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ASU East: Students to present findings to IOC in Athens
Matthew Rhea and Mark Peterson, students in the exercise and wellness program at ASU East, have been invited to present their groundbreaking research on strength training responses in Athens, Greece next week.

ASU East: Diversity workshops to help foster appreciation
The Office of the Provost and the East Campus Environment Team are hosting a workshop series to promote campuswide appreciation of diversity and respect for all individuals, while also protecting free speech.

Police Beat: .22 calibers of fun
The incidents reported by ASU and Tempe police, including a man arrested after he reportedly fired shots into a sign with a .22-caliber gun while stopped on charges of disorderly conduct and endangerment.

Mill Avenue merchants association 'needs help'
The fate of the Mill Avenue Merchants Association, which owes $163,000 to the city of Tempe, has become even more uncertain. MAMA has put on the Tempe Festival of the Arts for the past several years, but now is a shell of the organization it once was.

ASU looks at housing more freshmen
ASU has commissioned a study to determine the money and time commitment necessary to add new residence halls to south campus.

The halls, part of what will become the McAllister Academic Village, would be constructed near the intersection of McAllister Avenue and Apache Boulevard, according to Juan Gonzalez, vice president of student affairs.

ASU Alumni Association presidency position filled
Diane McCarthy was named president of the ASU Alumni Association on Tuesday, filling a position that had been vacant since August. A 1960 graduate of ASU, McCarthy has served previously as chairwoman of the association. She served in the Arizona House of Repre-sentatives from 1972 to 1980.

ASU, UA programs get $1.5M donation
The Latin American studies programs at ASU and UA announced Tuesday that they received a $1.5 million grant from the U.S. Department of Education.

The Arizona Consortium of Latin American Studies, which includes programs from ASU and UA, will use the money to enhance the study of Latin America at both universities and in their respective communities.

ASU dean to direct 'Caterina's Son'
The life of legendary artist Leonardo da Vinci will unfold onstage as the director of "Caterina's Son" and ASU's Dean of the Herberger College of Fine Arts, J. Robert Wills, orchestrates the upcoming musical drama.

Wills collaborated with composer Tak Tarbo, who wrote both the story about da Vinci's life as well as all the music last year. "Caterina's Son" takes place in Renaissance Italy, spanning from 1453 to 1519, and depicts the story of da Vinci and his mother, Caterina.

Letters to the Editor: Students spout off on fee survey
Two letters in response to the recent survey results on Memorial Union and SRC upgrades reported Monday, including one letter from a student who said he believes students may choose other schools if fees rise.

Support of Sharon tarnishes a good global record
One of the most visible reasons for global distrust of America is the unconditional support it continues to give Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. This relationship is a crucial rallying point for anti-U.S. sentiment.

Baseball for the history books
The Boston Red Sox and Chicago Cubs are close to having what neither has had in nearly a century: a real chance at World Series rings. Seldom have two clubs been this excited about just getting to play in October.

Banning vending machines in schools wrong answer
Simply ridding schools of vending machines and snack carts that provide students with cellophane-wrapped sugar and fat will not automatically create healthier students, and will end schools' revenue from snack sales.

Editorial: Democrats neglect campus, younger voters
Only one of the 10 (count 'em, 10!) Democratic presidential candidates who will be in town tomorrow afternoon for a nationally televised debate has budgeted part of his time in Arizona to address students at ASU.

Bill the Onion
A comic strip by Mike Murphy.

A comic strip by Tony Carrillo.

A coimc strip by Joseph Bowen.

On the Web: The Babylon 4
Millions of people watch "Babylon 5," while a few more millions are watching "South Park." So why not combine the two shows? Someone thought it would be funny to create a cartoon spoof called "Babylon Park."

Devil Dish: Cardinals need a break from mediocre seasons
I thought Emmitt Smith would have put butts into seats. I thought he would have provided some veteran leadership for this team. The only leadership I saw was the timeouts he called in the Lions game.

Football: Sun Devils feeling the heat from fans, media
Since August, the ASU football team has been praised and hyped. Lately the Sun Devils have been ripped and scrutinized. And so it goes when you enter a season as the No. 22 team and then lose three straight games.

Hump Day Hoopla: Please, stop your dang celebrating
Every night, Sportscenter and the other highlight shows replay scenes of uncontrolled dancing over and over, encouraging our innocent American youth to disregard any respect and dignity they still might have left.

NCAA volleyball seeing large influx of foreign players
College volleyball is turning to a United Nations of sorts as 15 teams currently ranked in the American Volleyball Coaches Association Top 25 poll have at least one player from outside the continental United States.

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