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Non-Muslims urged to fast, help hungry
For the second annual Ramadan Fast-a-Thon on Friday, the Muslim Students Association is asking students to go one day without food so others won't have to.

Nure Elatari, an undeclared graduate student who helped organize the fast-a-thon, said that for every non-Muslim student who registers to fast from sunrise to sundown this Friday, local organizations would donate $1 to the Mesa United Way food bank.

Free VIN etching to help stop auto theft
An 18-year-old woman was arrested by Tempe police officers on Tuesday night after an investigation revealed that the car she was driving had been stolen in Phoenix.

An investigation revealed she had stripped the car of its license plate and provided false information to officers. Tempe police, in an attempt to decrease incidents like this, will offer free vehicle identification number etching today on automobiles.

Swimmers removed from ASU team
Two members of ASU's men's swimming team were "removed from the team for violations of team rules and conduct detrimental to the team" on Tuesday, swimming coach Mike Chasson told The State Press in a statement Wednesday.

Juniors Bobby Crowder and Joshua Gemmell have been dismissed for violations that neither Chasson nor Jeff Evans, ASU's sports information director, would specify.

'Fright Night' faces more assault charges
Former ASU football player Mitchell "Fright Night" Freedman now faces more criminal charges. He has been charged in connection with an Oct. 4 sexual assault.

Freedman was charged with seven counts of sexual assault, two counts of sexual abuse and one count each of armed robbery, aggravated assault and kidnapping, said Phoenix police detective Tony Morales.

Johnson: Acceptance should be way of life
Well-known author Charles Johnson addressed community issues as part of ASU's annual Centennial Lecture Wednesday at the Memorial Union. More than 300 students and ASU community members attended the speech titled "Mindfulness and the Beloved Community" in which Johnson discussed the importance of awareness and appreciation of diversity.

Police Beat: Public urination, open booze, littering in one
The incidents reported by ASU and Tempe police, including a transient man arrested after officers reportedly saw him urinate on a trash can, drink from an open container of alcohol and toss a brown paper bag on the ground within three feet of the trash can on which he had urinated.

Murphy's Law: No guts, no glory
I was 11 years old when my cousin Molly and I decided that we were going to New York to live with her actress aunt and make it big in the Big Apple. We combined our resources and saved $79 in a shoebox in my closet, excited because that seemed like enough money to start our lives in New York. What amazes me today is that there are thousands of people who don't give up on this dream. Most don't make it - but some do - and staff writer Erika Wurst looks at both sides of the coin in "Hollywood highway."

Don't I know you? Mayoral candidate Brad McCauley
If I were to run for mayor of Tempe, my speech would go a little something like this: "If you elect me, I will have free pizza parties on Hayden Lawn every Friday, and you can have all of the loud parties you want as long as you let your neighbors do keg stands whenever they want. Furthermore, I'll be your best friend."

I don't know how far I could make it with that stump speech, and that is why I decided not to run for mayor. Brad McCauley, however, is planning on running for the position. The 21-year-old has plenty of qualifications: He's a political science major, he's president of the German club, he's a Tempe homeowner, he's old enough to drink, and he is a direct descendant of two American presidents: Benjamin Harrison and William Henry Harrison.

Attell tale: Dave Attell coming to Phoenix
Dave Attell doesn't mind if you want to buy him a drink. The balding, hard-drinking stand-up comic will even do a shot with you, chat for a bit or even share a smoke. Just don't call him a sellout and then try to pawn your demo tape off on him.

Grills just want to have fun: The new Grilled Expedition
Chris Dushinski climbs down from a ladder from where he is painting the awnings of the outside patio to prepare for tonight's grand opening of Grilled Expedition on Mill Avenue. Along with other members of the management, Dushinski is taking his one day off this week to come into the restaurant to make sure everything is ready. Although spending a Sunday painting may not be the most interesting task, it is an essential one.

Love and Marriage in the middle of the semester
At this point in my life I have a hard time choosing which shirt to buy. A million questions run through my head: Is it the right color? Is it the right size? Will I really wear it out, or will I take it home and decide I hate it? That is why I'm amazed at students who not only are able to decide who they want to spend the rest of their lives with, but they also have time to plan a wedding right in the middle of the semester.

Time for Walker: 'Timeline' review
Paul Walker has one regret about his new movie: "I wish I could have done more in the fight scenes." Timeline showcases fight scenes galore, since many of the scenes in the movie are based in Europe during the 14th century in the midst of the Hundred Years War. But don't think this movie is like Braveheart.

Leave 'Kirby Air Ride' for the kids
In search of quick fix before the release of Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, I decided to give the cutesy Kirby Air Ride a shot. Then I used the disc as a clay pigeon and went at it with my 12-gauge.

'Average Joe' gets better with each sappy twist
OK, so I didn't see the truckload of surprises careening down the road of "Average Joe"'s capricious plot. Still, the show has made a 180-degree change in entertainment value. If you can ignore the emotional sap dripping off your television screen, you can actually enjoy the show.

Stolen limo, ugly dresses top off American Music Awards
Jimmy Kimmel's much-ballyhooed hosting gig at the 31st annual American Music Awards on ABC turned out to be something of a bust, but at least he got to say a lot of funny things. Other highlights included Missy Elliot's late arrival due to a stolen limo, skimpy outfits and a Clay-Ruben duet.

