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More than 1,000 watch Cronkite honor Rooney
"60 Minutes" commentator Andy Rooney said commercialization of the news is hurting journalism, as he accepted an award for excellence in the field Thursday. ASU's school of journalism honored Rooney for his distinguished career, which has spanned 60 years, during a luncheon.

University to host presidential debate
ASU has been named the site to host the final presidential debate in October before the 2004 election, the Commission on Presidential Debates announced Thursday.

This is the first time ASU has hosted a presidential debate, and Tempe Mayor Neil Giuliano said it was a tremendous honor and opportunity for the University and the community.

Expert: Media biased on Middle East conflict
Shai Ben-Tekoa, a Jewish expert on Israeli-Palestinian conflict, said he feels the media's coverage of the issue has been slanted, when he addressed an ASU mass communication class on Thursday.

Ben-Tekoa worked on assignment for then-Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir in 1991. He said the bias is one of several problems afflicting today's mass media. He added that another problem is a lack of cultural awareness by foreign correspondents of the countries on which they are reporting.

ASU junior starts bid to be Tempe mayor
Sporting two earrings and a backpack slung casually over his shoulder, Brad McCauley looks like a typical ASU student. But this political science junior hopes to be the next mayor of Tempe.

McCauley has until Dec. 10 to gather the 1,000 signatures he needs to be listed as a mayoral candidate on Tempe's March 9 ballot.

MU/SRC expansion referendum faces hurdles
Despite a nearly unanimous approval at Tuesday's undergraduate senate meeting, a student referendum to expand the Memorial Union and Student Recreation Complex still faces several obstacles.

Vice President of Student Affairs Juan Gonzalez said Thursday that the ASU administration is in favor of the referendum. He said, however, there are some questions that must be answered before the student body would get to vote.

Famous vacuum salesman speaks to Carey students
"Nothing gets by an Oreck" is the phrase that helped launch the 40-year career of its founder, David Oreck, who spoke to ASU business classes Thursday. At age 80, he is still pushing products and the company name.

Police Beat: Don't spray-paint your mother's house
The incidents reported by ASU and Tempe police, including a 19-year-old woman arrested on charges of criminal damage after she reportedly spray-painted a garage door, tires and boxes at her mother's house.

Internationally acclaimed Russian play comes to ASU
When Colleen Jennings-Roggensack, executive director of ASU Public Events, saw "Boris Godunov" two years ago during a trip to Russia, she thought it was important enough to bring all the way back to Arizona.

'2004' revives 'NBA Live' franchise
EA Sports has gone through many phases over the years. In the early to mid 90's, they were unquestionably the best sports video game maker. But then they messed with success and tried to get too cute with some of their games, letting other companies pull ahead of them in quality.

Revolutionizing music television: Bohemia Afterdark
Move over MTV, Bohemia Afterdark is on its way to kick Carson Daly to the curb and bring Phoenix a much needed music makeover. "We play stuff MTV won't play. We play videos no one else will play," says Neil Jeckering of the new station that will be taking over airwaves sometime this week.

Step it up: Alpha Phi Alpha step group
Stepping has been a part of my life since I can remember. But to my surprise, when I asked students about the art, most gave me blank stares. If you're one of those people here's your chance to watch and learn. Step is built on the thing that makes your head bob to all of the Neptunes' songs.

Bobbing for Hıstory: Robert Lloyd Williams' take on Tempe
I have lived in Tempe for about three years now, and I almost feel like I am an old-timer. I talk about things that have happened in past semesters, and people give me this blank look because they have no idea what I am talking about. Yes, I remember Mill before Borders and The Library were there.

'Pieces of April' keeps it together
Thanksgiving could be about a moist mushroom stuffing. It could be about the perfect marriage between marshmallow and yam, a giant glistening turkey or a smooth spoonful of pumpkin pie. But let's face it: Food is like the cheesy-game-show consolation prize for what we really have to endure during Thanksgiving - people.

Next Stop, Friendship: 'The Station Agent' review
These days it seems as if a movie won't do well in the box office unless at least five people die, a car or two blows up and someone gets naked. But when Tom McCarthy wrote The Station Agent over three years ago, he broke that stereotype. The film, which McCarthy wrote around three specific characters that his friends would play, isn't about car chases or kidnapping - it's about solitude, loneliness and overcoming both.

