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ASU West: Pow Wow draws more than 500 spectators
The Fletcher Library Courtyard bustled as spectators and dancers converged at ASU West's Veterans Day Weekend Traditional Pow Wow on Saturday. The event drew more than 500 spectators of all ages and representatives of 30 nations to assemble for the all-day event.

Hoodlums' sales up this year in spite of online file sharing
The recording industry has blamed music file transferring for a decrease in sales, but Steve Wiley, owner of Hoodlums New and Used Music in ASU's Memorial Union, said said the past two months have been his store's most successful.

Tuition suit moved to Maricopa County
A superior court judge has ruled that the case of a lawsuit four UA students filed against the Arizona Board of Regents over tuition increases would be moved from Pima County to Maricopa County.

Paul Gattone, the lawyer representing the students, said he considered the ruling to be a delay tactic because now the hearing, which was scheduled for Nov. 17, will be moved even further back.

Cronkite answers ASU students' questions
Famed CBS correspondent Walter Cronkite talked to ASU students Friday about his career, his concerns with the press and how to break into the news field.

Cronkite, the namesake of ASU's School of Journalism and Mass Communication, visited the University last week to attend an annual award ceremony honoring longtime friend and news commentator Andy Rooney.

Tempe, ASU plan to house growing student population
As Tempe looks forward to the year 2030, University and city officials are trying to figure out how the growing main campus will fit into the city's future. For example, ASU and the city hope to plan student housing structures built adjacent to the city's new light rail system, the first phase of which is scheduled to open in December 2006.

Dogs, students walk for Humane Society
Valley residents and ASU students let the dogs out Saturday at the Arizona Humane Society's 10th annual Walk for Animals at Tempe Town Lake. Arizona Humane Society President and CEO Cheryl Naumann said the event usually brings in about $65,000 and 1,000 people per year.

Police Beat: Assault, public urination in a parking lot
The incidents reported by ASU and Tempe police, including an unknown suspect reportedly assaulting a University employee in the parking lot at Adelphi Commons. The suspect reportedly urinated in the parking lot, called the victim several names and made aggressive moves toward him.

'Matrix: Revolutions' a decent action film, little more
The Matrix: Revolutions is a better movie than Reloaded, though not as good as the original. I guess we'll have to settle for Revolutions, a great action movie that falters whenever the actors open their mouths to talk.

Ferrell's 'Elf' destined to be a classic cold-weather comedy
Not long from now, there will Christmas-themed movies which are released in the month of October. What's next? A Christmas movie coming out on Halloween, perhaps. No matter, because Elf, the first big Christmas movie of the season, is sure to be a classic.

'Love Actually' great despite romantic comedy mediocrity
I'm just going to say it right now: if I could have my life written out for me, I would pick Richard Curtis to write it. Curtis, one of the creators of "Mr. Bean" and the writer of such comedies as Four Weddings and a Funeral, Notting Hill and Bridget Jones's Diary, has one of the most insanely upbeat outlooks on life. Just look at his directorial debut, Love Actually, a cheery look at people in love at Christmastime in London.

'2004' revives 'NBA Live' franchise
EA Sports has gone through many phases over the years. In the early to mid 90's, they were unquestionably the best sports video game maker. But then they messed with success and tried to get too cute with some of their games, letting other companies pull ahead of them in quality.

Revolutionizing music television: Bohemia Afterdark
Move over MTV, Bohemia Afterdark is on its way to kick Carson Daly to the curb and bring Phoenix a much needed music makeover. "We play stuff MTV won't play. We play videos no one else will play," says Neil Jeckering of the new station that will be taking over airwaves sometime this week.

Step it up: Alpha Phi Alpha step group
Stepping has been a part of my life since I can remember. But to my surprise, when I asked students about the art, most gave me blank stares. If you're one of those people here's your chance to watch and learn. Step is built on the thing that makes your head bob to all of the Neptunes' songs.

Bobbing for Hıstory: Robert Lloyd Williams' take on Tempe
I have lived in Tempe for about three years now, and I almost feel like I am an old-timer. I talk about things that have happened in past semesters, and people give me this blank look because they have no idea what I am talking about. Yes, I remember Mill before Borders and The Library were there.

'Pieces of April' keeps it together
Thanksgiving could be about a moist mushroom stuffing. It could be about the perfect marriage between marshmallow and yam, a giant glistening turkey or a smooth spoonful of pumpkin pie. But let's face it: Food is like the cheesy-game-show consolation prize for what we really have to endure during Thanksgiving - people.

Next Stop, Friendship: 'The Station Agent' review
These days it seems as if a movie won't do well in the box office unless at least five people die, a car or two blows up and someone gets naked. But when Tom McCarthy wrote The Station Agent over three years ago, he broke that stereotype. The film, which McCarthy wrote around three specific characters that his friends would play, isn't about car chases or kidnapping - it's about solitude, loneliness and overcoming both.

Indiana Jones revived
When I saw Raiders of the Lost Ark for the first time on my sixth birthday, it was a watershed moment in my childhood. After witnessing spectacular stunts, melting Nazis and Harrison Ford playing the fedora-clad badass Indiana Jones, I had a new idol. With my best friend in tow, I was hell-bent on recreating the death-defying stunts from the flick, including an attempt to hang on a car's rear axle and mimicking Indy's trip underneath a Nazi truck.

