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Correction: TA's job status under review
Contrary to an ASU statement to The State Press Monday, chemistry graduate teaching assistant Eric Krause has not been fired from his job at the University, ASU spokesman Keith Jennings said.

Jennings said Krause, arrested last week on additional counts of sexual exploitation of a minor following a July arrest for the same offense, had been "placed on leave," and that his status with the University was under review.

Students to guard 'A' in preparation for rivalry game
After a relatively vandalism-free year, the ASU-UA rivalry is flaring again with one incident already on the UA campus and constant vigilance of the 'A' on 'A' Mountain.

Bioengineering senior and Student Alumni Association vice president for tradition Tyson Padgett said six student groups have already signed up to guard the 'A' during the evening and early-morning hours.

Police to patrol for underage drinkers
Arizona law enforcement agencies will be watching for underage drinking throughout the state this weekend as the holidays arrive, officials said.

Leesa Berens-Morrison, director of the state Department of Liquor Lic-enses and Control, announced the first-time partnership of the department and the Governor's Office of Highway Safety.

Missing transcripts stop registrations
Every fall, several freshmen are surprised to learn they cannot register for classes because ASU does not have a record of their final high school transcripts, said Director of Undergraduate Admissions Timothy Desch.

But this year, some students did not discover they were ineligible to register for classes until their pre-registration requests were denied - after an adviser had cleared them to register.

Police Beat: Getting punchy after preaching from Quran
The incidents reported by ASU and Tempe police, including a woman arrested after she reportedly punched her mother in the shoulder. The woman reportedly had not been taking her anti-psychotic medication for bipolar disorder, and was earlier seen preaching from the Quran.

ASU East: Turnout low for master plan meetings
Only two students attended the first master planning meetings held on the ASU east campus by the consulting firm Ayers/Saint/Gross last week. The firm was hired by ASU to create a Master Plan - a plan for growth and development for each of the University's campuses.

ASU East: Drumstick Dash delivers dollars
ASU East students participated in the fifth annual ASU East Dauntless Drumstick Dash last weekend to raise money for the classified staff council's scholarship fund. David Schwalm, vice provost at East, dressed in leather and cruised on his Harley motorcycle in front of the runners.

Some students not going home to get turkey
f students don't have anywhere to go for turkey and cranberry sauce this Thursday, they shouldn't plan on picking something up from the Memorial Union. The MU will be closed this weekend, but there are other places to go for students who aren't going home for Thanksgiving.

Jak and Daxter return in 'Jak II'
Jak is back and this time he's pissed off, as both Jak and Daxter make their return in Naughty Dog's Jak II. Like Aeon Flux and the main character in Grand Theft Auto III, Jak didn't really have much to say in the first game. In Jak II though, he has diarrhea of the mouth.

Joes' pathetic rejections put show below 'Average'
In the most predictable 'Average Joe' episode ever, NBC's semiprecious gem sank below what this week could have been. Predictably, the untamable John and Alex are sardonically rejected. The choices from behind the camera provided the real entertainment.

'Quidditch World Cup:' Beautiful but boring game
Harry Potter and his Hogwart's pals come to life PlayStation-style in EA Games' Quidditch World Cup, but the game lacks the magic and adventure of the Potter books and movies. Rich with vibrant graphics and easy-to-follow tutorials, the game is visually brilliant and easy to master.

Kick some Commie butt with 'Freedom Fighters'
What would you do if Russia had invented the hydrogen bomb, dropped it on Berlin to end World War II, spread Communism throughout the world and ultimately invaded New York City? If your answer is "pick up a gun and kill some Commies," you need to play Freedom Fighters, the latest multiplatform action monster from EA Games.

Jokes in mediocre 'Cat in the Hat' ignore young audience
Saying that the film adaptation of Dr. Seuss's children's book The Cat in the Hat is better than the abysmal adaptation of How The Grinch Stole Christmas is faint praise. Still, if you compare the two, The Cat in the Hat is an Academy Award winner while Grinch is an easily forgettable, garish little movie.

'Gothika' nothing more than a dressed-up 'B' movie
Halle Berry may be beautiful, and she may have an Academy Award, but she better watch out: If she keeps doing movies like X-Men, X2: X-Men United and the new horror film Gothika, that Oscar may not have much clout in Hollywood.

