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New cell phone law takes effect today
A new law goes into effect today allowing cell phone users to switch service providers without switching phone numbers, and ASU students said it would decrease hassles for them. Under the FCC's "local number portability" rules, people can switch wireless carriers within the same geographic area and keep their existing phone number.

Universities change accountability factors
TUCSON - The Arizona Board of Regents approved a new report that will allow the state's universities to measure more accurately factors important to each school's mission.

The board's decision, made Friday at its meeting in Tucson, was a step forward for the Changing Directions initiative. The initiative, approved last year by ABOR, details a different focus for each Arizona university as the system strives to accommodate the needs of all students in the state.

Regents OK $200K for baseball stadium
TUCSON - The Arizona Board of Regents unanimously approved an additional $200,000 to renovate the University's baseball stadium on Friday.

The extra money has come from gifts to ASU and will bring total renovation costs to more than $3 million. The regents approved the use at their meeting in Tucson.

ASU students train with Aikido creator
ASU students practicing Kokikai Aikido, a modern Japanese martial art, had the chance to train with its creator over the weekend.

People traveled from as far away as Washington and New York to attend the three-day event, which began Friday and continued through Sunday at the Student Recreation Complex. Master Sensei Shuji Maruyama, who developed Aikido, travels to the United States only three times a year for annual events.

ABOR approves 9 new University positions
TUCSON - The Arizona Board of Regents approved eight new ASU Regents' Professors during its meeting Friday at UA, and Richard Stanley, currently serving as the executive vice provost of New York University, was approved as ASU's senior vice president and University planner.

Student center's Jewish theater troupe seeks actors
The Hillel Jewish Student Center is forming a new theater troupe to bring performing arts students and Jewish culture together onstage. Shotsy Abramson, assistant director of the center, said auditions would be held during the first week of February.

ABOR Briefs: Parking structure to be 1 level higher
ASU Parking Structure 7, currently under construction near Lot 59 and Sun Angel Stadium, will be six levels high instead of five, cutting down the per-space cost for the entire structure. The total project cost will increase by $1.3 million and house 1,635 cars.

'Gothika' nothing more than a dressed-up 'B' movie
Halle Berry may be beautiful, and she may have an Academy Award, but she better watch out: If she keeps doing movies like X-Men, X2: X-Men United and the new horror film Gothika, that Oscar may not have much clout in Hollywood.

Jokes in mediocre 'Cat in the Hat' ignore young audience
Saying that the film adaptation of Dr. Seuss's children's book The Cat in the Hat is better than the abysmal adaptation of How The Grinch Stole Christmas is faint praise. Still, if you compare the two, The Cat in the Hat is an Academy Award winner while Grinch is an easily forgettable, garish little movie.

Kick some Commie butt with 'Freedom Fighters'
What would you do if Russia had invented the hydrogen bomb, dropped it on Berlin to end World War II, spread Communism throughout the world and ultimately invaded New York City? If your answer is "pick up a gun and kill some Commies," you need to play Freedom Fighters, the latest multiplatform action monster from EA Games.

Love and Marriage in the middle of the semester
At this point in my life I have a hard time choosing which shirt to buy. A million questions run through my head: Is it the right color? Is it the right size? Will I really wear it out, or will I take it home and decide I hate it? That is why I'm amazed at students who not only are able to decide who they want to spend the rest of their lives with, but they also have time to plan a wedding right in the middle of the semester.

Grills just want to have fun: The new Grilled Expedition
Chris Dushinski climbs down from a ladder from where he is painting the awnings of the outside patio to prepare for tonight's grand opening of Grilled Expedition on Mill Avenue. Along with other members of the management, Dushinski is taking his one day off this week to come into the restaurant to make sure everything is ready. Although spending a Sunday painting may not be the most interesting task, it is an essential one.

Time for Walker: 'Timeline' review
Paul Walker has one regret about his new movie: "I wish I could have done more in the fight scenes." Timeline showcases fight scenes galore, since many of the scenes in the movie are based in Europe during the 14th century in the midst of the Hundred Years War. But don't think this movie is like Braveheart.

Don't I know you? Mayoral candidate Brad McCauley
If I were to run for mayor of Tempe, my speech would go a little something like this: "If you elect me, I will have free pizza parties on Hayden Lawn every Friday, and you can have all of the loud parties you want as long as you let your neighbors do keg stands whenever they want. Furthermore, I'll be your best friend."

I don't know how far I could make it with that stump speech, and that is why I decided not to run for mayor. Brad McCauley, however, is planning on running for the position. The 21-year-old has plenty of qualifications: He's a political science major, he's president of the German club, he's a Tempe homeowner, he's old enough to drink, and he is a direct descendant of two American presidents: Benjamin Harrison and William Henry Harrison.

Murphy's Law: No guts, no glory
I was 11 years old when my cousin Molly and I decided that we were going to New York to live with her actress aunt and make it big in the Big Apple. We combined our resources and saved $79 in a shoebox in my closet, excited because that seemed like enough money to start our lives in New York. What amazes me today is that there are thousands of people who don't give up on this dream. Most don't make it - but some do - and staff writer Erika Wurst looks at both sides of the coin in "Hollywood highway."

