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Police Beat: Camping in the backwoods of Mill Avenue
The incidents reported by ASU and Tempe police, including a transient man arrested on Mill Avenue on charges of urban camping. The man's camp reportedly was equipped with a tent, clothes and a sleeping bag.

Police evacuate halls after suicide threat
A student's threat to commit suicide with chemicals led to the evacuation of two ASU residence halls Wednesday.

Tempe's Hazardous Materials Response Team was called to Irish Hall Wednesday afternoon after a suicide attempt was reported on the building's second floor.

Student regent: Tuition hike imminent
Student Regent Danelle Kelling said a tuition increase is likely, but the amount that the Arizona Board of Regents would approve is uncertain.

ABOR hasn't yet discussed another increase, and it will hold public hearings before doing so, Kelling said. Despite the lack of official talks, Kelling believes ABOR will approve another increase.

Student develops Web site for book trading
For many college students, the idea seemed possible only in a dream. If only there were some way students could trade their books around instead of spending at the mercy of the bookstore.

With the advent of the Internet, the idea has come closer to reality. Biology freshman David Tai runs, a site "created by students for students."

ASU police ask community to rate performance
ASU police will distribute a survey to students, faculty and staff in November to gauge campus attitudes toward the effectiveness of the police department, Lt. John Sutton said. Results will be released publicly.

Pulitzer-winning film critic visits ASU
Stephen Hunter, novelist and Pulitzer Prize-winning film critic, visited ASU Wednesday to talk about movies and journalism. Hunter signed copies of his latest book, "Havana", in Hayden Library and spoke during MCO 473.

Murphy's Law: Café courtesies
What I've also noticed about people who are willing to do things sans cash is that they usually produce quality products. And this is why I'm interested to try the food at The Gallery Café in Phoenix.

Harry's Potshot: 'Barry Trotter'
Unless you've been living in a Siberian cave for the past three years, you have either been struck by Harry Potter mania or laughed at those who have. J.K. Rowling and her fictional protagonist with a lightning-bolt-shaped scar on his forehead have not only churned out books for the world to latch onto, but also has generated movies, toys, dolls, shoes, clothes, candy and all the other shameless merchandising you would come to expect with a pop culture craze. Everyone is cashing in on the magical land of wizards and witchcraft, and Michael Gerber seems to have no problem riding on Harry's coattails (or wizard's robes) to make a buck.

Feeling hot, hot, hot!
Finally, the Valley has some theatrical entertainment that's hotter than the weather, but forget the suit and tie - this isn't Masterpiece Theatre.

Teatro Caliente (that's "hot theatre" for you non-Spanish speakers) is a two-day festival that features ethnically diverse performances in theater, performance art, installation art, cyber-art, dance and music.

Don't I Know You? Al Franken
My dear "Don't-I-Know-You" readers, I must admit that I sort of cheated on this week's column. Every week I'm supposed to write about personalities from ASU's campus. Just when I thought I was hitting a dry spot, I found a whole new crop of personalities - and I promise I will be talking to them in the weeks to come. But this week I had the opportunity to interview one of the most controversial personalities in the country, Al Franken.

If you must, see 'Scary Movie 3'
I don't remember too clearly whether I saw the first two Scary Movies. I have hazy memories of blood and sex and violence ... wait, that might be a flashback from those times I flipped by Fox News. Something's coming to me about O'Reilly, Bush and some hedge clippers.

'Chainsaw Massacre' remake too bloody to be stylish
Even if you haven't seen the original TCM, and hadn't heard of it before now, you can probably guess the plot: kids meet crazy guy with chainsaw, then get killed by crazy guy with chainsaw.

Tubas Blow!
Five days a week, just past the crack of dawn, you can see them coming from all corners of campus, awkwardly misshapen packages in tow. Though it's early, as soon as the family of 18 congregates, the joking, giggling and snickering commences. A silent signal from the man in front tells them it's time to make love ... to their tubas, that is.

Giving Bon Jovi a good name
In front of the Hard Rock Café in Phoenix, adoring fans flock toward Tony, Paul, Bret, Donnie and Erik. Their names might not be well known across the country, but in the world of West Coast Bon Jovi cover bands, they're famous. Their band, New Jersey, named after the hometown of Bon Jovi and one of the first Bon Jovi albums, performs to packed houses several times a month in California and Arizona.

CD Round-up: Ari Hest, Vertical Horizon, The Raveonettes
CD reviews the current albums by the Raveonettes, Ari Hest, and Vertical Horizon.

Review: Career mode stands out in 'Gamebreaker'
If you dream of the latter, 989 Sports' NCAA Gamebreaker 2004 may make you dance an end zone jig in your living room. But, if you still dream of making the touchdown or sacking the quarterback, Gamebreaker will not be anything better than the last 2,000 college football simulations you've seen.

Review: 'Rugby 2004:' Steep learning curve but addictive
If looking for something that combines the confusion of psychedelic drug use with the violence of football, look no further than EA Sports Rugby 2004. Coming from a person who once actually played the game of rugby, this game is about as easy to pick up as a Calc II.