See 'Master and Commander' for high-seas suspense
After the first reel of this new adventure, you're plunged into the storyline, no longer a member of the audience. you can feel the wind on your hair, the salty smell in your nostrils. You're at the helm of the ship, along with all the sailors.

'Religious Left' a contradiction in terms
Friday will mark the formal announcement of the formation of a nonprofit religious organization members are dedicated to both motivating "religious" voters against politically conservative religious groups. My first reaction was something more akin to what scientifically is described as "the raspberry."

Sheriff Joe Arpaio to the moral rescue
Valley residents owe Sheriff Joe Arpaio a debt of gratitude. Were it not for his tireless efforts, we might still be faced with the terrible scourge of prostitution, a crime so heinous it warrants taking time away from those petty thefts and homicides that no one really cares about anyway.

Letters to the Editor: More power to a higher power
The letters in response to recent articles, including a letter from a reader writing that a recent column on the Ten Commandments is misguided and that "it really is upsetting when they try to exhibit a holier-than-thou attitude because other people still choose to believe in a higher power."

MU, SRC upgrades worth fee
Too many students see the proposed MU/SRC expansion fee only as more money that we have to feed to the ASU machine, with little or no useful return on our investment. This is not case. The proposed expansions to the MU and the SRC are necessary now and more so for the future.

Editorial: Rebel against antiquated thought
On Wednesday, colonial protector Mitt Romney - also known as the governor of Massachusetts - rode through the town of Boston and warned ye Commonwealth of an impending attack by the Rainbowcoats, a growing band of invaders who wish to promote the heresy of same-sex marriages.

Talking Heads
A comic strip by Alexander Karlsson.

A coimc strip by Joseph Bowen.

A comic strip by Tony Carrillo.

Circ de paranormal: Crop circles fascinate earthlings
When the general public thinks about the crop circle phenomenon, people usually generate the idea of some freaky green alien hovering over a wheat field in a Podunk rural town making magnificent pictures with their extraterrestrial powers. But when 58-year-old Chet Snow, who has a Ph.D. in history, thinks about crop circles, he sees something more. Snow and his wife, Kallista, have been hooked on the freaky subject ever since.

The couple is hosting the Signs of Destiny II conference in Tempe this weekend, which will bring in speakers and guests from more than 20 U.S. states as well as folks from England, Holland, Canada and possibly Germany.

Hollywood Holiday: Road to fame a long, well-traveled one
Starry-eyed 20-somethings are more willing than ever to chase their dreams of fame right out of Phoenix and into Los Angeles, but at what cost? Dreams rarely become reality in Hollywood, where the odds are stacked against those aspiring toward stardom.

Just two months ago, Tasha Dixon, a 22-year-old former Miss Arizona, decided to pack up her brains, beauty and talent and head out west to L.A. With a cheering squad of friends and family rooting for Dixon from their homes in Peoria, Ariz., the beauty queen made the journey on her own, hoping to succeed where so many others have failed.

'Aloha Week' festivities benefit Tempe YMCA, businesses
Tempe Mayor Neil Giuliano declared the week of Nov. 17 to be "Aloha Week," benefiting the Tempe Family YMCA and reinvigorating local businesses. Events range from a preview of the Fantasy of Lights Ice Skating Rink at Tempe Beach Park, to a "Luau" at Tempe Town Lake.

Recorded cable classes now delivered on streaming video
For the incurable procrastinator, classes delivered on streaming video at ASU could possibly be a lifesaver. The old video resources department has been closed, and students no longer must check out VHS tapes of classes offered on television that they have missed.

On the Web: Cardboard cutouts, digital beer
You might want to "hop" on over to for a few lessons in Beerology. the site is a bit intimidating as it goes into remarkable depth about things I have no clue about, such as different kinds of thermometers and yeast blends.

Football: Riccardo Stewart reflects on neck injury
For Riccardo Stewart, it didn't matter that the game was out of reach. In the closing minutes of the Sun Devils' 34-19 loss to Washington State on Saturday, Stewart was playing defense the only way he knows how: all out. Only this time, his trademark style of play nearly led to his downfall.

Basketball brings in big recruits
Two new players will join the ASU men's basketball team next year and could bring the Sun Devils something that can't be taught - size. California high school players Tim Pierce and Craig Austin recently have signed letters of intent to join ASU next year.

Men's club soccer heads to national tourney
Although they struggled and fought their way through a sometimes-torturous regular season, the players on the No. 3 ASU men's soccer team now have their bags packed for the University of Alabama and the 2003 National Intramural-Recreational Sports Associa-tion national tournament.

ASU diving coach passes down Olympic knowledge
When ASU's head diving coach Mark Bradshaw watches his protégé, sophomore Joona Puhakka, diving at the Mona Plummer Aquatic Center, he can't help but get a little nostalgic. Twenty years ago, Bradshaw was an NCAA champion, just like Puhakka was last year.

Devil Dish: 'Fright Night' tackling only lawyer fees
So it looks like Fright Night is making even more news almost five years after he donned the maroon and gold of ASU as a star safety. Mitchell Freedman was notorious at ASU for incredible hard and brutal hits. But surveillance photos helped police "intercept" Freedman.

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