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Scientists discuss Mars mission
The lead investigator of the Mars Explorer Rover Mission visited ASU Wednesday to discuss the project, which involves four ASU scientists. Two robotic explorers currently are searching Mars for evidence of past water.

Carey gets Nobel candidate
Edward Prescott, a 2003 Nobel Prize finalist, became a W. P. Carey Chair in the business economics department Friday, marking the first faculty member to be hired in part with money from the $50 million donation.

ASU West: Suspect in student groping arrested
Phoenix police arrested a man Wednesday who may be connected to an assault that happened earlier in the day at ASU West. The man allegedly attempted to push the woman to the floor of her car and grabbed her.

Police Beat: Grade AA theft from a Wal-Mart
The incidents reported by ASU and Tempe police, including a 34-year-old Guadalupe man arrested on charges of theft and shoplifting after he reportedly stole nine packs of AA batteries from Wal-Mart.

Court upholds same-sex marriage ban
The Arizona Court of Appeals unanimously decided Wednesday to uphold a 1996 Arizona law banning same-sex marriages. Len Munsil, president of the Center for Arizona Policy and a 1985 graduate of ASU's Walter Cronkite School of Journalism, authored the law.

The case, Standhardt v. Superior Court, was brought to the court system when two Arizona men were denied a marriage license after the Supreme Court overturned a Texas law outlawing sodomy earlier this year.

Howard Dean to rally with ASU students
Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean will speak at a rally today at 11:30 a.m. on the Student Services lawn.

Dean said this week that he's trying to change youth apathy to activism with campus visits. The student group ASU for Dean, which has grown from six to 325 members in less than two months, is hosting the rally.

Murphy's Law: Imitation is the base of orıginality
My parents always have complained that so many of the musicians coming out today really just regurgitate music from their time. And I must admit this is true. Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Elvis, Little Richard (and the list goes on and on) all have had their lyrics and their rhythms taken and reworked by modern-day artists.

What I won't admit is that it's a bad thing. Music is constantly changing, and just like the history of anything else, musicians learn from those who came before them. (Besides, a good cover now and then never hurt anyone.)

Dust to dust
Many Master of Fine Arts candidates spend early mornings and late nights diligently working in the peaceful seclusion of ASU's Art Annex. At any one time, the building envelopes the heart and soul of more than a dozen students who know they can always retreat there to let the creative juices flow - uninhibited and, most importantly, undisturbed. That is, until MFA candidate Marc Leone moved in.

It's all Greek to me!
The Greek festival is full of people who like to have fun, and it gives you a taste of a little country just off the Mediterranean Sea that also plays a big part in this world's history. It has Greek folk dancers in full traditional costumes and a host of cultural exhibits. They give tours of the church and slide shows of Greece. You can even win tickets to the country in a raffle. This year, they also have an exhibit where you can buy imported jewelry and prints from Greece.

Sex in the City: The Naked Truth
But for more than 100 Valley women, getting butt-naked and landing a spot in an $8 magazine sold at every convenience store only to be jerked off to later ... well, that's their dream.

And on Oct. 2, these ladies took one giant step closer to living that dream. Playboy: Special Editions held a casting call at Sanctuary Nightclub in Scottsdale, inviting Valley women to bare it all.

Don't I Know You? Don't Keep on Truckin'
The most important and puzzling observation is that ASU loves mesh hats. Today, while Matt and I were searching for a subject for this column, we became transfixed at the sheer number of students sporting the same kind of hats that my grandpa wears while mowing the lawn. The only difference is, all Sundevils wear their hats slightly askew. All of this observation put us in a very perplexing position: I had a column to write, and Matt had a picture to take, but it's not like I could've said, "Don't I know you?" to a hat. But I had so many burning questions!

'Kill Bill:' Great expectations
Let me just say that I had expectations of Quentin Tarantino's newest movie, Kill Bill: gruesome effects, confusion, twisted humor and a nonlinear plot line, to be exact.