Review: GBA 'Super Mario 3' an improved blast from the past
There are many things in the world that are just good, but what happens when something good becomes something great? What words do you use to describe such a phenomenon? Sure, staunch linguists would probably bring up the words "improvement," "enhancement," "upgrade," "advance," "innovation," "development," and "progress" - but I don't need all those fancy words.

Review: 'Arc the Lad' gives 'Final Fantasy' run for money
Games of the turn-based variety have been sparse in the US since the heydays of the Super Nintendo, and the recent release of Arc the Lad is a welcome addition to the Playstation2 lineup.

Review: 'Max Payne 2' over before you know it
Although the excellent storytelling and the spot-on gameplay both have returned in this sequel, the true downfall of Max Payne 2 is the horrendously short length and abysmal replay value.

Story of journalist's murder borders on perfection
Based on a true story, Veronica Guerin stars Kate Blanchett as a fearless crime reporter whose mission to expose the driving forces behind Ireland's mid 1990s drug epidemic, results in her murder.

Belle & Sebastian's 'Dear Catastrophe Waitress' ironic
This album injects me with guilt for giving up the trombone. Glasgow's ambitious independent rock band continues to dish out their ironic style marked with gleeful chords and vocals contrasted with dark lyrics.

Wal-Mart rolls back prices, rolls over employees
Striking United Food and Commercial Workers union members are making their voices heard as they approach a third weekend of lost pay and stalled negotiations. The UFCW has said its members must be paid well.

Dorm cell phone idea not the best buy for broke students
Exclusive cell phone contracts in exchange for nixing in-room phone connections are a significant inconvenience to students when compared with the savings reaped by not having to support phone infrastructure.

Don't call Bush a Nazi
George W. Bush is not a Nazi. Obvious enough. The fact that the President of the United States is not a member of the Nazi Party should be as obvious as the fact that he is also not a Spice Girl, a Jedi Knight or French.

The Concorde's farewell flight
Amidst the sad retirement of the Concorde, a glimmer of light shines through. For the nominal price of $60,300 on E-bay, a Toledo, Ohio, man purchased the final two seats on the last flight to benefit charities.

Editorial: Foreign, online sales improve textbook deals
College textbook price gouging and the lopsided buyback mechanism have long been stock stories in the legends and lore of bitter students and alumni alike. Our very own ASU bookstore is no exception.

A comic strip by Tony Carrillo.

A coimc strip by Joseph Bowen.

Edible educatıon: Art Institute of Phoenix student chefs
"To cleanse your palette," my server says as she places a chilled glass of homemade sherbet in front of me. It is served between my salad and main course, and I almost tell her to take it back. My mom doesn't let me eat dessert in the middle of dinner. But Mom isn't here, so I indulge.

Roll models: Women's Arizona Roller Derby team
"Anyone who doesn't have any ethical issues getting spanked needs to be there," a pigtailed Denise Shuebert, president of the Arizona Roller Derby, says to a group of 15 punk rockers outside Casey Moore's bar in Tempe on Saturday evening. The tattooed individuals sit around a picnic table as the sun sets, smoking cigarettes, drinking beers and talking about their latest endeavors in their quest to bring the nearly dead sport of roller derby back to life.

MU hosts peace symposium
Six distinguished religious leaders shared methods of achieving personal peace at a symposium held Wednesday in the Alumni Lounge of the Memorial Union.

Although each of the speakers represented a different religion with its own set of beliefs, all of them agreed on the importance of faiths uniting in the name of world peace.

On the Web: Dave Barry
I spent two hours reading about Dave Barry on the Internet, and all I got is this lousy column. For those of you not familiar with his work, Barry is sort of the Lord of the Everyman, with an emphasis in Cheez-its.

Football: DE Johnson off team
ASU head football coach Dirk Koetter announced Wednesday that sophomore defensive end Nick Johnson is no longer on the team. Johnson already had been on indefinite suspension for undisclosed reasons.

Football: UCLA's Ball brothers anchor one of best D-lines
When the Sun Devil offensive front lines up against UCLA Saturday, the Sun Devils might think they're seeing double. That's because the Bruin defensive line boasts Mat and Dave Ball, twin starting defensive ends.

Hoops: Dodd goes from suiting up to wearing a suit
Watch Kyle Dodd for five minutes during an ASU men's basketball practice, and it's obvious he already misses diving for balls and taking charges - the trademarks of his playing days from 1999 to 2002.

Cross country B team learns from UNM, Strapped Jocks
While the stars of the cross country team took the weekend off, the men's and women's B teams ran this past Saturday in Tempe at the Canyon West Classic. The men faced New Mexico and the Strapped Jocks club.

Devil Dish: Yankee-haters just jealous of success
I don't understand why it has become so cliché to hate the Yankees. Somehow, another one of baseball's ridiculous "unwritten rules" has become, "If you're not from the Big Apple, you must hate the Yankees."

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