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ASU makes date with date harvest
The Arboretum at ASU is asking for student volunteers to help out at the annual date harvest this weekend by getting all 2,500 pounds of fruit cleaned, bagged and boxed for sale. Louisa Ballard, volunteer coordinator for the arboretum, said this is the eighth annual date harvest, an event that usually draws in more than 50 student volunteers.

Police Beat: Scary homeless guy doesn't like P.F. Chang's
A 27-year-old transient man was arrested near the 700 block of South Mill Avenue on charges of disorderly conduct after he reportedly was seen yelling obscenities at citizens near P.F. Chang's.

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Professors remember slain student
Brandon Rumbaugh begged Italian professor Donatella Melucci to translate a card for him - something short and poetic that he could give to his girlfriend on Valentine's Day.

She agreed hesitantly, reluctant to translate a personal message for one of her students. Melucci cannot remember the words, only the smile on Rumbaugh's face when the translation was finished.

Fights, streaker, odd donations came with Monday Night Football
After getting into Sun Devil Stadium for free to see the Monday Night Football game between the San Diego Chargers and Miami Dolphins, frenzied fans kept ASU police on their toes.

Officers arrested 13 people Monday night on charges ranging from aggravated assault to indecent exposure, said Lt. John Sutton.

Event brings war discussion to campus
Students gathered in the Memorial Union to discuss the role of the United Nations and the United States in the war in Iraq during a symposium Wednesday.

Albert Celoza, president of the Arizona division of the U.N. Association of the USA and professor at Phoenix College, spoke about the lack of understanding Americans have of other cultures and world concepts.

Algorithm could predict seizures, heart ills
An algorithm that ASU researchers developed could predict and prevent seizures and detect other medical traumas, like heart disease. Leon Iasemidis, an associate professor in the Ira A. Fulton School of Engineering, said he and other researchers in the school's Harrington Depart-ment of Bioengineering had developed the mathematical formula that could predict epileptic seizures.

Don't I Know You? Beth Clark and Sky Kurtz
Between school, editing at SPM, applying for internships, having a boyfriend and trying to catch the occasional episode of Queer Eye for The Straight Guy, sometimes I get overwhelmed and frustrated that I'm not getting enough "Joy Time." Then I met Beth Clark and Sky Kurtz.

Murphy's Law: Trick or stress
Costume shopping never used to be complicated. I'd climb the stairs of my house, dig in the closet and pull out either the clown or pumpkin costume: Whatever I hadn't worn the year before. But over the years my brother and I started yearning for a bit more creativity, and we reached out a little bit more.

The Art of Homecoming: Fine Arts college hosts first Art Walk
The Herberger College of Fine Arts is getting into the festive homecoming tradition by hosting the Herberger Art Walk on Saturday at the ASU Alumni Lawn in front of Old Main. Lasting from 10 a.m. to sunset, the Art Walk will be the only festivity that will last the entire length of Homecoming Day.

Tai chi tea-cher: Tai Chi lessons at Fate Restaurant
Watching Hui Neng Amos perform tai chi can elicit a feeling of hypnotization. Graceful and smooth, Amos has been studying the form for nearly his entire life, and his patience with the difficult movements has paid huge dividends, not only in physical presence and balance, but emotionally as well.

Longing to skate: The longboard trend hits campus
The landscape of the Valley is an open invitation to the growing trend of longboarding. It is hard not to notice those slick surfboards-with-wheels cruisin' around the ASU campus and downtown Tempe. The skateboarding industry has come a long way from old-school Tony Alva and the DogTown Z Boys.

The talented Ms. Tyler: Aisha Tyler plays the Tempe Improv
Aisha Tyler is a practical girl. When asked what three things she would want if she were stuck on a deserted island she replied, "A boat, a boat and a BOAT!" Who is Aisha Tyler? Maybe you've seen her on E!'s Talk Soup. Tyler was the first woman to host the now-canceled Emmy-award-winning comedy show that poked fun at daytime talk TV.

3-D terror: Haunted house IMAX-style
Haunted houses can be a real pain in the ass. Nine times out of 10, you'll get stuck behind someone with raunchy body odor and an obnoxious scream as you make your way through, dark, humid, confined spaces. Wouldn't it be nice if you could just plop down in a comfortable seat, munch on some mini Butterfingers and be whisked through a house of terror? IMAX is making that dream of so many a reality ... or a virtual reality.

A cartoon craze: Jump in the pool with 'Adult Swim'
Cartoons have come a long way in the past couple of years. What used to be a Saturday morning tradition for toddlers has become a late-night obsession for college students - thanks to "Adult Swim," a block of shows featured on Cartoon Network. Many who started religiously watching the six-hour-long cartoon lineup actually came across it on accident.

New '24' season a breathless whirlwind despite previews
What is it with the Fox network's marketing department? It always astounds and annoys me how they manage to ruin their television shows, especially good ones such as "24," the real-time action thriller starring Kiefer Sutherland.

Review: 'WWE Raw 2' hot with all new matches
WWE Raw 2, THQ's Xbox-exclusive pro wrestling simulation, is already one of the hottest games around. Sadly, the fun won't last long for those of us who don't follow the "sport." A lot has changed since THQ made WCW vs. NWO for the Nintendo 64. Now there's no more WCW or WWF, wrestling moved to TNN which is now called Spike, and Hulk Hogan retired but then came back again.

Review: 'Tiger Woods' shoots for par, still the best
If you want to be the best, you have to compete against the best. Or in this case, you have to compete against the only golf video game on the market.