The Phat and the Furious: Breakdancing still alive
The last 10 years have seemed like a blur to the Furious Styles Crew. The local breakdancing crew has undergone numerous challenges and changes, but still has been able to help keep hip-hop thriving in Arizona over the years. To commemorate the last decade of breakdancing and the other elements of hip-hop, Furious Styles is hosting the "Decade of Style," a weekend dedicated to breakdancing and graffiti battles.

Murphy's Law: Equality should be a gıven
I have faced little discrimination in my life. I've never felt less of a person because of my sex, race, ethnicity and rarely of my age. I've got it pretty easy - I'm not poor; I'm white and educated. I don't have a lot to be afraid of. I'm one of the lucky ones.

'Breakthrough' a fine addition to 'Medal of Honor' series
The Medal of Honor videogame series has been kicking ass on every platform, but it shines on the PC. Breakthrough is an expansion for the popular multiplayer and single player game known as Medal of Honor Allied Assault. This game is based around World War II just like in all of the other games but instead of fighting solely the Germans in this expansion you are fighting the Italians also. The game starts out with a level in Africa. For those of you who have not heard but the United States (but mainly the British) did go to war in Africa during WWII. Then from their in expands on to Stalin's turf.

Letters to the Editor: Good job exposing A&F's naked truth
The letters in response to recent articles, including a letter from a readder agreeing with a recent column discussing the irony of Abercrombie and Fitch's use of nude models to sell clothing. The reader went on to write that the store's clothing is overrated, and that she refuses to shop there.

Russomanno: Decision based on free speech, principle
Who would have thought turning down a free lunch could create such misunderstanding and furor? My decision was based primarily on Mr. Rooney's stated belief that women are not qualified to be sideline reporters on football telecasts. To attend would be hypocritical.

Time will reveal war's worth
We wanted Saddam and his people to be more like us - benevolent. And when they didn't change, we went over there to save them from themselves. We're going to help them make $87 billion worth of economic and social changes. How will history view our actions 400 years from now?

Developing countries stay that way without good leaders
The president of Sri Lanka, Chandrika Kumaratunga, executed a series of incendiary political moves in an effort to undermine the ruling party in the Parliament. Internal strife such as this is not uncommon in developing nations. Those in power must focus on the good of the nation.

Editorial: 'McJob' targets wrong corporation
McDonald's had a major beef with Merriam-Webster when "McJob" was added to the latest edition of the collegiate dictionary in June, and defined it as: "low-paying and dead-end work." We think "Wal-Job" rings a lot truer. Wal-Mart has no excuse not to treat employees with more decency.

A comic strip by Tony Carrillo.

A coimc strip by Joseph Bowen.

Talking Heads
A comic strip by Alexander Karlsson.

A look at tolerance
There were eight bias-related incidents reported on campus in October. Each one targeted the homosexual community at ASU, a self-proclaimed liberal university that supposedly thrives on its diversity. On Oct. 2, "Suck my cock, faggot" was written on the car of a gay male student.

A participant of National Coming Out Day found derogatory words written on the white board outside his dorm room door, and on Oct. 16, a gay male student was told, "Fuck you, faggot" while he was working as a security officer at the Towers apartments on campus.

Former Rep. Hamilton speaks on death penalty, education
Audiences took a closer look at justice issues Thursday at ASU, as former Arizona House of Representatives Democrat Art Hamilton paid a visit. Hamilton's voice boomed, as he spoke of the problems surrounding law, education, common birthright, and citizenship in Arizona and the United States.

On the Web: Mind your Gothic manners
With several interviews looming in my near future, manners have been in the forefront of my mind - so much so that I have decided to share with you, the online reader, all that I have found in my search.

Loss to Cardinal puts ASU in last place
STANFORD, Calif. - Just when it seemed the ASU football team's 2003 season couldn't get any worse, the Sun Devils, along with their placement in the Pac-10 standings, finally hit rock bottom.

After a 38-27 loss to lowly Stanford on Saturday, ASU now finds itself tied with archrival UA for last place in the conference.

Football: Walter battles pain, sets passing records
Though the ASU football team had one of its worst performances of the year during a 38-27 loss at Stanford, junior quarterback Andrew Walter threw for the second-most yards he has this season. And he did it "on one leg," according to head coach Dirk Koetter.

Soccer: Road wins secure No. 2 Pac-10 finish
The No. 22 ASU soccer team knew that in its weekend trip to Washington, the only things it had to worry about were Huskies and Cougars. Entering the tilt against No. 24 Washington and Washington State, the Sun Devils (12-4-3, 6-2-1 Pac-10) were still alive in the Pac-10 title hunt.

Volleyball swept by UCLA, USC
The ASU volleyball team needed a perfect weekend to remain mathematically eligible for postseason play, but it came up short, losing to No. 6 UCLA and No. 1 USC in three-game sweeps.

Jirov knocks out Kiwanuka
The script that had been acted out several times before by cruiserweight Vassiliy Jirov played out again Thursday night in front of a half-filled Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix. In trademark fashion, Jirov out-worked and out-hustled his opponent, lightly regarded Joseph Kiwanuka.

Breakdown: ASU football season officially a bust
Not many positives can come from a loss to a team that ASU was supposed to beat handily. The Sun Devils had preached how they have learned lessons from other losses this season, but now the year is officially ruined. But ASU ended up with only 13 fewer yards near the end.

Devil Dish: Olympic baseball sad without Team USA
In a weekend full of heartbreakers, none was more disappointing than the elimination of Team USA's baseball team from the 2004 Olympics. Friday's loss to Mexico featured an American team that had not given up a run throughout the entire Americas Baseball Continental Qualifying Tournament.

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