Leave 'Kirby Air Ride' for the kids
In search of quick fix before the release of Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, I decided to give the cutesy Kirby Air Ride a shot. Then I used the disc as a clay pigeon and went at it with my 12-gauge.

Letters to the Editor: Thanks for covering Transgender Day
The letters in response to recent articles, including a letter from a reader who wrote to say thanks for coverage of the Transgender Day of Remembrance. The writer said that the vigil sends the message that no one deserves to be murdered, and is not propaganda.

Gobbles and Gratitude: Turkey Day words of thanks
In lieu of our standard "Boos and Bravos," The State Press editors went in for the cheesy turkey day pun and decided to share the things we each give thanks for tomorrow. Happy Thanksgiving.

Mutuals scandal nothing new
As if the already shaky economy needed anymore turbulence, New York Attorney Elliot Spitzer has uncovered evidence that a good number of financial companies have been sidestepping the rules by letting their favorite clients buy and sell funds prematurely.

Public funds not for charters
In a state ranked 48th in per pupil funding and graded 'D' in public spending, you'd think State Superintendent of Education Tom Horne would be working to buoy student equity, especially in poorer areas. But instead, Horne is focusing on gathering funding for for-profit charter schools.

A comic strip by Tony Carrillo.

A coimc strip by Joseph Bowen.

Talking Heads
A comic strip by Alexander Karlsson.

Attell, Black's shocking humor tickles Phoenix's funnybone
To fans, it will come as no surprise that two of Comedy Central's best comics, Dave Attell of "Insomniac" and Lewis Black of "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart," thrilled the filled-to-capacity Dodge Theatre with outrageous humor during the Comedy Central Live show Saturday night.

On the Web: Update on the tracking of Jacko
This week, instead of reviewing an amalgam of pop culture sites and inane but humorous Flash games where you round up digital sheep and then cringe at the sound of repetitive "baaah" sound effects, I thought I would engage in some real journalism: I would track Michael Jackson.

Point: OU's Stoops will bring excitement to lowly Wildcats
UA has been known for possessing some great coaches. If the Wildcat brain trust has an ounce of sense, it will hire Oklahoma co-defensive coordinator Mike Stoops, who is the obvious choice over USC offensive coordinator Norm Chow and any other candidate.

Counterpoint: UA needs QB magic from USC's Chow
Looking at USC assistant coach Norm Chow for UA's head coaching position, there is just too much good to ignore. Ever since Chow has been an offensive coordinator in the NCAA, he has developed quarterbacks the way Martin Scorsese makes films.

Bigger than 'Basement Bowl'
While the Sun Devils' accomplishments have lagged far behind their expectations this season, the team reinforces that for one afternoon, no matter what they've done in the past, the stakes can never be higher than when they face UA on Friday at Sun Devil Stadium.

Football: Wildcats trying to salvage dreadful 2003 season
It has been yet another year of turmoil for the Wildcats, who have suffered through another disappointing season. Armed with a defense that ranks last in several statistical categories in the Pac-10 and an offense that has struggled almost as badly, the team has had a difficult time.

Football: Devils feel heat of 104-year-old rivalry
The rivalry between ASU and UA may not be renowned around the country as one of college football's biggest grudge matches, but the Sun Devils who have lived through the rivalry have a different story to tell.

The Edge: Devils have everything to lose vs. Cats
The Wildcats, who were picked to finish last in the Pac-10, have nothing to lose after a season of adversity that included firing their coach. The Sun Devils have everything to lose after being picked second in the conference. They must defend their home field, backs against the wall.

Devil Dish: Loss to UA would nail ASU's coffin shut
Friday's showdown against UA is ASU's biggest game in years. A victory over UA makes 2003 just a disappointing season with some extra motivation for next year. A loss would be the final nail in the coffin for one of the worst seasons in the program's history.

Women's hoops travels to Bahamas for Junkanoo Jam
After the ASU women's basketball team's 89-51 victory over Grambling State on Sunday night, head coach Charli Turner Thorne told her team that it was time to "bring on the big dogs." Turner Thorne will get her wish when the Sun Devils (2-0) play on the road for the first time this season.

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