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Swastika vandalism suspect arrested
Tempe police arrested a suspect Monday in connection with the vandalism of the Islamic Cultural Center last month.

William Bushnell, a 23-year-old transient, was arrested by bicycle police near the intersection of Sixth Street and Mill Avenue on an unrelated probation violation. Police then used evidence left near the crime scene at the cultural center to identify Bushnell as a suspect.

Tempe company gets $30M defense contract
A recently awarded $29.7 million defense contract will allow a Tempe company to supply some of the military defense materials being used in the war on terror.

Armorworks, Inc., which specializes in producing technologically advanced armor systems, was contracted specifically to produce body armor inserts to protect soldiers against enemy fire, William Preciballi said.

ASU West: Enrollment surge launches faculty searches
ASU West is conducting almost 40 searches for new professors as the enrollment surge has produced teacher shortages due to a lack of state funding. Unofficially, the teacher-student ratio has increased to 36-to-1.

Few students attend planning forum
Campus planners met Tuesday at an open forum for students to discuss their visions of a development plan, which was announced by Michael Crow on Friday, and discovered that students may not be so interested.

'Turn Up the Heat' could pump up budget
ASU could make even more money from its "Turn Up the Heat" school spirit campaign than the hundreds of thousands of dollars the University already makes from selling licensed merchandise, officials said.

The spirit campaign began in early September and is aimed at getting ASU alumni, students, faculty and staff to wear maroon and gold every Friday, said Fernando Morales, coordinator of trademark and licensing for the University.

ASU East: Graduate students keep athletes conditioned
Four ASU East graduate students are getting hands-on experience in a new sport conditioning program established this year to train, test and monitor Chandler-Gilbert Community College athletes.

ASU East: Concert series to debut with jazz ensemble
For the first time, ASU East can boast a fine arts series, starting Oct. 7. It will be the first of four in a series of concerts held at East this year. The music will be a mix of swing, be-bop and fusion jazz.

CD Roundup: Dave Matthews' solo album in need of Band
Some Devil is a good album, but it doesn't have the same appeal as the whole band's work. Luckily the Band isn't permanently splitting up. Matthews needs the fiddler if he wants to keep putting out CDs.

YATE searches, strives for divine enlightenment
Robert Kilman, an ASU West graduate student and self-described "expert in data transference structuring," stands at a keyboard to guide YATE's audience through a meditative experience of transcendental ambiance.

Fox Sports holds casting call at ASU for Sun Devil Insider
For 30 seconds, a handful of students got to live out their dream of being a professional television sports reporter. But instead of having 60,000 fans behind them, they faced a group of judges and one lonely camera.

Preview: Jak II
Jak II is an example of fine platform gaming. Though not perfect, it does plenty of things very well, and with excellent gameplay and refined graphics this is defiantly one to look out for this fall. Graphic are silky smooth, with a nice framerate, great level designs and inventive character models that make for some sweet eye candy.

Preview: Need for Speed: Underground
The Need for Speed series of games has built a reputation on stretching the boundaries of the racing genre. With over 20 installments in the past 2 decades, NFS has toured in porches, romped in rallies, and even run from the law on a few off occasions. The next installment, Need for Speed: Underground, will take the player to the increasingly hyped Illegal Street Circuit to race against rice burners and pilfer pink slips.

'K Street': a surreality show that takes politics seriously
The circle is now unbroken. The snake bites its own tail. Reality is now TV is now reality. Politics is now entertainment is now politics.

On the West Coast, a movie star (once again) is running for high office. From New York (where HBO offices are located), we have the new series "K Street."

Award-winning film beautiful, disgusting, amazing
If going to the movies to escape reality is your primary objective, treat Thirteen as if it were the bubonic plague. But if you're up for a heavy dose of the realistic, then sit down and feel the weight of the world through the eyes of a 13-year-old on her way to self-destruction.

Editorial: School spirit idea will not work
The ASU administration has been singing this song since day one, and now it's trying to force on the students its catchy tune. We'll admit this isn't too surprising; but what is interesting is the way the administration is doing it.

Letters to the Editor: Car thefts, burglaries a priority
The letters in response to recent columns, including a a letter from a police officer that said a recent editorial falsely gave readers the impression that police were doing nothing to help stop vehicle crimes.

