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Police Beat: That ain't my bud
The incidents reported by ASU and Tempe police, including a bud of marijuana reportedly was impounded from Cholla Apartments, B-Wing after a Residential Life employee reported an odor of marijuana emanating from a resident's room. Neither occupant would admit to owning the marijuana.

Target of civil lawsuit no longer with ASU police
ASU police detective Darel Lasiter, the target of a recent civil lawsuit, is no longer employed by the department, officials said. John Batchan III filed suit against the former detective and the state on Sept. 29.

Dean attracts thousands to campus rally
Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean attracted about 2,000 people to a campaign rally on the Student Services lawn Thursday.

"I can't imagine why no other candidate came here," Dean said immediately after the rally. "You guys have the power to swing the election. I think the reason we do well with students is that we don't talk down to them."

Phoenix hosts Democrats
Phoenix was in the national spotlight Thursday night as it played host to nine Democrats hoping to secure their party's presidential nomination for the 2004 election.

The major Democratic presidential candidates participated in a debate, which was broadcast live from the Orpheum Theatre in downtown Phoenix. The biggest issues of the evening included the ongoing conflict in Iraq, health care and the need to improve the economy.

Twenty 'come out' on Hayden Lawn
About 20 people "came out" on Hayden Lawn at the National Coming Out Day celebration on Thursday.

Tables, signs and a prop doorway were set up with rainbow flags and stickers attached at every angle. The doorway was used for those who wanted to come out and declare that they were homosexual and those who wanted to show their support for homosexuals. The celebration attracted about 50 students overall.

ASU retains high number of scholars
ASU retains more than 90 percent of the many National Merit Scholars it enrolls each year, University officials said. This year, ASU enrolled 173 scholars among the 7,126 in its largest freshman class ever.

The official number of scholars has yet to be determined by the scholarship office, but ASU Executive Vice President and Provost Milton Glick said most of the freshmen scholars do return to ASU and graduate.

Don't I Know You? Don't Keep on Truckin'
The most important and puzzling observation is that ASU loves mesh hats. Today, while Matt and I were searching for a subject for this column, we became transfixed at the sheer number of students sporting the same kind of hats that my grandpa wears while mowing the lawn. The only difference is, all Sundevils wear their hats slightly askew. All of this observation put us in a very perplexing position: I had a column to write, and Matt had a picture to take, but it's not like I could've said, "Don't I know you?" to a hat. But I had so many burning questions!

Sex in the City: The Naked Truth
But for more than 100 Valley women, getting butt-naked and landing a spot in an $8 magazine sold at every convenience store only to be jerked off to later ... well, that's their dream.

And on Oct. 2, these ladies took one giant step closer to living that dream. Playboy: Special Editions held a casting call at Sanctuary Nightclub in Scottsdale, inviting Valley women to bare it all.

'Kill Bill:' Great expectations
Let me just say that I had expectations of Quentin Tarantino's newest movie, Kill Bill: gruesome effects, confusion, twisted humor and a nonlinear plot line, to be exact.

And while all of my expectations were met, what I didn't expect was that I would like it. And maybe it's just because I've been watching a little too much "Alias" lately and am starting to love women who kick a lot of ass and cliffhanger endings (Kill Bill has a sequel, and therefore a wonderfully suspenseful ending)...but I don't think that's it.

It's all Greek to me!
The Greek festival is full of people who like to have fun, and it gives you a taste of a little country just off the Mediterranean Sea that also plays a big part in this world's history. It has Greek folk dancers in full traditional costumes and a host of cultural exhibits. They give tours of the church and slide shows of Greece. You can even win tickets to the country in a raffle. This year, they also have an exhibit where you can buy imported jewelry and prints from Greece.

Perla's Jam
Do you ever feel like you have to sing along to every song in an album, even if you don't know any of the words?

That is the feeling I became overwhelmed with when I began listening to Perla Batalla's music. I had no clue what the heck most of the songs meant on her Spanish-language CD, Discoteca Batalla, but her rich voice worked some sort of magic over me. Before I knew it, drivers on the road were shooting me goofy looks as they saw me riding by in my car, bopping my head up and down to her music, stumbling over the Spanish words and awkwardly tapping my fingers against the steering wheel.

Dust to dust
Many Master of Fine Arts candidates spend early mornings and late nights diligently working in the peaceful seclusion of ASU's Art Annex. At any one time, the building envelopes the heart and soul of more than a dozen students who know they can always retreat there to let the creative juices flow - uninhibited and, most importantly, undisturbed. That is, until MFA candidate Marc Leone moved in.

Murphy's Law: Imitation is the base of orıginality
My parents always have complained that so many of the musicians coming out today really just regurgitate music from their time. And I must admit this is true. Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Elvis, Little Richard (and the list goes on and on) all have had their lyrics and their rhythms taken and reworked by modern-day artists.

