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ASU East: Faculty sound off on libraries, salaries at Crow's forum
President Michael Crow held an open forum to hear concerns, answer questions and "check in" with faculty and administrators at ASU East on Thursday. Crow also addressed some of ASU East's major problems.

ASU East: Volunteers build community, clean campus
About 300 people showed up Saturday morning to volunteer for "Building Community," a community service cleanup event at ASU East. The purpose of the event was to promote a greater sense of community pride.

ASASU may look at party crackdown
An ASU student asked the student government Tuesday to stop an upcoming city council vote that could change the way fines are given to people hosting loud parties.

The Tempe City Council will hear an argument on Oct. 30 to increase the length of time during which people who have been warned previously about having loud parties would be subject to a fine if officers cite them again.

Student senate supports fine arts
The student government senate Tuesday asked ASU administrators not to overlook the Herberger College of Fine Arts in the University's plans to become a Research I facility. The Undergraduate Student Government senate unanimously passed the bill to petition the administration.

Hispanic entrepreneur speaks to students at MU
John C. Lopez, one of the nation's wealthiest Latino business owners, spoke in the Memorial Union on Tuesday about how to empower communities through economic development.

The Hispanic community in the United States is the largest minority and is rapidly growing, said Lopez, chairman and CEO of a multimillion-dollar Latino-owned business. He said this market must be addressed.

ASU student died of gunshot wounds
The ASU student found dead near Prescott this weekend died of multiple gunshot wounds to the head, the Yavapai County Sheriff's Office reported Tuesday evening.

Brandon Rumbaugh, 20, and his girlfriend, Lisa Gurrieri, 19, were found dead in a sleeping bag in the back of a pickup truck two miles off Interstate 17, 30 miles north of Phoenix.

LGBTQ Coalition asks ASU to end intolerance
A student group called on ASU administrators Monday to address the needs of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer community.

The Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender and Queer Coalition issued a statement in response to recent acts of harassment toward homosexuals on campus.

Police Beat: Physical sparring in front of Library
The incidents reported by ASU and Tempe police, including a Goodyear man arrested on charges of disorderly conduct after he reportedly engaged in a physical fight in front of the Library Bar and Grill.

Tempe, YMCA say 'Aloha'
A distinct island flavor will permeate Tempe for one week in November. Mayor Neil Giuliano has proclaimed the week of Nov. 17-23 Tempe Aloha Week. The week will be the signature event for the Tempe Family YMCA.

'Chainsaw Massacre' remake too bloody to be stylish
Even if you haven't seen the original TCM, and hadn't heard of it before now, you can probably guess the plot: kids meet crazy guy with chainsaw, then get killed by crazy guy with chainsaw.

Review: 'Rugby 2004:' Steep learning curve but addictive
If looking for something that combines the confusion of psychedelic drug use with the violence of football, look no further than EA Sports Rugby 2004. Coming from a person who once actually played the game of rugby, this game is about as easy to pick up as a Calc II.

Review: GBA 'Super Mario 3' an improved blast from the past
There are many things in the world that are just good, but what happens when something good becomes something great? What words do you use to describe such a phenomenon? Sure, staunch linguists would probably bring up the words "improvement," "enhancement," "upgrade," "advance," "innovation," "development," and "progress" - but I don't need all those fancy words.

Review: 'Arc the Lad' gives 'Final Fantasy' run for money
Games of the turn-based variety have been sparse in the US since the heydays of the Super Nintendo, and the recent release of Arc the Lad is a welcome addition to the Playstation2 lineup.

Review: 'Max Payne 2' over before you know it
Although the excellent storytelling and the spot-on gameplay both have returned in this sequel, the true downfall of Max Payne 2 is the horrendously short length and abysmal replay value.

Story of journalist's murder borders on perfection
Based on a true story, Veronica Guerin stars Kate Blanchett as a fearless crime reporter whose mission to expose the driving forces behind Ireland's mid 1990s drug epidemic, results in her murder.

Belle & Sebastian's 'Dear Catastrophe Waitress' ironic
This album injects me with guilt for giving up the trombone. Glasgow's ambitious independent rock band continues to dish out their ironic style marked with gleeful chords and vocals contrasted with dark lyrics.

Girl Scouts' new spinoff shallow
The new generation of teen and preteen girls isn't interested in community service and leadership. Troop gardening projects are out, and health and makeovers are in. At least that's what Girl Scouts spinoff Studio 2B says.

Democrats' address to Arabs a cautious beginning
Fearful of political reprisal from the pro-Israeli lobbies in Washington, politicians have avoided their Arab-American constituencies. Were it not for Patriot Act anxiety, the Democrats might have bowed out as well.

Point: Party ordinance unfairly targets college renters
In less than a month, the City Council will pass unanimously an ordinance that could all but eliminate house parties in Tempe. Of course, the Council refuses to admit that the new ordinance is targeting college students.

Counterpoint: Homeowners deserve a good night's sleep
You've got to fight for your right to party. But Tempe residents also have the right to fight for their peace and quiet. Bravo to Tempe residents who are in favor of tightening the reins of out-of-control partygoers.

Editorial: Campus battles acts of intolerance
In the past two and a half weeks, the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Queer Coalition said it received seven documented instances of homosexual discrimination on or around campus.

A coimc strip by Joseph Bowen.

A comic strip by Tony Carrillo.

On the Web: Dave Barry
I spent two hours reading about Dave Barry on the Internet, and all I got is this lousy column. For those of you not familiar with his work, Barry is sort of the Lord of the Everyman, with an emphasis in Cheez-its.

Football: D-Hag completes the air attack
Derek Hagan has epitomized the ASU football team's offense this season: dropping balls and playing sluggishly early in the season and then racking up yards that would keep any defensive coordinator up at night.

Hump Day Hoopla: Midnight without the madness
When I made the trip to cover ASU's football game against North Carolina last weekend, I decided to attend the Midnight Madness of the UNC basketball team, one of the most storied college hoops programs.

Devil Dish: Only a Cardinals win can stop beard growth
Ever since the Cardinals' last win, a miraculous victory on over the Green Bay Packers, I have not shaved my goatee and will continue to let it go until the Cardinals' next win. You see, facial hair isn't exactly my thing.

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