'Toughman' fights are gaudy shows of death, depravity
On a June night that was intended to be "fun," a 235-pound woman was beaten to death in front of her husband, four children and 15,000 fans at a local Florida fairground. Such sick shows have no place in civilized society.

Inexperience hurts Democratic presidential hopeful Clark
With Phoenix's Orpheum Theater hosting one of six Democratic National Debates next Thursday, the competition between the 10 possible candidates is heating up. But already, retired Gen. Wesley Clark has stolen the show.

Restructuring ABOR would give students voice on tuition
It didn't take long for Michael Crow to pounce. After the largest tuition increase in Arizona's history, he already has begun discussing another $500 hike. Then again, it's easy to prey on those who can't fight back.

A comic strip by Tony Carrillo.

A coimc strip by Joseph Bowen.

Bill the Onion
A comic strip by Mike Murphy.

On the Web: Flash Flash Revolution
Left. Right. Left. Left up. Right down. Or should it be right up and left down? Crap. Both feet. Hold it. Crap. Left... Somebody has taken the time to develop an adaptation of Dance Dance Revolution you can play online.

Carpet, workstations added to library despite budget cuts
Students may more safely walk and more easily access online catalogs inside Hayden Library this semester due to the addition of new carpet and workstations. To pay for the improvements, 18 jobs were left unfilled.

Fashion flop: White trash meets uptown chic
From the Corn Belt to Hollywood and now ASU, the trucker hat trend keeps on truckin.'

The mesh hat popularized by such Hollywood hipsters as Ashton Kutcher and Justin Timberlake went mainstream several months ago. Now, this white trash meets uptown chic look is popular than ever at ASU.

Motivational team's message comes from experience
ASU graduate and motivational speaker Jonathan Couvdos, along with professional disc jockey Steve Simonis, has been teaching kids to "flip it'" since the pair formed the Positive Focus Program three years ago.

The Positive Focus Program is a nonprofit organization that aims to arm junior and high school students with positive mindsets in order to be productive in the school community. Couvdos, who said he struggled with negative pressures around him as a teenager, originally created the program while he was still a college student at ASU.

Devil Dish: Playoffs time to give credit to best of MLB
It's the best time of year - baseball playoffs! Here's respect to those who had great years in the show. In the National League, the MVP has to be Bonds. Barry Bonds. He'd hit 70 again if it weren't for 148 walks.

Hump Day Hoopla: Pro hoops' best is still out west
After a summer that saw more player movement within the NBA than any time in recent memory, one thing remains the same: the West is drastically stronger than that junior varsity league in the East.

Football: Offensive line ready to lay blocks on USC
If the Sun Devils are to defeat No. 10 USC this weekend, it likely will be because their offensive line was able to bust some heads. The Trojans possess one of the toughest quartets of defensive linemen in the nation.

Yankees humbled in Game 1
Dressed in dark uniform tops and gray pants, looking like a recreation softball team, the Minnesota Twins lined up for Tuesday afternoon's pregame introductions. Whereupon, they were assaulted by all manner of Yankees pride and passion.

There was Yogi Berra and Rudy Giuliani, Challenger the Eagle, the West Point band, 56,292 intense fans inside Yankee Stadium, and, yes, a pinstriped parade of Yankees introduced as the 26-time world champions.

Marlins can't solve Schmidt as Giants win Game 1
He had struck out the previous five batters. When Josh Beckett went 0-2 on Rich Aurilia to start the fourth inning Tuesday, the largest crowd in Pacific Bell Park history couldn't push their orange rally rags any deeper into their pockets.

They didn't remain hidden long.

Wood work to build on for Cubs after Game 1
The fierce competition between Cubs starters isn't limited to trying to outdo each other on the mound. The serious action usually can be found in a near-empty Wrigley Field a few hours before selected home games, when they line up at the batting cage and take turns trying to jack balls onto Waveland Avenue during pitchers' batting practice sessions.

Suns trade Outlaw, Tsakalidis to Grizzlies
The Suns have made a substantial money-saving trade, sending center Jake Tsakalidis and forward Bo Outlaw to the Memphis Grizzlies for guard Brevin Knight, center Cezary Trybanski and forward Robert Archibald.

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