What I won't admit is that it's a bad thing. Music is constantly changing, and just like the history of anything else, musicians learn from those who came before them. (Besides, a good cover now and then never hurt anyone.)

Boos & Bravos: Boo to weather and Bravo to Suggs
BOO to heat. Ninety-six degrees on Oct. 9. This is the never-ending summer. We want to move.

BRAVO to Terrell Suggs for getting more sacks on his own for the Baltimore Ravens than the Arizona Cardinals have as an entire team. Suggs is making his alma mater proud.

And more...

Tuition hikes will leave a rich legacy
Just when we thought we had heard the last of it, talk of another tuition increase looms in the not-so-distant future.

Though the Arizona Board of Regents wants ASU to rank in the top of the bottom third, it seems we are on the never-ending tuition stairmaster to keep up with that rank.

Doctor's 'under God' battle misguided
I've got two words for you. "Under God."

That's right, these two words are creating a stirring cacophony again in recent weeks as the Supreme Court of the United States began to hear almost 2,000 appeals, including one on removing these words from the Pledge of Allegiance.

No Ivy envy for ASU
One of these is not like the other, one of these things just doesn't belong: "Harvard, Stanford, Yale, Princeton, Arizona State University..."

Apparently, The Arizona Republic is running low on irony because last week it argued that the recruitment efforts of former Barrett Honors College Dean Ted Humphrey have transformed ASU into a world-class Ivy League institution. Excuse me while I take a break from writing this column to keel over with laughter...

Resist the 'recall monkey'
Let me be the first to congratulate Arnie - he did something I honestly did not think he could. Arnie went into the California gubernatorial recall election with nothing but name recognition and a Kennedy for a wife, and he walked away with the victory.

A comic strip by Tony Carrillo.

A coimc strip by Joseph Bowen.

Bill the Onion
A comic strip by Mike Murphy.

Rockabilly, baby
A new genre of music that combines punk aesthetics with rockabilly rhythms has been gaining popularity in rockabilly and punk crowds that never used to mix.

And while these two groups once thought to be separate may not be sharing their Pabst's Blue Ribbon beers, a lot of them are listening to the same music. The guys with the pompadours can relate more to the upright bass and the rhythm-and-blues guitar, while the punks prefer the sped-up pace that they can still mosh to with the same ferociousness as they mosh to with their Minor Threat albums.

Devil Bites: Memorable quotations from the past week
A sampling of memorable quotations from the news of the past week, including a quote from Taco Bell's director of public relations stating that the Memorial Union serves a captive audience, and thus prices are higher.

On the Web: The Babylon 4
Millions of people watch "Babylon 5," while a few more millions are watching "South Park." So why not combine the two shows? Someone thought it would be funny to create a cartoon spoof called "Babylon Park."

Football: ASU, Ducks try to rebound
For both the ASU and Oregon football teams, the 2003 season has been veering badly off course, and both are hoping to straighten things out when the two squads collide this Saturday at Sun Devil Stadium.

The Sun Devils, who entered the year picked to finish second in the Pac-10, have lost three straight games, including two in embarrassing fashion to Iowa and Oregon State. The Ducks shot out of the gates with a 4-0 record but are coming off losses to Washington State and Utah.

Oregon tries to find winning ways of old against ASU
Much like the football team here in Tempe, the Oregon Ducks come into Saturday's game in great need of a turnaround.

After beating Michigan in stunning fashion and gracing the cover of Sports Illustrated three weeks ago, the Ducks followed with a disastrous loss to Washington State that took away all of the thunder from the Michigan game.

Volleyball faces challenge in L.A.
After losing to nationally ranked California and Stanford at home last week, the Sun Devil volleyball team faces two more tough opponents: No. 1 USC and No. 8 UCLA on the road in Los Angeles this weekend.

Soccer opens Pac-10 season against California, Stanford
The non-conference season is finally over, and the real season begins for the ASU soccer team as it kicks off Pac-10 play against No. 18 California tonight and unranked Stanford on Sunday.

The Edge: ASU vs. Oregon
ASU needs a win immediately to turn its season around, and the team has a good chance to get it against Oregon. It depends if Walter and his receivers can get on the same page to duplicate their performance of a year ago, a 45-42 ASU win. By the same token, the Ducks may be thirsty for revenge after last year's game that sent their season into a downward spiral. The Ducks have a slightly better team across the board, but expect a close contest.

Devil Dish: Quit 'Nagy'-ing the Coyotes
Coyotes fans have lamented the loss of Keith Tkachuk since the team traded him to the St. Louis Blues in 2001. The only player the 'Yotes have left is winger Ladislav Nagy.

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