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Homeless, others protest city's 'no camping' ordinance
More than 50 protesters chanted, "Neil is a creep! Let people sleep!" and other slogans as they paraded up and down Mill Avenue on Saturday night to oppose Tempe's Urban Camping Ordinance. The protest was organized by the Free to Camp Coalition in reaction to the ordinance, enacted in 1997.

Crow one of highest paid presidents
ASU President Michael Crow is one of the highest-compensated public university presidents in the country, according to a report from an education journal.

For the 2003-04 school year, 12 public university presidents will receive more than $500,000 in total compensation packages, according to the Chronicle of Higher Education.

Grads OK referendum on MU, SRC fees
The Graduate Professional and Student Association assembly voted 16-3 Friday to send a referendum on new student fees to the graduate student body. The referendum is expected to be put to a vote of all students in February. If the student body approves the referendum, the Memorial Union and the Student Recreation Complex would be expanded with funding from increased student fees.

ASU grad serves as president of Arizona-Mexico group
Victor Flores graduated from ASU in 1976 with a construction degree. Now he is helping build an economic and cultural partnership, the Arizona-Mexico Commission. Gov. Janet Napolitano now chairs the commission and appointed Flores as president in August.

Jewish student center hosts first-ever donation week
The Hillel Jewish Student Center is hosting the first-ever Organ Donor Awareness Week at ASU this week in memory of a local rabbi's father. Organ donation is important and awareness may be low among students, said Michelle Frankford, Hillel program coordinator.

Police Beat: Multicolored glass pipe, leafy greens in San Pablo
The incidents reported by ASU and Tempe police, including a multicolored glass pipe reportedly found by officers under a suspect's bed and two bottles of Miller Lite beer in the refrigerator. Officers also reportedly found a plastic bag with a green leafy substance in the suspect's shorts.

See 'Master and Commander' for high-seas suspense
After the first reel of this new adventure, you're plunged into the storyline, no longer a member of the audience. you can feel the wind on your hair, the salty smell in your nostrils. You're at the helm of the ship, along with all the sailors.

Stolen limo, ugly dresses top off American Music Awards
Jimmy Kimmel's much-ballyhooed hosting gig at the 31st annual American Music Awards on ABC turned out to be something of a bust, but at least he got to say a lot of funny things. Other highlights included Missy Elliot's late arrival due to a stolen limo, skimpy outfits and a Clay-Ruben duet.

Percussion punk: The Panthers
Sometimes, complete ignorance is the cause for your existence. When asked how the Panthers have managed to stay together for three years, frontman Jayson Green replies, "Because we're too stupid to give up."

CD Roundup: Mary J. Blige, Ja Rule, Moonspell
Hail Mary! The reigning queen of hip-hop and R&B retains her crown, justifiably through Love and Life, Mary J. Blige's ninth album. In the album, she teams up with industry heavy-weights like Eve, Jay-Z, P.Diddy and 50 Cent.

Don't I Know You? Dance Dance Revolutionizer
Richard Simmons had it wrong all along, and I'm not just talking about those sparkly Hooters shorts he wears all the time. I'm talking about Sweatin' to the Oldies: What a boring waste of time. Perhaps if he'd met Mike Rak, Richie would have learned that Oldies ain't got nothin' on Dance Dance Revolution.

Hikin' it up
Every time I want to hike the only place my friends can come up with is Camelback Mountain. There is just a limit on how many times I can climb the same mountain. I may enjoy the view at the end, but I spend most of the hike looking at my feet or trying to get out of everyone else's way as they run up the mountain. I want a hike that I enjoy from beginning to end. So I arrive at the South Mountain Environmental Education Center around 8 a.m., still half-asleep, dreaming about a nap, but hoping for the best.

The 'eyes and ears' of Sundevil football
He has a clear, strong voice that flows from the radio. When he announces, "Touchdown Sun Devils," his voice booms. Listeners don't only hear the game - they see it. He isn't just Tim Healey, "Voice of the Sun Devils," he is the team's biggest fan.

The truth: 'Shattered Glass' review
Long before Jayson Blair made everyone hate journalists, there was this other freak named Stephen Glass. Glass was a burgeoning young journalist working for The New Republic, the magazine known as the in-flight magazine for Air Force One. Like his evil spawn, Jayson Blair, Stephen Glass botched a number of his stories and was brought down by an outside team of real heroic, awesome journalists.

Eastern Philosophy: Singing about growing up Asian
Mike Park has never been on TV or the radio. He hasn't starred in a Pepsi commercial or churned out a music video. And as far as pushing his records go, it's just been him and two of his friends running his Asian Man Music label out of his parent's garage. But what seems like mediocrity to some, spells out success for 34-year-old Park.

