an instate rivalry game was disgusting.

Women's basketball loses twice in Bahamas
The ASU women's basketball team was eager to take on some quality opponents this weekend, but it soon realized that a pair of ranked teams was a far cry from Akron and Grambling State.

Football: ASU seniors end careers in winning fashion
Friday's three-touchdown win was not just the final game of the season for the Sun Devils, but the final game ever for a group of ASU's seniors. All 14 seniors served as single-game captains for ASU and ended a disappointing year with the best possible outcome - a win over rival UA.

Devil Dish: Joke's on Nebraska for firing coach
The University of Nebraska can't help but feel a little stupid this weekend after firing its head coach, Frank Solich. The team improved over a 7-7 record last year to a 9-3 mark. This action may turn off top coaches from wanting to coach a program that doesn't accept 9-3 seasons.

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