And while all of my expectations were met, what I didn't expect was that I would like it. And maybe it's just because I've been watching a little too much "Alias" lately and am starting to love women who kick a lot of ass and cliffhanger endings (Kill Bill has a sequel, and therefore a wonderfully suspenseful ending)...but I don't think that's it.

Perla's Jam
Do you ever feel like you have to sing along to every song in an album, even if you don't know any of the words?

That is the feeling I became overwhelmed with when I began listening to Perla Batalla's music. I had no clue what the heck most of the songs meant on her Spanish-language CD, Discoteca Batalla, but her rich voice worked some sort of magic over me. Before I knew it, drivers on the road were shooting me goofy looks as they saw me riding by in my car, bopping my head up and down to her music, stumbling over the Spanish words and awkwardly tapping my fingers against the steering wheel.

Convenience, demand justify Memorial Union food prices
Food prices are higher in the MU than at surrounding area restaurants. These fast food restaurants replaced an all-you-can-eat dining facilitythat was not operating at a high enough capacity to justify its existence.

Continuing to build more prison cells ineffective, costly
Gov. Janet Napolitano announced last week she is seeking to remedy prison overcrowding by adding 9,134 more beds. Her proposal amounts to little more than an expensive temporary fix that ignores the real problem.

Middle East peace process nonexistent with Arafat in power
The sad pattern in the Israel/Palestine conflict is continuing. There is no peace, but there is the continued 50-year struggle of Israel to maintain its existence in the face of hatred from nearly all of its neighbors.

Editorial: Crow on track with tenure process
President Crow decided to become more involved in the tenure review process - now all the final decisions pass by him. People worry about changes, but we think they promise higher standards for our professors.

A coimc strip by Joseph Bowen.

Bill the Onion
A comic strip by Mike Murphy.

A comic strip by Tony Carrillo.

Rockabilly, baby
A new genre of music that combines punk aesthetics with rockabilly rhythms has been gaining popularity in rockabilly and punk crowds that never used to mix.

And while these two groups once thought to be separate may not be sharing their Pabst's Blue Ribbon beers, a lot of them are listening to the same music. The guys with the pompadours can relate more to the upright bass and the rhythm-and-blues guitar, while the punks prefer the sped-up pace that they can still mosh to with the same ferociousness as they mosh to with their Minor Threat albums.

Crow, task force put tenure under review
ASU President Michael Crow's choice to exercise his power to approve or reject tenure candidates has some junior faculty members concerned, professors said.

Following years of former ASU President Lattie Coor's noninvolvement in the tenure review process, Crow weighed in on 44 candidates last spring for the first time. Crow rejected 16 of those candidates - about 36 percent, a rejection rate four times higher than under Coor in 2002.

On the Web: The Babylon 4
Millions of people watch "Babylon 5," while a few more millions are watching "South Park." So why not combine the two shows? Someone thought it would be funny to create a cartoon spoof called "Babylon Park."

Football: Franklin returns after life-threatening injury
This season, Emmanuel Franklin has made a triumphant return to the sport he loves after recovering from skull surgery needed after suffering an injury. Franklin was a starter in last Saturday's game against USC.

Football: Ducks still recovering from last year's loss to ASU
Coming into last year's game against ASU, the Oregon Ducks were the new Pac-10 powerhouse, and with a 21-10 halftime lead. But 30 minutes later, a decline that would bring Oregon back to earth was beginning.

Sports Roundup: Canizares takes 2nd at California tourney
Sophomore Alejandro Canizares finished in a tie for third with a 1-over 217 as the ASU men's golf team finished second in The Club Glove Intercollegiate in Somis, Calif., held Monday and Tuesday.

Devil Dish: Boston safe from Kim's crunch-time chokes
The decision by the Boston Red Sox to leave submariner Byung-Hyun Kim off of their roster for their series against the Yankees really doesn't come as a surprise to anyone who witnessed the 2001 World Series.

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