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ASU East: Dude, where's my grass?
Students like Chris Burt, an ASU East resident and computer science sophomore, questioned why the areas around the Administration and Center buildings are surrounded by so much green grass while the housing areas have had brown or dead grass due to drought conditions.

ASU East: Campus begins charging students for printing
Although the pay-for-printing policy was put into effect just last week to charge East students 5 cents to print anywhere on campus, students said they already have seen the effects of the new policy.

University got $111 per student who applied for financial aid
ASU received approximately $111 per student who applied for a federal Perkins Student Loan this year, placing the University among the wealthier colleges in the country when it comes to federal aid.

Construction student grants at 6-year high
Scholarship dollars for construction students are at a six-year high, which has allowed the Del E. Webb School of Construction at ASU to recruit better and produce smarter students who are being hired faster, officials said.

The impact of the growth in scholarships can be seen in the recent winner of the school's outstanding alumnus award: Daniel Withers, owner and president of D. L. Withers Construction.

Developers snap up University property
Since the beginning of the semester, the Tempe City Council has approved the initiation of three housing projects on what used to be ASU property.

With the shortage of on-campus housing, Undergraduate Student Government office specialist Christina Gastelum said she could not understand why ASU would sell property to private developers when land could be used to build on-campus housing.

Police Beat: Sail Inn to the land of Nod
The incidents reported by ASU and Tempe police, including an 18-year-old transient man who was arrested on charges of trespassing after he reportedly was found sleeping on the roof of the Sail Inn.

Acclaimed satirist to speak at Old Main
From poking fun of living in the ghetto to social commentary on racism, he is acclaimed worldly for his subtle satire that has covered the pages of more than 1,000 publications.

This year's selected Centennial Lecturer and well-known African American author and cartoonist Charles Johnson will speak about "Mindfulness and the Beloved Community" at 7:30 tonight in the Carson Ballroom at Old Main.

'Average Joe' gets better with each sappy twist
OK, so I didn't see the truckload of surprises careening down the road of "Average Joe"'s capricious plot. Still, the show has made a 180-degree change in entertainment value. If you can ignore the emotional sap dripping off your television screen, you can actually enjoy the show.

Stolen limo, ugly dresses top off American Music Awards
Jimmy Kimmel's much-ballyhooed hosting gig at the 31st annual American Music Awards on ABC turned out to be something of a bust, but at least he got to say a lot of funny things. Other highlights included Missy Elliot's late arrival due to a stolen limo, skimpy outfits and a Clay-Ruben duet.

See 'Master and Commander' for high-seas suspense
After the first reel of this new adventure, you're plunged into the storyline, no longer a member of the audience. you can feel the wind on your hair, the salty smell in your nostrils. You're at the helm of the ship, along with all the sailors.

Who will stop Putin?
As American politicians fall asleep with visions of a new democratic Middle East dancing through their heads, Russian President Vladimir Putin has his window of opportunity. And his vision is not of sugarplums.

UA medical students need abortion training
Two UA groups trying to repeal an age-old (well, 1974) abortion ban at the University Medical Center in Tucson deserve a round of applause. The right to have an abortion, to dictate what happens with one's own body, is a major symbolic right of feminism.

Israeli intelligence officers right to criticize Sharon
Four men met in Israel a few days ago and dramatically marked the world's growing exasperation with Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and his handling of the Israeli-Palestinian crisis. These men are not soft. They know the situation. And they had every reason to criticize Sharon.

Editorial: Student housing University's job
Private developers are planning to build apartments and townhouses close to campus, on land that currently belongs to ASU. When a school owns a housing complex, chances are that the rent is put back into the dorms in some way. But with private developers, there is no such guarantee.

A comic strip by Tony Carrillo.

A coimc strip by Joseph Bowen.

Talking Heads
A comic strip by Alexander Karlsson.

'Aloha Week' festivities benefit Tempe YMCA, businesses
Tempe Mayor Neil Giuliano declared the week of Nov. 17 to be "Aloha Week," benefiting the Tempe Family YMCA and reinvigorating local businesses. Events range from a preview of the Fantasy of Lights Ice Skating Rink at Tempe Beach Park, to a "Luau" at Tempe Town Lake.

Recorded cable classes now delivered on streaming video
For the incurable procrastinator, classes delivered on streaming video at ASU could possibly be a lifesaver. The old video resources department has been closed, and students no longer must check out VHS tapes of classes offered on television that they have missed.

On the Web: Cardboard cutouts, digital beer
You might want to "hop" on over to for a few lessons in Beerology. the site is a bit intimidating as it goes into remarkable depth about things I have no clue about, such as different kinds of thermometers and yeast blends.

Football: Three disappointing seasons
Although the players and coaches on the ASU football team are quick to attribute their losing season to "mental mistakes" and "beating ourselves," the Sun Devils have endured excruciatingly substandard seasons from three individuals who were supposed to have a big impact in 2003.

ASU basketball remembers Ned Wulk
Monday night's 20-point win over Ratiopharm Ulm had a more profound meaning to ASU men's basketball head coach Rob Evans than just a nice finish to the Sun Devils' preseason. The game was the first to be played by the Sun Devils since the passing of former head coach Ned Wulk.

Hump Day Hoopla: Football means less than family
A disappointing year was more than put into perspective for many involved with the Sun Devils. On Friday night, Tom DeMassa, a man from a family rich with Sun Devil tradition, unexpectedly lost his life. DeMassa had been an engineering professor at ASU for more than two decades.

Devil Dish: Time to dump BCS polls for playoff rankings
I am absolutely fed up with the Bowl Championship Series. In fact, I'm more than fed up. It is by far the most ridiculous way to determine a champion in any sport on any planet. I wrote in a column last month that the system was a joke. And this week's rankings proved my point.

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