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Students remember Shepard
Undeclared freshman Mark Leeper held a lit candle and described how he was assaulted during his sophomore year in high school because of his homosexuality. Leeper was one of 20 students observing the fifth anniversary of the murder of Matthew Shepard on Hayden Lawn Monday.

Sporting venues ban camera phone use
Cameras are one of the most popular cell phone accessories, but the photo-snapping gadgets are not being allowed inside sporting venues and guarded against at local gyms.

Camera phones have not been outlawed from intercollegiate events on campus but are forbidden at NFL games at Sun Devil Stadium.

Minorities enroll in record numbers
Minority student enrollment has hit an all-time high this year, reaching 22 percent of the total student population at ASU, according to the Office of Institutional Analysis.

The enrollment of minority graduate and undergraduate students on the main, east and west campuses has continued to grow this fall, the office said. There are now 12,660 students from minority backgrounds enrolled at ASU.

Schools use monkeys to combat paralysis
Researchers in the Ira A. Fulton School of Engineering began testing Monday on subject "P" - the latest monkey whose brain activity will be studied to find a way for paralyzed people to function on their own.

"P," a Rhesus Macaque monkey, had microwired implants put into a part of its brain last week. Each wire is attached to a specific neuron in the brain and causes a chain reaction that leads to movement of a robotic arm.

Ethnic studies reaches out, holds food drive
The ethnic studies departments at ASU are defying their reputations for insularity by coming together to reach out to the community in a food and clothing drive. Chicano studies senior Javier Enriquez started the drive.

Police Beat: Runnin' on 27 empties
The incidents reported by ASU and Tempe police, including a student arrested at Ocotillo Hall after resident assistants reported he was creating a disturbance. Police reportedly found 27 empty beer cans in his room.

Bluegrass mood music for Halloween
Halloween is just around the corner. If you're looking for some appropriate bluegrass mood music, here are a few suggestions...

Clooney's star power in dark comedy is 'Intolerable' fun
Intolerable Cruelty is a darkly hilarious, uproarious battle of the sexes with twists and turns around every corner. George Clooney is the star, filling every scene with a new neurotic facial tic or eye twitch.

Don't I Know You? Don't Keep on Truckin'
The most important and puzzling observation is that ASU loves mesh hats. Today, while Matt and I were searching for a subject for this column, we became transfixed at the sheer number of students sporting the same kind of hats that my grandpa wears while mowing the lawn. The only difference is, all Sundevils wear their hats slightly askew. All of this observation put us in a very perplexing position: I had a column to write, and Matt had a picture to take, but it's not like I could've said, "Don't I know you?" to a hat. But I had so many burning questions!

Sex in the City: The Naked Truth
But for more than 100 Valley women, getting butt-naked and landing a spot in an $8 magazine sold at every convenience store only to be jerked off to later ... well, that's their dream.

And on Oct. 2, these ladies took one giant step closer to living that dream. Playboy: Special Editions held a casting call at Sanctuary Nightclub in Scottsdale, inviting Valley women to bare it all.

'Kill Bill:' Great expectations
Let me just say that I had expectations of Quentin Tarantino's newest movie, Kill Bill: gruesome effects, confusion, twisted humor and a nonlinear plot line, to be exact.

And while all of my expectations were met, what I didn't expect was that I would like it. And maybe it's just because I've been watching a little too much "Alias" lately and am starting to love women who kick a lot of ass and cliffhanger endings (Kill Bill has a sequel, and therefore a wonderfully suspenseful ending)...but I don't think that's it.

It's all Greek to me!
The Greek festival is full of people who like to have fun, and it gives you a taste of a little country just off the Mediterranean Sea that also plays a big part in this world's history. It has Greek folk dancers in full traditional costumes and a host of cultural exhibits. They give tours of the church and slide shows of Greece. You can even win tickets to the country in a raffle. This year, they also have an exhibit where you can buy imported jewelry and prints from Greece.

Perla's Jam
Do you ever feel like you have to sing along to every song in an album, even if you don't know any of the words?

That is the feeling I became overwhelmed with when I began listening to Perla Batalla's music. I had no clue what the heck most of the songs meant on her Spanish-language CD, Discoteca Batalla, but her rich voice worked some sort of magic over me. Before I knew it, drivers on the road were shooting me goofy looks as they saw me riding by in my car, bopping my head up and down to her music, stumbling over the Spanish words and awkwardly tapping my fingers against the steering wheel.

