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ASU students report low meth use
Although methamphetamine use is increasing rapidly in the Valley, reported use remains low among ASU students.

In the past five years, methamphetamine use has more than doubled in Maricopa County, pushing it to one of the top high-use areas in the continental United States, according to a study done by the Arrestee Drug Abuse Monitoring program.

Prof questions MU, SRC survey's accuracy
Media research methods professor and former Academic Senate president George Watson questioned aspects of a survey that was e-mailed to all ASU students in September.

Watson said he wondered whether the sample used in the survey about expansions to the Memorial Union and Student Recreation Complex was truly representative.

Tempe city council to vote on parties
Two items on Thursday's city council meeting agenda may be of particular interest to students who enjoy Tempe nightlife.

The council will vote on a strengthened version of the city's party ordinance and hear a proposal for a lease of land to the owners of Dos Gringos Trailer Park restaurant and bar.

Future of College Ave. negotiated by city council
The Tempe City Council will hear a request to extend the negotiation period for a land deal between ASU, the National Guard and the city. After the deal, the land would be used to build residences and businesses.

UA challenges ASU, NAU to voter drive
The Associated Students of ASU's government relations office announced Tuesday that UA has challenged ASU and NAU to a contest to see which school can get more students to register to vote before Dec. 8.

As a result, ASASU is asking students to register to vote before the deadline in an effort to win and get students more involved politically.

ASU East: Williams Gateway Airport growth booms
As a reliever airport for Phoenix Sky Harbor International, Williams Gateway Airport is growing and busy with recent major developments around the ASU East community, including a $11.3 million cargo ramp.

ASU East: Campus rallies around blood donors
Students from North Residence Hall, the One Nation Club and the Alpha Eta Rho coed fraternity stepped up to rally other ASU East students and staff to donate for this year's blood drive for the American Red Cross.

Police Beat: Public urination
The incidents reported by ASU and Tempe police, including a 23-year-old Tempe man arrested near East University Drive on charges of urinating in public after officers reportedly saw him urinating on a wall.

New '24' season a breathless whirlwind despite previews
What is it with the Fox network's marketing department? It always astounds and annoys me how they manage to ruin their television shows, especially good ones such as "24," the real-time action thriller starring Kiefer Sutherland.

Preview: 'Ratchet and Clank 2' not just kids' stuff
While I never played the original Ratchet and Clank, due to my caution around games that have kiddie-cartoon-looking covers, the demo disc for its sequel, Ratchet and Clank 2: Going Commando, is making me wish that I had.

Review: 'Tiger Woods' shoots for par, still the best
If you want to be the best, you have to compete against the best. Or in this case, you have to compete against the only golf video game on the market.

In EA Sports' Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004, players can compete on some of the best golf courses across the globe. From the TPC of Scottsdale to Pebble Beach, players will get the most realistic simulation of what it is like to play as Tiger Woods, as well as a variety of other famed PGA tour professionals such as John Daly, Justin Leonard, and Jesper Parnevik to name a few.

Review: 'WWE Raw 2' hot with all new matches
WWE Raw 2, THQ's Xbox-exclusive pro wrestling simulation, is already one of the hottest games around. Sadly, the fun won't last long for those of us who don't follow the "sport." A lot has changed since THQ made WCW vs. NWO for the Nintendo 64. Now there's no more WCW or WWF, wrestling moved to TNN which is now called Spike, and Hulk Hogan retired but then came back again.

Scottsdale photo exhibit looks at endangered ecosystems
Water and sky swirl into a single entity in a series of photographs featured at the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art. "In Response to Place: Photographs from The Nature Conservatory's Last Great Places" contains photographs that were commissioned to capture endangered ecosystems.

Sept. 11 film's unsettling imagery seeks to unite world
Contrasting perspectives. Tragic crescendos of voices. The irony of American self-pity. Kissinger and Allende. Forced suicide. Protests in blank streets. Familiar thoughts shrouded behind the language barrier. A movie that is the brainchild of 11 directors, who brought to life 11 visions and 11 points of view - each exactly 11 minutes and 9 seconds long.

Enjoy the witty company of Steve Martin in new book
Steve Martin has a great handle on calm, unbuilding and character-driven humor, which is why his new novel, The Pleasure of My Company, while having an extremely tidy happy ending, succeeds so well.

Touching 'Radio' tunes into human story of football player
Radio, originally inspired by a true story, focuses on the friendship between James Robert "Radio" Kennedy (Cuba Gooding, Jr.) and Coach Harold Jones (Ed Harris), and how their example transforms the attitudes of a small South Carolina town.

Review: Career mode stands out in 'Gamebreaker'
If you dream of the latter, 989 Sports' NCAA Gamebreaker 2004 may make you dance an end zone jig in your living room. But, if you still dream of making the touchdown or sacking the quarterback, Gamebreaker will not be anything better than the last 2,000 college football simulations you've seen.

Review: GBA 'Super Mario 3' an improved blast from the past
There are many things in the world that are just good, but what happens when something good becomes something great? What words do you use to describe such a phenomenon? Sure, staunch linguists would probably bring up the words "improvement," "enhancement," "upgrade," "advance," "innovation," "development," and "progress" - but I don't need all those fancy words.

Diplomacy doesn't excuse murder at home, abroad
Wolfgang Ischinger, German ambassador to the United States, is coming to Arizona to prevent the upcoming execution of two German citizens. His appeal will likely go to Gov. Janet Napolitano, and it should be declined.

Recording industry losing popularity after lawsuits
A Princeton University student recently proved the widely touted copyright protection CDs on the market worthless. But month after month of ridiculous lawsuits against everyday citizens have created an apathy.

Editorial: Sugarcoated MU/SRC survey sweetens the deal
The majority of students who responded to the MU/SRC expansion survey said they would be happy to pay more money to improve these parts of campus. And why shouldn't they? Future students will pay the fees.

A comic strip by Tony Carrillo.

A coimc strip by Joseph Bowen.

Talking Heads
A comic strip by Alexander Karlsson.

On the Web: Click-or-treat
The temperature is exclusively in double digits, kids are pretending to be the Devil and Christmas trees seem to be erupting from the linoleum on department store floors. 'Tis the season to be scary.

Defense by the numbers
Ever since ASU head football coach Dirk Koetter and his staff took over the Sun Devils, fans have wondered why the defense appeared to use a nickel formation with an extra defensive back on every play.

Now, after utilizing the "4-2-5" defense, which incorporates an extra strong safety and one less linebacker, for the majority of two years, defensive coordinator Brent Guy has added a traditional "4-3-4" package with three linebackers to his defensive playbook.

Hump Day Hoopla: Monday night revived faith in NFL
Living in the Valley for almost nine years, it's safe to say that I've lost my faith in professional football, at least until Monday night. After watching the Jets and Giants, I guess the Arizona Cardinals will do that to you.

Devil Dish: Try a free sample of Cardinals football
What better way for the Cardinals to earn a little respect in the community than offer the people one game free of charge? Then again, it might prove that people wouldn't go to a Cards game even if you gave them tickets.

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