Murphy's Law: Dream, dream, dream
Everybody dreams about a better life. Some people have more selfish visions, such as fame and fortune and all that crap, but others take a more social, global approach. The thing about dreams though, is that most of the time they don't become reality. People may dream of world peace or something similar, but in the end they really don't do anything to make it come true.

Letters to the Editor: Keep the booty photos off the cover
The letters in response to recent articles, including a letter from two readers who wrote to say they didn't like the photo of a female ASU student's underwear-clad bottom that was printed on the cover of Friday's The State Press and said it supports objectification of women.

Homeless given strong boost into cyberspace
The French homeless - les sans-abri, if you're over there - are getting e-mail addresses. Homeless people can't improve their situation without work. They can't get most legal jobs without identifying documents or, increasingly, computer skills. This solution offers both at a minimal cost.

Cell phones lead to absurd driving laws
Apparently, Spain is so worried about the use of cell phones while driving that police have started ticketing people just for having a hand near their ear. Has the cell phone safety problem become so great that police feel the need to impose laws so ridiculous that they seem made up?

Editorial: Sheriff's prostitution sting turns blind eye
A Maricopa Sheriff's Department prostitution sting nabbed alleged prostitutes and customers and was championed as a successful operation by our local spaghetti western hero, good ol' Sheriff Joe Arpaio. The real trouble with the massage parlor brigade comes from who wasn't arrested.

Talking Heads
A comic strip by Alexander Karlsson.

A coimc strip by Joseph Bowen.

A comic strip by Tony Carrillo.

One man's vision: Arcosanti
Paolo Soleri appears from an unseen corner of the library at Arcosanti and shuffles across the room to takes a seat.

The 84-year-old architect and philosopher shows signs of aging in his wrinkled face, hunched posture and a slight loss of hearing, but he still exhibits enthusiasm in his persona and in the way he sometimes leans back to tip his chair ever so slightly while he taps his foot on the ground.

On the Web: Cardboard cutouts, digital beer
You might want to "hop" on over to for a few lessons in Beerology. the site is a bit intimidating as it goes into remarkable depth about things I have no clue about, such as different kinds of thermometers and yeast blends.

Winningest ASU hoops coach dies at 83
Ned Wulk, the all-time winningest coach in ASU men's basketball history, lost his lengthy battle with illness Saturday at the age of 83. Wulk, who had Alzheimer's disease, died of cancer Saturday night, school officials said Sunday.

In 1999, the University honored the coach, who coached the Sun Devils to win 406 games from 1958 to 1982, by naming the court after him at Wells Fargo Arena.

Football: Sun Devils lose fourth straight
Unlike previous weeks, the competitiveness was there for the ASU football team. But the Sun Devils could not convert on a number of big plays that ended up being the difference in a 34-19 loss at Washington State on Saturday.

By now, ASU fans have learned that top teams, such as the No. 8 Cougars (9-2, 6-1 Pac-10), execute key plays that make the difference between 9-2 and 4-7 records, which is where the Sun Devils currently stand.

Football: Stewart back in Tempe after night in hospital
For the ASU football team, the 2003 season has been a disappointing one, to say the least. But during its 34-19 loss to Washington State on Saturday, the Sun Devils received a not-so-subtle reminder that things could be a lot worse than just a losing year.

Football: Freshman QB leads WSU charge
It may have been senior day for Washington State quarterback Matt Kegel and 18 of his teammates, but freshman Josh Swogger stole the spotlight from his elders. With WSU and ASU tied at 10 in the second quarter, Swogger replaced a banged-up Kegel and looked more like a seasoned upperclassman than a redshirt freshman.

Hoops: Diogu expected to play against Travelers
When the ASU men's basketball team takes the court tonight for its final exhibition game against the Basketball Travelers, a familiar face will be back in the paint for the Sun Devils. Sophomore sensation Ike Diogu is expected to see his first minutes of playing time.

Santa Clara ousts soccer from NCAA's
For the second consecutive season, the ASU women's soccer team was eliminated in the NCAA Women's College Cup by Santa Clara. After the Sun Devils (13-5-3) dominated Cal Poly in a 3-1 decision on Friday, Santa Clara outplayed ASU for just one-half on Sunday.

Misfortune finds X-country
In the NCAA West Regional Championship in cold and wet Portland, Ore., the ASU men and women's cross country teams both had their share of bad luck. The men got hit hardest, finishing eighth and more than likely getting knocked out of next week's NCAA Championships.

Devil Dish: Tkachuk a model for suspended athletes
Hockey fans eager to see their former favorite Coyote Keith Tkachuk are going to be disappointed when the St. Louis Blues come to town Wednesday night. Tkachuk won't be playing as a result of the three-game suspension he received for cross-checking a San Jose player in the neck last Thursday.

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