In EA Sports' Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004, players can compete on some of the best golf courses across the globe. From the TPC of Scottsdale to Pebble Beach, players will get the most realistic simulation of what it is like to play as Tiger Woods, as well as a variety of other famed PGA tour professionals such as John Daly, Justin Leonard, and Jesper Parnevik to name a few.

Preview: 'Ratchet and Clank 2' not just kids' stuff
While I never played the original Ratchet and Clank, due to my caution around games that have kiddie-cartoon-looking covers, the demo disc for its sequel, Ratchet and Clank 2: Going Commando, is making me wish that I had.

Scottsdale photo exhibit looks at endangered ecosystems
Water and sky swirl into a single entity in a series of photographs featured at the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art. "In Response to Place: Photographs from The Nature Conservatory's Last Great Places" contains photographs that were commissioned to capture endangered ecosystems.

Sept. 11 film's unsettling imagery seeks to unite world
Contrasting perspectives. Tragic crescendos of voices. The irony of American self-pity. Kissinger and Allende. Forced suicide. Protests in blank streets. Familiar thoughts shrouded behind the language barrier. A movie that is the brainchild of 11 directors, who brought to life 11 visions and 11 points of view - each exactly 11 minutes and 9 seconds long.

Enjoy the witty company of Steve Martin in new book
Steve Martin has a great handle on calm, unbuilding and character-driven humor, which is why his new novel, The Pleasure of My Company, while having an extremely tidy happy ending, succeeds so well.

Touching 'Radio' tunes into human story of football player
Radio, originally inspired by a true story, focuses on the friendship between James Robert "Radio" Kennedy (Cuba Gooding, Jr.) and Coach Harold Jones (Ed Harris), and how their example transforms the attitudes of a small South Carolina town.

Review: Career mode stands out in 'Gamebreaker'
If you dream of the latter, 989 Sports' NCAA Gamebreaker 2004 may make you dance an end zone jig in your living room. But, if you still dream of making the touchdown or sacking the quarterback, Gamebreaker will not be anything better than the last 2,000 college football simulations you've seen.

Review: GBA 'Super Mario 3' an improved blast from the past
There are many things in the world that are just good, but what happens when something good becomes something great? What words do you use to describe such a phenomenon? Sure, staunch linguists would probably bring up the words "improvement," "enhancement," "upgrade," "advance," "innovation," "development," and "progress" - but I don't need all those fancy words.

'24' offers thrilling real-time TV
Aristotle (yes, THAT Aristotle) once remarked that great tragedy "attempts as far as possible to keep within one revolution of the sun," reflecting a belief that the importance of events is magnified greatly by keeping them as close to together as possible - namely, in one day.

Janet's tax plan doesn't 'simplify'
There are only two things certain in this life: death and taxes. And we can be certain to see more of the latter in the near future. Last week, Gov. Napolitano's Citizens Finance Review Commission revealed 46 possible revisions to Arizona's tax code that supporters say will "simplify" it.

Editorial: $250K not enough for naysayers
Monday Night Football came to town, and all fans managed to raise was a measly $250,000. Boo. Hoo. At least that's the sentiment of naysaying guilt-inducers around town, including local media. We think a quarter-million is pretty darn impressive for a bunch of drunken hooligans who were expecting a night when they wouldn't have to think about shelling out any money.

Feeding the media beast
Whenever I think of the newly established convergence between General Electric and Vivendi Universal, I can't stop myself from jamming on the air guitar as I belt out the lyrics to the legendary Queen favorite, "Another One Bites the Dust."

'P-Diddy gonna hold me down'
If Tommy Hilfiger Jeans were all made here in the states, no one would shell out for them. Most Americans are not willing to pay Americans, let alone citizens of a Third World country, U.S. wage standards to produce their clothing. To make the things we buy economically efficient, many types of production must occur in Third World countries.

A comic strip by Tony Carrillo.

A coimc strip by Joseph Bowen.

Talking Heads
A comic strip by Alexander Karlsson.

Dressed to Kill: Arizona's largest costume stores
By 10:15 most mornings there are two coffins on the porch of Mardi Gras costume shop in Scottsdale. But inside the red brick building, the atmosphere is anything but dead, especially during October. The shop is open year-round and usually caters to community and school theaters, but this month is different - it's all about individual excess.

On the Web: Click-or-treat
The temperature is exclusively in double digits, kids are pretending to be the Devil and Christmas trees seem to be erupting from the linoleum on department store floors. 'Tis the season to be scary.

Football: Cal's Tedford making name as QB guru
Over the last 10 years, California head coach Jeff Tedford has developed NFL quarterbacks unlike any coach in all of football. Tedford's style of coaching has been regarded highly ever since his breakout seasons as an offensive coordinator for Fresno State and Oregon.

Football: Second generation sensation: Kyle Caldwell
When the ASU football team entered the Pac-10 in 1978, it enjoyed the play of a freshman along the defensive line wearing No. 50.

Now, after 26 years of being in the conference, Sun Devil fans may be experiencing a case of déjà vu.

Hoops: Top recruit battles hand injury
With official practice just under way, an aching hand has slowed one of the ASU men's basketball team's biggest recruits. Tron Smith, a freshman guard from Moreno Valley, Calif., has been held out of contact drills after he took a nasty fall during a scrimmage on Saturday.

Devil Dish: Hockey's still the coolest game on Earth
Sometimes it's tough to be a hockey fan. I, for example, can't turn on a hockey game in the newsroom without some simp spouting, "Why are we watching hockey?" And last night, it wasn't just hockey; it was Blues/Red Wings, arguably the best rivalry in the NHL and definitely the best rivalry in the Western Conference's Central Division.

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