Dust to dust
Many Master of Fine Arts candidates spend early mornings and late nights diligently working in the peaceful seclusion of ASU's Art Annex. At any one time, the building envelopes the heart and soul of more than a dozen students who know they can always retreat there to let the creative juices flow - uninhibited and, most importantly, undisturbed. That is, until MFA candidate Marc Leone moved in.

Murphy's Law: Imitation is the base of orıginality
My parents always have complained that so many of the musicians coming out today really just regurgitate music from their time. And I must admit this is true. Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Elvis, Little Richard (and the list goes on and on) all have had their lyrics and their rhythms taken and reworked by modern-day artists.

What I won't admit is that it's a bad thing. Music is constantly changing, and just like the history of anything else, musicians learn from those who came before them. (Besides, a good cover now and then never hurt anyone.)

McDonald's 'Monopoly' game trades on high-stakes carbs
Fast food companies have begun to amend their menus to accommodate health-conscious people. But at the same time, McDonald's is launching a promotion that will have people chowing down on more carbs than ever.

Letters to the Editor: Going beyond Coming Out Day
Three letters expressing different opinions in response to a recent letter to the editor from Tony Schuch, in which Schuch said he thought there should be a National Human Day in addition to National Coming Out Day.

'Marriage Protection Week' is mere discrimination
The Defense of Marriage Act grows out of a "not in my backyard" syndrome, which promotes sexual discrimination by effectively barring married homosexual couples from pursuing their life goals.

Newspaper publication fees wrong way to punish DUIs
Making a law that forces people to give a newspaper money is a conflict of interest. The situation could set up a huge money-making opportunity for the paper that is going to publish the names of people convicted of a DUI.

Editorial: Monumental Crisis
The Rev. Phelps has devoted a great deal of time to tarnish the memory of Matthew Shepard. This belligerent homophobe now has designed a monument with Shepard's face and words of warning etched in stone.

A comic strip by Tony Carrillo.

A coimc strip by Joseph Bowen.

Rockabilly, baby
A new genre of music that combines punk aesthetics with rockabilly rhythms has been gaining popularity in rockabilly and punk crowds that never used to mix.

And while these two groups once thought to be separate may not be sharing their Pabst's Blue Ribbon beers, a lot of them are listening to the same music. The guys with the pompadours can relate more to the upright bass and the rhythm-and-blues guitar, while the punks prefer the sped-up pace that they can still mosh to with the same ferociousness as they mosh to with their Minor Threat albums.

ASU immune to county's rise in viral meningitis
Despite an increase of viral meningitis cases in Maricopa County, students at Arizona State University do not have an increased risk of contracting it, according to Maricopa County Department of Public Health officials.

There have been more than 900 reported cases of viral meningitis in Maricopa County since of Sept. 19, 2003, according to the department. That same time last year, there were only 160.

On the Web: As sand falls through the hourglass cursor...
"Love and Revenge," an online soap opera, makes no attempt to give characters premonitions or bring anyone back from the dead. This soap is as old-school as a soap can be, and supernatural creatures are conspicuously absent.

Leg warmers, pimps round out stores' Halloween trends
This year, Tempe Halloween costume sales will reflect a national explosion of 1970s and early 1980s fashion as well as themes from Pirates of the Caribbean, with trick-or-treaters busting out buccaneer outfits.

Football: Pac-10 honors Walter
After setting a Pac-10 record with 536 passing yards last year against Oregon and throwing for a season-high 316 yards versus the Ducks last Saturday, ASU junior quarterback Andrew Walter is a real "Duck hunter."

Cross country quickly moving up in national polls
With the Pac-10 Championships only three weeks away, the ASU men's and women's cross country teams are performing better than ever in the program's history. Yet the teams' success was almost expected.

Devil Dish: Pro baseball wimping out at playoff time
Oakland's Tim Hudson also had to leave a game prematurely because of a bar brawl before his start, and Minnesota's Johan Santana left after four innings in the Twins' opening playoff game due to a muscle cramp. Would somebody tell these guys it's the playoffs?

Opinion: ASU still has a pulse
A loss by the ASU football team against Oregon on Saturday would have had Sun Devil fans asking the same question UA Wildcat sports fans ask every year around this time. Instead, Andrew Walter and the gang won.

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