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Police Beat: Not very feliz on Los Feliz Drive
The incidents reported by ASU and Tempe police, including a 50-year-old Tempe man was arrested near the 2100 block of Los Feliz Drive on charges of disorderly conduct and domestic violence after he reportedly called his wife and daughter a series of names during an argument.

Company surveys campus on housing
Building more on-campus housing for ASU students has been a priority of President Michael Crow. Student government officials say eliminating the housing crunch would increase the sense of community on campus.

Sun Devil recruiters now held accountable
In the year following an article in The State Press on the failure of the ASU athletic department to police the potentially dangerous activities of the football program's student recruiters, a number of changes have been made.

While ASU prepares to host approximately 20 high school recruits before semester's end, the Sun Devil Recruiters now are being held more accountable during a recruit's visit by being required to sign a behavioral contract agreement, according to an ASU official.

City Council approves College Ave. plan
The Tempe City Council approved initial plans for a construction project Thursday that will one day give ASU students more housing and shopping options along College Avenue.

The council unanimously approved a resolution to allow developer College Block to build a mixed-use project on a parcel of land on College Avenue between Sixth and Seventh streets.

Students to develop tech transfer products
ASU's technology transfer company is banking on the idea that University students can help develop products for sale. The students' reward: credit hours. The Technology Venture Clinic will put students to work as they help develop technology to be marketed and sold.

'Buddy,' 'Max' most popular names of pooches
If you're a guy looking to flirt, you'd better bring your Labrador along. If you're a girl looking to protect yourself, perhaps a German shepherd would be a good idea. According to Maricopa County Animal Care and Control, people should choose a dog breed based on their needs.

Percussion punk: The Panthers
Sometimes, complete ignorance is the cause for your existence. When asked how the Panthers have managed to stay together for three years, frontman Jayson Green replies, "Because we're too stupid to give up."

CD Roundup: Mary J. Blige, Ja Rule, Moonspell
Hail Mary! The reigning queen of hip-hop and R&B retains her crown, justifiably through Love and Life, Mary J. Blige's ninth album. In the album, she teams up with industry heavy-weights like Eve, Jay-Z, P.Diddy and 50 Cent.

Don't I Know You? Dance Dance Revolutionizer
Richard Simmons had it wrong all along, and I'm not just talking about those sparkly Hooters shorts he wears all the time. I'm talking about Sweatin' to the Oldies: What a boring waste of time. Perhaps if he'd met Mike Rak, Richie would have learned that Oldies ain't got nothin' on Dance Dance Revolution.

Hikin' it up
Every time I want to hike the only place my friends can come up with is Camelback Mountain. There is just a limit on how many times I can climb the same mountain. I may enjoy the view at the end, but I spend most of the hike looking at my feet or trying to get out of everyone else's way as they run up the mountain. I want a hike that I enjoy from beginning to end. So I arrive at the South Mountain Environmental Education Center around 8 a.m., still half-asleep, dreaming about a nap, but hoping for the best.

The 'eyes and ears' of Sundevil football
He has a clear, strong voice that flows from the radio. When he announces, "Touchdown Sun Devils," his voice booms. Listeners don't only hear the game - they see it. He isn't just Tim Healey, "Voice of the Sun Devils," he is the team's biggest fan.

The truth: 'Shattered Glass' review
Long before Jayson Blair made everyone hate journalists, there was this other freak named Stephen Glass. Glass was a burgeoning young journalist working for The New Republic, the magazine known as the in-flight magazine for Air Force One. Like his evil spawn, Jayson Blair, Stephen Glass botched a number of his stories and was brought down by an outside team of real heroic, awesome journalists.

Eastern Philosophy: Singing about growing up Asian
Mike Park has never been on TV or the radio. He hasn't starred in a Pepsi commercial or churned out a music video. And as far as pushing his records go, it's just been him and two of his friends running his Asian Man Music label out of his parent's garage. But what seems like mediocrity to some, spells out success for 34-year-old Park.

Murphy's Law: Dream, dream, dream
Everybody dreams about a better life. Some people have more selfish visions, such as fame and fortune and all that crap, but others take a more social, global approach. The thing about dreams though, is that most of the time they don't become reality. People may dream of world peace or something similar, but in the end they really don't do anything to make it come true.

'Love Actually' great despite romantic comedy mediocrity
I'm just going to say it right now: if I could have my life written out for me, I would pick Richard Curtis to write it. Curtis, one of the creators of "Mr. Bean" and the writer of such comedies as Four Weddings and a Funeral, Notting Hill and Bridget Jones's Diary, has one of the most insanely upbeat outlooks on life. Just look at his directorial debut, Love Actually, a cheery look at people in love at Christmastime in London.

Ferrell's 'Elf' destined to be a classic cold-weather comedy
Not long from now, there will Christmas-themed movies which are released in the month of October. What's next? A Christmas movie coming out on Halloween, perhaps. No matter, because Elf, the first big Christmas movie of the season, is sure to be a classic.