Indiana Jones revived
When I saw Raiders of the Lost Ark for the first time on my sixth birthday, it was a watershed moment in my childhood. After witnessing spectacular stunts, melting Nazis and Harrison Ford playing the fedora-clad badass Indiana Jones, I had a new idol. With my best friend in tow, I was hell-bent on recreating the death-defying stunts from the flick, including an attempt to hang on a car's rear axle and mimicking Indy's trip underneath a Nazi truck.

The Phat and the Furious: Breakdancing still alive
The last 10 years have seemed like a blur to the Furious Styles Crew. The local breakdancing crew has undergone numerous challenges and changes, but still has been able to help keep hip-hop thriving in Arizona over the years. To commemorate the last decade of breakdancing and the other elements of hip-hop, Furious Styles is hosting the "Decade of Style," a weekend dedicated to breakdancing and graffiti battles.

Murphy's Law: Equality should be a gıven
I have faced little discrimination in my life. I've never felt less of a person because of my sex, race, ethnicity and rarely of my age. I've got it pretty easy - I'm not poor; I'm white and educated. I don't have a lot to be afraid of. I'm one of the lucky ones.

'Average Joe' an average show
Sometimes even the most homely of nerds gets a chance. A gorgeous girl gives them a shot. But as NBC's newest reality series "Average Joe" proves, that's just my own personal fantasy - and not reality.

'Breakthrough' a fine addition to 'Medal of Honor' series
The Medal of Honor videogame series has been kicking ass on every platform, but it shines on the PC. Breakthrough is an expansion for the popular multiplayer and single player game known as Medal of Honor Allied Assault. This game is based around World War II just like in all of the other games but instead of fighting solely the Germans in this expansion you are fighting the Italians also. The game starts out with a level in Africa. For those of you who have not heard but the United States (but mainly the British) did go to war in Africa during WWII. Then from their in expands on to Stalin's turf.

'Arrested Development' may be FOX's next junked gem
You know how it works, if you know anything about television. There will be a new show on the air, and it will be brilliant, in a way you didn't think possible. Perhaps the show will put you on the edge of your seat.

Hilarious after-Halloween special opens 'Simpsons'
The Simpsons," one of the truly great television programs of all time, is back for its 15th season. The three vignettes on last night's after-Halloween episode were all particularly funny and memorable.

Review: 'WWE Raw 2' hot with all new matches
WWE Raw 2, THQ's Xbox-exclusive pro wrestling simulation, is already one of the hottest games around. Sadly, the fun won't last long for those of us who don't follow the "sport." A lot has changed since THQ made WCW vs. NWO for the Nintendo 64. Now there's no more WCW or WWF, wrestling moved to TNN which is now called Spike, and Hulk Hogan retired but then came back again.

Review: 'Tiger Woods' shoots for par, still the best
If you want to be the best, you have to compete against the best. Or in this case, you have to compete against the only golf video game on the market.

In EA Sports' Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004, players can compete on some of the best golf courses across the globe. From the TPC of Scottsdale to Pebble Beach, players will get the most realistic simulation of what it is like to play as Tiger Woods, as well as a variety of other famed PGA tour professionals such as John Daly, Justin Leonard, and Jesper Parnevik to name a few.

Preview: 'Ratchet and Clank 2' not just kids' stuff
While I never played the original Ratchet and Clank, due to my caution around games that have kiddie-cartoon-looking covers, the demo disc for its sequel, Ratchet and Clank 2: Going Commando, is making me wish that I had.

Abercrombie and Fitch catalog: porn for the meek
Isn't it ironic that in order for Abercrombie and Fitch to sell clothes, their models have to pose naked? For $7, the new A&F Quarterly Christmas Field Guide (marketing jargon for "catalog"), features 208 pages of "Moose, Ice Hockey, Chivalry, Group Sex and More," according to the cover.