Leave 'Kirby Air Ride' for the kids
In search of quick fix before the release of Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, I decided to give the cutesy Kirby Air Ride a shot. Then I used the disc as a clay pigeon and went at it with my 12-gauge.

No love for Bush, actually
Billy Bob Thornton's negative portrayal of the American president in the movie "Love Actually" clearly is a hyperbole, but what is troubling is that back in reality, it's probably not far from the truth about how foreigners actually feel about our president these days.

ASU student too young, inexperienced to be mayor
We've had a nontraditional mayor for 10 years (a gay Republican) and so the fact that Brad McCauley is far from traditional isn't the problem. The problem lies in the notion that young students are as qualified as longtime residents, city council members and soccer parents to address city issues.

Recording industry shouldn't preach download morality
Integrity and honesty are two qualities the recording industry has taken upon itself to instill in college students across the country. It's not just about profits for them; it's about saving a generation from immoral behavior. But does downloading a few songs mean you're going to hell?

Letters to the Editor: Dems, Christianity don't mix
The letters in response to recent columns, including a letter from a reader saying that the Democratic party is indeed "diametrically opposed to Christian values." The reader goes on to say that Christians didn't "make up" their opposition to homosexuality, but rather got it from the Bible.

Editorial: Darwin's evolution revolution
One hundred and forty-four years ago this day, the world was revolutionized by a book. On Nov. 24, 1859, it was published in England: Charles Darwin's "On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life."

A comic strip by Tony Carrillo.

Talking Heads
A comic strip by Alexander Karlsson.

A coimc strip by Joseph Bowen.

Hollywood Holiday: Road to fame a long, well-traveled one
Starry-eyed 20-somethings are more willing than ever to chase their dreams of fame right out of Phoenix and into Los Angeles, but at what cost? Dreams rarely become reality in Hollywood, where the odds are stacked against those aspiring toward stardom.

Just two months ago, Tasha Dixon, a 22-year-old former Miss Arizona, decided to pack up her brains, beauty and talent and head out west to L.A. With a cheering squad of friends and family rooting for Dixon from their homes in Peoria, Ariz., the beauty queen made the journey on her own, hoping to succeed where so many others have failed.

Circ de paranormal: Crop circles fascinate earthlings
When the general public thinks about the crop circle phenomenon, people usually generate the idea of some freaky green alien hovering over a wheat field in a Podunk rural town making magnificent pictures with their extraterrestrial powers. But when 58-year-old Chet Snow, who has a Ph.D. in history, thinks about crop circles, he sees something more. Snow and his wife, Kallista, have been hooked on the freaky subject ever since.

The couple is hosting the Signs of Destiny II conference in Tempe this weekend, which will bring in speakers and guests from more than 20 U.S. states as well as folks from England, Holland, Canada and possibly Germany.

On the Web: Update on the tracking of Jacko
This week, instead of reviewing an amalgam of pop culture sites and inane but humorous Flash games where you round up digital sheep and then cringe at the sound of repetitive "baaah" sound effects, I thought I would engage in some real journalism: I would track Michael Jackson.

Attell, Black's shocking humor tickles Phoenix's funnybone
To fans, it will come as no surprise that two of Comedy Central's best comics, Dave Attell of "Insomniac" and Lewis Black of "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart," thrilled the filled-to-capacity Dodge Theatre with outrageous humor during the Comedy Central Live show Saturday night.

Men's basketball wins opener
It's not how you start - but how you finish. The Sun Devils took this lesson to heart Saturday afternoon as they defeated Arkansas-Little Rock 89-72. In its two exhibition games this year, the ASU men's basketball team had trouble coming out of the gate and found itself in a hole early.

Women's basketball opens season with 2 wins
The ASU women's basketball team began its 2003-04 campaign with a bang as it picked up a pair of blowout victories this weekend at Wells Fargo Arena, defeating Akron 80-48 on Friday and Grambling State 89-51 on Sunday.

X-country heads to NCAA's
Somebody might question the players on ASU women's cross country team when they say they're happy to be in Iowa in late November. But after a long season of preparation, it's exactly where they want to go.

Volleyball ends season with 2 losses
Like most of the team's matches this year, the Sun Devil volleyball players' efforts came up short despite an emotional performance. ASU (9-18, 4-14 Pac-10) lost both matches this weekend to the Washington schools at home to end its season on a losing note.

Ice Devils demolish Utah State
A quick start helped the ASU men's club ice hockey team breeze to a 7-0 win over visiting Utah State on Saturday night at Oceanside Ice Arena in Tempe. The Ice Devils (6-8-3) started so quickly that they were up 2-0 before Utah State registered its first shot of the game.

Devil Dish: 'SI' overlooks intensity of ASU/UA rivalry
Sports Illustrated On Campus recently ranked the top college rivalries, and the Sun Devils and Wildcats weren't included. How could they ignore ASU fans taunting former UA basketball star Steve Kerr by chanting the name of the terrorist group that killed Kerr's father?

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