'Matrix: Revolutions' a decent action film, little more
The Matrix: Revolutions is a better movie than Reloaded, though not as good as the original. I guess we'll have to settle for Revolutions, a great action movie that falters whenever the actors open their mouths to talk.

'2004' revives 'NBA Live' franchise
EA Sports has gone through many phases over the years. In the early to mid 90's, they were unquestionably the best sports video game maker. But then they messed with success and tried to get too cute with some of their games, letting other companies pull ahead of them in quality.

Letters to the Editor: Dishing dirt on the Dish
The letters in response to recent articles, including a letter from a reader saying that Joe Watson's recent Devil Dish concerning Kellen Winslow was "a waste of space in the school newspaper" and that the article takes a "cheap shot" at Winslow.

Flat-tax comes to Baghdad
The latest social experiment in Iraq is the implementation of the oft-maligned flat tax. Capped at a modest 15 percent, the new tax code in Iraq is set to foster the transition from quasi-controlled economy to capitalism, the irrefutable cornerstone of a democratic paradise.

Media exploitation of Lynch worse than Flynt's nude pics
Thank goodness for Larry Flynt. Wow, I never thought that I would say that. But the "gold-plated wheelchair" crusader has amazed even his harshest critics this week by doing what no one expected: showing restraint.

Boos & Bravos: Bravo to new, improved Sun Devil Recruiters
BRAVO to ASU Intercollegiate Athletics for making positive changes to its Sun Devil Recruiters program. The program is now smaller and better-supervised to ensure that recruits have a positive ASU experience ... one without any extras like underage drinking.

A comic strip by Tony Carrillo.

A coimc strip by Joseph Bowen.

Talking Heads
A comic strip by Alexander Karlsson.

One man's vision: Arcosanti
Paolo Soleri appears from an unseen corner of the library at Arcosanti and shuffles across the room to takes a seat.

The 84-year-old architect and philosopher shows signs of aging in his wrinkled face, hunched posture and a slight loss of hearing, but he still exhibits enthusiasm in his persona and in the way he sometimes leans back to tip his chair ever so slightly while he taps his foot on the ground.

Devil Bites: File sharers are customers too
Memorable quotations from the past week, including a few words from Hoodlums owner Steve Wiley. Wiley told The State Press that he disagreed with the Recording Industry Association of America's assertion that stopping file sharers would rescue profits.

On the Web: Mind your Gothic manners
With several interviews looming in my near future, manners have been in the forefront of my mind - so much so that I have decided to share with you, the online reader, all that I have found in my search.

Former Rep. Hamilton speaks on death penalty, education
Audiences took a closer look at justice issues Thursday at ASU, as former Arizona House of Representatives Democrat Art Hamilton paid a visit. Hamilton's voice boomed, as he spoke of the problems surrounding law, education, common birthright, and citizenship in Arizona and the United States.

Spoiler could refresh ASU football season
With no possibility of a winning record, no chance for a bowl game and a cloud of disappointment in the desert sky, it would appear the ASU football team does not have much left to play for.

But buried beneath the unrealized expectations, the Sun Devils (4-6, 1-5 Pac-10) have a number of things to accomplish with the remains of their 2003 football campaign, starting with Saturday's game at No. 8 Washington State (8-2, 5-1).

Football: Cougars still contending despite injuries
Much like the football team that resides in Tempe, the Washington State Cougars' starting quarterback is a little bit hobbled. When asked what was ailing senior quarterback Matt Kegel this week, all head coach Larry Doba could do was laugh and say, "What's not?"

Hoops: No Ike, no problems
Even without sophomore sensation Ike Diogu, the Sun Devils were still successful in the paint in the team's 80-65 win over the EA Sports Southwest All-Stars on Wednesday. Head coach Rob Evans said the inside game would have been a different story with his big man in the paint.

Soccer: New talent takes Sun Devils to Santa Clara
For the second consecutive season, ASU's road to a national championship will begin at Buck Shaw Stadium on the campus of Santa Clara University in California. The 2003 Sun Devil squad has many people to thank for the opportunity to compete in the Women's College Cup.

Cross country heads to NCAA West Regionals
Up until this weekend, the men's and women's cross country teams competed knowing that there would be another meet in the future. Now both teams know that every bit of training comes down to one meet: the NCAA West Region Championships in Portland.

The Edge: Underrated Cougars may freeze ASU
The Sun Devils are an ailing team after two unexpected blowout losses. The Cougars have proved throughout the season they have been underrated since the start of the year. Not to mention WSU will have a big home-field advantage with the blistering November cold in Pullman.

Devil Dish: Give trained broadcasters their jobs back
Andy Rooney had it wrong. Sure, put women on the sidelines. I don't mind them at all, except for maybe Monday Night Football's Lisa Guerrero. What I hate are the former athletes in the booth doing play-by-play.

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