Courts should question Bush's 'culture of life' abortion ban
On Wednesday morning, President George W. Bush signed the Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act of 2003 into law, hoping to create what he called a "culture of life" in America. Meanwhile, we are still at war in Iraq. Hmm, apparently this "culture of life" doesn't extend that far.

German memorial construction coated in moral complexity
At first glance, it would seem inconsistent to construct a memorial using a product of a company linked to the gas used to slaughter the people being memorialized. However, the issue is much more complex than this, and it is right that progress continues on the memorial.

Boos & Bravos: Bravo to Rooney, boo to Martinelli's
BRAVO to the annual Cronkite Award Luncheon for awesome chocolate mousse and an entertaining event with honoree Andy Rooney, but ... BOO to the Cronkite luncheon for serving the cheap stuff to the ASU Student Media table. While the rest of the room tippled champagne, students at our table got Martinelli's.

A comic strip by Tony Carrillo.

A coimc strip by Joseph Bowen.

Talking Heads
A comic strip by Alexander Karlsson.

A look at tolerance
There were eight bias-related incidents reported on campus in October. Each one targeted the homosexual community at ASU, a self-proclaimed liberal university that supposedly thrives on its diversity. On Oct. 2, "Suck my cock, faggot" was written on the car of a gay male student.

A participant of National Coming Out Day found derogatory words written on the white board outside his dorm room door, and on Oct. 16, a gay male student was told, "Fuck you, faggot" while he was working as a security officer at the Towers apartments on campus.

Devil Bites: Rooney, '60 Minutes' crew not too old yet
Quotations compiled from The State Press about memorable events from the past week, including a quote from Andy Rooney made during his visit to Tempe on the idea that the people behind "60 Minutes" are getting too old to continue working on the show.

Sikh discussion seeks to educate, end discrimination
Rano Singh, former President of the India Association of Phoenix, held a lecture to educate people about Sikhism and provide community support for the discrimination inflicted upon Sikhs since Sept. 11.

On the Web: 'Tis the season to start shopping
Whoever wrote about 12 days of Christmas is an idiot. Incidentally, the holidays are about more than partridges that freeze to death because they are dumb enough to hang out in pear trees during winter.

Football looks to axe Stanford
After a 51-23 loss to California last week, the Sun Devils (4-5, 1-4 Pac-10) are focusing on keeping the past behind them and righting their ship as soon as possible to salvage what is left of a disappointing season. Their first chance comes when they travel to take on Stanford (3-4, 1-4 Pac-10) on Saturday.

Football: Cardinal coming off big win over UCLA
A week ago, the Stanford Cardinal was coming off its worst loss of the season, a 35-0 drubbing at the hands of the Oregon Ducks. For the second year in a row under new coach Buddy Teevens, the Cardinal had started the season 2-4.

Hoops: Pac-10 basketball poll ranks ASU No. 7
LOS ANGELES - Eight players with no Pac-10 experience and three lost starters were enough for the West Coast media to position the Sun Devils near the bottom of the conference Thursday in the annual men's basketball media poll.

Soccer still alive in Pac-10
While on the road taking on No. 24 Washington today, the Sun Devils will likely be paying close attention to the outcome of UCLA's trip to Oregon. If ASU sweeps the weekend in Washington and UCLA loses both games in Oregon, then the two schools would share the conference title.

Volleyball hosts powerhouses No. 6 UCLA, No. 1 USC
Motivation is the key to this weekend's volleyball matches for the Sun Devils as they take on No. 6 UCLA and No. 1 USC. ASU (8-13, 3-9 Pac-10) needs to win its remaining six matches in order to remain eligible for the NCAA tournament - a daunting task.

The Edge: Anger from loss, superior talent put ASU on top
After ASU laid a 65-24 whipping on the Cardinal last year, the Sun Devils could have a mental advantage. On the other hand, the Cardinal may have extra motivation for revenge. But one thing is certain: ASU has more talent, and that shows in the numbers.

Devil Dish: Cardinal should pick a mascot, already
Anyone reading this page is probably wondering what the heck is up with Stanford calling its team the Cardinal. There are plenty of respectable teams called the Cardinals (plural). We won't talk about the Arizona Cardinals. The Stanford Cardinal is a whole different animal - it's a color.

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